Week 13 (with Sun and Moon)

If you are using Learning God's Story, please share your ideas with us.
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Week 13 (with Sun and Moon)

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Favorite Books - Sun & Moon

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There are some precious storybooks on this topic that we enjoyed! Here are a few of them:

Sun Bread by Elisa Kleven
Like Butter on Pancakes by Jonathan London
I Can Hear the Sun by Patricia Polacco
To catch the Moon by Akkerman & van Loon
The Night the Moon Blew Kisses by Lynn Manuel

We also love the "moon" books by Frank Asch.

Please note the book listed above by Patricia Polacco is a folk tale. It is just a lovely story, but it is also hard. The little boy is unwanted (until he meets Stephanie Michele and the geese), and the other main characters are homeless. We enjoyed it very much, and some wonderful questions and discussion that came from it.
WLiC, Quinne

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A Fun Sun Project

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Here is a fun "sun" project:

supplies: card stock, tin foil, scissors, glue, hole punch, ribbon

Cut shapes out of the tin foil and glue them in a design on
the card stock (both sides - can be the same pattern or not).
The tin foil should be glued shiniest side up :)

Punch holes in top of card stock and tie with ribbon.
Hang near a window where the sunlight comes in strongly.

Watch for the patterns as the tin foil reflects the sun.
The room will dance with them :)
WLiC, Quinne

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Caldecott winner

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My dd absolutely loved the book Arrow to the Sun, by Gerald McDermott. It won the Caldecott Medal. The illustrations are geometric, bright, and colorful. It is a Pueblo Indian tale. One thing that is so neat about it is the parallel you can draw to the story of Christ. The Lord of the Sun is God, the spark of life he sent to earth is Jesus. There is a virgin birth. The boy must go through trials and tribulations, as Jesus did. After the last trial, he is transformed, and the father tells him, "Now you must return to earth, my son, and bring my spirit to the world of men." It is just such a neat parallel to the Biblical story of Jesus. I would definitely suggest you check it out and read through it before reading it to your child, just in case you don't want to expose them to this tale, but my dd loved it so much she wanted me to buy her her own copy of the book.
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Re: 1st Grade - Week 13 (with Sun and Moon)

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For those of you who are Amazon Prime members - there is a 321 Penguins episode about the 'Green-eyed Monster' that shows the difference between envy and contentedness. This goes along with the Proverb for the week. It is from Season 1 - Episode 2.

On Amazon Instant Video, search for
3-2-1 Penguins! Season 1, Ep. 2 "Green-Eyed Monster"
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Re: 1st Grade - Week 13 (with Sun and Moon)

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Thank you, The Kindred, for the 321 Penguins episode recommendation. It was perfect for the proverb this week! It really helped my kids to see the meaning of envy and its effects on us :)
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