** Testimony, including value of books below grade level!

My Father's World uses a Book Basket method to develop a love of learning and enrich all subjects; Independent Reading Time has different goals and methods but there is overlap in book lists and helpful hints
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** Testimony, including value of books below grade level!

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This is my first year homeschooling and we're using adventures for my 3rd grade ds and mfwk for my 6yr dd. We have a 2 1/2 year old ds tagging along, aslo!

My 3rd grade son has been a VERY relunctant reader, but loves to be read to. This summer he got into reading a series of books, but he HATES to read aloud. Of course I have been super worried about this (He'll never be able to read aloud well, etc, etc).

(now the point of my story) The other day, as we were getting ready to run to the library, I was getting dressed and asked my ds and dd to gather library books and get ready to go to library. When I got out of the shower, I could here my son talking downstairs. No, not talking, READING!!! He had found some "number teaching" books that I had gotten for my 2 1/2 yr old and was reading to him, perfectly, I must say. "The bunny has 3 carrots, brother, can you see the carrots; count them!" And my younger ds would count them. Then he'd go on to the next sentance. He read 3 books to him. I had tears in my eyes as I was getting ready.

It just goes to show he can do it, just when he's not pushed! And that David Hazell is right, let kids read BELOW grade level.

It was a huge revelation! Thanks for listening!

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To catch him reading is beautiful. To catch him reading to a younger sibling? Priceless! Oh, the blessings of homeschooling.
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Posted: Fri Dec 15, 2006 5:03 pm

After 3.5 years of homeschooling, I've got to say that the book basket as described in the TM is working wonderfully for us. Sometimes it's the only thing smooth in our learning!

Today after our speech co-op, while all the kids were outside enjoying 60 degree weather (what a treat), one mom was sharing that her 10 yo dd (a compliant, curious, and sweet girl) was resistant to doing her assigned reading. We asked what she assigned and she said, "a 50 page book on Africa" (this mom puts together her own curriculum). The mom admitted the book was "dry but factual." Who'd want to read that? A few moms shared what they did. I mentioned MFW and the book basket and said that it works. When a kid is inspired, even by something not dry and factual, the kid is more likely to retain information even if the book is a story and not a fact book. While reading Gallimoto, a few years back, the kids remembered the story, but they also picked up facts about Kenya (what people look like, if they are rich or not, where they live, what they play with). I encouraged the mom to come up with a bunch of books on Africa. Yes, include the dry and boring book, but also scare up some cookbooks, art books, culture and religion books, folklore books, biographies, atlases, etc. Let her dd choose what to read.

Our book basket is simply a feast waiting for diners. My oldest will browse the same cookbook for three days straight and the next oldest never will touch the cookbooks. Instead, she goes straight for the myth book. My son? Pass him the book on warfare, weapons, shelters, and transportation. Oh, and he likes stories like the Minotaur.

I'd recommend simply requiring to spend time with the books in the book basket. I don't even ask them what they read. I let them go for it. They read what they need to read to satisfy their curiosity. If there is a book in there I really want them to read, then I read it to them myself and then put the book back in the basket. Usually, I just let them choose. Sometimes a dc spends the entire time reading the back of the books, or looking at the pictures. Sometimes my oldest picks a 2nd grade book and sometimes my 2nd grader picks a book that is over his head. But that's how they learn. A well-written 2nd grade book has a lot to say to even an adult!

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Son likes reading!

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Just wanted to share...Last week for the first time my son picked up a library book and started to read it for fun. Then he read it over about 4 times. It was an ER I got about Thanksgiving at the library. He read it to me. Then he read it to my older daughter and her boyfriend. He was reading to anyone who would listen. Now he is telling me he wants to read me a book!!! I am so pleased that he is starting to really take off with his reading.

He did okay at reading but was very slow and needed alot of reminding of the rules. I keep his reading chart from MFW-1 on the wall in front of his desk. It seems to help him.

I appreciated the advice from this forum about letting him read books that are a little below his level. It helped to build his confidence. And it wasn't such a chore. The readers I used reinforced the different long vowel spellings.

We are using all of MFW recommendations for ADV. I was nervous about him doing spelling... It is his favorite subject! He likes his workbook. Although he needs some reminding about phonics rules during his test, he is doing way better than I thought he would.

I love telling people about MFW. I have been homeschooling a long time but have never found anything that made me feel that I actually like "doing school" until MFW! I love how the Bible is the main focus. What we are learning there spills over into the science. It is wonderful.

Thank you MFW!
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I love the book basket

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We just finished our 2nd week of MFW (we jumped into the middle of RTR since we had studied through the Fall of Rome in another curriculum). This was my first week to use the book basket (since I wouldn't have been able to get the books from the library in time for the first week ;) ). My kids are not big readers, nor are they super keen on history.

But last night at the supper table, my 10yo ds volunteered information he had read from a book basket book. :-) :-) :-)

My kids never talk about history at the supper table!!!!!!!

Ya know, if there were a "Who Loves MFW the Most" Contest, you might have some new competition. ;) :-)
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