Book Basket - You can just buy the books and stay with MFW!

My Father's World uses a Book Basket method to develop a love of learning and enrich all subjects; Independent Reading Time has different goals and methods but there is overlap in book lists and helpful hints
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Book Basket - You can just buy the books and stay with MFW!

Unread post by MolleenCarie »

I was reading another forum earlier today and most of the posters there who said they stopped using MFW said that it was b/c of saving them trips to the library.

So buy the books and stay with MFW. :P

That's my .02. :)
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Unread post by mrs_mike98 »

I feel so blessed to have found MFW...
* solidly Bible-based,
* activities
* the price
* great read-alouds

and I agree with you... just buy the books, lol!

Amazon wishlists are great for birthday ideas for grandparents ;-)
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Unread post by MolleenCarie »

Ditto, ditto, ditto! :)

Thanks for the reminder... my mom told me to give her a book list, lol. ;)
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Unread post by shera »

Just to add in it seems to me that MFW is age appropriate. With MFW I can choose appropriate picture type books for him and let him be a kid.

In Light of Eternity
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Unread post by In Light of Eternity »

I've come to realize that I could never afford to keep my children in books. We go through too many now and the oldest isn't 5 yet. We need to use the library! Thanks MFW!
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The thing is

Unread post by HSmommi2mine »

MFW has pared things down to a manageable size. It just lists the best activities and books and you don't have to wade through hundreds of choices. Also, the library books are great, wonderful even, but you can do MFW with just the books in the package if you need to.
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Unread post by Ariasarias »

In Light of Eternity wrote:I've come to realize that I could never afford to keep my children in books. We go through too many now and the oldest isn't 5 yet. We need to use the library! Thanks MFW!
My oldest dd is finishing 1st next week, and this is so true for us. Our house does not have enough space to keep up with her reading. We too need the library. She recently told me she is tired of the books we have because she's read them all so many times. I am thankful for my library. I am thankful for MFW suggesting that I don't need to own all of the wonderful books out there. The library actually broadens our life so much more, opening up our world to more than what our bookshelves can hold :).
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Unread post by BeyondTheSea »

My daughter is an artsy, creative type, and as much as she hates public school for doing worksheets all day, I knew she'd also hate THAT much reading. She needs activities and little crafty things to reinforce what she's learning. This will be our first year homeschooling, so I'm hoping my instincts are right! :-)
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Unread post by scmlg »

The library hasn't been that bad at all. I take one day every other week, go online, put a request in for the next two weeks worth of books. We go to the library once a week anyway, so we just pick them up. I love that we pay 1/2 of what Sonlight is, and use our tax dollars instead! :)

I will say that before I found MFW, I thought I was going to get Sonlight as well. We are so happy now that we didnt'.
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Unread post by RachelT »

I totally agree with the post above. Here is what I just wrote on another thread:
We all learned so much just by reading about our K science topic each day. We would just get a stack of books each week and read most or all of them during the unit. We used non-fiction and fiction books and there are suggestions listed on the K board for additional books for each topic. We used lots of pictures books and although I read them aloud, you could have your dd do more of the reading and it would still be fun.

Our library has an online catalog, which was helpful because many weeks I tried to look up the science topic for upcoming units a week or two in advance and I could place holds online for the books that I wanted to look at or use. If I did this a couple of days before I knew I was going to the library (for storytime), then by the time I got there I had a whole stack of holds to pick up and I didn't have to go looking through all of the children's picture books for each title!
I really like being able to vary the reading selection, making regular trips to enjoy our library, having an easy "outing" to take when I am needing to get out of the house, etc. We own lots of books, but in using the library we have read many more books than we really have room for here at home.

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I've found a good balance between the two

Unread post by henryteachers »

I love purchasing big reader packages so I buy those for my dd to read to me and ask her questions to help see her comprehension. Then I keep the read alouds to use when we need another chapter book to read together.

But I love the hands on of MFW!

It is a great mix for us.
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Unread post by Dannielle »

My son loves to read, but he just got burned out with an all-reading curriculum. He got to the point he didn't even want to pick up a book. Some friends of ours turned us on to MFW, and we love it (not to mention it's much cheaper and totally Bible-based).
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Unread post by Sue in MN »

I have books, but we still go to the library. My dd reads constantly, but often she doesn't want to read the books that someone else has selected for that subject.
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Unread post by niki »

mn_kids wrote:I was wondering if any of you got your TM early and bought books that could be used to avoid the library and scheduled them in? Oh I usually read to the kids all the book basket books as we love that time snuggling on the couch together.
Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2007 4:21 pm

You can absolutely purchase books from the book basket list and schedule them in to read to the kids or to have them read...if you have that in your budget. I think you'll also want to have a "book basket" filled with even more books as a scheduled time of exploration for your kids. My kids really love book basket, and I have to admit I've not found that they prefer to sit and snuggle and listen to me read - although I would love them to and should ask the Lord for help in that area...because I feel that is something we're missing here.

We end up buying some of the kids favorite books that they continue to pull off the shelves at the library. Thanks to our book basket my kids have become frequent library patrons, looking up books and helping choose some extras that are interesting to them. I guess the difference is we really enjoy the library and you don't - and that's totally OK. There was a time when the library wasn't working well for us and we purchased many books in that season.

I also buy my TM early (in the spring) to prepare for the upcoming year. That is very helpful to me!
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Unread post by mamaofredheads »

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2007 4:23 pm

We live in an area with a library that leaves a lot to be desired, both in book selection and the amount of books you can check out at a time. This year we are doing RTR and I purchased a lot from amazon (discounted & free shipping over $25) and a few from half dot com (not always pleased with the condition of those), got some at Half Price Books, and a lot at our local home school group book fairs (really cheap!!). I bought my TM in Feb. so I could spend some time compiling the books I wanted.

I know others will comment that you don't HAVE to have the books on the library list, which is true. MFW is very rich without them. But if you love books & your budget allows, buying is certainly a great option. I also don't mind buying since I know we will go through this cycle again & use the books later as well.

Since you are "check-the-box" kind of girl like me :) I'll share my system to keep them organized. After I've had some time to look through my TM, I pull any books we already have. I note them in the back of the TM on the library list for that week, then I put the title on the bottom of the grid page for that week. All of our books have colored dots (the kind you would use at a garage sale). Science is red, history is blue, etc. So the current year's books get a yellow dot. Then I write the week # on the dot & put them in week order on our shelf. DS loves to pull out the books for the year & read them, so my dot system plus the notes in the TM prevent us from missing a book that "I know is somewhere". As I buy books, I use the same method before they go on the shelf - noted in the library list, at the bottom of the grid, yellow dot with numbering. This saves me HOURS!! :)


Unread post by cbollin »

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2007 4:55 pm

Just some random thoughts about reading/book basket, etc....

*Buy what you want from the appendix lists. Look for the ones with the asterisk next to the titles for the “really good stuff” Stay in your budget. Check the book basket list for “grade” level recommendations as well. Some of the asterisk titles might be good stuff, but not the right age for your children. In ADV it wasn’t that way because ADV is written to a more narrow age focus. In ECC and after that, the lists will have lots of good titles that are designed for multiple level family teaching. Worth knowing that ahead of time. Also, at the very end of the teacher’s manual you will find a General reading list. Don’t forget to look at that list as well for reading ideas.

*Scheduled readings: one of the reasons that I think MFW just uses a “blank box” on the grid for reading is to allow the maximum flexibility for each student. That’s a time to encourage them to finish a book. Children at this level are in all kinds of various reading abilities, so I think it is a plus to have less scheduled readings for the “required independent reading time” especially for the multi level aspect of MFW programs. Just one opinion and a random thought out loud about it.

*Just a heads up as the years get going with MFW and book basket. Do not let book basket get you bogged down for the week. It really is ok to not read every book you bring home from library or to feel like you have to read it because you bought it. There are sections in ECC where the number of books is BIG, really big. And y’all ain’t seen nuthin yet until you are in year 5. <grin>

*you’ll find a flavor change each year in MFW with book basket. One of the designs of basket time is to allow the child to select books they want to look in, and to let them put it down if they don’t like it. So it’s ok if they don’t snuggle up all the time either.

*And another source of ECC themed reading for basket time: consider getting travel brochures from a travel agency. You and your kids can learn all kinds of little tidbits from those as well as having pictures of different places around the world.

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Unread post by Poohbee »

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2008 8:28 pm

One thing I've noticed that is very nice is that if you do happen to purchase some books on some of the topics studied in kindergarten, you will be able to use them again in 1st and 2nd grades (if you're doing MFW 1st and Adventures). In both K and 1st, we studied, sun, moon, planets, water, ocean animals, etc. So, the children's picture books I purchased to add to our collection in K, we used again in 1st. And, as I preview my Adventures TM for next year, I notice that we will study some of those same topics again. Since each topic is a year apart, it doesn't bother my dd that we read some of the books again, and many of the books are definitely worth reading again and again.

If you can find some good used books that you can pick up here and there, you can use them for several years. I found many great books at rummage sales or used books stores. That way, it doesn't cost a ton of money. Copy a list of the topics you study in K and carry it with you in your purse so you'll know which books to buy if you run into some good deals. Just one idea for you.
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Question for those of you who purchase book basket books

Unread post by amelasky »

sewgirlie wrote:Can you give me an estimate on what you spend on book basket books each year, if you don't use the library? I just want to have an idea about how much to budget for this. Could you tell me if your estimate is for just the starred books or all of them? Used or new? We really prefer to buy our books if possible.

Thanks so much!
I usually don't purchase the book basket books. I am a member of paperbackswap and as soon as I get the TM, I add the books that our library doesn't have to my wish list. That way, I am not spending lots of money on them. I have found that we love almost all the books that we have read through MFW! There are many that I am hoping to buy our second time through the cycle.
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Re: Question for those of you who purchase book basket books

Unread post by dhudson »

I use the library a ton. We like books and we like huge quantities of books so the library is great for that. That being said, I do purchase the asterisked book in the book basket list. I figure if Marie thinks that they are good enough to asterisk, they are good enought to read over and over again, which we also do.

I will usually look at used book stores first but then I will buy them on-line. I would say I spend $100 - $150 on extra books. Did I mention that it's not necessary and I could find most of these books at the library? I don't want anyone to think that MFW is not complete without buying them because it is, but if you have the extra money in your home school budget waiting to used, I think more books is a great idea. I love books. I have book shelves in almost every room in my home. It's an addiction. ;)
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Re: Question for those of you who purchase book basket books

Unread post by momsflowergarden »

We have a beautiful library in our town but....... well........they seldom have Christian literature. If it is a classic they will generally have it but not always.

I did purchase 1-2 for book basked for each 2 wk section of ECC. They were all used from either Amazon or Better World Books. I don't think I paid more than $4-6 each on most of them. If it was something that I felt we would use over and over I may have paid more if I couldn't find it for that price. I use the book basket pretty loosely as I have my ds look through one when he is finished with his work and I am still working with my dd. With my dd, well she is a book worm and I just let her come in any time she wants, sit on the couch and read. She has read most of them that are in there now. I go through the library and find books that look like they will fit in what ever we are studying to fill the basket a bit more. I also plan on keeping the books in there longer than the two week period. The first two week has been introduction to ECC and this week we start with the USA. I don't plan on taking the books out from last two wks as I think they will still gain from them.
Bed time at our house.
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Re: Question for those of you who purchase book basket books

Unread post by 705emily »

I do purchase the books and/or DVDs/VHS tapes in the TM marked with an asterisk. We love having good books around and I'll use them again when we do the cycle on a higher level. I also swap books with other moms who are a year ahead of me or vice versa in the curriculum. We live in a very small town and our library is quite limited. It is also a time issue for me because I work and don't always have time to go to the library. I try to get most of the books used on or at used book sales. Because of my work schedule I like to organize my whole school year in the summer time. Having the recommended books on hand helps me to know that I have the resources when I need them. I would guess I budget about $200-$300 for this. :)
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Re: Question for those of you who purchase book basket books

Unread post by CindyLou »

My mother-in-law is a librarian, and all of my husbands' family LOVES (and grew up) reading. So, I have a book "wish list" that I have compiled from several resources. If/when I find it on sale, I buy it for our home library. Also, if it's a book that we checked out from our local library and we absolutely love it, then we will try to find it on sale and purchase it. We usually find/buy sale, clearance, or bargain books with Rainbow Resource, Exodus Books, Shekinia, and other homeschooling sites.
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Re: Question for those of you who purchase book basket books

Unread post by Julie in MN »

I've probably been closer to Irmi's number. But that was true even when I had strictly public schooled kids :) My youngest said he didn't need to go to the school library because we had more books at home than they did !!

One bright note is that at some point, you can often sell your nice books to other homeschoolers and make enough to buy the next year's books. Maybe not at the beginning, though ;(

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ECC Book Basket and Cost

Unread post by karrie »

In the fall, we will begin our first year with MFW. One of the things I looked for, but couldn't find before I received my order, was an extensive book basket list and price associated with it. The library is not an option for us, so I knew I would have to purchase any additional books.

I was able to use the Recommended Book List in the Teacher's Manual to choose over 60 books to purchase (There were more than 300 to choose from.). The total was $250.00. I averaged $4.24 per book. I know we will use these books again, and I have "priced" other curriculums that included the books. I still came out spending less money. MFW includes all the books you have to have to teach the material. These are just "icing on the cake." Hopefully this will help someone else trying to decide to order ECC.
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Re: ECC Book Basket and Cost

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Yay on shelves of great books! I loved having lots of books for the kids even before I homeschooled, so that sounds perfect to me. And not only are you spending less than a program with books, but you've tailored it to your individual children's interests.

Julie, married 29 yrs, finding our way without Shane
Reid (21) college student; used MFW 3rd-12th grades (2004-2014)
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