ECC - Wonderful missionary connections!

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ECC - Wonderful missionary connections!

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Wonderful ECC missionary visit!

We are blessed to live near a retirement missionary village and many of them go to our church, an alliance church that emphasizes missions.

Last week we had the first of the many retired missionaries over for a brunch and presentation. She spent 40 years altogether up in N. Dakota and Wyoming with the Black Feet and Sioux.

We read several books the whole week before about these tribes.

I asked for a recipe from them and we made it to eat for part of our brunch. While we ate brunch she told us stories about a few of the people she had served. Then after brunch we all sat down and she shared a painting of one of them, a box of beautiful beaded necklaces, etc. made by them that they could touch and even put on while she told more stories and answered many questions we had. I played the song on Wee Sing Around the World - can't think of the name - the one where they play follow the leader as did the Indian chidlren who sang this song.

It was wonderful for our "N. America" unit!

I am so blessed with a curriculum and church that emphasizes missions! They just printed a pamplet on all the retired missionaries in our church - now I can see who is who and where they served!

We plan do have them all over one by one over the whole year as the countries they served in are studied!
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Wow, that was wonderful. My favorite part of ECC wasn't the curriculum itself (which was fantastic) but the local flavor we were blessed with. We got to talk to a lot of people about the countries and about missions while we were studying ECC. During ECC (I know, I've shared this before, but some of you are new here) we:

1. Visited a new Christian family that had moved here from Kenya a few months earlier. We saw lots of things that they brought here and enjoyed tea from Kenya.

2. We visited a local mosque (we called first) and discussed Islam with the leader there. He took an index card and wrote down the kids' names in Arabic (and it is displayed to this day on our bulletin board). Although we were not able to witness to them, we developed an understanding and continue to pray for the Moslems here in town.

3. We visited restaurants serving Indian, Mexican, and Chinese food. Okay, this didn't have a missionary focus, but it sure did taste good.

4. We visited the founder and president of Bibles for the World, Rochunga Pudiate. He was the son of a first-generation Christian in an Indian headhunting tribe. He described sleeping in houses that were on stilts. My dc guessed that they were on stilts to keep floodwaters out (they saw similar houses in Florida) but they were to keep LIONS out. He said that they just didn't leave the house at night. Yikes. We watched the moving Beyond the Next Mountain which chronicles his life (he's also in one of the Hero Tales books, either 3 or 4). He's now in his 80s and has failing health and is not expected to live much longer.

5. We received little gifts and money samples from our neighbors that spent Christmas in Mexico.

What I did was tell EVERYONE we knew that we were studying world geography and they were so happy to help us and to link us up with their friends.

That's what makes ECC come alive!
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This is so neat! -- Kenya

Posted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 8:30 am

We studied ECC last year and worked our way slowly through it taking extra time with some countries. The last country we studied was Kenya.

Last week------Our VBS offering was for sending 30 soccer balls to missionaries we have in Tanzania.

Yesterday----- when dropping oldest dd off at camp, the camp missions offering is for a family who is going to Kenya in 3 to 4 months. The family is at the camp and they will be singing songs in Swahili and today they will be serving the kids a Kenyan meal.

How cool is that?!

(and I can log a couple hours of geography while dd is at camp LOL)

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