Preparation - ECC is ordered, how do I get ready?

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Thank you for all of the advice! That can give me an idea of what to look for and then I will also check out the TM when I get it.
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ECC Notebooks?

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jabec wrote:Does anyone set up their kids' notebooks all at the beginning of the year? Make all the copies ahead... Maybe not the entire year, but a quarter or so? I'm very new to all this, but I like to have everything organized and ready as much as possible- I don't often have time (or like) on weekends to get stuff ready.

I also want to put their pages into spiral bound notebooks. I realize we may need to add pages in (not convenient, but doable). I'm just wondering HOW MANY or HOW OFTEN blank or lined pages are added into the Geography and Science notebooks. [pages that are not part of the student packet or photocopies listed at the beginning of the 2 weeks] Any thoughts.... is this a bad idea?
Hm... I'm not sure how many blank pages would need to be added or where. ?? That's a good question.

There are so many ways to set up for Notebooking, and they are all good ways. :) Just to share how we did it: We purchased two quality binders from Office Depot (the kind with the soft, red trigger at the bottom that opens the brackets without hurting little fingers) for each child. In the 1st binder, we placed the entire group of new, incomplete worksheets; then, as the year progressed, filled the 2nd binder, our "ECC Notebook" binder, with completed worksheets and other additions. (The "other additions" may include art, scripture memory work, special writing assignments, etc.)

At the end of the year, we placed all of their completed work in file folders and filed it. Then, we re-use the binders for the next year's worksheets and MFW Notebook (Creation to Greeks, etc.). The binders have held up very well, so in the long run, we saved both money and little ones' fingers. :-)

I think one thing you will love about this curriculum is that it is so well prepared. You won't have to spend your weekends preparing for the following week. Friday, as I'm sure you've already seen in the TM, is a lighter day, so we prepared everything for the next week easily and in very little time at the end of school that day.

I would love to tell you how very life-changing and memorable and amazing our year with ECC was - - but I think I'll let you see for yourself. (You're going to love it! :-) ) Enjoy!!

Many Blessings,
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Re: ECC Notebooks?

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I keep all my pages for my kids in hanging file folders, and can easily pull out each day's pages. Then we use page protectors to keep the pages in their notebooks. Part of completing a page is for them to get a page protector and stick it in their notebook. Then, as we come across pages to add (write a summary of what you learned, but their is no student page to use) they just add that.

I only copied a continent at a time back when we did ECC.

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Re: ECC Notebooks?

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Even though we are using 1st edition, I bought the student sheets new. So I just went through them, removing the POE pages (actually I kept some of them like the maps for showing the deserts, rainforests, etc) and divided the sheets by week. Then I put each week or couple weeks in a page protector. I put these in the back of the binders and then just pulled them out as needed. I like the hanging file folder idea but I don't have a filing cabinet in my schoolroom...yet. :)
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Re: ECC Notebooks?

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I made a file folder for each week of the school year (1-36) and just filed the papers into those and pulled them out as needed. I've done the same with each year since ECC, it works very well for us.
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Re: ECC Notebooks?

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I put all of the student sheets into page protectors and then into a binder marked "student sheets." As my dd used them, I put them back into page protectors and into a binder marked "geography notebook." It's easy at the end of the year to take them all out and get them spiral bound (stold Trish's idea on that one).

If you want to bind the student sheets at the beginning of the year . . . (that would be daunting to me) . . . I would add in all of the pages/photocopies from Trip and Another Trip where they go according to the TM. My dd was in 3rd grade and did not do a lot of additional notebooking; for the extra writing that she did, it could have been done on the white backs of the student sheets. If you are using World Geography for an older student, that could be more tricky, but I would follow the TM and put the pages in according to the 7th/8th grade supplement guidelines. You can always rip them out if you don't use them. The POE sheets just go along in the weeks you're using them.

It's an interesting idea. More doable for ECC Geography Notebook than any of the other years (but maybe that's because I just didn't have my dd make many extra pages that year). You may find file folder by week a more usable solution? I would love to see the sheets bound ahead of time and see how that works . . . makes me very curious.
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Re: ECC Notebooks?

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It is daunting, Cyndi. I will be working on it for several more days.

I did think that they can use the backs of some pages. I also made up some simple forms for the character qualities, verses, and a few others. I separated the student sheets by Bible, Geo, and Science. I know its a little different than what they suggest (we'll still make tabs or something to seperate the continents), but I think it will make it a bit easier.

We have tried 3 ring notebooks in the past, and they are just too frustrating for us. Plus, there is no way 5 notebooks could be open on our table all at once! I already have a binding machine, and coils, so I'm gonna make it work somehow!

I'm doing just that- going thru the TM and trying to line up all the pages accordingly. I think I will keep the World Geography pages separate... not sure yet. I also am just doing half the year- the first 17 weeks. I think that's all that will fit into my coils! Time will tell if it's worth it all! We may use file folders next year, or next semester!!?!

Thanks for all your replies!
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Re: ECC Notebooks?

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albanyaloe wrote:I have lots of questions about this.
Does anyone have sample pics of the notebooks on their blogs? I get really confused, is a notebook like a binder, that you can open up an put pages in?
In South Africa we only get binders, (we call them files) ones with large rings, called lever arch and ones with small rings. Would one with small rings work, with extra paper?

I'm sure someone will have a link to a blog somewhere... to show some of the pages, but the notebook is to place finished papers and worksheets.

in terms of what to place them in, I did a quick google search on "lever arch files". That is exactly what we mean by "3 ring binder notebook". now I don't know if this will be a minor issue or not... but the student sheets will be sized for US letter size standard and not "A4". So, if your level arch files (I love learning new things) are sized for A4, is that a problem with sheets that are sized as US Letter Sized 8.5 x 11 inches? i can't remember what size A4 is? I use to know that.. But I think "letter size" is same width, but a little shorter on length? If so, then using A4 lever arch files will not be a problem.

by "small rings"... what size would that be? from 1 cm to 8 cm?

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Re: ECC Notebooks?

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I looked in my bookmarks to see if I had anything that might help. I found these that tell how a couple of moms organized notebooks for K, but not for ECC. Though I'm thinking of doing one for ECC this way too. ... nized.html ... h-fun.html

I did organize my teacher notebook for MFW K this way and am going to play around with the idea for ECC.
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Re: ECC Notebooks?

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Here are some great photos of an ECC notebook: ... =25#p78095
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Re: ECC Notebooks?

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The link with the pictures that Julie posted is pretty much how we did ours. It was really simple. Just a fat binder (we used a 3" one), some index dividers and that's it. I made a divider for each continent and then I put additional dividers with the name of each country behind the right continent. I didn't do mine ahead though, I spent a few minutes (30 or so) every other Saturday figuring out what I needed for the next country and put them in *my* notebook. I would just get them out as we needed them during the week. If I can figure out how to put a picture on here, I'll try to add a picture of our almost completed notebook. It may be the first of next week though, or possibly tomorrow, we've got a busy weekend going. :)
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Prepping my TM- pictures

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I have been working on getting everything all set up and ready for our June 4th start date.

Like I mentioned in another thread (can't remember which one) I will be doing ECC again for three of my daughters so I didn't want to fill in the TM and then have nothing to write in next time. So I copied the grid and taped that copy over the original so I could keep it in the TM and not have to have a separate notebook.

I also added tabs for each week of the grid and labeled them with the week number and country. I really like being able to see it all at a glance and find what I'm looking for quickly.

I thought I would share pics in case it is helpful for someone...



This is week 1 of the grid. I trimmed the edges of my copy and used some washi tape from my scrapbook stash to attach it...

I did the same thing with the geography pretest record...

I'm getting very excited to start our new year! :)
amelasky wrote:Love it! Have to ask, where did you find the tabs? I can so see myself enjoying them. :)
I bought the tabs from Amazon. Wendy shared the link in a previous thread. But I did see them at Staples and even in the office supply section at Fred Meyer. Amazon had the best price I found though.

Hope that helps! :)
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ECC Planning

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kw4blessings wrote:I am excitedly planning our upcoming school year and need to know what size 3 ring binders I should purchase for ECC? I know I need 2 per student, but what size? We have used 1 inch in the past (K-Adv) and it has worked fine, but I wanted to check with you moms who have been through ECC. I would hate to get halfway through the year and need fatter notebooks in order to keep it all together!
Hi Kelly! We've just completed the 5-year cycle, so I've been through all of the years except high school. You will probably want to bump up the size of the binders as your kiddos get older. Typically, in all of the years except the last one, it worked fine for me to have a 1-inch binder for history/geography, and I used a 3-inch binder for all of the other subjects.

For 1850-MOD, I just switched those around, because there were a lot of copies to make for the Story of the World vol. 4 activity book, which makes up the bulk of the student sheets. So, for that year, we used the 3 in. binder for history and the 1 in. for everything else.

When my oldest dd first started school, I would put her binder on a shelf at the end of the school year, and I would buy new binders and page protectors every year. Well, that got to be expensive and took up a lot of space to store the binders. I finally bought a comb binder. Now, at the end of each school year, I take all of the sheets out of the binders and comb bind them. Then, I just reuse the binders and page protectors.

If you are planning to buy new binders for your kids anyway, you could use one that is 1 in. and invest in another that is larger than 1 least 2 in. and maybe even 3 in., so that you'll have plenty of room for all of their papers. It might be a bit of investment now, but maybe you'll be able to use the binders over again year after year. Just one suggestion for you.
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