Books - Why are there so few for this curriculum?

My Father's World uses a Book Basket method to develop a love of learning and enrich all subjects; Independent Reading Time has different goals and methods but there is overlap in book lists and helpful hints
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Re: Hard time deciding! MFW vs. Sonlight

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We have a 7th grader doing ECC. So to address you question of is it light in older grades...not with an extension package. Plus, he is doing 2 literature guides from progency press. His science is separate and much more intense. And, he has a foreign language. Plus, I have added a vocabulary lesson for him that will be replaced next year with a book on latin and greek roots.

I don't think it gets lighter. I think we expand what we do in other subject areas as well.
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Re: Hard time deciding! MFW vs. Sonlight

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Hi! We used SL in 1st grade with my oldest and I found the books to be a little advanced, which from my understanding is bcs. each core is for several age groups. Bcs. I had a more sensitive sister tagging along, I found myself skipping some of the books like "Family Under the Bridge" was about a family who's father/husband has died and they lose their home and live under a bridge. At 4 my dd would not have handled this very well, "you mean we could lose our home?!" I also didn't think she was ready for "A Hundred Dresses." Granted, this was two years ago, three years ago?? So the books might have changed since then. I also found SL to be expensive. Yes, I knew I was getting "a lot" but wow, sometimes I just didn't know how it was going to happen cost wise. MFW is affordable, like a breath of fresh air, straight forward, honest, uncomplicated or confusing, here's what you need. My dh likes to ask "what is the bottom line?" and I can give him that with MFW. I love that the art and music is always included!! In the younger grades even the math is part of the package!! :) If you need extras for extra students, it tells you what you need for fine print. Love it.

This is our first year with MFW and it was a fun year. Even with littles tagging along I found the books to be age appropriate and interesting on different levels. There are hands-on crafts and recipes to try, the science activities aren't huge and glamorous but I found them to be right on point and very doable. I know SL has a science kit, but it would be fairly easy to go through MFW TM and pull together you own supplies needed over the year. For Adventures most of the items we needed were like lemon juice or baking soda. Occasionally I didn't read the notes and would find myself looking for a balloon and glass bottle. ;) I haven't used K (heard it is FUN) but we did use the older 1st grade - which I just used for phonics/math, but if I was doing it straight through with no olders I would def look over the TM and pull together any odd science items (like balloons). I like to have everything ready.

I ordered ECC for next year and my plan (Lord willing) is to use MFW our entire homeschool journey. I like Julie's idea of 8th grade "shop class" - I think it was mentioned some where else that those middle years btwn. HS and Elementary are a good time for other extras before starting HS. I like that idea...School should be fun. :)

And I agree with the others, the book basket are extras. You could easily pull in your own extra book readings. Our library is small, rural, sometimes I just would look on the shelves for something that ties in or see if I could get ILLs, but it certainly isn't necessary. The K picture books supplement has several of our favorites, you could also look at Before 5 in a Row for additional classic book titles to add to your shelves.

Hope that helps! It can be overwhelming choosing hm curriculum! Prayers and hugs as you work through it... :-)
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Optional book basket packages available for purchase?

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mtmom9107 wrote:I live in a very rural area, our nearest library is 45 minutes (one way) from our home, and it's a small library. Secondly, I have small children that make going to the library with all the kids quite difficult. So therefore, it doesn't get done that much.

I greatly appreciate the book lists in the teacher guides for book basket time, and I understand the not including everything to keep the cost down. What i'm wondering about is could there be an optional "Book Basket" package for each grade or package. It would be something that could be purchased separately, much like the Kindergarden literature package, but offer one for all levels. The book list could still be included in the teacher guide for those who wish to use the library and/or have a good library close by for them to use. I for one would plan ahead a little more, save a little more and would be SUPER EXCITED to purchase a whole bunch of books to go along with my curriculum for the year. I might still use the library a little, when it's convenient, to get more books, but then I wouldn't HAVE to use the library to complete the curriculum.
Anyone have additional thoughts regarding this?
Bandy wrote:I know there's always the option of purchasing some of the Book Basket books ahead of time, but I think it would be super helpful to have a coordinating book pack ready for purchase. I'd actually love it if there were a book pack and the titles were scheduled throughout the year as well. The schedule wouldn't have to be a part of the TM, just a schedule that would be included along with the purchase of a book pack to coordinate the titles throughout the year. One can dream, right ; )
Hi Laura and Bandy,
I'll be interested in the replies you get, because this topic actually comes up a lot, and I usually end up wondering how this would work with MFW?

Well, I guess it works with the Discovery Level so far (preschool and K), so maybe it wouldn't be as confusing as I'm thinking when it comes to 1st and Adventures, which are focused on one age group. But still, the function of the preschool and K lit packages are different than book basket in Adventures. Those lit packs are more similar to other parts of the curriculum. Once a student has learned to read, the preschool & K lit packs would be equivalent to:

* read-alouds,
* teaching books (history or science or math),
* and possibly reading practice - the part of the grid where "reading" is practiced each day (at grade-level).

In contrast to those books, book basket in the family cycle is meant to be an exposure to a range of books. They already have read-alouds, teaching books, and reading practice in their day. During book basket, kids are supposed to be learning to love to learn, or I think of it as saying "look what else we could learn about any topic!" Some kids gravitate towards cookbooks, some like fiction and some choose nonfiction, and many just look at pictures. I realize some kids use book basket time to browse and later use a book for their reading practice part of the day, so I always wonder whether reading time is what folks are thinking, rather than book basket? And that would mean a package for each grade level?

In the case of book basket, when folks find library books hard to get, i always suggest going through the manual during the summer and selecting your particular family's interests and creating an online wishlist tailor-made for your kids. There are so many books and topics that you will have to choose science vs. music vs. various history topics at times.

But I don't think one book could be scheduled, or it would become something else than book basket, wouldn't it? It would become an extra read-aloud, another history book, or a reader for independent reading time, wouldn't it? Or, maybe you just mean a schedule that groups books by the weeks each book applies to, so you can rotate a little "book basket" every month or so?

I am interested to hear what others say, because I feel like maybe I am missing something in these conversations.

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Re: Optional book basket packages available for purchase?

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Julie, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, especially about the purpose of book basket books. Reading through your clarification of the purpose of book basket has shifted my thinking a bit as far as desiring a specific book pack. I think I was desiring more books in general for extra read aloud time as far as history goes, and I think I could easily pick some titles here and there from the BB list ahead of time and use them exclusively for additional read aloud time. I think the purpose and goal of BB time sounds really purposeful and fun :) Thanks for a helpful analysis on this topic :)
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