Exploring Countries and Cultures -- Share Your Experiences

If you have used My Father's World curriculum, please share some of your experiences with us. We would all love to hear your stories -- and it will be especially helpful for new people who are trying to determine if MFW is right for their family or school situation.
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Exploring Countries and Cultures -- Share Your Experiences

Unread post by Marie »

If you are taking a trip around the world with Exploring Countries and Cultures (or have in the past) we would love to hear from you. What have been some of your experiences? How has the program affected your family?

More Experiences from the Archives:
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ECC experience

Unread post by kellybell »

Hi Marie (and family),

Well, we started ECC in late July 2003 and have three more places to visit (Russia, Australia, Antarctica). We are a little slow because every now and then we made a two week unit into a three week one.

We have just LOVED ECC. It was our first year hs'ing and having it all planned out really helped. Sometimes we added to the curriculum (hence the 3 week units) because we were just enjoying ourselves so much in a certain country.

My girls (grades 2 and 4 last year) especially enjoyed the crafts, cooking, and making the flags. I enjoyed reading all the picture books on the different countries and discussing how the people in other countries live. We discussed their beliefs and if they weren't Christian, we discussed the hollowness of their rituals and customs. We prayed for them.

I think that our family got the most out of our field trips relating to the countries we studied. Our favorite babysitter grew up in Nazi Germany and had stories to tell us. She was picked from a parade crowd to be a flower girl for Hitler when he came to town, so she had to throw rose petals in front of him (all the while her family was hiding Jews in the basement). No, WWII isn't part of ECC, but as we read picture books, the girls got a gentle exposure to it.

We visited a newcomer to America, a Christian lady from Kenya. She showed us money, pictures, clothes from Kenya and cooked us some food and tea. Yum. She said that anyone that lived to be 40 was said to be in "grace years" because God showed grace to them to let them live that long. When it comes to AIDS, everyone is "either infected or affected" because everyone knows several people with AIDS.

We visited some ethnic restaurants and markets, always fun!

Perhaps our favorite visit was when we spent an afternoon with the president of Bibles for the World. He is from India and his dad was one of the first Christians in the Hmar tribe. He explained so much to the children about Hinduism and his childhood (his house was on stilts so that the tigers couldn't get in at night!!).

The year gave our family much more of a global view of the world and we have joined the Billion Bible club and are now mailing six Bibles a month to folks around the world. We record on a map where they go to and it's nice to tell the girls, "put a sticker on Ghana" and they know where it is!

My little two (ages 3 and 5) really enjoyed when we set up a bunch of chairs to be an airplane flying from one place to another (the girls made sure they were in the right direction). All of us had "passports" and that was fun. I was always the pilot and, after reaching cruising altitude, I read to them picture books of our destination.

We are looking forward to finishing ECC in August and starting CTG.


ECC experiences

Unread post by Michele »

Hello to all!
I had to laugh at Kellybell's reply, because I was always the pilot too, and we would set up our chairs and get in our airplane to travel anywhere new! I also would try some very phony accents to be the travel agent or a teacher from wherever we were going. The kids loved it and would ask me to do it at lunch time, where they would be in a "restaurant" and would order different things from me, the accent-speaking waitress. Peanut butter and jelly would become sushi for example. In general, ECC was not something that we studied for a couple of hours a day, it became our whole life. I was sorry to see it end. We all learned so much! I was constantly amazed at how God worked through it all year too. We would slow down and study a country an extra week and God would provide a visiting missionary from that country at our church, or a chance to eat some authentic food. In the science lessons, the same thing would happen. We would be studying a lesson, and God would end up providing it in "real" life.

We praise God for leading us to MFW, and for blessing the Hazells with such creativity and the desire to serve Him through their homeschool ministry!

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Unread post by mamax3 »

My son loves it. We started right after the conference in NC. Tell David thank you. He really gave this new homeschooling mom great direction!!
My dh is a pilot and he has been buying the boys flags from the places he goes. They have learned a few of the flags with out looking them up. If they don't know they know they can look it up in there scrap books or ask when it will be coming up in a lesson.
I think the book basket idea is brilliant. I was trying to get my boys to read what I wanted. Now they read on their own and they like it and don't even realize it came from the ECC list.
I have nothing but great things to say about ECC and I tell this story to everyone. I am hoping to convert a few friends here to ECC so maybe we can do some group activites.
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our ECC experience

Unread post by Heather (WI) »

Hi All,

Well, we just started ECC, doing the first two introduction weeks (since it is actually supposed to be next year's curriculum, but we couldn't wait to try it!!)

So far, we LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! It is just what we needed and wanted: missionary and Biblical focus, Charlotte Mason and unit study styles with great literature, nature, natural learning, hands on experiences (totally effective--without being overly involved), etc., etc.!!

We are excited to really "dig in" starting in August!!
Love in Christ,
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No need to stop

Unread post by kelly »


You said that you were sort of sad to be done with ECC. I can understand that, but even when we are done (okay, we've got six weeks left), I don't think we'll "be done."

Right now, we aren't really "doing school" but we are finding that our ECC stuff stays with us. We found "Take Off," a geography game, at the thrift store for $2 (wow) and the girls love using their knowledge with it.

And, it seems a nice lasting effect of ECC is that the kids now are more aware of the world and know where things are (and when they don't they know how to look it up). So, when we decided to read Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates, the kids knew where Holland (Netherlands) was and what the capital was. The book gave us a good picture of Holland, with its canals and windmills. A few extra library books on Holland ended up in the book basket (which is out even when school is "out") and we had a few read-alouds at lunch time about Holland. No, it wasn't a total ECC unit, but the kids are comfortable with what Holland is like, where it is, etc.

After we finish ECC, "we'll fly" back from Antarctica and we will start CTG (the girls have already asked for me to make a "time machine" so we can travel again with CTG) and I plan on keeping ECC "alive" by playing the geography game now and then, by reading picture books about different countries, and continuing to visit ethnic restaurants, etc. that keep our learning alive. And, we drive by the Navigators (a Christian organization) and Garden of the Gods Park a few times a week and they both fly international flags (a total of a dozen or so between them), a new set each week. The girls enjoy identifying them ("No, Mom, it's NEW ZEALAND, not Australia, because it has RED stars, not white.").

So, there are a lot of ways to keep it going!


Unread post by MFW-Lucy »

We will be starting Rome to Reformation this August. We began 2 years ago with ECC after trying another curriculum. Even though we started it late in the Fall it was so easy to get into. My kids loved all the beautiful books and my 4th grader always asked if she could read to us when we did science. This of course thrilled me since she had shown so little interest in reading and it had been a struggle to get her to read.

My kids (boy2nd and girl4th) loved the missionary stories. MFW only assigned them as a chapter a day but my kids always wanted me to read more to them.

Lastly we really loved how the science,geography and bible along with the art and music all blended together so well. One of my favorites was the Window on the World that lead us to pray each week for a country or people group.

My kids came to understand how much the world needs Jesus.

This program was fun, gentle,and yet academic. We love MFW.

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Unread post by Heather (WI) »

Lucy Robertsson wrote:we really loved how the science,geography and bible along with the art and music all blended together so well. One of my favorites was the Window on the World that lead us to pray each week for a country or people group.

My kids came to understand how much the world needs Jesus.

This program was fun, gentle,and yet academic. We love MFW.

Thanks Lucy!!

This is one of the (many) things I love about MFW, also. I love how everything ties together so well, and yet is not forced, nor too much--but just perfect!!

I also love the "missionary focus", because that is what Christ wants us to do, and I love how it gently incorporates this into our children's hearts.
Love in Christ,
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Unread post by Tiffany »

We finished ECC at the end of May. My 8 and 10 year old loved it. This was the first year that we didn't have daily tears over school time. I found the curriculum very easy to follow. The teacher's manual was truly a gift from God. I continually recommend MFW to friends looking for new curriculum.

I can't say enough about how much we enjoyed our trip around the world through ECC.

Keep up the great work! We are so excited to begin CTG this fall.


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Unread post by Heather (WI) »

Tiffany wrote:The teacher's manual was truly a gift from God.
I have to agree!! Thank you, Marie!!

We are on our 7th week of ECC, and dd (7yo) absolutely loves it!! You have made it so simple to give our children a fun, yet very educational experience!!
Love in Christ,
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Unread post by LSH in MS »

Thank you David and Marie for writing a curriculum which included biographies and missions!!! My children loved the biographies and through studying the different cultures and beliefs realized that so many people don't know or believe the truth! After we read Ali and the Golden Eagle my son Stephen asked me why Wayne Grover didn't tell Ali about Jesus. I said probably because he didn't know Jesus. Stephen was surprised. He thought all Europeans\Americans who went to other countries to live were missionaries!

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countries and cultures

Unread post by kb »

Hi Marie !
My sons and I just finished countries and cultures last week. I say my sons and I because I learned so much. My children are not quite ready for the Geography Bee but they know a lot more about the world now. We really had a great time with it !! My children loved Hero Tales. They really looked foward to science and geography this year. We are looking forward to next year!
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Unread post by Tina »

Hi: we are doing ECC this year and are on week 6, Mexico. My dc were very excited and surprised when we studied our bible verse for this week, Matt. 4:19, Come follow me, Jesus said, and I will make you fishers of men., and then, reading Cameron Townsend and the scripture that came to him, Matt. 4:19. Oh, how they really saw the connection of this curriculum! We were all pretty excited about that. We are looking forward to ending our time in Mexico with a mexican dinner, some mexican hot chocolate and make and wear some mexican ponchos. Thank you for a rich experience.

I also must note, when we finished our study of the USA, we have a person in our HS group who does re-enactments of history, and we all "played-out" battles from the civil war. My dc absolutely loved this and it really does help them understand history more and the sacrifices that have been made to make this country what it is. It was so patriotic, we listened to "Wee Sing America" and did the Civil War re-enactment, and next week we are taking a field trip to an Armory to see specialized weapons and artifacts from the Civil war era. We may all even dress up in our civil war best and visit the armory. I really appreciate how rich this curriculum is, and how the Lord ties in all our experiences to help us to learn what He wants to teach us during a particular time.

We do a lot of family read-alouds and we have been very much enjoying it. We have read Rascal, Old Yeller, Owls in the Family and we are almost done with Summer of the Monkeys. We look forward to starting The Incredible Journey. Dc even look forward to what "animal" we are going to be reading about next.
Having Fun with it in MA! Just had to share.
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Unread post by Tricia »

Hi all,
We are doing ECC this year and just completed week 6 this past Friday. We ended with a fiesta with two other hsing families complete with Mexican food, ponchos, pinatas, mexican music, and more.......we had a blast......I am sooo glad we did not skip this experience......also at the fiesta each of our dc chose a craft (that they had created during the Mexico study) to talk a little about, it was just an overall great experience for everyone....

Loving MFW/ECC,
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ECC Experience

Unread post by hsmom3 »

We only have 10 more weeks in ECC and we have really enjoyed it. My kids (2nd,3rd,4th grades) have learned so much and so have I! We made the passports out of the green file folders-looked real official- and the kids liked it. And of course we had to fly or take a train to each new country. Our favorite countries so far have been Brazil & Kenya. We are in China right now and my kids are noticing everything that is made in China.

The missionary stories have been the highlight. My 8 yr old daughter said she feels like the Lord is leading her to do missionary work when she is older. What a blessing we've received from reading about these selfless people who really loved God. After reading Nate Saint, we watched the video "Through the Gates of Splendor". It really made the book come to life seeing the footage and pictures of all the missionaries.

Learning about the different religions has been important too. I had never heard of some of them. Windows on the World is a great book. We will keep this book in our home library for future references.

There are so many wonderful things about this curriculum. This was our 5th year hs and had previously used a traditional approach. My kids nor I were enjoying it. This year has been a breath of fresh air and I'm so glad we used ECC. I would recommend this to anyone! We are looking forward to CTG and hope it will be just as great!

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Unread post by WarriorsForChrist »

We went through ECC in the 2004-05 year. My ds loved it!!!! Because of his experience in ECC, he now has a penpal in Tanzania, he writes missionaries in Haiti, he does weekend door-to-door evangelism. His prayer life has blossom! He now has a prayer journal (where his "Mission" section is the longest). For Christmas he made prayer cubes for his friends (wanted to share what he as learn about prayer).

Of course the academics are excellent. But if he didn't get anything out of ECC I would still be pleased - because my ds grew spiritually by reading about the life of these "sold-out, committed, faithful" individuals and also he was touch by the experience of the children in each country we looked into during the course.

Thanks so much for the time (and I'm sure much prayer) that went into ECC. I believe you'll witness a group of young field workers who when asked about their first desire to do missions, will point to the material shared with them through the ECC curriculum.

In His Name,
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Unread post by Heather (WI) »

I just wanted to add an update: We used ECC last year (2nd grade, 7yog) because "Adventures" wasn't available yet, and even after doing a year of "Adventures in MFW" this year (for 3rd grade), our dd STILL remembers a LOT of the geography we learned in ECC last year.

SO, it is a wonderful, very effective program!! I highly recommend not missing it!! :o)
Love in Christ,
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Unread post by juliebean115 »

"Of course the academics are excellent. But if he didn't get anything out of ECC I would still be pleased - because my ds grew spiritually by reading about the life of these "sold-out, committed, faithful" individuals and also he was touch by the experience of the children in each country we looked into during the course. "

After reading this I am sure I picked the right curriculum for my children this year, I just ordered tonight. I have to say I toyed with the idea was it "enough", you said it ....that is just what I have been praying I would feel. I do believe that God put those words here just for me! Thanks Ruth!

Mom to 3 Wonderful boys! Praying God will use them for awesome things all their lives!!!
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Unread post by InfertilityMom »

We are drawing our ECC year to an end here with just a few weeks left. I would take pages to share how much this year has been a blessing to me. Many of the great things have already been shared by others, so I simply want to say that as a mom with chronic health challenges who never knows day to day how much energy or ability I will have to share with my kids, MFW has been such a blessing. We've been using these programs since preschool. Every once in a while I'll take a look at other options out there on the market just because I want to be sure I'm giving them everything I should be, but I always end up right back at MFW, more excited and content than before that it is right where God has us.

Because of my physical limitations, I simply could not use many of the other programs on the market that require so much parent preparation. I am so very, very blessed by all the work that Marie and David have put into the preparation of MFW and the user-friendliness, adabtability and flexability I feel with MFW. There have been seasons this past year where school consisited mostly of just curling up with all the kids in bed and reading missionary biographies until I was horse, or the wonderful Hero Tales (we enjoyed these so much we have purchased others from the series too) or the fascinating Window on the World pages. On my bad days we could read several days/weeks worth of these, then catch up on other parts of the lesson plans on days I was more able to be up and about. We also really enjoyed many of the books on the book basket list!!!
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Unread post by TurnOurHearts »

From the first time I laid eyes on a MFW catalog, I couldn't wait to do Exploring Countries and Cultures. At that time, we were just starting K, but oh, that was when my mouth began to water! Now that we are in our last week of ECC, finishing our study of Antarctica, I can honestly say this year was all that I'd hoped for and more. My other confession (as previously stated in other posts...) is that I'm not ready to close the TM for the year. I know great things await us in Creation to the Greeks, but it's been THAT good.

One of the longings of my heart has been to instill a love of people in my children. God loves us, so we love others ~ not just the ones that look like us, think like us, believe like us ~ all of them. This year, we have read the book of Matthew and heard the heart of a Savior for humanity. We have prayed for people groups who are afraid of evil spirits & false gods, we have bawled out loud for children in Korea who after being tricked into turning in their parents' Bibles, were left orphans ~ their parents taken, never to return. We have read story after story of faithful men & women who chose the narrow road to take the Light to the darkest places on earth. We have been challenged to be more like them, and consequently, more like Christ Himself. We have grown in His Love, and we've grown together.

Other highlights from the year have included:
*playing the Geography game ~ my kids have cheered every time we got it out!
*making saris & dhotis for our India study
*ordering a Chinese sampler at our local restaurant
*learning how to read latitude/longitude and map legends
*studying the plant & animal life in the different biomes/notebooking
*singing songs from all over the world (we'll be singing these forever!!!!)
*making wood carvings of African animals (from Global Art)
*making Lego people “furniture” out of origami (Japan)
*learning to make paper flowers while 'in Mexico'
*having a French breakfast with friends
*watching “March of the Penguins” for Antarctica

This list could literally go on & on. And these were just our personal experiences. Because of the uniqueness of each family, this list would be very different for any other family! There is so much available in this curriculum to choose from ~ this year has been absolutely AMAZING.

As much as I'm not ready to see this year come to a close, I eagerly anticipate all that is to come. As my children grow & flourish in our home, I see the Hand of a Faithful Father guiding our days, blessing our efforts (the strong and the weak ones), and calling us further. I'm so grateful that our journey includes My Father's World. Marie, thank you for being a willing vessel.

"This is to my Father's glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.” ~ John 15:8
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Unread post by Hmschooling »

Moved here to help families looking for ECC ideas:

We have a book that's from Vision Forum I believe. It's Called "Zoo Guide" - A Bible based handbook to the zoo. It has AWESOME pics of animals from around the world, like you might find at a zoo. It has info on zoos and their underlying philosophies, creation, the fall, death, flood, extinction, animal kinds and adaptations, defense/attack structures, evolution, natural selection, biomes, stewardship, the good news all from a Christian view. it has sections for ungrouped mammals, bird, cats, monkeys and apes, and reptiles and amphibians.

On the left side is a full page picture of the animal. On the right is the animal name, day of creation it was created on, God's design for it, features, fun facts, created kind members, then a section that list scientific info such as class, order, family, genus/species. Then size, weight, diet pre and post sin, and it's habitat-- this is where ECC comes in. It tells the type of habitat and/or country its from.

I plan to have my kids go through this book and find all the animals from the country we are studying and/or all the animals from the habitat we are studying and see that many countries have similar habitats (desert, etc.)

We LOVE this book!
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Re: Exploring Countries and Cultures -- Share Your Experiences

Unread post by hsmomof5 »

We are using ECC (4th and 5th graders) and it has definitely changed my dc's perspective as well as mine in regards to viewing the world from God's eyes. There are so many people in need and who need our prayers. We are learning about various people and their cultures in addition to the geography skills. The mission stories tie in so well also. We have learned through the geography games, map skills, puzzles, recipes, related vocabulary and science, mission stories, Bible reading, world culture readings, industry/agriculture and economics readings, music, and art. We have read tons of library books from the suggestions list for our book basket also. I was concerned about a year long geography course for a second also but this is what Charlotte Mason did in her day and I can understand why. My dc have learned so much. Just sharing. :)
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Re: Exploring Countries and Cultures -- Share Your Experiences

Unread post by TriciaMR »

Well, we finished up the 1st Edition of ECC today, and this was our first year using MFW. The missionary biographies gave us a new perspective on what life is like for a missionary - real live people in real life situations sharing the love of Jesus. The geography game is a wonderful way to learn the continents and countries of the world - if we play the second version, my dd beats me most of the time. Reading about the needs of the different people groups in Window on the World inspired our prayers. My little guys joined in making flags with their big sister, and coloring the John 3:16 pages and some of the other fun pages from A Trip Around the World and Another Trip Around the World. They gathered around the kitchen island and watched the experiments. They listened in to the science readings and even made their own science pages, when they wanted to. Reading about Jesus' love for the world in Matthew tied it all together.

Two things I love most of all are my improved relationship with my daughter, and the bigger vision of life and God's sovereignty my daughter has acquired through this.

This has been a fantastic year of home schooling (in spite of trying 3 spelling programs :) ), and I am excitedly looking forward to the CHEC Conference to pick up CtG for next year.

Thank you Marie and David for such a wonderful curriculum!

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Re: Exploring Countries and Cultures -- Share Your Experiences

Unread post by wendymc7 »

Our first year of homeschooling has been such a blessing. We love ECC and the K program. My children have grown in the Lord, and it is my delight and privilege to be with them during the process. I have posted some of our ECC project photos on my blog: Thank you for such a wonderful curriculum!
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Re: Exploring Countries and Cultures -- Share Your Experienc

Unread post by MMT »

I just wanted to let you know how impressed our family has been with the My Father’s World curriculum. This is our second year home schooling and our first year using MFW. Last year we, like most new home schoolers, used a traditional textbook approach that included daily DVD lessons. Although this approach was familiar & comfortable, by the time February rolled around I was completely burned-out with grading worksheets and planning the weekly lessons. My son was tired of completing worksheets and taking tests. I knew that I needed to find a different curriculum if we were going to continue home schooling.

We are using the Exploring Countries & Cultures with our 6th grade son. The lesson plans are well laid-out, require very minimal preparation, and are very realistic with regards to the work load each day. Your recommedations for english (Intermediate Language Lessons) and writing (Writing Strands) have been excellent. We thoroughly enjoy the read alouds and the Bible lessons have made discipling our children (ages 4, 11, 17) easy & effective. We have all grown so much in our faith together this year. We have learned so much from the missionary stories and have been encouraged to live boldy for the Lord

This school year has been fraught with two family emergencies that required us to travel 2,000+ miles both times and for my husband to completely take over home schooling for 5 weeks when I had to help my aging parents. He had no problems at all stepping into the role of teacher and has really enjoyed the time together with his son. On a couple different occasions we’ve had to tag-team our home schooling and it has been no problem at all with MFW.

The daily lesson plan lay-out allows our son to work toward becoming an independent learner and he uses it to prioritize his day and mark his progress. He knows which subjects we need to do together and which he can work on alone. He is motivated each day to work on his lessons and we do not have any problems getting him to complete his work. I think the key to this is the realistic work load…he never gets bogged down and there isn’t any busy work. (I would describe my son as an average student.)

I was introduced to the MFW curriculum at the APACHE conference in Peoria, IL last year. I registered for David Hazell’s seminars and was so impressed by his vision for families, service and missions that I went to the MFW booth to look at the curriculum. Not only was I impressed by what I saw but I also thought that the curriculum was a great value. Being new to home schooling, it is invaluable to me to be able to purchase an all-inclusive package.

We are planning to use MFW again next year for our son and will probably start our kindergartener with MFW also. Although I’m a little intimidated to be teaching both a 7th grader and Kindergartener next year I have assurance that the great start we’ve had with MFW this year will carry forward to next year. Thank you for your ministry to the home schooling community.
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