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Re: World wall map dilemma

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Samantha, I like your idea of putting the map on a roller shade and I was telling my husband of your great idea.

He suggested that if you do, do that try just attaching at the top of the map so that the map has room to move and adjust as the blind is rolling up. He was saying that the map would want to shift as it was rolling and then you would have a bubbely wrinkely mess when you un-roll it.

Please let us know how this works I think it is a great idea and would want to try it for other things as well.

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Re: World wall map dilemma

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I did what Crystal mentioned. I glued mine to one of those trifold presentation boards used for displays for science fairs, etc. On one side I had to add about 6" from a big cardboard box to make it big enough. After I did this I read about someone using a cardboard sewing cutting board from a fabric store. It's bigger in size than the display board.

I actually find that we don't use it quite as much as we use a globe or our placemat sized maps. Around this time, back to school time that is, places like Target usually sell globes for around $15-$20.

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Re: World wall map dilemma

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I love the cool ideas, but from another viewpoint - we have the wall map up, a globe and the placemat, and I would say that my dd used/uses the placemat world map about 90% of the time when referring to a map. She loves her placemat!!

I'm dying to know if the roller-screen idea works, though!
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Re: World wall map dilemma

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I love the roller shade idea! We have enough wall space, but sometimes I like to put other things on the wall too (like timelines!), so that would make it where you could have the map or not.

I've used my table last year, but you do have to have a big table. Ours is big enough for two maps, so I put two on it so that everyone sitting around to eat could see the world. It worked great!

This year, since we're done with ECC, I put the map in the dining room and I have a Bible bank by it and a Kenyan woman figurine. We are putting our change in there for sending to MFW for Bibles. It makes a nice display and reminds us to pray for the countries. I'm also going to put a placement under plastic for a table centerpiece. I like maps. :-)
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Re: World wall map dilemma

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I knew I'd have a problem with the map as our home is tiny and all windows, but hardly any wall space. I had thought to put it on a table .... but the table was too small.

In the end I re-arranged our school room, and made a little nook in one area by swinging a tall bookshelf around, and voila, the back of the bookshelf formed a wall and I pinned the map onto that, at child level, just folding in the edges a teeny bit. It's probably not conventional to have a bookshelf standing the wrong way around but it has worked :-)

Oh, and I covered it with plastic, so we can use markers on it- that's been great.

Hope you can figure out something that works for you.
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