K & 1st - Favorite books and extra readers

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K & 1st - Favorite books and extra readers

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Favorite books you would buy
djcooper wrote:I was wondering what are your favorite books from the curriculum, especially the kinder level of my Father's World. We love books and thought maybe we would buy some of the best ones. Thanks for your opinion!!
ALL of the McCloskey books are our favorites. What we did, was checked out the recommended books from the library, write down which ones we loved, and as we were able, we bought them. We have a wonderful collection now!
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Hi & welcome :)

I worked hard at gathering the recommended book for each K lesson (the only one I could not purchase was the penguin one - it's out of print, and the cost was too much on the copies I found). We are thrilled to have them in our book collection. They are all wonderful!

One that I would especially recommend is The Elephant Who Couldn't Forget. It is out of print, but oh! the story is so rich :)

We used enormous amounts of library books for each lesson, too - some of our favorites are still listed in the K board, but others have fallen off the list of posts.
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We loved a book that was recommended by Lindsay in the K section (under Apple) of this board. :) It is called "3 in 1: A Picture of God" By: Joanne Marxhausen. It was wonderful! :)

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I love reading "A House is a House for Me!" (I recently replaced my library discard of that one.)

Do watch for library book sales...I found many (the elephant one mentioned, one about a cow in a canal...) for $.10 at my friends of the library store.
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Good Readers for K

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nagada wrote:Am looking for more options in addition to the BOB books that are available. I've seen a couple but even the beginners seem advanced. Any ideas, series, titles?
Both my dc enjoyed the Now I'm Reading Level 1 books. I think there are only 2 sets of level 1. The books are more fun and engaging than the BOB books but are truly easy readers. I wish there were more books like these available to build kids' confidence. I believe Amazon carries these sets. HTH

I would like to add, I didn't care for the pre-readers in this series.
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Re: Good Readers for K

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My boys enjoyed the phonetic storybook readers that are part of the "Sing, Spell, Read & Write" program. They are colorful and engaging and progress by level similarly to Bob Books. For example Book 1 has ONLY short A words. Book 2 has ONLY short e words and short a words. This ensures that children don't encounter words that they haven't already learned how to sound out. Each book also begins with a vocabulary list so you can spend time with your child practicing the words with the new sound he/she is learning.
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Re: Good Readers for K

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Oh, I forgot about the Starfall Learn to Read books. They sound similar to the books in the Sing, Spell, Read & Write program. Book 1 only has short a words, Book 2 short e, etc. Starfall dot com also has a lot of great games and such for beginning readers, too. I think Amazon also carries the Starfall set, too. There are 15 books in the set but only the first 5 have words with the short vowel sounds.

I also printed some e-books for my ds when he was in K a few years ago. The books are free but you have to register with the site to print them. You can view some samples before you decide to register though. The site is progressivephonics dot com.

I have recently gotten them out for my dd. We finish up her K phonics lessons each day by reading at least one story out of them. Sometimes she wants to read 4 or 5. They are books that the parent and the child read together. The parent reads the bulk of the 1 page story and the child reads the words that are in bold red letters. She really enjoys these books because she doesn't have to read and struggle with every word but is still participating in the reading. We sometimes do this in other books but she seems to enjoy these better because she knows what words are "hers" to read before they come up because they are in bold red letters. The books we use are the ones listed on their site under the "phonics" tab.

The site also has some activities to go along with the books. I haven't used the activities but I am thinking about sometimes using the flash cards for the memory game in addition to the a,b,c, memory game in the MFW K program. But only because she already knows all of her sounds and letters and is reading these words in the books.
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Read Alouds - K-2

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rtlmom wrote:Hi everyone! I'm looking for suggestions for (chapter book type) read-alouds for 7 and 5 year old boys. I know there have to be lists somewhere, but nothing I come across is what I'm looking for. :)

Thanks for any suggestions you may have!
In addition to using the list in MFW manual (either from the classics list or from a particular week), I also use some books listed from the Sonlight catalog. Honey for a child's heart also has a good list of chapter books.

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Re: Read Alouds - K-2

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What types of books have they enjoyed in the past?
What level of MFW are they learning about now?
Do you want books of certain types?
Have you tried the "classics" list in the teacher manual (if you have Adventures?)?

So many books, so many questions
rtlmom wrote:We're doing MFW 1st grade. I'm looking for chapter books to read aloud on a daily basis.
Thanks for your suggestions!
Well, without knowing more (genders, types of books they like, what has worked for you in the past, etc), I'll just share a few that our family read aloud at around K-2nd grade ages:

- The Boxcar Children (the first one especially, and sometimes others from #1-19 only)
- The Chronicles of Narnia
- Little House in the Big Woods series
- Flat Stanley series
- Various classics such as Beatrix Potter & AA Milne
- TONS of picture books, such as Caps For Sale
- The Miller series
- Hive of Busy Bees series
- Frog & Toad series
- Frances series by Hoban
- My Father's Dragon series
- Funny biographies by Steven Kellogg or Tomie de Paola & such, especially around holidays
- Sometimes funny poetry by Prelutsky or Silverstein & such
- Sometimes nonfiction on topics we're interested in, or semi-nonfiction like Jean Craighead George's "One Day" books
- Clyde Robert Bulla books
- Marguerite De Angeli books, such as Thee, Hannah

Around 2nd-3rd grade we read these, & some families read these earlier:
- Paddle to the Sea & other Holling C. Holling books
- Mr. Popper's Penguins
- Charlotte's Web
- The Indian in the Cupboard series (boys)
- Betsy-Tacy series #1-4 (girls)

Books popular with families where I tutor etc. but I haven't read (I'm not an animal story reader):
- Marguerite Henry books (horses)
- The Littles series
- The Doll People series
- Lassie
- Black Beauty
- Shiloh series
- The Mouse & the Motorcycle series
- Fantastic Mr. Fox series
- The Cricket in Times Square
- The Biggest Bear
- Thornton Burgess books

I also like the MFW Adventures books, if you aren't saving those for the future:
http://www.mfwbooks.com/adventures_my_f ... htm#deluxe
And sometimes we choose funny books:
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 868#p43199
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Advice for young 1st grader

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Amy C. wrote: It has been hard finding library books for ds to read at his level. We have really exhausted our library's short-vowel word books. Sometimes I will just try to find a word or two per page that I know he can sound out and ask him to help me read, but I would like books that he could practice reading with. We can always go back to the MWK stories that came with the curriculum and read those again, but I would like some books he can read as well.
I do have some suggestions for books you could use with him. Bob Books are not a big hit around here although I do like how they are set up and I do use them. They are just not high interest books. (It does take a lot of imagination and talent to be able to come up with high interest books with a very limited word base.) I have found other books that my dd really enjoys reading and, for the most part (unlike most early readers as I'm sure you have found out) they stick to mostly cvc, ccvc and cvcc words. They are as follows:

Now I'm Reading series Level 1 by Nora Gaydos. There are two 10 book sets in level 1. We have the two sets: Animal Antics and Playful Pals. There is also an advanced level 1 set as well.

Starfall Learn to Read 15 book set. The first 5 books are short vowel only. If you are unfamiliar with them, they also have a web site for kids at starfall dot com

Dr. Maggie's Phonics Readers set 1. These are a bit more difficult but my dd really enjoyed these as they are of a higher interest level than most beginning readers.

Non of these sets were available through my library. I get most of my books through amazon dot com with the $25 free shipping limit and good prices on the sets but you could get them anywhere you choose.

There are other individual books I have found from time to time but they are few and far between.

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Reading Rainbow Books

Unread post by Marcee »

I had previously posted about classic suggestions for smaller children and Reading Rainbow was mentioned. While Reading Rainbow may not be considered literature, I really like them for learning with smaller kids. (I have a 1st and 3rd grader). My kids like to have me read aloud to them from story type books. I thought these might be nice for days at the park or bedtime. Maybe extras to add to whatever you are studying with MFW.

I found a great book called, Reading Rainbow Guide to Children's Books. The 101 Best Titles by Twila C. Liggett and Cyntihia Mayer Benfield. I put nearly everything on hold at the library :~
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Supplementing MFW 1 with R&S ???

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Amy C. wrote:For those who spread MFW 1 over two years and supplemented with R&S Pathway readers, what grade level did you get - 1st or 2nd or both? And what exactly did you buy, just the phonics readers or more?

We plan to be about halfway through MFW 1 this year and finish the rest next school year starting sometime in August. I am not really looking to supplement with more curriculum. I just want some good readers for reading practice, and I have read on here that R&S Pathway readers are good to go along with MFW.

I did get the "Honey for a child's heart" book - I just haven't spent tons of time in it yet. Thankfully - my wonderful grandmother - who shared my passion for great books - was so sweet to give my oldest child some wonderful books. Therefore I have no shortage of great books to read - just a big shortage of books SHE can read.

Amy C.
We did MFW 1 in one year. But I also bought the Pathway readers, just for extra reading practice. My dd loves to read :-) I only bought the books, not anything else in their reading package.

Not sure how others are using these readers...

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Re: Supplementing MFW 1 with R&S ???

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We did MFW1 this year (in one year) and started R&S Bible Nurture after day 125, but shelved it and got the Pathway Readers (readers only ... grade 1) and Reading Literature First Reader by Treadwell and the Book One Elson Reader (and guide, which I love). My daughter is flourishing with the readers after her foundation with the phonics in MFW.
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Re: Supplementing MFW 1 with R&S ???

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R&S Pathway readers are great readers for reading practice. They do go along well with MFW. I really like the Pathway Readers a lot; it is great practice for them reading a loud to mom - at least that is what we have used them for. Pathway readers don't need pre-reading.

If you are looking for good reading practice for 1/2 way through MFW1 you might want to look at the Days Go By Reader for Grade 1 (the middle book). I would think the first one would be too easy (you could look at the sample to see what you think). We started with More Days Go By Reader (the last book of grade 1) soon after finishing MFW1. It was slightly easier than the last part of MFW1, but part way through the book is probably about the level of the end of MFW1.

These pathway readers are lovely hardback books of 170 pages that are great for reading practice. I Love the character lessons & discussion they bring. I have really enjoyed having these readers for reading practice, instead of some other books that we could be using. Wholesome, clean, Godly, and my ds has enjoyed reading them a lot. He enjoys reading a lot of other books too, but the Pathway Readers are one of my favorites for him (MFW1 Bible Reader is of course another of my favorite readers for 1st/2nd grade).
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Re: Supplementing MFW 1 with R&S ???

Unread post by asheslawson »

Glad I found this...I've been seeking some good readers that aren't too dumbed down - no offense intended. I'm struggling to find good stories for my ds age 6 that have slightly challenging reading without being way too easy or way too difficult. We just bought MFW 1 @ convention and she is ready for some good readers, our library is small and the selection is not good. Tons of Disney books mostly!! Thanks for posting - I'm going to see if I can't find some pathway readers to accompany MFW 1 also!!
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Re: Supplementing MFW 1 with R&S ???

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Just want to share. There's a used book store in our town and I get a few of the Abeka readers for my son from there. They are always at least 1/2 the original price no matter the condition. We've gotten some Brand New books that way.
Next time I go I'll have to look for Pathway Readers. I can't go in there too often.
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Re: Supplementing MFW 1 with R&S ???

Unread post by Mexmarr »

I use R&S and Pathway readers. My daughter is a reader and we just use them as fun reading. We have 1-3 grade in Pathway. SHe loves to have good books that she can easily read.
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Heroes of History with Adv

Unread post by gratitude »

erin.kate wrote:I'm trying to find good "readers" for Mae aside from the typical Easy Readers ... something with a little more substance. ;) This may not be it, though. We have the Pathways Readers but they are not a favorite here. My daughter says they are too "choppy" when she reads. I think it is the short sentences and maybe the use of lots of word families. We read them, but not avidly. My younger daughter (5) is actually an exceptional reader, my rising second grader is average. ;)

We do not have a great library, at all, though it does meet our needs for the suggested MFW book basket. Hooray!
Many thanks, again!
Hi Erin!
Since you are looking for fun beginner books I thought I would add my ds favorite when he was reading at a rising second grade level:
All of the Frog and Toad Books by Arnold Lobel
Owl At Home by Arnold Lobel (funny book)
Hill of Fire by Thomas P.Lewis (my son loved this, it is a true story of a volcano eruption; I am not sure if a girl would like it or not)
The Big Balloon Race, by Carolyn Croll (true story?)
Wagon Wheels by Barbara Brenner (This would go well with ADV).
Daniel's Duck by Robert Bulla
The Fire Cat by Esther Averill
Greg's Microscope by Millicent E Selsam
All of the beginner reader Amelia Bedelia books
Balto (Alaskan dog - true story)
All of the Little Bear books by Else Holmelund Minarik (my favorite)

These books that he had to 'earn', by reading them aloud to me, are still favorites in our home. My younger children often choose them to have me read aloud to them.

Oh, I thought I would also let you know that Young Reader Hero stories are very different from the Christian Hero stories in ECC. [Editor's Note: More here http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 620#p76620 ]

Last little thought: I had a difficult time finding good beginner books to at the 2nd grade level. The ones above though worked out well. I understand completely about a library that isn't as easy to use for obtaining books; it is the reason I have a membership & free shipping with Barnes & Noble. Once our house moves from contingent to pending we will be moving to full library access. Wow.

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Read Alouds for MFW 1

Unread post by kacairo1 »

cookislandmommy wrote:Hi there,
I see that there are loads of books in the book basket for Science and Maths, are there any recommendations for other literature read aloud books for snuggle time on the couch? What do you all suggest adding in?

Thanks heaps
The Veritas Press catalog has a nice sampling of OT and NT bible stories in their K or 1st literature section that I have on my "wish list"--even though we finished first grade last year, I'm hoping to pick those up for the next little one coming up the ranks.
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Re: Read Alouds for MFW 1

Unread post by gratitude »

Honey for the Heart, from the deluxe package, is a great book list.

My oldest sons favorite read-aloud books in first grade were:
The Original Winnie the Pooh books
Uncle Wiggley
Robert McCloskey books (especially Homer Price and the doughnuts) - Make Way for McCloskey: A Robert McCloskey Treasury was one of his favorites that has 8 of his stories in it. It does include Make Way for Ducklings though that is in the K lit package.
20th Century Children's Book Treasury
Little House in the Big Woods, Laura Ingalls. He liked Laura so much that we ended up reading the entire series.
Milly Molly Mandy
Charlotte's Web
Henry and Ribsy (this turned into many Henry and Ribsy)

My current first grade son's favorite read-aloud books at the very start of first grade are:
James Herriot's Treasury for Children

Oh I thought of another one:
Teddy Button illustrated version by Lamplighter Publications (great book about a little boy who comes to Christ)

Then at that age they also love to listen to beginner reader books read aloud, and then as they become more proficient readers they can start to read those same books themselves.
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Re: Read Alouds for MFW 1

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We are enjoying the Thornton Burgess books right now!

We've done The Adventures of Prickly Porky (We both had ourselves tied in knots trying to figure out the "mystery" creature! :-) ) and are currently working through Old Mother West Wind (which is a collection of smaller stories). Next up is At Paddy the Beaver's Pond!
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MFW 1st Bible stories

Unread post by gratitude »

MOMS wrote:So we're going through learning all the books of the New Testament & New Testament Bible stories (Creation, Noah's ark, etc.) & I'm realizing we only have one small set of Bible story books. Does anyone know of a good, accurate Bible story book or collection I could invest in?
My favorite is Egermeir for young children. You might be able to look at the inside on Amazon. Some moms like it, and some do not. My children & I loved it though when we read through it around the same time that we did MFW1.
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Re: MFW 1st Bible stories

Unread post by Mexmarr »

We like the Read and Grow Picture Bible.

It is out of print, but you can usually find it on Amazon or Ebay.

Read-N-Grow Picture Bible [Hardcover]
Libby Weed (Author), Jim Padgett (Author)
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Re: MFW 1st Bible stories

Unread post by alisoncooks »

Mexmarr wrote:We like the Read and Grow Picture Bible.
I grew up with this one and really like it. I has very realistic drawings.

I also like "Bible Stories to Read" from Rod & Staff. It has a nice collection of Bible stories. My 5 yr. old loves to color in the accompanying coloring book while I read from it.

Bible Stories to Read
by Martha Rohrer; published by Rod and Staff Publishers
Soft cover; 135 pages
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Re: MFW 1st Bible stories

Unread post by MOMS »

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