Topics - Do you limit books to the topics of the day?

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Topics - Do you limit books to the topics of the day?

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Do you only put out what you are studying that day? Science books on science day and then leave them out for browsing?, state study with 4 states/week. Introduce the books on that day and tomorrow that states books, etc?? If I have all the books for the week out it seems like confusion and I don't know what they are reading.
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I don't know if there is any one right way to do this... but I tend to put out everything for the week we are on. Science, history, Bible, other cool books that have nothing to do with where we are academically. And the books from last week and the week before that the kids are still looking at. I have never worried very much about knowing/recording what in particular they read on any given day. Maybe I should?

Anyway, if there is something I want to make sure they look at, I just assign it -- tell them to start book basket time with this book and after that they can move on to something of their choice. Or I just read it to them.

I am sure there are others who are much more organized about this. :)
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We're typically like Jenn. All our stuff is in the book basket for the week or two that we're on...along with what the kids picked out at the library.

Then we just set the timer and away we go!!!

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I guess I'm like Jenn too. When a book-basket book comes in from the library, it goes in the book basket and stays there until we turn it back in. Dud books go back quickly and terrific books stay as long as I see kids reading it (or until it is due). Some books that have a longer "range" (ie. they are good in week 10 and are still good in week 16) might go in and out of the basket. It all sort of depends on how many of "this weeks" books were available. Some weeks, our basket is full of "this week only" books and other weeks, our basket has a paltry amount of "this week only" books and a good amount of "good all month" books. There's usually a children's Bible in there because that's always good to read.

If there is a "don't miss book" I read it to them. Usually, those are short little books and don't take up too much time. If a "don't miss" book is unusually long, I either split it into several days or I read a lot and then announce "Uh, that took longer than I thought -- so I guess that was your book basket for today."

I don't personally have the energy to swap books out every day. And, sometimes I find it is good to have a book be a little before and a little after the day we cover it in our "required" reading. For example, we just finished the French and Indian War in our school time but there is still a new book basket book on it (I just got it Friday from the library) so it will stay in the basket a week or so even though we are past that. Sometimes it's good for the kids to go back and review it in light of the NEW history lessons. Does that make sense.

Our book basket is a happy jumble of this week, next week, last week, and some favorite books from a month ago which just keep renewing at the library...
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Ditto. If there's a particular book that goes nicely with something we're doing, I'll pull it out and read it during lunch or afternoon aloud. I also put our God's World news and Martyrs Magazine in there as well.
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Honestly, it varies in my house. There have been times where I throw them all in at the beginning of the week and then there have been times when I hold onto some and bring them out later in the week. I hold onto some that I want to read to them and then I put them in. I also may hold onto some that are on topics that come later in the week.

I have found that my dd will steer clear of some books because of the way they look, but if I only put a few, she may read them and later tell me how much she can't believe she liked the book and then tell me over and over all she found out in that book. So I guess it depends on the subjects and the amount of books that we have too.

I know I've read here that there is no right way to regulate your book basket -- mainly what works best for your family :).
Nicole :)
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Dear Gail,

The beauty of the book basket is this is their own personal learning time to discover that books are a treasure of information. It is a time that they get to choose the book or books that they want look at or read. They may choose to read or look at pictures in the same book each day or they may choose 3 or 4 different books in the 20 minutes. This time is more about extra learning and helping the kids learn to enjoy books.

The reading time (a different slot in the T.M.) is when they are reading more grade level appropriate books and these I tend to keep up with asking them to tell me what they read about every couple of days. Some days, as the others, I would read a book I really did not want them to miss but this is really a time for them to look at books.

You will be amazed at what information your kids will voluntarily tell you about the books they are reading during book basket time. I love to here,"Mom, did you know.....?"

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