2nd grader - Adapting

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2nd grader - Adapting

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Vocab Cards & Advanced Work?
Guest wrote:She just turned 7. We started week 3 and doing the advanced stuff. She did fine, except lost some attention span at the end, and when doing the index cards for her vocab box her hand got tired of writing. But, she seems to be understanding fine. (I also have an 8yo.)

Should I drop doing the advanced part? I just hate to do that, seeing how much they're going to learn... or just be more choosy and not to all of it?
It's fine to skip work in ECC. You have to balance the pros and cons. What will they miss if they skip it (frustration and stress but also learning and growing)?

What you could do is have them work together as a team for the cards. On weeks where two cards are made, have one dc make a card and one make the other card. Just have one set of cards for the family instead of one per child. That's okay. OR, have one child write the words and one illustrate the card. OR, you write the definition on the card(s) and have the children illustrate it (you could choose to do one set of cards or two depending on if they both like to draw). Or, ditch the cards altogether and make a binder of geography terms and use internet pages or copies of book pages instead of hand-drawn cards. Whatever works.

When we did ECC, my dd's were 9 and 7 and the 7 yo got overwhelmed so I wrote the definitions for her cards and she drew the pictures. That's fine. She didn't retain as much as her older sister. When the two little kids go through ECC in a few years, I might have her be the "card supervisor" so that she can learn what she missed. Also, we decided to do the world geography pages "as a team" with the three of us (mom, two girls) working together on the research. That took the pressure off of them but kept them engaged and active and learning.

Whatever works!
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Re: Vocab Cards & Advanced Work?

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Hi: I am also using ECC with my 7 yo ds and 9 yo dd. I only do the advanced work with my dd. Ds doesn't do any of the global geography and only does one vocabulary word per week. We also lighten up a lot on his science pages (and sometimes on PLL too). For science, all he does is writes the name of the topic (eg. "Endangered Species") and then draws a picture of what most interested him in that day's reading of that topic. The less writing for him, the better.

The Geography game helps a lot. Studying SA, he only remembered where Brazil was located. We are now in Europe, and he knows where half of the countries are.

Dd, however, is much different. She is retaining almost everything, and does a majority of the "advanced" work.

I would say do what the children can handle and retain. I love ECC and both children are learning with it, but there are some things that must be adjusted (the beauty of this unit study) for each child. This curriculum makes that so very easy!

Have fun, and if they get too overwhelmed, don't be afraid to adjust where you feel it is necessary.
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Re: Vocab Cards & Advanced Work?

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I did ECC with my 8 and 6 yo. My 6 year old did the 3Rs on his level, book basket, simple narrations of the biographies, listened to read alouds, was exposed to the countries and states but I didn't require him to memorize them. He did some science pages and listened in on the geography books but had no assignments. He didn't do any of the packet pages.

He learned a lot that year, but most of all he enjoyed it and loves to learn. When someone asked him what was his favorite thing to do with Mom he said, "School!" !!!

I will probably have him do ECC again with his younger brothers when he is in 6th grade. He can help me teach them since he's done it before.

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Re: Vocab Cards & Advanced Work?

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I would definitely cut down on the work load for a 7yo. You can always do parts of ECC later when she is older. I think 8 is too young for the advanced work also but it is your call. For the vocab. cards you could just read the meaning and have then label the card and draw the picture. I think this would be plenty for a 7 or 8yo.
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Alternatives to pencil writing for a gentle start

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Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 6:59 pm
DS 7 doesn't do well with writing either so I just took it as far as we could go. We just made a point of knowing the info on the passport application. (9YO did fill it out with help...)

Copy work really shouldn't have started yet. The TM suggests writing practice, so we do that since they both really need that practice.

I wrote the verse on the dry erase board and we say it daily discuss it etc....When copy work begins we will split it up in small bits and I wont require copy work in the PLL at all since it's being done in bible.

We didn't do the geography pretest as not to discourage but rather looked at the map and took note of where things were, sang continent song, Hello song etc...

Anyway, all this to say "I'm right with you." Let's keep plugging away try to keep it light hearted and sweet spirited. I heard somebody say once and it really spoke to my heart. "They may not remember what you did but how it made them feel."
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7 year old

Unread post by Heidi »

rosecottage wrote:For my oldest two children, dd12 & dd10, I believe that ECC is the place to start. For my dd5, I have the go-ahead from my husband to order the K program.

For ds7, hmmm... I'm just not sure. He reads extremely well, and is a natural speller. He can sound out words of five or more syllables, words he's never even heard before, and pronounces them almost perfectly. He is now completing Rod and Staff 1st grade math, reading, and phonics, though again, he is way past a first grade level of reading. He does not know his math facts like he should. He has had little formal handwriting instruction, but has taught himself to write fairly well, albeit all caps most of the time, without consistently good spacing. Since he's been school aged, I've been so busy trying to keep the oldest two on track with their learning, he has not had a lot of my attention for academics.

So I guess my question is, do I just do ECC and K, and let my ds7 sit in on both, or do I add G1 & teach 3 levels?
Since he is a very good reader and just needs help with handwriting and composition - he is ready for ECC.

As for handwriting and composition practice - your 7 year old will be doing what is called copy work 1-2x weekly from the Geography A-Z book along with some drawing - this will improve his handwriting in a fun way. He will be doing a bit more copy work 1-2x weekly from Hero Tales and of Bible verses 1-2s weekly as well along with handwriting practice of all his 26 letters at the very beginning of ECC. He will also be doing some writing/composition/drawing for his science and geography note -book pages- as much or as little as he is able as you model it for him from one short sentence to up to however many he improves to.

Along with maybe PLL (can be done orally too) the above will easily improve his writing and composition skills and allow you the ease of doing ECC with three of your kiddos and only one with K.
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I feel that I expect too much from the 2nd grader

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JAK's mom wrote:This is our first year homeschooling. My dd-4th grader and ds-2nd grader are doing ECC. We are on week 3. The kids are distracted by being home and by their 3 yr old brother, and usually finish projects or subjects in much longer time than I anticipate. I'm feeling a bit discouraged because I know that the fault lies with me. My patience is being worked really well.
My heart goes out to you. You are handling a lot.

There are a lot of things to chat about here, such as the learning curve the first year. But this quote most speaks to me.
JAK's mom wrote:I feel that I expect too much from the 2nd grader. We are usually waiting for him to keep up or stop talking or get back in his seat etc... I have prayed and know that we are all getting used to this and we'll find a rythym sooner or later but I was wondering if anyone has gone through this and what they did to have their kids say in the end - "I love what were doing".
My son is 12 and still he often listens while rolling on a giant ball (Kelly's idea, I believe). He rarely learns without moving or discussing. Some folks are just made that way. Especially 2nd graders :o)

Here are some good archives where you might find helpful ideas:
wiggly kids http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php?t=1196
not all kids like school http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php?t=3909

Maybe it would be easier to get yourself to hold back on the 2nd grader if you read what others have done:
science http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php?t=1326
2nd graders http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php?t=1174

Best wishes as you go through this transition.
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I'm doing ECC this year (2nd time) with 7th and 4th grader and doing K with the Kindy kid (who is autistic).

*the first couple of weeks in ECC are the longest days.
*We intentionally do read alouds in the evening.
*Many fun projects or crafts are saved until after we're done with basic teaching. It's nice that way because it reviews and reinforces what we learned earlier in the morning.

*and I'm slowly learning when it is better to let the youngest interrupt for 2 minutes instead of creating a problem by making her wait.

Yesterday was a terrible morning!!!! but in week 7, it's not as heavy as week 1 or 2. So here's how my morning went yesterday to let you know that even moms who homeschool for a long time have some tough days too.
  • Kindy girl went to the basement. Ah Ha! I thought, I'll get started right now with older girls on Bible. My little autistic Kindy girl comes back up the stairs, pulling on her sister's arms "help! help! help! story time".

    Well, it meant something to her --- she needed the 9 y.o to help her find the remote to work the Veggie Tales DVD extras.

    Now, I should have just let her go downstairs for 2 minutes and help. But no...... I was duty driven homeschooling mom and by golly gum drops I was in charge. (yeah right). An hour later after everyone was in tears for an hour (But that was Bible time!!!!!!), we looked at the grid and went straight to playing Canadian activities from A Trip Around the World. We were going to do that anyway and play in the basement with floor hockey as a good enough substitute. Besides, my oldest needed to have 2 brooms to do her Apologia General Science experiment.

    Then next thing I know --- we managed to get the Bible lessons done during Floor Hockey and High Tea (the ideas from the A Trip book). Yes, we let the youngest play with us in her own way and she set up the tea party too. Middle child got to help Oldest with the science experiment and God redeemed the day in spite of my efforts to create the problem that I was trying to solve. And my 9 year old did an amazing job with her Writing Strands after having lots of fun that morning after lots of tears from Bible time and don't even talk to me about the mishap with getting dad involved in the geography game yesterday. It was a rough morning in our house. But Our Redeemer lives. and at the end of school time, we really did get a lot done by God's grace.
So -- hang in there. Sometimes you have to include those little ones in the teaching time, sometimes you let them interrupt for 2 minutes to fix the problem, and other times they have to wait. Be flexible enough to move things around on the grid and around the day too.
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Unread post by sharij »

My heart goes out to you, too! I can understand what you are going through. We brought my daughter home from public school when she was going into 3rd grade. I had just had her brother in May, so it was hectic trying to take care of a baby and adjust to hs. It was a time where I had to give everything over to the Lord moment by moment! I had to pray for a renewing of my mind so that I could be in His will for our home schooling. We weren't in public school any longer! Things had changed...

Praise God! My daughter is now in 6th grade, doing RTR and her brother is 3... we call him the wee beastie. He is in constant motion and our schooling is interrupted several times a day, but we are learning some great character traits along the way! God is good... He has grown my patience along with many other things that needed attention. And He has helped my kids to love each other unconditionally. There are days where I wonder if we will ever learn anything! Then I give it over to Him and I see the glory in our day... the gentleness that He has placed on my daughter, her willingness to show her brother what we are learning in a way that he can understand. He is also teaching me what I need to let go of... a lot of my expectations are not what He has in mind!! He says that if we call to Him, He will answer and will tell us great and hidden things that we have not known (Jeremiah 33:3). I pray that He will reveal His plan for your home and that you will have peace, knowing that God is in control of it all.

Just wanted to share my experience so that you know that you are not alone! I will be praying for you! (Isaiah 65:24 "Before they call I will answer, while they are yet speaking I will hear.)
Jeremiah 29:11
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Unread post by Julie in MN »

cbollin wrote:*the first couple of weeks in ECC are the longest days.
I remember feeling like things suddenly got easier when we got to Brazil - week 9?! It was probably my own fault because during the study of North America, I was probably trying to squeeze in a whole year of Adventures or something...
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Unread post by HSmommi2mine »

Add subjects in slowly. You don't have to do everything the first week. Do just MFW for a few days or a week and then add in math, then some spelling exc.

Also, We are doing R2R but my second grader doesn't listen to all of the reading. She can't. She is too wiggly and she wouldn't retain much. I pick the things that I think are most important or most interesting (with good pictures!) for her and then I let her have a break while I finish with my 6th grader.

Please tell me you are not sitting at the table to do read aloud, right? You are cuddled up on the couch or letting them play with legos or color or something right? Experiment a bit and see what works for your family but think out side of the ps box.

Edited To Add - I thought about our first week of homeschooling today. I realized that my suggestions may not work. On our first day of second grade (ds had been in ps first) I wanted to cuddle up and ready history on the couch. This was part of my hs fantasy you know. What is his reaction? He cried. He totally freaked out because "That's not how Mrs. N did it!". I can't say I reacted in the calm loving way I had planned either.

It was a challenging day, a challenging year really. It's still challenging but in different ways. He doesn't want to school any other way and we have hit our strive now. (despite his pre-adolescent 'tude)
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Unread post by Toni@homezcool4us »

You'll establish a new layer of authority as teacher-mom, though it helps me to remember that my kids don't have to wear masks at home. They don't feel pressured to conform as they would in school. They're not the "next duck in a row" and that comes out in the dynamics of our relationship. It's an extra challenge as such, but I simply deal with heart issues as I need to and that has lessened over time.

Are you scheduling someone to play with your 3yo while you work with another? I do this for math, reading to mom, spelling, etc. So while I work with my 9yo on spelling, 6yo might be playing with 1yo and 5yo is scheduled in book basket. I can't assign someone to my toddler for every class, but it does help to fill his day with moments of sibling play, independent time in the "pigpen" (my kids's name for the playpen), snack time in his highchair, and exploring new activities on the floor near us.

And..then..sometimes we all just endure the natural disruptions of a 1yo.
Long winded point? You're not alone in patience being tried. And when a family spends a large majority of their time together, all day every day, that is an ongoing challenge. But you WILL find what works for you in time. Hang in there. You will. The first year IS the hardest.

Oh, and if you can get your hands on a copy of MOTH (Managers of Their Homes), it might be helpful to check out the schedule examples in there. It was a big help to me as I learned how to juggle multiple students and a baby. Another homeschool friend might have it.
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Unread post by JAK's mom »

I am so glad I posted this because I feel ready to cry these days. But I am more refreshed and encouraged. The advice and support from you ladies really made my day. On one post in the archives, Crystal wrote that it depended on the child, the curriculum, and the educator. That really hit home because the curriculum is excellent, my children are precious, and that leaves me! I thank you ladies for keeping me and my family in your prayers. God uses ordinary people to do big things so I believe that He ordained this journey and He has already provided all we need. A great support system that is full of wisdom, and His grace and mercy that I receive fresh everyday.

In these last few weeks I have enjoyed knowing how much they understand certain subjects. And seeing that they are willing to participate and sometimes even get interested in something. I know that it is still very natural for them to learn. I pray that the Lord lead them to love learning in spite of me. Monday is a new start to the week and I will make sure to be pleasant to my kids and get more comfortable as we read, work, and study. I will definitely try to read my son better and listen to the Lord's leading on what I can let go. The ball idea is great. He likes to keep moving so I have to figure out how to incorporate that without letting it bother me!

God Bless You all and I appreciate all the support.
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ECC Questions: notebooks and dictation

Unread post by dhudson »

joyfultutor wrote:I've been looking over the ECC TM this week, and overall I'm pretty excited about next year. Please tell me I don't need to have my rising 2nd grader able to do dictation yet. I noticed that the Bible notes suggest that students write the memory verse from dictation. I know my 2nd grader will not be able to do this. Is this more of a suggestion for older kids?

When working on dictation with 2nd graders, I would guide them into a good summary or narration and then write the sentence on a white board and then they would copy it. When working on dictation (like in PLL), I would allow mine to see the dictation once or twice and then repeat it for them to write down.
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Re: ECC Questions: notebooks and dictation

Unread post by 4Truth »

Just dittoing the other suggestions, and adding one more thought about the dictation. You might start out the year just having her do copywork from the Bible verses, and gradually transition to dictation later in the year. You'll be surprised how much she'll mature this year. ;) My middle girl was in 2nd when we did Adventures and were just starting PLL. I dropped it for a while because I thought, "This isn't working. She can't do this." But after some months, we gave it another try and she did just fine!

I also discovered that doing language arts the Charlotte Mason way vs. workbooks really made her *think* ... she had to work harder to do CM language arts, even though the lessons are very short. That was one reason she struggled. LA was always her weakest academic point, so she was challenged when starting MFW and PLL, but it turned out to be very good for her. :)
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ECC too hard for 2nd grader?

Unread post by my3boys »

jtcarter14 wrote:We did adventures last year, so now we're doing ECC. (We started homeschooling last January.) We just started ECC last week. My 7 year old has always been very bright and has done very well in school. Adventures was a breeze for her and my 8 year old son. It's maybe not so much that ECC is hard (b/c I know it's supposed to be flexible for a range of ages), but my daughter wants to do everything her brother does (which should be ok, as far as the program goes, right?) AND she wants to do it perfectly.

Anyways, is there anything I can do differently or leave out for her? My son doesn't mind reading something and not understanding it, or doing a project that doesn't come out right. So I don't want him to miss out on anything just b/c I'm trying to shield her from failure... I guess I'm just thinking out loud. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Also, maybe you could help me make sure I'm reading the manual correctly as far as which things are for advanced . I have the Second Edition. On Week 3 under notes for Monday, it says, "Advanced---North America Pages from World Geography," where does the "advanced" part end? This has been a question for me on several of the notes so far. Thanks,
We just finished ECC a couple of months ago and I have a 7yo.

I don't know the ability or attention span of your 7yo but if I were doing ECC with mine I would stick with coloring pages, picture books (there are lots of these in the book list), meals, easy art activities, easy map activities (like find or mark the country on world map), and movies about the country - these are the things my ds was really interested in (especially the cultural food :) ). He also was much more interested than my older boy in learning about the habitats and animals from each country. I would not do any of the geography pages or writing assignments (unless I scribed for him) or expect him to do any independent work concerning ECC.
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Re: ECC too hard for 2nd grader?

Unread post by TriciaMR »

Agreeing with my3boys on this one. Sitting in and listening to Geography, Science, Bible for the 2nd grader. Any pages that need "coloring" - if he even likes it. Copying the memory verse (don't know that I would do dictation with a memory verse at this age, but definitely copying it).

Math, English, Spelling, at his level... If you are using PLL, that should have enough writing in it.

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Re: ECC too hard for 2nd grader?

Unread post by doubleportion »

Look at your TM notes for Monday of week 3 under Advanced-North America Pages from World Geography

In regards to World Geography, I have looked through the pages for each continent as we reach it and assess which pages look do-able for my dd. Many of them we have done together. Others she has done on her own with an occasional question. For example with the North America Pages- she would do pages 99, 100, 102 & 103,109, & 112 over the weeks we studied N. America. She looked at her Intermediate World Atlas and when she didn't know a certain animal on pg 109 we would talk about it or look it up on the internet together. Then she would finish filling in the page together with me. Now that we have started Europe and are into week 14, I have had her try for the first time one of the pages with longitude and latitude and locating islands. She did about half the page with my constant assistance using her atlas. I asked her after bout four islands if she wanted to stop. She said no, but by the end of the second line she had had enough.

Just remember that these are "advanced". The TM says- ". . . 3rd and 4th graders may do some of the pages with adult help. 2nd graders are not expected to do any of the pages."

Remember they are young. They will have a chance to do all of this again in the advanced form when you begin the 5 yr cycle again.

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Re: ECC too hard for 2nd grader?

Unread post by HSmommi2mine »

This sounds more like her personality than the program. I only have the old TM for ECC but the advanced assignments were always listed under the regular ones in each box. I was able to pare down ECC for a first grader who was reading well but she didn't mind skipping some of the reading and she didn't mind a little help on some projects. It's tough when our little ones are perfectionists and try to keep up with the big kids. ((()))

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Re: ECC too hard for 2nd grader?

Unread post by cbollin »

I kinda keep starting and stopping my answer. So it will be disjointed thoughts.

maybe it is worth saying out loud as a reminder to myself that I need to remember to do this more often:
pray each day for your child's school time. Pray that God will open your eyes to their needs and enable you to meet them.

When I get a little bit of the sib rivalry mixed in with school time... here are some things that have helped:

*start with the youngest child and give some fun focused time with that one while letting older one do something else for 15 minutes. That way she has some special time with me and gets a good start on the day.

*when they work at the table together on group stuff (like in ECC) -- I sit in between them and help the younger one in very gentle encouraging ways. nothing is being graded.

*I have dad get involved with oldest kid and see what they can do to help out so it is a group project.

*when one of my kids starts to say things like "oh, that's not right," or "I don't like how this turned out,"...... I learned a few years ago that if I just keep my mouth shut, the kid works it out on her own much quicker. Or I might say "what part do you need to erase? you can erase stuff if you want to because we're learning and having fun." Pretend you are a group teacher. Sometimes it is hard to balance mom vs. teacher.

My middle gal learns very differently from her older sister. So I take that into account as well. She needs more visual models to work from. So I help her. So some of it with a 2nd grader in ECC -- you get the opportunity to adjust teaching methods in the teacher.

I will pray as you continue to sort out the other issues you mentioned in the other thread with your daughter and both you work toward relationship building.

The others on the thread already mentioned that she doesn't have to do too much. Assignments marked "advanced" means which grade they are in. Focus on the fun parts of ECC with 3rd and 2nd grader. When she wants to do what big brother is doing -- help her with it, but don't give grades.

well... this morning when I started, I needed exercise and coffee.... now I need cool water and fresh autumn air.

(((Hugs))) and hang in there. Give her some special time with you in the morning that may not even have to do much with school. Or, here's a little secret of mine this year in CTG for my middle child (I get her on the couch and read the lesson to her first, then we go over it again when 8th grade sister is downstairs with us.)

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Re: ECC too hard for 2nd grader?

Unread post by RachelT »

Hi! We are doing ECC this year, too. my ds is in 3rd gr. and my dd is an advanced 1st grader who will turn 7 in Dec. She is very much like you describe your second child because she is also perfectionistic and wants to do everything that her big brother does, but she actually reads and writes more easily than he does at this moment (he is dyslexic/dysgraphic, but very bright). So, here is what we have been doing (we are in week 9):
1. All the Bible, Hero Tales, and Window on the World readings - but we are not copying the character traits from Hero Tales, we are doing other extra handwriting practice
2. They do separate phonics/reading/language arts and my younger one is doing the MFW 1st gr. phonics as a review, so she isn't doing any PLL or a spelling curriculum until next year, but we will be doing some spelling activities with her phonics lessons.
3. We use another math program.
4. They both listen to read aloud books, look at the book basket items, listen to science readings and draw in their notebooks (my younger dd is really artistic and love to draw). I summarize things from POE, but they can both listen and they enjoy the Living Things and other library topics about the habitats, animals and the countries we are studying. We also have watched some videos from the library about the various habitats.
5. They both enjoy the music, Global Art, science experiments, flying in our "airplane" and marking our passports when we travel to a new country, and any cooking we have done.
6. I copied some pages from the World Geog. book early on, but decided not to do them. It seems that we have enough on our plate and we can do those in a few years when we come back to ECC as older students. She does have the flag sticker book and looks at maps and marks the countries and habitat areas around the world and such. Since my oldest is in 3rd gr. we don't do anything labeled "Advanced" either because we can also do that when we have our second tour through ECC.

Even though my dd is bright and capable of doing a lot of ECC, what I have found more difficult for her is understanding some of the read aloud material like the YWAM biography or the POE, some of the books written for older students. So I have just tried to find more library books and videos that have a simple way of explaining the science concepts and if she doesn't get every concept this time, we will be coming back around to it later. :) Of course, in reading and writing my ds is not working as independently as other 3rd graders might be, so you may need a bit more of those activities for your older child than I have at my house right now, but he reallly understands the ideas and concepts and I can tell that is where ECC is a better fit for him.

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Finished ECC today! Two 8 year olds

Unread post by Kelly1730 »

We completed our year in ECC today:) Our official last day will be next week's field trip to the Zoo America and Chocolate World in Hershey, PA. I feel like we accomplished quite a bit this year and the boys did very well on our review of the continents and oceans. I went rather light with them since they were only 8 during this school year and we'll hit ECC again before high school. Now it's time to put together the portfolios, see the evaluator (have to do this in PA) get everything into the school district by the end of June and start summer!
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What to expect from 2nd grader doing ECC w/ older?

Unread post by jasntas »

melissamomof3girls wrote:This next summer I will be starting my oldest dd on ECC. What should I expect her younger (then 2nd grader) sister to do with it? Is Math, Spelling, & English the only things I would order separately for her? How do I tag her along with it all?
I have a 1st grader doing MFW 1st and tagging along in ECC. I play it by ear and have her do whatever I think she can handle. We do just about everything except science from 1st. She wants to be a part of it all so she tries much of the lower level stuff in ECC. I know that she will repeat this and the next 2 programs so I don't 'require' too much from her at this point. As I previously stated, I just play it by ear and give her what I think she can handle and still enjoy.

I can give you a for instance. Any copywork for ECC such as verses or character qualities I type up on the computer using a font that is similar to print and print it in a light grey. She then traces it. For her 1st grade verses she copies but that's the only one she has to copy. Oh, I even do this for the ECC vocabulary words. So everyone knows, I would not require this of her but she wants to do the copywork/tracing when her brother is doing it. It's not required of her.

In addition to math, spelling and language arts I would make sure she has her own copy of student sheets even if she doesn't use them all.

I wrote this in a hurry so I don't know how scattered my thoughts may be. Sorry if it doesn't make a lot of sense.
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Re: What to expect from 2nd grader doing ECC w/ older?

Unread post by SandKsmama »

My 2nd grader pretty much does it all *except* for the World Geography worksheet pages. She does all the notebook pages, plays (and wins!) the Geography game, listens in on all the readings, and does all the art and science activities. I think she probably could physically DO the World Geogrpahy, but I don't think she'd get enough out of it to make it worth it. :-)
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Re: What to expect from 2nd grader doing ECC w/ older?

Unread post by 1974girl »

I am doing it now with a 4th and 2nd grader. Do not underestimate those littles! Mine (like the poster's above) WINS the geography game over my 4th grader.

We don't do the Geography pages. Do order the optional Animal book for 2nd-3rd graders. My little girl will do 2 animals a day (front and back) and then tell me all about them. Now...Properties of Ecosystems is challenging if you just read it word for word to her. I have to read it ahead of time and then just teach it like a teacher. I use my dry erase markers a lot. It is ok if she doesn't learn all the layers in a forrest but she will be being exposed to it and that is what counts. Today, we learned about the 3 types of cave animals and I had never heard of any of those types. I can't remember them as I type this so I am sure they won't! But they do remember that bat poop supplies nutrients. LOL

I use a lot of other outside resources....I love Youtube. We watched real footage of Pearl Harbor today and listened to FDRs radio address since today is Dec 7th. I also love http://www.lessonpathways.com I can't recommend it highly enough. It is free, too! You can search what you are talking about that day (country, science, etc) and it will give links to cool things. It also sorts it by grade so if you are studying Mexico, you can find a cool video link to making Mexican pottery for your 2nd grader. We looked up every type of forrest and found neat things. I love the video links the most. I don't use it as a complete curriculum as they say you can...I just occasionally type in our topic in MFW and see what comes up! Book mark it!
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