Weeks 1 & 2 (with Close to the Ground; Patterns/Sequence)

If you are using Learning God's Story, please share your ideas with us.
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Weeks 1 & 2 (with Close to the Ground; Patterns/Sequence)

Unread post by bethben »

MFW 1st rewards [Week 1]

Posted: Sun Mar 04, 2007 2:43 pm
I made a train with lots of cars attached. Each day he finished, he got to color another part of the train. I think it took 20 school days to complete. At the end, we went to McDonalds. It was a good motivator.
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Treasure Boxes for memory verse cards [Week 2]

Unread post by amylynn12 »

Posted: Sat Mar 31, 2007 9:58 pm
We are new to MFW and are really enjoying it! We just started MFW 1st Grade with our 7 year old and in the TM, they mention that God's word is like a Treasure. We decided to have our kids decorate treasure boxes so they will remember always remember that.

We went to a craft store and bought wooden boxes that kind of looked like treasure boxes, paints, and these cute little flat pieces of wood that were in shapes of hearts. We also found biblical looking stars and some round ones.

We used the round shapes for their name plates to go on their boxes. We just painted these and wrote their names with a sharpie.

We painted each of the shapes and used a clear glitter glue and sprinkled pastel glitter on them. When all the shapes were dry, we glued them on the boxes.

We also painted a craft stick and wrote on it "God's word is more precious than any treasure." We applied the clear glitter glue over that and sprinkled a little glitter on that, too.

I forgot to mention that we did paint the boxes. I wasn't thinking and realized that we accidentally painted them shut, so we ended up having to pry them open. LOL! :) (I am VERY craft challenged. :)

Anyway, The kids had so much fun and now when they have memory verses, we write them on 4X6 notecards and they store them in their treasure boxes.

I have read so many wonderful ideas on this group. What a fun way to share with eachother.

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Making Up Patterns

Unread post by RachelT »

My kids really enjoyed just making up their own patterns with stickers and with food (crackers, cheese, raisins, etc.) - as separate activities.

;) Rachel
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Ants & Outdoor Play

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We were amazed at how quickly we attracted ants yesterday afternoon and how many are still around the bread.

One aspect I am trying to add to our schedule this year is playing outside for several hours in the afternoon. It seems that free time is usually spent on tv, computer or games. So, I've taken out the tv (gasp) and I am sitting outside while the children play in the afternoon. It's a change for me, as I've usually been cleaning or cooking in the afternoon while the children occupied themselves, but I really want them to play outside. I take my journal, bible study, books, etc. and just watch them play. So far, it's great.
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Week 2: Make a Jewish Calendar

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

Because of starting MFW1 on Sept 6th this year, our Day 6 falls on Sept 13th, which is Rosh Hashanah - or the Jewish New Year. Since this is the day that we are to make and post our Jewish Calendar, we're going to celebrate the holiday a bit. There was lots of ideas from google. We'll dip apples in honey and talk about the different blessings said over the different foods and activities. We might even blow a shofar, if I can find something suitable. We'll say a special blessing over our new school year, and then thank our Saviour for fulfilling the law for us and giving us new life. I'm very excited about it!
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Math facts?

Unread post by Poohbee »

Dionne Pells wrote:I enjoyed reading the ideas you all have had for these first days. How have the hands on math activities been going? We did the cracker patterning idea from the math book which was fun.

Is anyone memorizing math facts? I think I really should be focusing on the hands on manipulatives. I know from when I taught 1st grade in public school that the hands on, concrete, manipulative based activities are the best for them right now, but I remember we also had the kids memorizing math facts as well. Any thoughts on this?

Hi Dionne!
So far, we are mainly doing lots of hands-on and lots of math children's lit. and a few sheets from the CBoM. We haven't started memorizing math facts yet. My focus right now is on helping my dd enjoy and understand math.

In doing the bean cup, coin cup, and number of the day activities each day, she is learning addition, subtraction, and place value in a very concrete and natural way. I think it is important to build that foundation before starting to learn math facts. If the foundation is there, then the math facts will be easier to learn.

In doing the hands-on activities and reading the math literature, math is fun for my dd, which is important to me, because math was not my favorite subject in school. I want her to enjoy math so that she doesn't dread it like I did.

So, I'm going to keep on with the daily activities, hands-on activities, and math literature, with an occasional worksheet here and there and introduce the math facts a bit later in the year...probably when we start working on addition and subtraction according to the schedule in the TM.

Just my 2 cents worth. :-)
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Wild Animal magazine + DVDs

Unread post by Poohbee »

We receive the WWF magazine Wild Animal Baby, and my kids love it!

Well, they have made some Wild Animal Baby DVDs. We found them at Best Buy. One of the DVDs has a segment called "It's Raining Worms". It was great for our "Close to the Ground" unit! The cartoons are cute and appealing for both my 2 yo and 6 yo, and there are real pictures of worms, as well. It has some great information about worms in it.
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Fun Math Reading

Unread post by Mom2MnS »

Our precious librarian is doing wondrous things with our math library treasures this year - we are so thankful for her! She took the topics list and is researching it for us. The result is some really fun math reading...

For sequences, we enjoyed the Laura Numeroff books (If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, etc), The Napping House by Audrey Wood, and Tic Tac Toe - Three in a Row by Judith Stamper.

A few more sequencing books that are fun:
Tomorrow's Alphabet by George Shannon
The Rose in my Garden by Arnold Lobel
Jack's Garden by Henry Cole

They are fun reading and a little different!
WLiC, Quinne

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Favorite Books - Close to the Ground

Unread post by Mom2MnS »

Our favorite reads from "Close to the Ground" were:

Thinking About Ants by Barbara Brenner
Garden Wigglers by Nancy Loewen
Eeny, Meeny, Miney Mole by Jane Yolen
Sarah's Story by Bill Harley
The Picnic by Ruth Brown

We also really enjoyed the suggestion in Things Outdoors about looking around at the ground and between the blades of grass carefully. We are still having such fun noticing things that we would have missed before :)
WLiC, Quinne

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Book & Audio CD

Unread post by sarajoy »

We loved "Diary of a Worm" with a CD. Of course, now we can't find the book but we still have the CD. My library is going to love me. This will be the second book in as many months if we don't find it. :o

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Powder around the ant entrance

Unread post by martinmcash »

We just finished the first exploration day.

We attracted a lot of ants very quickly with the honeybread, and we noticed where all the entrances to their tunnels were and we marked them and estimated how big the nest was underground. My oldest son remarked it looked like a little highway how fast they were all going, so I said, "I'm gonna show you something neat." I went and got the baby powder and made a big "C" around the bread and covered one of the entrances with it. Ants don't like to walk in powder and they can't smell the scent trails, so they scramble to find new ways to get to the bread and find their other entrances to get into the nest, it was a really neat lesson for my boys. We spent quite a bit of time just watching them run around. My oldest said, "You know, it's almost like the powder is the policemen blocking the exits on the highway, so they have to go around to another exit." For a 6 year old, it was very insightful LOL. We also discovered that baby powder is a cheap insecticide LOL.

Jewish calendar Months - Pronunciation

Unread post by TurnOurHearts »

Rox wrote:Jewish calendar Months - I've never heard these pronounced. I want to be sure I teach this correctly. Can someone please advise? thx
I can offer you NO HELP whatsoever with pronunciations, but I wanted to encourage you that, if no one is up to that challenge, feel free to introduce them in a laughing, Mommy-doesn't-know-it-all-but-that's-okay kind of way.

With my oldest, I tended to want everything to be perfect ~ to have all the answers to all of his questions, kwim? A friend took that to a whole new level for me with this challenge: "Paige, if you're perfect for him, why will he ever need Jesus?" Yeah...yikes. Granted, I still LOVE to have the right answers for my kids (REALLY love!), but it offered me a perspective that I needed. I need to be able to relate to my children as imperfect beings. For a long time, my sister & I thought our parents could do no wrong. When we realized they were just as broken & human as we were, it was hard.

I know this post is WAY more than you bargained for, and I apologize. I just wanted to say it is certainly okay for you to laugh & be silly as you attempt to pronounce the Jewish calendar months. I wish you could have been a fly on the wall at my house when we read the genealogy of Noah in CtG a few weeks ago... ;)
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Unread post by Wonderobyn »

MOMS wrote:My 6yo ds is doing MFW 1st.....we're doing patterns. With froot loops, he "gets it" then we go to do a pattern page out of the workbook & it's like he's never seen any colors, numbers or shapes ever before in his life :~ any tips to help with patterns???
My ds finally got it when I used the pattern blocks that are recommended in the 1st grade. We used different shapes - just two at first with several different patterns then three. We also used forks and spoons before that. For us it worked to try several different types of hands on "touchable" items over a couple of weeks before doing patterns on paper.
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Unread post by Julie in MN »

It's probably early in the year & I wouldn't worry too much, since you'll be working on it all year, and maybe even a bit in 2nd grade math, and patterns are even part of reading to some extent !!

But some more ideas to make it fun while you keep working on it:

P.S. And just in daily life, you can bring up patterns when you see them.
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Unread post by MFW-Lucy »

Dear Moms,

Remember these pages are supplemental to the hands-on activities in the Teacher's Manual and are for kids who are ready to move into a workbook. Some kids simply are not ready for it yet. A workbook is more abstract and it is not unusual for children at this age to understand a concept when they do it with real items but not in a book.

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Unread post by arosemalone »

On exploration day for week 1, we went out to the compost pile to look for worms. This was a good opportunity to explain how composting works.
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Unread post by lea_lpz »

It's not in the 2nd edition but I read in the previous 1st board about putting earth worms in a jar to see how they aerate the soil and my kids have been on a bug hunting kit anyhow, so we went ahead and did it. We got worms from a tackle shop and also let the kids dig in the mud to find earth worms. We put the soil the came in into a quart size mason jar and filled it to the top with just some dirt from our yard. Then poked some holes in the jar.

It was interesting to watch them start burrowing. After they were settled in it looked a little dead. I thought they died so we dumped them out after 5 days but it turned out they were all kicking so my kids scooped them back into the jar. My dd wants to save them to use to go fishing with her dad on Father's Day. We did a journal page, too.

I'm really enjoying the science and science enrichment books so far!
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Ant farms with Gel

Unread post by arosemalone »

We got an ant farm with a clear gel instead of sand. It's interesting to see how the ants burrow in the gel.
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1st Grade Worm Activity - How to add this to 2nd edition

Unread post by 4Truth »

This activity appears again in ECC, so no worries. :)
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Re: 1st Grade Worm Activity - How to add this to 2nd edition

Unread post by Bret Welshymer »

For those who may be interested. Here's the worm activity from the first edition:

1. Fill a large glass jar with alternating layers of soil and sand (each about 1” thick), spraying each
layer with water.
2. Gently add 5-6 worms to the jar.
3. Cover the top layer of soil with dry leaves. Then cover the entire jar with a dark cloth as if the
worms were underground.
4. After a few days, remove the dark cloth and look at your jar. You should observe tunnels and
leaves dragged down into the soil by the worms. The worms eat some of the leaves, and some
remain to enrich the soil. The tunnels provide air for plant roots.
5. Carefully put the worms back outside where you found them.
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Re: 1st Grade - Weeks 1 & 2 (with Close to the Ground)

Unread post by Ashmeg »

Week 1- science- we had worm pie for snack one day- a mixture of pudding, cream cheese, powdered sugar and butter- crushed cookies on top with gummy worms (not the healthiest thing- lol). We also watched wild kratt's a squirmy wormy (very informative!), a curious George episode about earthworms, magic school bus gets ants in their pants and a documentary called fire ants (also very informative).

Week 2- science- we made a soil layers snack- marshmallows for bedrock, Cheerios (some crushed a little) for subsoil and cocoa Krispies for the topsoil/humus. We also watched a curious George episode on composting. We played in a big dirt pile and also visited someone who had a compost pile and she showed us what she did and how she used it.
For math- we talked more in depth about patterns in nature (tide, moon, seasons, animals) and then did a butterfly painting (paint half and then fold the paper)
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Re: 1st Grade - Weeks 1 & 2 (with Close to the Ground)

Unread post by akoldenhoven »

We decided to enhance the "Inside Soil" experiment in "Science with Plants" on page 18, but comparing different samples. We had a horrid wildfire burn within a few miles of our home this past summer so we collected a sample of burned soil, a sample from an area that had flooding erosion, and a sample from our neighborhood. It was very interesting to see how different the layers were in each sample.
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Re: 1st Grade - Weeks 1 & 2 (with Close to the Ground)

Unread post by Ldrhodes »

I made jello worms from raspberry jello and cream. My son thought they were real! I prepared them the night before and served them with lunch.
Recipe as follows:
1 6 oz. pkg raspberry gelatin mix
3 (.25 oz.) pkgs unflavored gelatin
3/4 c. Whipped cream
10-20 drops green liquid food coloring
100 plastic flex straws
Tall narrow container with at least 1 qt. capacity
Mix jello with 3 c. Boiling water. Stir to dissolve completely. Chill 30 min. Or until cool. Stir in whipping cream until well mixed. Add food coloring. Mix together.
Fully extend the straws and place them upright in a container, flexi end facing down. Pour mixture over straws. Some will run into container. Cover and refrigerate at least 8 hours.
Remove them 5 or 6 at a time, running under hot water for a couple of seconds. Place them on a towel to dry. When dry, place 2or 3 straws on a waxed paper lined work surface. Using a rolling pin, press firmly and roll from one endof the straws to the other, forcing them out of the straw. Carefully place worms in a bowl. Cover and chill at least 2 hours. Serve.
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