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Re: National Geographic, Creation Illustrated, God's World

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I received an email today and thought about this thread. The email was an advertisement for Creation Illustrated magazine. It stated that it was the Christian answer to National Geographic. You might want to check that out. I am considering it for us. The email I got is offering a discount.

We subscribed to God's World and loved it. I didn't renew last year due to a tight budget, but we missed it. Looking to try to budget it in for this coming year. I would highly recommend it.

I also wanted to add that my library had/has old National Geographic mags for 10 cents each. I was able to buy those & not feel bad about cutting them up. Also, I was able to pick & choose which articles we read, as someone else mentioned. So you might check with your library.
Bandy wrote:
Fri Apr 04, 2014 11:08 am
I think this is a great idea, thank you.
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Re: National Geographic, God's World, Nature's Friend

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I was able to purchase a bunch of old National Geographic magazines at a thrift store for a nickel each. We used them to make our John 3:16 collage in ECC.

I second God's World. I purchased it for both my girls and they enjoy it as do I.

Another good nature magazine is Nature's Friend. It is creation based nature magazine with lovely pictures and articles. Although I purchased it for my 6 year old, I feel it is better suited for older kids because he just isn't interested in it right now, but my girls like it. HTH!
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God's World News vs World?

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We receive both World and God's World News (each of my daughters receives GWN at the appropriate age level). I love both resources!

My husband and I really like World magazine. It is like a Time or Newsweek, but not liberal. It gives us news from a Biblical worldview. I think it would be good for high schoolers.

I also love GWN for the younger set. It is very much like Weekly Reader or Scholastic News or Time for Kids, but, again, from a Biblical worldview. When my kids were younger, I would read through it and discuss it with them. We'd usually read a story or two once each week. Now that my girls are older, I ask them to read a couple of pages each week and then tell me what they read about. It's a great resource for current events from a Biblical worldview.
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Gods World News

Unread post by romans8x28 »

homespun wrote:I was thinking MFW had a discount for those wanting to order GWN. Weve been getting it since kindy and the kids love it. ... #Magazines

[Editor's Note: Hint - on the MFW website, look under Language Arts and you will find a Magazine bar to click on.]
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God's World News?

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Hi! We love the GWN magazines. I just got info in the mail from them about reordering and they are changing the magazines a bit. Basically instead of 6 magazines, there will be 3: God's Big World, WORLDkids, and WORLDteens. That should help the decision process! I have 4 children, ages almost 8 and under and we have really enjoyed GWN the past 2 years.
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Nature Friend magazine reviews?

Unread post by Mom2theteam »

Yodergoat wrote:I was curious if anyone has reviews of Nature Friend magazine. I have an animal-loving child here, in a very nature-oriented family in which birding is our primary hobby. She is still hesitant about reading for pleasure, and I'm hoping that a magazine just for her which fits her interests (and meets our family's values for content) would appeal to her.

Any reviews?
Shawna, you know my son and your daughter are two peas in a pod in regard to animals. ;) Zack loves that magazine! My mom subscribes and brings him a new one once a month or so. He looks forward to it and really enjoys it. It is well written with great photos. I say get it. :-)
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Re: Nature Friend magazine reviews?

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Thanks for the encouragement to get it! It's good to know that it passed the test for your son. With children who have such a deep and specific interest in animals, content can be very important.

I was a little worried about the cost, but right after I posted this I went out to check the mail and found a check for $80... I won first and second place in one category of our local wildlife refuge's photography contest! I've never won in such a contest. What a welcome surprise and amazing provision from God just when I was debating the purchase of something that honors Him! :)

I'd love to hear more reviews, though....
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Re: Nature Friend magazine reviews? - and MORE

Unread post by hsm »

I subscribed to Nature Friend this past year. My intended recipient was my young son (age 6). It was way over his head. Definitely wouldn't recommend it for a wiggly young one. However, my oldest daughter really enjoys it. My middle one likes it but I can't say she reads much of it but skims through it instead.

It is a great magazine, especially for someone who has a deep interest in animals. The photos are real. It looks and reads like a grown up magazine if that makes sense. I do recommend it if your child can read well or you will read with her and has a great love of animals. There were many bird articles :-)

If you check the website you can see samples of the magazine. They also have study guides which you can download a sample as well. From what you have posted on here about your sweet girl, I think she will love this magazine for sure.
4Truth wrote:Have any of you seen the Creation for Kids magazine from Answers in Genesis? I haven't, but have considered checking into it for my youngest because Nature Friend was over her head at the time we subscribed. It might be better now that she's a bit older, though.
I saw it at convention and it looks great. I have thought about subscribing to it. Haven't done it yet but am considering.
MuzzaBunny wrote:Hi Shawna,
A family friend bought our girl a subscription to Ranger Rick. I would definitely have preferred Nature Friend, but I wasn't asked so ... :) Actually, though, dd LOVES it and waits for it with much excitement. I get it first and tear out/black out or discuss anything objectionable. There hasn't been a lot of that over the last year. Might be worth a look at the library?
Yodergoat wrote:
Thu Jul 03, 2014 9:30 pm
That does help, Lori! Thanks for letting me know more about it. We will probably read the longer articles together. I'm glad to hear there is lots about birds!
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God's World News?

Unread post by PyleMom »

romans8x28 wrote:Did they tell you the new recommended ages for the magazines? I emailed them a while back to ask what they thought I should do regarding a new subscription since they are chaining things up and they didn't reply. :( I wondered if the new God's Big World would be PreK-2nd and the WORLDkids would be 3-6th grade, or how that would work out.
My kids have really enjoyed GWN Magazines as well. My boys are only two years apart, and we could have easily only purchased one subscription, but we opted to get two, and I'm glad we did. They look forward to this fun piece of mail every month. They often read their own personal issue at the same time.

Here's some more info: God's Big world will be geared for 3-6 year olds.
God's World Kids will be geared for 7-10 year olds.
God's World Teens will be for older children. Here's a link for more information:
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WORLD Magazine for Language Arts

Unread post by Christy - Staff »

Do you know that Marie has always recommended children's magazines from WORLD? She used them with her children and has been a reader of WORLD magazine for many, many years. In 2016 she formally added them to our language arts recommendations. There are 3 different levels, preschool through teen -- God's Big World, WORLDkids, and WORLDteen -- plus WORLD for adults.

Why do we call it a “membership” and not a “subscription"? Because it’s so much more! Printed magazines are mailed to your child every other month. Weekly emails share current events. Plus there’s online content with videos and games that connect with each issue of the magazine.

These memberships from WORLD offer current event news from a biblical perspective and are interactive and real time. The magazines provide students opportunities to develop vital skills in reading journalistic-style writing. They make a great addition to your Book Basket and are convenient for children to practice reading aloud to you.

My children love getting the printed magazine and even my toddler loves to look at the amazing photographs. Sign up now to enjoy the online site all summer long!

See samples or order (Discounted Rates) at
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Re: WORLD Magazine for Language Arts

Unread post by Poohbee »

We LOVE WORLD magazine and the WORLD kid's magazines at our house. I remember using Time for Kids and Weekly Reader when I was a classroom teacher. When we started homeschooling, I wanted something like that for my kids. I was so excited to find God's World News, which is written with a Biblical worldview. We've used the kid's magazines in our homeschool from the very beginning. When my kids are little, I read and discuss the articles with them. I just started God's Big World with my 7yo son. As my kids get older, they read independently several articles once a week and narrate to me what they read. It's a wonderful and easy way to work current events into the curriculum.

My husband and I love WORLD magazine! We've only subscribed for the past couple of years, but I wouldn't be without it now! It's wonderful to have a news magazine that is written from a Christian perspective!

I'm so glad that MFW has partnered with WORLD magazine. The memberships are a great deal!
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