Adventures in My Father's World -- Share Your Experiences

If you have used My Father's World curriculum, please share some of your experiences with us. We would all love to hear your stories -- and it will be especially helpful for new people who are trying to determine if MFW is right for their family or school situation.
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Adventures in My Father's World -- Share Your Experiences

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If you have used Adventures in My Father's World, please share some of your experiences with us. We would all love to hear your stories -- and it will be especially helpful for new people who are trying to determine if MFW is right for their family or school situation.
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Chicagoland Cindy

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What a great decision it was to switch to using Adventures this year instead of the ECC I had already purchased. After perusing through the ECC materials, I had already come to the conclusion that we would take much longer than the suggested time each day, or just not be able to do it all.

When I saw on the webpage 3 weeks before we were to begin ECC that Adventures was being Piloted with us in mind I knew I had to check it out. What a blessing it has been.

Using Adventures has given us the extra time to solidify some phonics rules and improve my dd reading abilities. It has also given us a great overview of American History. When people ask Jess what her favorite subject is, she always says History. She has been totally absorbed in all the great reading about kids her age in American History.

Another thing she has really enjoyed is learning about birds this year. She is an avid drawer and has gone beyond coloring the state birds, to actually drawing them herself. We also got a clock this year that has different birds sing each hour. We have been intune to hearing and spotting different birds this spring as they have returned to our part of the country. This has been a fun aspect of learning for us this year.

Another thing that has just been great is the Bible lessons. Jess memorizes a lot of scripture in AWANA, but this year with Adventures, she actually learned how to look up things herself. She enjoyed being big enough to do that and thought it was great fun.

And the music. I had no idea this dd that loves to sing, would enjoy the classical music we studied as much as she did. That was a real eye opener for me.

We loved that hands on projects esp. in the study of Indians. We made teepees and wigwams and canoes galore. We stumbled onto a wonderful little Indian museum near our house. We ended up there on a day when no one else was there and dd got to build a wigwam there by herself that was big enough for us both to get in.

I could go on and on. We have just loved Adventures and would highly recommend it to anyone who has 2nd graders as the oldest child. It was a perfect fit for us. Thanks Marie for all your hard work and research. It such a pleasure to work through your teacher's manuals. We started with MFW K, then MFW 1st grade and are looking forward to traveling the world with ECC in the Fall.

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This was our first year with MFW and I chose to start with Adventures in MFW. We are loving it! My ds is 8 (I also have a 5 yr old, more about him in the 1st grade), but he was a reluctant reader and would really rather be outside exploring than learning anything.
We have been so delighted with MFW. I love American History and have enjoyed presenting it to my boys in a way that they could grasp and love as well. My 5 yr old wants to be Daniel Boone. They both loved the yeast experiments. I love that everything is planned out for me. I can't say enough good things about it.
Next year we will be going on to ECC and I think that we are ready. We sure got off on a good start this year!
Thanks for everything that you guys do!
Heather (WI)
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We are just finishing up with "Adventures in MFW" (with our 8yo, 3rd grade dd), and I have to say it is wonderful!! We have loved this year, and learned so much together!!

Just wanted to say, also, that this program is "just right" in the amount of reading and writing and projects for the 2nd-3rd grade level (even advanced students). It is very thorough, yet gentle, and is an amazing introduction to American History for this age group. I HIGHLY recommend it!!!!!!!!
Love in Christ,
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We love the library books

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I cannot tell you how many times we have laughed and cried while reading through the library books each week. A new familiar phrase in our home is now "Sassy old Bird" from Georgia Music. And boy did we cry reading Ruby Bridges and Grandpa's Gift. Thank you for such wonderful selections of literature!!
Heather (WI)
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MFW Adventures is a great way to learn American History!!

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We just finished Adventures (with our 3rd grade dd), and it is amazing how much American History she (and I) now know!!

In fact, we have been using the "BrainQuest: America" cards for review, and she knows a LOT (like most) of the answers (which are for ages 9-12+) that even I wouldn't have known if we hadn't just completed Adventures.

So, even though it says it is for grades 2-3 (and it is totally appropriate for this age group), it is ALSO appropriate for older kids, and could easily be a great year of learning for them (and Mom!!)

It is such a wonderful, do-able year of learning, and they get so much from it. I have heard some say MFW seems "light"--but I would say it is just incredibly efficient!! They learn TONS and it just seems so natural and enjoyable. We LOVE MFW!!!!!!!!!!!
Love in Christ,
Heather (WI)
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We're a science family (husband is a PhD chemist). We're enjoying the unit studies approach to science (while integrated to Bible study) in Adventures this summer. This morning we studied week 11, Jesus is the Living Water. One of the experiments calls for soaking dry beans. It was a natural time to extend an analogy that when we are "soaked" in the living water, we grow in Him. Just the right level for my child.


Crystal in Indiana,
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This year ds turned 8-9 and we did Adventures. The things that just he did - Primary Language, Spelling by Sound and Structure were right at his level and extremely instrumental especially given it has helped him become more fluent in the actual structure of the English language having come from Russia only two years before.

Joining alongside were dd-6 (doing MFW-1 for her reading, writing and spelling) but doing Adventures history, art and ds-3 also joined in with most Adventures science, music, and activities this year.

The American history overview for this particular family with children being adopted from Russia two years ago was essential - as I had no idea how much we Americans take for granted in the little every day things that we all share in common even as young as 2 to every day common core knowledge and vocabulary. Ds was reading "fluently" beginning chapter books and writing 2-4 sentences due to the excellent MFW-1 program the year before. Thus he actually preferred reading alot of the books selected to the rest of us. We enjoyed this immensely!

There were no end of library books at all three levels of my kids in history or science. Ds was writing 10 sentence summaries by the year's end. For dd, MFW-1 Bible notebook was enough writing, so for her history notebook she would give me her oral narration of that week's history biography and I would write a 2-3 sentence summary for her from her oral narrative to simply copy as extra handwriting practice since she loves writing.

The science was the biggest hit - even my toddler totally got into it!

My toddler loved the music even more! He watched Nutcracker for 3-4 weeks non-stop and then joined big sister taking dance/ballet. We also made up for some missed MFW-1 music and MFW-K music from last year!

We totally got into learning about and drawing birds and illustrating all the history notebook pages to the extent we only got to doing the practice A-Z drawing exercised in I Can Do All Things this year.

The thing I would like to say most of all - as last year - this curriculum is very flexible and combinable (is that a word?). It got tested big time at our home in this regard - from Feb. 1 - May 17 my oldest ds had surgery, I had surgery, my youngest ds had two surgeries and is now wearing a cast - and we spent alot of our time in doctor's offices between and during. During some of this we simply stopped doing school for awhile, but most of it I had to do school less than 3 days a week taking most of it on the road to the doctor's office. This meant this curriculum could be packed up and taken, it meant I could easily switch everything around. I even found the some of the read aloud books on tape at the library and we listened to them on the road - it is an hour both ways to All Children's where most of the appointments were. this year was very challenging medically, and while I had to do a little extra planning - I was so glad I had a great plan already written out that could so easily be made so flexible.
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I am posting weekly updates about our year in Adventures on our homeschool blog. If you start with July, 2006 dates in the weekly class log, you can follow the entire year, including highlights of what we are learning, fun projects, and how it all incorporates into our lives. Please feel free to post specific questions about any project or topic we have studied, and I'll do my best to share our experiences. :) Come join our Adventure!
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MFW - Everything I was TRYING to do on my own.

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We used Adventures last year and my boys (4,6,8) really enjoyed it and so did I. To me MFW Curriculum is everything I was TRYING to do on my own but could never quite pull it all together. You pulled it together and tell me what to do each day!! I would be pulling my hair out if it weren't for MFW. Thank you![/i]
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First Timer

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I started home schooling my 8 year old daughter this week. I was so nervous and got a lot of flack from people I told--in-laws included. But this week went better than I expected. I also have to work 30 hours a week to maintain our health insurance. My husband's job doesn't offer it. My sister, who also home schools, watches my daughter while I am at work (my daughter does some of her work while there) and when we get home, we do what's left. I am using Adventures in My Father's World and my daughter is in the 3rd grade.
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What a blessing that your sister is able to care for your dd and assist with her homeschooling to some extent. MFW does lend itself to some lessons being completed either independently or with basic assistance. You could even do some of the fun "stuff" on days off.

Also an Adventures user and lover this year!
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So far, so good

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Well, we're into our third week of homeschooling. It's going pretty well. We started late because of vacations--didn't want to start, then stop, and then start again until after I had been doing it for a little while and knew what I was doing! lol Thanks, Adoptive Mom, for the encouragement. It is greatly appreciated. Yes, my sister is a blessing to me.
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Today was awesome! We are wrapping up week 2 of Adv. Today, we made the three ships out of aluminum. First, we read a book basket book, Picture book of Christopher Columbus. I love that every book recommended has something to learn from it. The information isn't exactly the same in every recommended book, this has really added to the depth that my boys have learned. Then we made our ships. While floating them in the tub, it turned into science. They realized some mistakes they made, so we remade them. More lessons learned in what it takes to keep it from sinking. So, we made them again! Now they perfectly float, and water isn't getting into them. What a great learning day!!!! To top it off they are having a blast doing it. This week has been so full and rich, I can't wait for next week!

Mom to 3 boys. Curtis, 11, Kyle, 9.5, Colton 3 years old. Live in Amish Country, Ohio.

Finished Adventures
Finished ECC
Finished CtoG
Working on R to R and a bit of preschool time

~Blessed Adventures~

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Though I posted this in another thread a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to add it here as well: :0)

We are in our 7th week of Adventures, and I just want to highlight a couple of things that have blessed us:

The focus on Jesus: This week & last have been all about Jesus as the "Bread of Life." I can't even begin to tell you the spiritual ground we've covered! So many good questions, so much to absorb - and they're getting it (my 5 year-old Kindergartner is always in on the Bible times). And while we're talking about the Bread of Life with Adventures, my daughter's MFWK is centered around "Living & Growing in Jesus," in our Leaf unit. We've talked about how taking in our "daily Bread" helps us to stay "living & growing in Jesus!" Just WOW.

The Read-alouds: We've completed Squanto, and we're in chapter 6 of The Courage of Sarah Noble. If the rest of this year's literature is anything like these first two books, I won't be able to keep my eyes dry! The way the gentleness of Christ is displayed in these books blesses me each time we read.

That's all I have time for at the moment, but I wanted to share. There are so many more things that have been sooo precious, in Adventures and MFWK so far.

Isn't God good?

Paige in NC
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Take a deep breath--buy it--you'll be so glad you did

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We are finishing up Adventures next week and all of us are blue about it. We've had a great year, my 8yo twins have learned so much, and they have a beautiful U.S. notebook to forever show off their work. Even their grandparents are impressed (huge, trust me). We are definitely buying ECC for next year. Anyway, if you're considering Adventures, go to the OldSchoolhouse Reviews page online and read their review of the Hazell's curriculum. It says it all. I had a friend tell me she had looked at MFW and thought it looked "light." With all due respect...nonsense! I have a MA in English lit. and taught hs for five years. If only I had used some of these techniques (Charlotte Mason) with my tenth graders! Also, I was out of town one day and my husband did school with the twins. Not only was he able to sit down and easily follow the teacher's manual, he LOVED what he saw--and he's an incredibly brilliant (objectively speaking :) ) guy! That impressed ME! My sister in Indiana has used every curriculum under the sun and just bought Adventures for her 2nd grader after I raved about it. She's excited about it and I'm excited for my nephew. Thank you, David and Marie!

Unread post by TurnOurHearts »

I have to agree with BostonMom about feeling blue... :(

I was so sad to see this year in Adventures come to a close. We have had a marvelous year! After enjoying MFW1 so much, I didn't think it could get any better. It thrills me to say I was wrong.

Some things we loved:

The focus on Jesus. As I posted earlier, this is just so rich. So many abstract concepts were given a concrete place in the hearts of my children, and that is just priceless. Having my children know the Lord is the POINT, our highest goal. MFW has been such a blessing in this area. Sometimes, wanting to communicate great truths to my children, I can overwhelm them with my words. Marie's explanations are simple & easy to understand, yet the meat is not watered down. Plus, there's plenty of room to personalize & infuse our personal take on things. In a way, I feel like I've received an education in imparting truth to my children by following Marie's example.

The "bridge." After doing MFW1, the pace of ADV was a perfect next step. I can see why jumping into ECC after 1st for a first-born would be a bit overwhelming. ADV warms you up to having the different subjects throughout the day, yet the lessons are short enough that a 7 year-old can do it successfully & even really enjoy school! Having looked at ECC, I know we're ready now. :)

The read-alouds. Can I just say wow? We have thoroughly enjoyed snuggling up with these books. We read at bedtime and what sweet time we shared. Sometimes we laughed & got way silly, other times we cried imagining what the character must have been feeling. We loved this so much...

The recommended add-ons. I know all families are different, but we enjoyed great success with Primary Language Lessons, Singapore Math, and Spelling by Sound & Structure. PLL was light enough not to be dreaded, but meaty enough to say we learned a lot! PLL was very easy to adapt to fit our needs. Singapore was a great stretch for this mom! I am not a math person, but my son is. We both enjoyed math this year. He has learned SO much & we both got a new way of thinking. ;) SbSaS was delightful! Having workbooks that mention God, Jesus, the church was so refreshing. Plus, the approach to spelling was, IMO, not too much, not too little.

The projects Whether it was science or history, or maybe even a recipe representing a state we studied, we have loved our projects this year! Floating aluminum foil ships in the tub, eating "plant cell" jell-o, making hasty pudding, building wigwams & tee-pees were just a few of the things we had fun doing in ADV. There are too many to list - but man! What a blast!

I could literally go on and was a great, GREAT year!
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from MFW1 to Adventures

Unread post by Danielle »

Posted: Mon Mar 28, 2005 3:06 am

Hello David and Marie,
We LOVE Adventures!! I don't know who likes it more, the girls or me!
It is very well planned, well organized, and exactly at their learning level.

I highly recommend that you encourage families to go from first grade right into this program (unless their children are above grade level, and/or already have a great understanding of American History, the states, and our country).
We used ECC before this one since it wasn't out then...and we had a tough year. I look forward to using ECC in the future with my younger ones when they are ready, but only after we do Adventures.
This is exactly what we needed!
Thank you very much for writing another excellent curriculum!
Love and blessings!
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Adventures in My Father's World - Share Your Experiences

Unread post by chrellis »

We used Adventures last year.

Suggestions for great Christian Historical Fiction:

Life of Faith Series - These are the books that go with the Life of Faith dolls. Each doll has her own series. They are the Christian alternative to American Girl. My daughter got Millie Keith for her birthday. We chose Millie because she lives in Indiana during pioneer times. There are four or five other dolls. We read one of the Elsie Dinsmore (Millie's cousin) books, but I thought it was a little depressing. We've enjoyed the Millie books.

Mandie Books by Lois Gladys Leppard - These are Historical Fiction/Mystery. I've been reading them since I was a preteen and still buy each new one as it is released. They cover the turn of the century 1900's. Mandie lives in North Carolina, but travels throughout the eastern US and across Europe, so you do get a glimpse of other places as well. Also Mandie is part Cherokee, so Native American history is included. The series very explicitly promotes Christian values!

Both series are available at Family Christian and other Christian book stores.
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Unread post by mom2woii »

We are in Week 22 of Adventures! My 8-yr-old dd and I are having so much fun "traveling" through the U.S. together. She especially loves the science experiments, the timeline and the "book basket". One of her favorite days of the week is when she gets to color and glue the Bible verse on the poster board. She is very proud of her history notebook and loves to show her dad what she's accomplished each week.

I love that everything is laid out for me each week. I just order my books from the library, get together the supplies needed for each week and we are ready to go. I am enjoying 2nd grade again too!

Isabella is my last of four children. I have been homeschooling for 12 years and will graduate my oldest next year and send him to college. I am amazed at how fast the years fly by. So I try to remember each day to enjoy teaching Isabella in these early years when everything is new and exciting to her.

We have loved this year so much with Adventures that I have decided we will do ECC next year.

Thank you for the wonderful, rich lessons in MFW!

Lana from Virginia.
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He remembers what I taught!

Unread post by bethben »

Today, we were looking at some star pictures and ds said, "oh there's Betelgeuse". I thought to myself, "where did he pick up anything about that star?" You see, we're on week 28 of Adventures and ds learned about Betelgeuse in week 5! He remembered the lesson better than I did. It finally came to mind that we went outside and did a bunch of measurements comaring Betelgeuse to the size of the sun. Amazing. Those hands on lessons really make a big impact.
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We have just loved Adventures!

Unread post by henryteachers »

I'm so grateful for all we have learned about America in Adventures. We've only finished half the year, but on the 4th of July, we put on the Celebrate America CD and my kids were singing with all their little hearts to the patriotic songs we've learned so far. Then we pulled out the red, white and blue book and the 4th of July story and my oldest read it again to the little ones. We headed over to a colonial America day celebration in town and it was so wonderful to experience all the things we had learned about in Adventures first hand--seeing a Mayflower replica, wigwam, colonial dress and armor, just to name a few. It made me think more on my blessings about living in this free country and having the privilege to homeschool my children and teach them about America. Thank you MFW! I never realized how much my children really had learned this year until I saw their excitement and respect for the flag, for the songs, and history of America that we experienced on the 4th of July.
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Re: Adventures in My Father's World - Share Your Experiences

Unread post by 705emily »

We are loving Adventures! It has been a great year! I love how doable and manageable MFW is. I work 2 days outside of the home--but with the MFW light Fridays--it makes it possible to still get most everything done! Thanks too for all the wonderful book suggestions! Dd just cannot seem to get enough of the books--and it is such a joy to watch her learning and growing by reading all of these great books! She also loves the Discovery Bible and is looking up verses on her own now. She takes it with her whenever we go to Church. She has enjoyed making the "Names of Jesus" poster and wants to present it at our homeschool coop's Presentation Night in May. I appreciate the wonderful TM! Everything so well-laid out and easy to follow. We are very thankful for MFW.
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Re: Adventures in My Father's World - Share Your Experiences

Unread post by schoolmom2 »

We pulled our third and first grade sons out of public school at Christmas time 2009 because we were fed up with "trying to make it work." So this is our first (half of a) year homeschooling. Only having two weeks to get something together, I was so overwhelmed looking at all the curriculum choices and methodologies. A friend is doing MFW, showed me what her children have done this year, and it just made sense to me. I love the "total time teaching" approach, where all the lessons within a week are connected.

I am thrilled with MFW Adventures! My kids are learning so much, and they are proud of what they can do/recite/etc. Sitting on the couch and reading books together, and especially the Bible times have brought us closer as a family. At first, I wondered if we were doing "enough", but I think that as I read more posts from homeschooling families, I am finding that I need to relax a little and get out of the rigid school mode.

I am so thankful for the developers of this curriculum; for the time they have spent making it all work together so well, for the lesson plans, for keeping God as the focus, and for encouraging us that this can be done because they have done it!

I am really excited to see what next year has in store with Countries and Cultures!

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Re: Adventures in My Father's World - Share Your Experiences

Unread post by Monica »

I have used a mix-match of curriculum the past 2 years and have never felt like I've completed a school year.

This is my first year with MFW. We are completing week 11of Adventures. The girls and I absolutely LOVE every week! Here is my blog and I post our Adventures by week. ... 7s%20World

Hope you enjoy it as much as week do!
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