Art - Global Art vs. continuing I Can Do All Things from ADV

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Art - Global Art vs. continuing I Can Do All Things from ADV

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txquiltmommy wrote:I plan to use ECC next year and I'm curious about the Global Art book. (We are a little behind in I Can Do All Things and I'm trying to figure out if I should double up to finish the book this year or carry some of it over until next year.) Is Global Art scheduled out in the TM or is it self paced? Is it a study of art from different countries and cultures or a make-it-yourself craft guide? I have read that there are some great crafts in ECC and I'm wondering if this is where they come from? This is the only book in ECC that I've never heard of before, so I'm just curious to know a little more about it. Have you enjoyed it? Thanks for sharing!
The Global Art book is fun, tx! It includes craft projects that go along with the country you are studying at the time. For example, we made pinatas when we were studying Mexico, and we made motion picture flip-books for United States. One of the aspects I like best is that the teacher's manual gives you 4 or 5 choices from Global Art, so you can pick the one you think your kids would like the best. None of the choices are very difficult to do (though I did mess up the paper doll chain! haha! You can tell I have boys. ;)) and they usually don't take a lot of expensive things to make. It's certainly not an "art history" book, but it does give you a definitely "flavor" for the part of the world you are studying. My kids love it!
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I'm not very arty, and I must say that Global Art was my favorite art curriculum that we've used (although certainly not the most serious!). I think of Global Art as being more of a craft book than a true art book. Lots of fun projects, all pretty easy. My kids (some crafty, some not) had a blast with the simple but effective ideas in the book. It's one of the parts of ECC I am really looking forward to doing again as the little ones grow up.

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My kids love the Global Art book. I use it a little differently though. I let them select one-two projects that go with the area we are studying rather than my picking for them. In this way they can take ownership - there are times when I say "okay, we are going to do ______" and that's an extra to what they pick. I also use a book called Animal Habitats! that is a craft book along the same lines and it also gives info on different habitats - they select things out of it to coordinate with the Biome we are studying in ECC. I've found that with both books even my 3 yo can get in on some of the action.
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To answer your question, I think you would be fine carying ICDAT over into next year if you need to. Global Art is only scheduled once a week. It is a wonderful craft book, but does not inculde any drawing type of lessons as a curriculum type book would.
You will enjoy your year in ECC and the crafts really do make fun memories!!

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Global Art activities

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Bandy wrote:My daughter was asking me what activities are in Global Art, could someone give me an idea of some of the, pretty please? Maybe someone has a blog showing some of the projects? Thanks for any help!!!!
Bandy, my blog in the signature below has a few pics from ECC (click on the "ECC" link on the right)...

The projects vary quite widely.

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Re: Global Art activities

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If you scan thru the ECC ideas board under individual weeks, you'll find a few photos of projects from Global Art, as well as some extra ideas.

For instance, we did this project from Global Art at our house, too: ... 333#p76333
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Re: Global Art activities

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I don't have a lot of pictures... but here is one I like ... =25#p39584

good thing with global art (in my opinion) - flexible.
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Re: Global Art activities

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Thank you, ladies! Always so helpful : )
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