K & 1st - Is there a book basket? Can we add one?

My Father's World uses a Book Basket method to develop a love of learning and enrich all subjects; Independent Reading Time has different goals and methods but there is overlap in book lists and helpful hints
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K & 1st - Is there a book basket? Can we add one?

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CharleneHoell wrote:Hi everyone! I received my box of "stuff" for ADV last week and have avidly been poring through it. I must admit, I would rather do this than think about what to make for dinner some nights:).

After going through the TM, I have a few questions. Book basket seems to start with ADV. If you have a K, do you ask him to do book basket too, do you read aloud to him while the other is reading independently, or does the older one just do book basket? Is 15 minutes the general rule for time or do you all have varying times depending on the day?

Blessings, Charlene
We did ADV this past year. My kindergartener/first grader did it with her older sister.

The way I handled book basket was: most days we did the fifteen minutes on their own sitting and looking at books. I put in lots of library books that my youngest could look at. Not necesssarily from the book list but ones I knew she would get a kick out of. She loves to look at books so it was not a chore for her. I found it a good "break" time. When she had been doing a lot of diligent work I would send her off for bookbasket. It was like a break but she was still doing "school". The same with my older girl.

I loved the books in the bookbasket and sometimes we just sat on the couch and read them. I found that if the books didn't look interesting to them but I knew they would be a great book, then it helped to read it to them and then they would turn around and pick up the book later in the week and look through it on their own. But it sometimes took me initiating an interest.

Books are important for us around here. And I found the bookbasket to be very beneficial to reinforce what we were learning. Each day they had a time of sitting on the couch on their own looking at books. Most of the time it was 15 minutes but I was not hard core on that. I used it for my benefit as the schedule went.

Hope I made sense.
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What year does Book Basket begin?

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Mom of 5 wrote:I have not seen anything about Book Basket in the TM for first grade. Do we not start this yet?
Sandy M
Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2006 6:03 pm
You do not officially start book basket until Adventures. You can certainly do a book basket of your own or with the math and science books that are in the TM. I think that at this age, although children do greatly enjoy looking at books, they benefit greatly from the time we spend reading books with them as many children at this age are learning to read.

Although you only have science officially one day every week you can be reading the books all week long as well as other good read alouds suggested in Honey for a Child's Heart or other great resources.

Hope this helps you.
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Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2006 6:06 pm
Well, you check out math books and science books from the library, right, so you could put those in there. I don't think there was anything specific about it in the K program, either, but we did it anyway, with the books we checked out from the library.

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Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2006 8:06 pm
Just to make sure, the listing of library suggestions for math and science is at the end of the TM.

It's not really called "book basket" in the 1st grade program because many children are still learning to read at this point and benefit from it being parent and child reading (just as Lucy already said). "Book basket" is more for letting children read on their own on the topics being studied.
happyWImom wrote: What's the booklist like for Gr 1?
Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2008 4:31 pm
MFW suggests that in first grade, the parents are doing a lot of read aloud to the children while the kids are learning to read. In the MFW 1st grade manual, you'll find literature selections that connect with your science lessons and even with your math lessons. Math lessons???? Yeah, lots of great children's literature out there to help reinforce math concepts. The teacher's manual lists over 120 books for math concepts plus great and fun children's literature.

Additionally, MFW highly recommends a book called Honey for a Child's Heart. With that parent resource book, you'll be able to have a wide variety of fun reading and read alouds that will allow you to have lots of options for your child. And, Honey for a Child's Heart can be used for general reading for older children too. It's not just a 1st grade range of picture books.

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nollnotes wrote:My little girl is just learning to read. How would I do book basket with her OR should I just be doing it with my son??
Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2006 11:16 am
I'm doing K with my son who is not reading yet. We still do a book basket. I just get books from the library for the topic of the week and also the books listed for Day 6 - Book Day. I then have a time scheduled each day for him to look at and "read" the books in his book basket. I also tend to put our read alouds in there just so I can find them quickly when it's time to read. You might want to get your little girl her own smaller book basket that she can just look at and that way she won't have to sift through her older brothers books to find some she likes. I would just put picture books and early readers in there. She will eventually starting reading stuff!

Hope that helps,
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Creating a Book Basket for K?

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Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 11:12 pm
The 20th Century Treasury might be what you are looking for if you are doing K? It's a book full of literature, including lots of K book selections.

Otherwise, putting together your own little basket at Amazon or ChristianBook shouldn't be hard (using the book basket reviews in the MFW manual) -- and would be tailor-made for what *your* family likes to read!

There are even more book basket ideas for the hard-pressed on this thread:

Extensive discussion of book basket!

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I never had a library card... until MFW

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Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2008 11:56 pm
My little book story . . . I never had a library card in my life until we started MFW. My dd and I got our first library cards on the same day. Now we are at the library almost once a week, and sometimes stop by just for fun!

We own a ton of books, and I used to be a huge B&N gunkie, but we LOVE the library! As far as MFWK and MFW1, the booklists are awesome, and Honey for a Child's Heart is a great resource (you just have to read the whole book and not have to have Crystal remind you that there's more chapters in the back for younger readers). Yes, I still like to buy special books, but I'll be honest - there's one book that I've checked out 6 times (for 4 weeks at a time) in the last eight months! Well, if no one else wants it . . . .

I'm really looking forward to Book Basket in ADV, because I've learned that I can trust MFW's recommendations as they are always great. I think you just have to try it to see how wonderful it is.

1st Grader doing Adventures: Reading

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jtcarter14 wrote:My first grader reads well for her age, or at least average. My 2nd grader reads above average for his age and loves to read all the time.

Any suggestions for Book Basket time and Reading time? Most of the book basket books are too difficult for her to just sit down and read by herself. Should I read them to her? Just let her look at the pictures and read what she can?
I remember thinking that some of the titles in the first couple of weeks were above my child's interest level, so we just looked at captions and and pictures and didn't worry about it. Book basket has a few purposes: one included letting them glance through the book to glean info, the other is to enjoy the book.

So, let them enjoy the book, or you can read a little bit from it to them. I do that too.

and that's great that she wants to read to you. At first grade, I wouldn't worry too much about her reading to herself quietly. That never seemed to come to my kids that young.

also, at the very end of the manual is a multi age multi reading level list of just general reading books. Maybe some of those could be fun to have in there.

You might consider for a few days/weeks to have some of your own reading material to do during book basket time so they can see you reading for fun and information. That might help them to just enjoy the time too.

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We did Adv last year with a 1st and 2nd grader at very similar reading levels to yours. One thing that worked well at times was to have my 2nd grader (who could read near about anything) read aloud to her younger sister. They both loved doing that. I also read some and she looked at some herself. This year we do more traditional book basket (set timer for 20 min and everyone looks at what interests them) but...if my Ker is around he often asks his sisters to read to him. It works out nicely for practice with reading out loud.
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1st grade Question

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bygrace wrote:I am wondering if there is a Book List for 1st grade, like there was for K? I do see the list in the back of the TM, but it still had me wondering since it appears to focus on math and science themes and not just stories. I suppose I will get a feel for it once we start. Thanks!
The Math and Science Lit lists in MFW1 are awesome! We enjoyed them so much that we still check out one of those books ever-so-often.

You will also want to check out easy-readers from the library (or home library) for your child to read to you starting at Day 126. You can base that on their reading level - easier is better when they are reading aloud. I learned that little tidbit from the experts! (read "Julie and Crystal") You may need picture books, easy reader level one's, or beginning chapter books, depending on your child's ability. Honey for a Child's Heart is a great resource for finding great books.

There is also a note about reading on pg 5 of my TM. "Select interesting, high quality children's books to read aloud to the student for 15 minutes each day." Again, Honey is a great resource for selecting books.

There is not a book list based on topics, I'm guessing because you are using the Bible Reader as your "spine." We read many of the math and science lit books aloud, though, because they are so enjoyable, and some of them have fun activities to do.
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MFW 1st 2nd Edition

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Singingmom wrote:So excited to get the second edition in March! Has anyone heard what the specific changes/additions will be? I know it will be on a grid like second Ed. K is..very happy about that! But, how about Book Basket? Maybe a lit. Package similar to the one they offer for K?

Whatever the changes will be, I know it will be good. I was excited to use the program even before I knew we were going to get to order the second edition :) .
first grade currently has "book basket " with science and math literature books, and that whole Honey for Child's Heart book? I guess I saw it differently than others. I don't know...
Singingmom wrote:I have not looked at the Teacher's manual in depth myself. I had only heard that it didn't have the book basket feature the same as other years. Sorry if I communicated something that is not quite right.
I hope my answer doesn't read as snippy... my apologies if it did. Yes, other people who say there isn't book basket are correct... because book basket is independent learning. and the enrichment library list in 1st is read aloud. it's a fine line difference.. in terms of "book basket" as "independent learning and independent reading", then no, first grade doesn't have a book basket the same as other years.

In terms of "a list of enrichment reading for topics being studied".. there is a list for books to enrich math and science.

I'm happy dancing for those who get to use the new version of first. I've dreamed and prayed for years that it could be given a fresh coat of paint. so I'm excited for all of you.

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Re: MFW 1st 2nd Edition

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Thanks, Cbollin :) . That does help to clear things up re: the difference between book basket and read- alouds. I hadn't understood that distinction. Since my K'er is not an independent reader yet, it's read alouds most of the time around here, with him attempting easy -readers occasionally, when he's willing to try ;) . I am really glad to hear that there are suggested read- aloud choices with MFW 1st.

Thanks for being excited for us 1st grade newbies! :)
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Re: MFW 1st 2nd Edition

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Hey singing mom-
Like you I am new and my kids are little MFW k is our only experience with MFW. Here's my understanding, and feel free to clarify if I am wrong, but book basket during Adv. & 5 year cycle are for kids to have availed to do reading independently every day. In ps when I was a kid it was it was called silent sustained reading. Then read alouds are generally encouraged through out k-8. In K, each unit has a book list and you pick books from there relating to each in it's theme and have the goal of doing 15 minutes of reading every day. In 1st, they have a book list, but it has books that reinforce / introduce new math and science concepts being covered. So technically, you a reading a book for math or science some days. Then, they include Honey for Children's Heart. This book is great'! I was curious and checked out at library. It explains why read aloud time is important and makes a case for family reading time. It also has an extensive list of book recommendations based on age for kids, so this can be used for years more :). Anyhow, this is a guide to help you chose your own books to do read alouds, and in the teachers Manuel they recommend reading 15 minutes a day to them, but what is up to you. That is technically seperate from the reading for math and science concept, but every family is going to have different time constraints, or interests, so some might do only one or the other for read alouds, and some families might be really into the math / science books and that could very well be 15 minutes of read alouds and still be doing math / science games / math book because that's what the child & parent are into.

So, as to what changes we'll see....it is all speculation at this point. All we know is there will be a grid and they will schedule the deluxe items in the grid. Maybe, like they expanded the book list for k they will expand it for 1st (if we agree that the math and science enrichment books constitute MFW 1st book list).

But if they did a book day and literature based book list that would be a completely new add in versus a revision as it was in K. For K, they basically added more book recommendations for each unit and they also had two vs one book day options.

I guess we'll all have to just wait and see what changes are in store :-)
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Re: MFW 1st 2nd Edition

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Thank you so much, Lea_lpz! Between your great post, and some of the others, I feel like I have a better handle on how 1st grade works now :) . It will be really interesting to read about what they will add in the new edition. So happy it's coming out at the right time for us, just like it did in K!
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