Exploring World Geography - What to expect for different ages

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Re: ECC--Ordering Question

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Thank you! It's good to know there is something to give you a heads up for the unit. That will help a lot. I think I'll get 2 books so both my jr highers will have one, but will make copies for the younger two when needed. Thanks!
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Re: ECC--Ordering Question

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It's really more of a pick & choose situation. There are multiple pages for every continent, but you can choose which ones to assign. My 4th grader only does 2 or 3 sheet per continent (so sometimes only 1 sheet every other week). Older kids may do more, but it really depends on what type of homeschooler you are. *I* will probably not use it much even when we go back through with older kids because we tend to be more "read a great book" people than "fill out a worksheet" people, even though the skill they are trying to teach is research. Personally, I would just buy 1 copy.
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Re: ECC--Ordering Question

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Your 7th and 8th graders are expected to do all pages. The younger ones, you pick and choose which ones.
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