Book Basket - Describe these recommendations

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Book Basket - Describe these recommendations

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Does ECC have GREAT literature recommendations
Winni wrote:My 10yo dd loves a good story. I sure hope ECC has some great book suggestions! Do they?
They do have a great list of library books in the TM that is correlated with the different units (ECC) or weeks that you are studying.

Let me say that the list is not meant to be exhaustive in anyway. They are not scheduled and therefore you can work at your own pace. You can always use other great books if you have the time or your children have the interest. I have found since coming to MFW that I do not need them really though.

I also own Honey for a Child's Heart which gives great lit. recommendations for kids. My kids do not like every reader to relate to the history we are studying so I only have them do a couple during the year. The others are more of free choice at this point. When they hit high school the reading will become more required. Anyway I hope this helps to give you a picture of MFW Literature.

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Another source that MFW has for great literature suggestions is at the end of the Teacher's manual. There is a list of general reading recommendations listed by grade level. Most of the books listed are considered classics in children's literature.

I nearly missed that listing when I first got ECC. So I want to make sure you see it. In my book it is the last several pages.

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My kids are loving the books that either MFW ECC has rec'd for the countries we are studying or ones that I've selected from the library - they like that they aren't scheduled and that they can just pick one as they so desire. I'm also thinking for my 10 yo about adding other books as we get to countries that they relate to, to have avail to her or to use as read alouds. But I don't have a schedule put together yet - I just considered it this week.
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Buy All Through the Ages by Christine Miller, this book is a wonderful resource, lists tons of books by time period AND geography! Worth the money!! RR sells it for a good price, you'll use this throughout your homeschool career!
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There are great literature suggestions in ECC. Some of our favorites include Sadako and the 1000 Paper Cranes, Ali and the Golden Eagle, Letters from Rifka and The Endless Steppe.

We also enjoyed some great nonfiction books from the library as well.

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ECC Book Basket

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Bandy wrote:I am trying to get a feel for the types of books that are in the ECC Book Basket listing.
I understand that specific titles are not top be given out, so I definitely won't ask for that :)
I'm wondering though, what kinds of books are recommended in there? Cookbook rec's, craft books, non-fiction, map books, or?
I'm just having a hard time imagining what types of additional geography books are recommended and would like to sort of get a feel for that portion of the program.
Thank you.
There are several types of books...

Books about Countries
Fables from those countries
Books about animals found in the biomes being studied
Fiction books
Some history books
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Re: ECC Book Basket

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- Books about people in other lands

- Chapter books

- Picture books

- Drawing books (drawing the ocean, drawing animals, etc.)

- Books with recipes from different countries

- Art books (art history/appreciation, art study from different eras/regions)

- Biographies and other non-fiction

- Science books about the land forms, climate, weather and creatures of different parts of the world

- Books for all ages! And VIDEOS, too. :)
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Re: ECC Book Basket

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Perfect, thank you :)
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