ECC - Younger siblings will learn, as well!

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ECC - Younger siblings will learn, as well!

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lyntley wrote:Remind me again that my 7YO boy will be learning something with his older sis in ECC...
Okay, this is your reminder.

Your 7 yo son will learn more than you can imagine as he sits along. He'll experience rich literature that illustrates what life is like elsewhere. He'll develop a heart for other people. He'll have a blast doing crafts, music, and art from other lands. He'll be singing the Wee sing CD ... even when it's not in the player!

He'll watch (or play too) the geography game and learn where countries, oceans, rivers, continents, and mountain ranges are.

He'll learn why camels have big feet and the layers of the rain forest.

My ds, he'sd 8 now, was 4-5 when we did ECC and he learned a lot at that age.

It's a great program. And when you homeschool, everybody learns.

Oh, and next summer when someone posts asking for a reminder, you'll be the first one to enthusiastically post.
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YES! Your 7 yo will learn! My 3 yo learned so much last year just being in and out of the room! He participated so much more than I even imagined he would and still shocks people talking about various countries and continents.
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I hope this is encouraging...I am doing ECC in the fall specifically FOR my dd7. She's bright,inquisitive, advanced and...has been totally turned off to "schoolwork." My prayer is that ECC is going to reignite the spark. It has great book selections, crafts, songs, meaningful biblical content and has a lot of geography content that will be new to her. We've never done a packaged program before so this is a real departure for us. I used to teach 7 year-olds and I think ECC would have been a phenomenal program for them; just the right amount of everything without being overwhelming. It's engaging and academic. Keep us updated once you get started and let us know how it's going.

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I haven't done ECC yet but plan to use it this fall and I am including my twins who are 6 with their sister. We won't be doing MFW1 because I have their reading down.

I expect they will play and act out what we read together. They will jockey for a place in the kitchen to cook exotic meals from different countries but I bet their favorite will be doing crafts.

Even without the academics they will learn to be together and play well together, cook, fine motor skills in doing crafts, and learning about service to other for the Lord. There is probably more but it's early for me. ;0)
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Unread post by lyntley »

Whew thank you! I needed to hear all that. Love you gals...

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2007 1:11 pm

I just lightened up my expectations and decided to have fun and teach to the child's interest and ability. duh why didn't I think of that? anyway.

We do a lot of the kiddies narrating to me and I write. I leave their writing practice to Language arts and copy work. We use a label maker too or you can print out place names for labeling maps and have them glue them in place. SOmethings I just do with 9YO and let Mr. wiggly boy play and learn by osmosis.

We are all learning a ton and having fun. We are at the end of week 6 and things are taking much less time than they did in the beginning. I think just prepare for that adjustment and you'll be fine. It is definitely doable. We are usually done by early afternoon, sometimes saving craft or major project for baby's nap time in the afternoon.
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Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2007 7:30 am

Its very doable. We did ECC last year with my 3 oldest. They were 10, 9, and 7 at the time. And I was doing MFW1 with my 5 dd. I also had a 3 and baby on board too. We had just switched from Abeka and loved MFW.

My 5 dd would sit in with us on science and some of the geography and would do the fun projects with us. She didn't always get everything but was having fun and learning some. I figured she will be doing this again when shes in like 6th grade. Also time wise it was great. Even doing two programs with little ones under foot, we could usually be done in about 4 hours. Give or take depending on the day.
I hope this helps.

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Unread post by niki »

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2007 8:40 am

What my ECC year is looking like with my 9,7 and 5 y.o.

I have MFW K and for her I'm pretty much just getting her to read and doing to worksheets, 100 chart, calendar and phonics from MFW K along with some ETC. She can really come right along with my 2 olders in ECC and pick up so much. She doesn't always have to be involved with ECC, but for what it's worth...she's learning SO MUCH about geography (and she knows the 7 continents, and can read some maps - actually loves to draw maps).

Anyway, my other two are doing great in ECC. Writing and notebooking can be adjusted to the needs of your kiddos. My kids balk (is that a word) at writing, but I make them do it anyway, I think it was kellybell who made them write 1/2 their age in the number of I have used that as our rule of thumb and it's working...and I round down. Since we'll be going through ECC again before HS, I don't do anything extra from the geography book (except the maps) and there are things they would be capable of doing, but we'll hit that again in a few years.

The time commitment really varies at our house...some days we're done by lunch other days we're finishing up in the afternoon - you will have much control over that - some of its just taking time individually with the kids in their other subjects, ECC is done as a group so it gets covered more quickly if you dont count math, reading, english, spelling, and whatever else it is we do!>!> ...just my story. HTH

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Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2007 4:45 pm

We did ECC with MFW 1st 2 years ago. My first grader sat in (although I hadn't expected him to) for most of ECC. I really think how well it works depends on adjusting expectations for the littler ones. My son loved tracing maps and occasionally colored while I read aloud. He picked up some great geography skills, but not as much of the cultural aspects. He loved our cooking days also.

Time-wise doing the 2 years took a bit of tweaking of our schedule but once we found the rhythm, our days went fairly smoothly. BTW, book basket was a huge hit for him with several of the "Count You Way Through..." books. Hope that helps!
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Unread post by Jenn in NC »

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2008 2:10 pm

We did ADV with a 3rd grader and a 1st grader, and as the ECC year approached, I had the same thoughts that you are having now -- would it be too much for my soon to be 2nd grader?

I called the office and they encouraged me to go ahead with it (and gave me some great ideas about how to make it work for our particular situation). So that is what we did, and now looking back I can honestly say it was our most fun year of homeschooling. We all had a really great time, and learned so much. I also had a K'er tagging along who learned a ton just by being with us. And my 2nd grader did just fine. By the end of our year with ECC he had grown so much in his abilities. Now we are in CTG and it is all working out great.

Of course we adjusted the expectations for the 2nd grader. He didn't do nearly as much or as in depth as my (then) 4th grader. But it turned out to be just what he needed. I learned a lot about not expecting more than he could developmentally do.

Every family is different -- but that is how it worked out here.

I wanted to add something that has helped me -- for our younger kids that are going through this cycle the first time, remember that they will do it again. Our 2nd grade ECC'ers will go through ECC again, but next time they will do it at about 7th grade. They will be able to do so much more academically, and retain so much more of what they learn, at that age. So for now, I think we are just aiming for exposure, and getting them excited about the material, and beginning to develop a heart for the lost. The little facts they don't remember are ok b/c they will see the material again.

Just some thoughts.
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Unread post by Blessed Beth »

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2008 8:50 pm

My 1st grader tags along with my 3rd grader on ECC and does great. I'm always on his team when we play the geography game and it is surprising how many countries and capitals he remembers. If I understand the rotation process, he can also learn it again 5 years from now.

Unread post by TurnOurHearts »

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2008 12:42 am

Just to second what Jenn said, for the younger ones, it really is more about exposure than retention. They will get to do it again, and much differently! I wouldn't expect your youngest to be interested in all the activities, or to retain a lot of detail. That doesn't mean they aren't "getting" anything. It just means it's an overview. There are plenty of academic years ahead of us where the facts will be of great importance. 2nd & 3rd grade doesn't necessarily have to be that time. Again, each child is different - and you know them better than anyone else. But I wouldn't stress too much about it. Just my little 2 cents. :)
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Unread post by HSmommi2mine »

Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2008 5:47 pm

Right now I have a first grader and a 5th grader doing ECC. My first grader participates when she wants to mostly and does fine with the Bible portions. I just keep them each at their own level in maths and LA and it is plenty for the 6yo.

My 6yo is bouncy and doesn't end up sitting through all of the reading but that is ok with me. She likes the maps and things, although she needs more help than an older child would. She will get ECC again when she is older so I don't worry to much about it.

Unread post by Guest »

Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2008 6:33 pm

I am in North America in ECC with my 4th and 1st grader--both boys.

I just wanted to add a couple things that I've doing for my 1st grader, that involves him in the geography. I did get him his own flag sticker book that is part of the curriculum. I also bought him his own geography workbook. It is a book in the same series as the Intermediate World Atlas that is part of the curriculum. It is called Beginner Geography & Map Activities--it is in the Schoolhouse series. They actually have a Beginner's World Atlas, that is a more simplified version of the Int. World Atlas, although I didn't purchase it. My son has loved his book and ASKS to do it. The activities are simple, and it only takes a couple of minutes to do a page, so it's not extra time for me (I like that). I can find a page to correspond with the same topic that my 4th grader is doing, so it has worked out great.

Surprising to me, my younger has also enjoyed coloring and doing the mapwork (he was always one to build legos and do puzzles rather than to sit and color). I don't expect the same from him, but if my older is doing a map, my younger wants one too. Maybe the brand new colored pencils just for him made a difference?!! :-) I also found 2 sticker activity books that we'll use as we get to each continent (found them on Amazon).

He loves being read to, so he's learning that way, too.

So far so good. Since he will have geo. again when he is older, I'm keeping it very fun for him, so he won't have "bad memories" when it's geography time again. And the younger do pick up things from being in the same room. My 4 year old can find our country on a world map. She can't name it specifically but it's the "orange one" as she says!
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Order of MFW History?

Unread post by PeeDee Mama »

booklovermom25 wrote:This [ ... =25#p68176 ] just makes me wonder, then, about how my 6 yo ds will do with ECC. I am planning to start ECC in January, but I worry about him being "left behind". I want to make sure that he is engaged at his level, and not left to "zone out" like I have seen him do before when I have them all together. Does anyone know what I mean and have any thoughts or encouragement?
My 5yo has been sitting in on ECC this year. While there are some things that are over her head (like Properties of Ecosystems), I'm finding that she's picking up a lot. She loves playing the Geography Game, and is probably better at the countries in Europe than I am.
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Re: Order of MFW History?

Unread post by cbollin »

That's one of the reasons that MFW recommends that 1st graders do a first grade program. that way when we invite younger siblings to join in the fun in ECC (or other 5 year cycle program) it is "fun" and the "gravy" of their day. If they wonder off or zone out a bit, it's ok because we've fed them stuff.

But like PeeDee Mama said, there's lots of family fun stuff in ECC.

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Re: Order of MFW History?

Unread post by jasntas »

Agreeing with Crystal. My 6 y.o. dd is not required to participate in any of ECC stuff because she already has her own 1st grade work. Anything that the youngers pick up beyond their K or 1st grade work is, as Crystal said, "gravy". Also remember that they will repeat it later when they are more ready to learn and understand it.
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Re: Order of MFW History?

Unread post by booklovermom25 »

Thanks, ladies, for your responses. That helps to know that there will be things that he will enjoy participating in.

I wish that I had started the school year with MFW first grade instead of our current program, but God knows. I don't want to switch everything up at this point for him. He's really enjoying some of the extras I've added. If I switched to MFW first grade then I would have to chuck all of that stuff (which I already have), and purchase new material.

Anyway, thanks for your input. I appreciate it. :-)

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5yo is delighted

Unread post by 4monkeyz »

We are in ECC and last night, as I put sprinkles on top of my 5yo's ice cream, she looked up at me and said "Red, blue, white, just like the Russian flag! I have pieces of the Russian flag on my ice cream!!" She was delighted. I was delighted. :) Yay!
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