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Re: First Grade Reading Chart, and other confusions...

Unread post by asheslawson »

Can I just jump in on the math question?

I did the stick bundles to count 10's, I did the beans & sticks & the loose '1's' beans in 1st and I am so glad I did. I never did add a formal math curriculum other than what came with MFW K & MFW 1st for my dd - and my daughter is soaring through math. I started her in 1A last year, for her 2nd grade year, and in 1 year she completed Singapore 1A, 1B, 2A, & 2B. She even sometimes answers questions quicker than my 7th graders who are in Saxon 87 & LOF right now. I did do one thing a little different...both in K & 1st. I gave her the pennies every day, well past 100 days. I put a penny in her cup every day for 2 years in her school year so if we did 151 days of school she finished with $1.51 cents. I had her change 5 pennies for nickels and 1 nickel & 5 pennies for dimes, and 2 dimes & a nickel for quarters all the way through both years. She counts money so easily now. I am SO pleased with the solid math foundation that she gained by using MFW K & MFW 1st.

She is also reading very well, although her strong point is math. I did use the reading chart, but I remember that it was a little awkward till we got used to it. Reading was harder for her than math, but we stuck with it as written and she is doing just fine right now. Phew! It's so nice when they can read - sure makes our school day easier! I love printing out their planners on Monday & they can finish many assignments on their own so I can help whoever has a question!
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Re: First Grade Reading Chart, and other confusions...

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Even though sticks and beans seems too easy, learning place value is a hard concept and the daily practice with it will pay off in the long run.

The weather part of calendar is added in week 11 or 12, I think. I am on week 10 and was looking ahead and noticed it was added to the math box.

The 100s chart is also valuable for place value and skip counting and recognizing patterns (which is what math is all about). My daughter does the calendar, beans, coins, and 100s chart independently now but I wont stop it b/c I know it's valuable!! (I taught 1st grade public school.)
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Library Resource

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If you live in Michigan - there is an incredible resource for library books. It is a statewide catalog where you can reserve books and they are then delivered to your 'home' library. So far (at week 14) I have found every science and math book listed in the index!! Our favorite time of each morning is when we have a snack, cuddle on the sofa and read a stack of these books so this resource has been a huge blessing! Michiganders check it out here:

For those of you in other states - it would be worth looking into to see if your state offers this service! This may be a place to start:

Happy Reading!
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Scheduling Read-Alouds (1st Grade)

Unread post by Poohbee »

HSMom03 wrote:Just curious how others scheduled read-alouds for MFW 1st grade. With such amazing book-lists for math (MFW 1st), science (MFW 1st), and literature (Honey for a Child's Heart)... I am almost finding it difficult! I need some kind of system like Math Lit M-Th, Science M/F, and Lit Daily... hmm maybe I just came up with my own plan, haha. Anyway... if I look at the math/science book-list in the back of the manual, it lists 14 books for science in weeks 3-4 and 16 books for math in weeks 4-5. Then add in titles from Honey for a Child's Heart and... well you get the picture!

How many of these should I borrow from the library? I'm pretty indecisive so I've just been getting all of them :-) . We have 60 books out right now! Only a handful of those are from Honey For A Child's Heart. It's a little overwhelming but I'm not sure how many we are going to need each week. Any suggestions for figuring this out would be much appreciated.
We usually used the math read-alouds as our "math" time. So, I tried to do hands-on activities 2 days a week, math lit. 1 or 2 days a week, and a sheet from the Complete Book of Math 1 or 2 days a week. We didn't do all 3 activities on the same day. 1st grade is a wonderful time to focus on the hands-on activities and the lit. books as some of your main activities, and just use the worksheets as secondary activities.

For science, again, we used those read-alouds as our "science lesson" now and then. I believe science is only scheduled 2 days a week, or something like that? You could read a science lit. book one day and do your Usborne book reading and experiments the next day.

We did read aloud each day. There are so many wonderful picture books out there, how can you not? :-) However, we did not read a math, a science, and a general lit. book each day. As you mentioned, a schedule is good...maybe read a math book 1 day, a science book 1 day, and lit. books the other three days?

Or, borrow the "Book Basket" concept for the older years, and put all of the books for the week in a basket. Let your child choose from the books in the basket which one you should read aloud that day.

Just a few ideas for you. :-) Having too many books to choose from is a great problem to have. :-)
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Re: Scheduling Read-Alouds (1st Grade)

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That is an incredible amount of books! :) We also rotated our books each day by subject: a book on science one day, math the next, art, I think, then general reading.

Ecclesiastes 12:12 says, "of making many books there is no end.." And we've found that to be true. :-)

We're now in 1850-Mod. Times, and we still snuggle under a blanket on the couch and read together. Don't you love homeschooling?
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Marking Vowels in 1st

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baileymom wrote:My current 1st Grader marks his vowels on every workbook pg/worksheet. He says it makes it easier for him to read. I looked back in the manual, hoping it said, " . . . they do not have to mark vowels." But instead, it says. "The student reads the sentence without marking the vowels."

Should I make him stop? . . . he's actually the first of my kiddos to not *loathe* marking vowels (and this is our 4th time using 1st)!
My kids didn't like marking vowels, either. But, if it is helping him, for now, I would let him continue. At some point it will click and he won't need to mark. It's like at some point you memorize your math facts instead of counting on fingers (or other manipulatives) - until you've got them memorized, you count.

Maybe you start with reading a word or two without things marked, and then build up to sentences? Maybe explain that he won't be able to mark library books and such, so he needs to get used to it?
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