Topics - Do you require on-topic books during BB?

My Father's World uses a Book Basket method to develop a love of learning and enrich all subjects; Independent Reading Time has different goals and methods but there is overlap in book lists and helpful hints
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Topics - Do you require on-topic books during BB?

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my3sons wrote:I have been putting "on-topic" books on hold on the computer. When we go to pick them up, I let the boys pick books that they are interested in as well. I put all the library books in our basket. Although we are just starting book basket time, I am seeing a trend that they read and enjoy the books they have picked out, but are not really even looking at the "on-topic" books.

Should I pull their choices out of the basket so they are "forced" to look at on-topic books or just enjoy the fact they they are looking at and learning about subjects that interest them (as they do usually pick non-fiction books!)? We are doing 1st grade and Adventures, if that makes a difference.
We do the same in regards to letting them pick out some of their own However we try to keep them to about 2 or 3 books. I also keep their choice books in a separate place (on a shelf with Language Arts). During the day I tell them, "Choose a book from book basket" which means an on topic book. At other times. for "free reading" they choose from their own selections but may also choose a book basket book.
That's just what we have been doing. We are doing ECC and the bbok basket books are often more interesting than their own selections.
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Totally agreeing.

My dc doing ECC would choose the books I got for K...which is fine, but not every time we do book basket.

Thinking of having separate book baskets this fall. One for 1st, one for CTG and one "kids picks"

During "book basket" they need to spend their 20 minutes in the "topic" book basket then the last 10 minutes in whatever one they choose...

I'll let you know how it goes... :)

Great topic, looking forward to hear how others deal with this.

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A little different over here because my dd will read anything for the love of reading, but we have two baskets. One basket is in the play room and holds her library check-outs and any of our books that she puts in there. The other basket is in the school room and holds the books that I check out for school. At times I have to tell her, "Go pick out a school book," but she's good about hanging out on the floor by either basket and reading. It works better for me to have two baskets. Note: I have an only child, so we're not sharing books or baskets.
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We have two baskets--one for "book basket" and one for "reading list."

Every morning the kids do book basket independently before we begin school, then check book basket off their daily chart of independent work. They just choose one or two books and look through them (I don't make them read every page--sometimes they just look at the pictures, enjoying the book. Now that they're older, though, they often read through the whole book.)

They also do their "reading list" a few times a week as part of their independent work, and these books are books they bring home from the library and books that I put in. I usually put a list on the wall of all the books in the basket and have them choose 7 out of 10, or 4 out of 7 or whatever. The list changes every few weeks or so. When they've finished that list, there is some kind of reward (eating out, ice cream, a few dollars, etc.).

This is just how we do it, and it's working great so far. My daughter has always loved the reading list idea. My son grew into it. It really helps to have books that they've chosen and to have a choice of which books to read in the reading basket (like 7 out of 10).

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The books my kids choose from the library are always out and available for them to read. The book basket ones are kept in bins in our school room and used only during book basket time. It makes it more special to save them for book basket time. The books seem "new" to my kids and they are more eager to read them.
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I also separate "official" book basket topic books from Vincent's choices. I had been putting his "Taking Off" mags from "God's World News" in the book basket, but had to take those out as well, since all he wanted to do during book basket time were the puzzles and games on the back. :-) The rest of the books we keep on the shelf and he knows he can look at those "on his own time."
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