Book Basket - How many books should I choose?

My Father's World uses a Book Basket method to develop a love of learning and enrich all subjects; Independent Reading Time has different goals and methods but there is overlap in book lists and helpful hints
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Book Basket - How many books should I choose?

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byhisgrace wrote:I just received my ECC package and was looking over the book suggestions for the book basket. There are so many to choose from. I noticed that those with an asterik are ones that the Hazells reccomend.

Would you only choose some of the listed books? Are they for the book basket time to enrich what we are already studying?
Okay, here's my take:

1. There are a lot of books listed. They don't expect you to find all the books at your library. Use the ones your library has.

2. Start with the starred books as they are especially good. Then, pick a few of the other books, based on their description.

3. Check your own bookshelves at home. Sometimes you'll find a neat article or chapter in a larger book so mark it with a yellow sticky to say "this chapter applies to what we're learning."

4. Don't sweat it if you can't find many books from the list. Use the ones you find and see what else the library has. You might want to preview books that you don't really know much about to make sure they are appropriate.

5. And, if you can't find many books otherwise, print out a few internet articles. Again, read them first.

Have fun. Some weeks the basket will overflow with awesome books and other weeks will be lean with just a few good ones. That's okay.
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Hi Susan,
I think after you get started, you'll develop a feel for which of the books to look hardest for in your family. Some kids really like the fiction, some prefer the recipis. There is enough variety to suit every child!
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Take #2 : Get them all.... Just kidding...well sorta...
We found nearly every book either at our library or through inter-library loan. I just went on the library web site from home and picked them up (with our little rolling crate from Staples ;-) when they came in. I found that Some of the descriptions really didn't do the books justice. To us They were all wonderful.

We checked out as many as we could, and read as many as we could. Even the picture books ended up having so much meaning and connected with the scripture or the heart of the missionary we were studying. Some of them related directly to a craft or project that was scheduled. Or the folk tales/Fairy Tales somehow connected with something else we were learning or the country's culture. ANd the fiction brought out the most wonderful conversations. Book basket has been our favorite part of the program. Don't miss it.
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I ditto Lyntley and Kelly

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Book basket is the literature rich part of MFW and is our favorite part!

I ditto Lyntley and Kelly - I "order" them online, then check what else is on the library shelf and our own shelves and magazines. It usually takes all of our book bags to get them home. One of these days I will get one of those cool rolling carts. We end up reading most of what we bring home too.

oops - what I meant by "ordering" online is: I use the library online catalog request to have all my books waiting for me when I arrive. I do not buy them - I can not afford them. This is another reason I love this so much.
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All of the books in book basket have been read by the Hazells. The ones with the asterisks are the best of the best. The ones without an asterisk are still really good!!!! Not all books that they read and consider for book basket make the list either.

so... there are all good. Get what you can. Remember that in ECC the list is placed with the continent, then sorted by country. So you don't have to get all of them at one time.

Remember with book basket, you don't have to read every single book or finish each book either. That's especially the case with the informational style of books. Think of book basket as being in a waiting room with many thing to read, but that you don't have to take back with you to the treatment room to finish. Or think of it as being at a book store and you're browsing the books. Some of them you'll take over the coffee shop area and others will just go back on the shelf.

I like book basket because I don't have to buy the books. They go back to the library.

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