Book Reviews - Animal Search, Usborne Ency, Children's Atlas

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Book Reviews - Animal Search, Usborne Ency, Children's Atlas

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Great Animal Search --- year round book basket book is how we used it. Really good for younger kids to look through. It's an Usborne search book. It is arranged by habitat (and also continent). Example -- for Africa it has both a north Africa desert, and an East African plain

Around each edge of each page of this book, you have a colorful picture of many animals in that habitat and some brief fact filled information about each animal. In the center of the double page you have the collage of all the animals and are given instructions to find various numbers of each of the animals listed on the edges.

In theory, (I don't remember if I actually did it this way) we would have used 1 page spread about every 2 weeks in ECC. There are 18 sections of habitats. It wouldn't have to be done in order of the book b/c you'd probably follow the order of the teacher's manual.

My 8 y.o still really likes these books. I liked the attention to detail. We even used the book during 1st semester of science in EX1850 for her.

Ymmv. It is optional. If it sounds interesting for your children, maybe grandma can buy it. My mom and MIL enjoy helping us that way. They like specific gift ideas, and when it is educational too --- they like to do that. May not be the case with everyone "out there". :)

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UB Living World Encyclopedia

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momsflowergarden wrote:Is this one of the books that MFW has had reprinted for them taking out evolution?
cbollin wrote:yes. (that's the book in ECC, right?)
order it from MFW for that edition.
I just wanted a second copy and looking through I realized that there really was NO evolution at all. Knowing it is UB I questioned as I know they do have EV in their material a bit.

Thanks, I will just order my second copy from MFW.
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Re: UB Living World Encyclopedia

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cbollin wrote:cool.

I really like that MFW has gone to this much to help us like this. I'm still praying about some of the other really well done, high interest, science encyclopedia books in MFW that they will be edited and have mfw editions too.

I remember in some of the oldest mfw manuals there were some prayer notes about science books and publishers and just to see God answer it, is wow... wow... yes!

Me too. I just think this is fantastic that they do this! :-)
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Thank you for NEW Products!

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:-) Thank you for the NEW Products MFW! :-)

I received my copy of Children's Atlas of God's World 3 three weeks ago.

Wow! :-)

I saw in the back of the Children's Atlas of God's World that the author thanks David & Marie Hazel for their support in the project of a Children's Atlas of God's World. This book is so beautiful, and a rich addition to ECC. My children absolutely love it, and have spent hours looking at it. We are also of course using it for ECC. It is a marvelous replacement for the atlas previously used. The photos are beautiful, the text is easy to read, and I like how it goes through countries showing them something about the world through God's eyes. The maps are nice and large as well and very easy to teach from!

Blessings for Good Friday & Happy Easter! :-)
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