Comparing ECC to other MFW years?

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Comparing ECC to other MFW years?

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mom2-3 wrote:I will be doing ECC next year one of the things that I have heard is that ECC has a little bit different flavor than some of the other years. I was just wondering a few different things...

1. Is the hands portion of this study more or less?
2. Were book basket books hard to come by?? Easy to substitute if you couldn't find a title?
3. Did/Are you enjoying the read alouds as much as the other studies?
4. What don't you care for in ECC study?
5. What do you like most about ECC?
Hi there,

We did ECC a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was our first year homeschooling and it was so wonderful.

1. There were plenty of hands-on activities such as cooking and crafts. Also, ECC has a lot of potential field trips (of course, this depends where you live, but it seems many places have an Indian restaurant, a Chinese market, and perhaps several people that have moved there from other countries). The hands-on activities required materials that we typically had at home. The things we didn't have were inexpensive and easy to find at the Walmart or other similar store.

2. The book basket books were easy to come by. In all MFW programs, I've found about 75% of the books. As long as you can find some of them, you're okay. And, with the book basket, it's fine to substitute or add books you find that aren't on the list (although with the substitute books, I always liked to peek through them first before putting them in the basket).

3. We enjoyed the read alouds.

4. At the risk of sounding like I'm getting a kick back, I cannot think of anything we didn't like in ECC. Everything ran smoothly at a nice pace (not too fast, not too slow). Okay, here's something: I didn't really like numbering the countries on the game boards for the geography game. But once that's done, it's done. We've got the game in a folder for the next time we do ECC with the younger two.

5. What did I like most? Well, I like that three years later, my kids have a heart and an interest in people from other places. They care that many people in the world are lost and my kids have a real heart for missions. As we read Hero Tales and Window on the World, they began to see other countries as something beyond simply "other places." Instead, they saw other countries as places that need the gospel. Besides that, we really enjoyed the folktales and craft projects. Oh, and I really like that my kids are pretty geography-savvy even years later. When I grew up (and even when I was in college and beyond), I'd hear a country and not even know sort of where it was. My kiddos know where countries are and usually know the exact location (sort of hard with the African countries!) and often know the capital. This is years after we've studied it. The learning was fun, but it was deep and it stuck.
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1. Is the hands portion of this study more or less?
Well, it is what you make it. That doesn't really answer though, does it? We did EVERY activity, project, craft, science experiment in Adventures. I will admit that we have substituted several things in ECC (like not cooking from scratch, or buying a craft kit). That is what is working for me this year. But it tends to make it less obvious that we are doing those things for school. I have not always helped "connect the dots" between meals and country studies, or art projects either. I wish I had done so.

2. Were book basket books hard to come by?? Easy to substitute if you couldn't find a title?
We have only found one or two actual titles from each category, but we have found MANY substitutes that have worked well.

3. Did/Are you enjoying the read alouds as much as the other studies?
These are wonderful faith stretching stories. My dd enjoy them, and beg for more.

4. What don't you care for in ECC study?
My own failures when I try to shortcut things. But, then again, that has nothing to do with ECC as directed. :) The science has taken more adjusting for us than other parts. We are very much the blow the kitchen up type, and that is not a part of ECC. Not that you aren't learning and doing science, just that you aren't doing experiments at the rate we prefer.

5. What do you like most about ECC?
The missionary heart that my children are developing. That we will get the chance to do it again, deeper, and hopefully I will remember not to try shortcuts the next time through, or that if I do choose a shortcut, that I help connect the dots in the learning process.
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Comparing ECC to ADV - SOOOO EXCITED!!! BUT...Overwhelmed!

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NCJessieRN wrote:I attended NCHE the past few days and purchased ECC! That was super exciting :-) I sat down to pour over all of the info and WOW! I don't even know where to begin! Sigh. I know I need to just need to relax, breathe and know that it's ok to take my time and process everything. We have completed K, 1st, and Adventures and ECC seems like a WHOLE new level I'm not ready for. I know the Lord will prepare my heart and head but right now it seems overwhelming! Thanks for letting me share %|
(((hugs))) it's ok... Julie will find the link to Mike's suggestion for getting through the overwhelm feeling with the manual.

ECC is a step up but only because the plans include material for more grade levels. You'll still be teaching your children at their levels. You'll get to ignore "advanced" assignments. It's a different flavor in ECC than ADV. The first two weeks might seem overwhelming. So, ease into all subject over a few weeks and don't have to do full steam in math and language arts. POE (prop. of ecosystems -- the first couple of chapters are over view.... don't expect them to get everything right off.)

It'll be fun.

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Re: Comparing ECC to ADV - SOOOO EXCITED!!! BUT...Overwhelme

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Hi Jessica,
Yes, there's always *something* for me to worry about ever year :)

This is the Mike post that we like. It's Adventures, which you've already done, but it's still good to read.

I agree with Crystal about realizing that you will have lots of advanced things you can ignore. For instance, all of the 7-8th grade grid plus anything that Marie wrote "advanced" next to. If you need to, take a marker and blot them out so they don't weigh on your mind. Ugly maybe, but peace of mind is worth it.

ECC is the first year that's written for so many grades (I guess Crystal already said that, too), so it's just a change. But a blessing, too.

Enjoy your new stuff :-)
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Re: SOOOO EXCITED!!! BUT...Overwhelmed!

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Every year I get that overwhelmed feeling too. I have to remember that God is with me and will get me through it. Also what I said in that post helps too. I'm feeling blessed that it helped someone. I want to be a blessing but don't always feel I contribute much :~ May Jesus bless you and give you peace as you prepare for the task He has set before you!
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Re: SOOOO EXCITED!!! BUT...Overwhelmed!

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Yes, I remember getting that same feeling when I looked at all that ECC stuff last year. We were doing ADV and ECC seemed like so much more. Then I realized that we wouldn't be using all those books every day. That helped to take the anxiety away.

The others' advice is great. I am confident you will find ECC a big blessing as you go through it.
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Re: SOOOO EXCITED!!! BUT...Overwhelmed!

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Thanks to all of you for the words of encouragement and the link to older posts! I really appreciate everyone on the board :-)
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