Week 10 (with Rivers)

If you are using Learning God's Story, please share your ideas with us.
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Week 10 (with Rivers)

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Bible times costumes - Fun photo of kids doing MFW activity

Postby rachel » Fri Dec 01, 2006 1:10 pm


We enjoyed doing this MFW1 "Bible Times" clothing activity a while back and the younger 2 even wore theirs while they trick or treated (yes, we trick or treated)!!

Anyway, hope you are all having a great day.

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Water Filter & Water Books

Unread post by RachelT »

The water filter activity was fun and easy. We happened to have gravel for an aquarium and some sand in the sandbox in the backyard. We used a plastic half gallon milk just and the water coming out was definitely less muddy/mulchy than the water going in the top!

We read The Magic Schoolbus At The Waterworks by Joanna Cole - a filter is described and illustrated in there as water travels through a water treatment system. A good non-fiction book with lots of pictures was Rivers and Streams by Nicola Edwards. We also had fun reading The Wind in the Willows: The Riverbank by Kenneth Grahame.

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Water Field Trip

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If you are looking for a neat and different field trip, check with your local water treatment plant to see if they do school tours. We did this last year, and all four children (ages 1-7) enjoyed it!
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Water Books

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We read the book Water Dance, by Thomas Locker, which is an absolutely beautiful book, and the book Water, by Frank Asch. Both books have similar content, as they both talk about the various forms that water takes, including that of a river. It was fun to read them together and contrast the illustrations. Locker's paintings are gorgeous and very realistic. Asch's illustrations are very colorful and whimsical. My dd enjoyed both books very much!
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Bible Land Costume Ideas

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mom2h wrote:Anyone have any ideas for a relative non-sewer on making the Bible costumes? What shepherds wore.../kings wore../women wore..
Posted Tue Jul 01, 2008 9:36 am by Winkie
I just took a piece of rectangular fabric and cut a hole in the middle big enough to slip over my dc's head. No hemming, no sewing, just left all the edges rough. I cut a smaller rectangle for a headdress. I fastened both on with a length of rope. I did try to choose more neutral fabrics, although one was pretty bright (Joseph's coat of many colors?) And that was that. They didn't wear them long enough for fraying to be an issue.

Posted Tue Jul 01, 2008 11:32 am by RachelT
My children were happy to use their bathrobes for Bible costumes and something like a dish towel with a headband for their heads. They like to dress up from time to time and we have lots of other costumes, but for some reason this was fun for them!

Posted Tue Jul 01, 2008 12:10 pm by Cyndi (WA)
I let my dd pick out some material at the fabric store - which was a new experience for her because we'd never been to a fabric store! She wanted to look like Mary, so she picked out blue broadcloth for her dress and white for her headdress.

I took it over to my Mom's and we folded the blue in half to make a rectangle the length of dd's body and cut a hole in the middle for her head. My Mom insisted on sewing on binding, but we didn't have to do that.

We cut strips off of the bottom to use to tie her headdress on, and to wrap Baby Jesus in. Mom hemed it, again not necessary. There was so much material to wrap around her, we didn't even bother sewing up the sides.

We used a rope from Dad's garage to tie around her waist. She looked adorable (and so did Baby Jesus) and since it was Oct 31st, she wore the costume over capris and a t-shirt with sandals to the Harvest Party at church that night.

Posted Tue Jul 01, 2008 2:11 pm by Julie in MN
We didn't do first, but in CTG my ds actually sewed a costume out of an old sheet. However, in RTR he just draped a sheet around him. He had just as much fun either way.

At church, when we do Bibleland things, the kids mostly wear a piece of fabric with a slit cut in the middle to poke the head thru, and a tie of some kids -- rope, fabric, etc. Then they put a square on their head (dishcloth or whatever) and a tie around that. Looks most excellent!

I also donated a stash of dress-up clothes to them and I see kids at church just grab a variety of things from that box. Somehow they can make anything look like Bibleland days :o)
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Model in the Driveway

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My husband was in charge of Exploration Day yesterday while I was gone, rivers being the topic. When I got home (with strict instructions not to park in the driveway) I was pleasantly surprised to find they had spent hours making a brook-to-ocean model in our gravelly driveway. They had dug channels starting small (brooks), coming together to make streams, which flowed into the rivers which ended at their lake/ocean. And my daughter had even made an island. They turned on the rain (hose) and she was able to teach me what was happening to the water as it ran off our cement apron and down into the "brooks" and so on, learned about erosion too. So cool, and something she will probably not ever forget. They did this after reading "Follow the Water from Brook to Ocean" by Arthur Dorros.
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