Books - Ideas for using the Illustrated World Altas

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Books - Ideas for using the Illustrated World Altas

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niki wrote:How are you using Illustrated World Altas info...?

At this point we've just been reading it and I ask a few questions or ask them to tell me a few new things they learned from our reading. The kids don't mind it, but I'm wondering: What other ideas have you been using?
We would just peruse the day's pages, and I would let the kids take turns telling me which little section they wanted me to read about next. Often if something in particular would spark an interest in them, we would go search out some more information. That was fun.

They knew they were supposed to listen and be able to tell Daddy at dinner that night about at least one interesting or new thing they learned... They really liked this a lot, sort of a show and tell for them. All eyes and ears on them for a bit at the dinner table was highly motivating for them... and dh grew up overseas so he always had something interesting to add to the discussion, which they loved.

I think I just really loved watching them be so excited to learn about other cultures and develop a heart for the world and have their horizons broadened a bit. That in itself was pretty motivational for me.

The only other thought I have is, is it the last thing of the school day, when you are pretty worn out? Or you could read it at bedtime.

Just some thoughts... :)
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We typically open the book up & start just by looking at the pictures. Once we've gotten a little interested in the scenes or the maps, my son & I take turns reading the different paragraphs.

I try to pick the ones that are longer, or I'll peruse quickly to see if there are any really big words. ;) I try to give him the short, easy paragraphs. For us, at that point in the day, that can make or break it...

Personally, I try to view the use of this book as an overview tool - you know, just a "glimpse into the life of." If you want to dive deeper, maybe there are some good videos at your library? I know my kids like ACTION! :D

Anyway, I hope this helps ~ have a great week!
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Thanks, it seemed when I let the kids pick each section I even had more of their attention. :) Also, I did find we were using it at the end of our day when I was more than ready to be done...we picked it up yesterday evening before bedtime, and they loved hovering around to listen! THANKS!

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We use it as a read aloud and dd gets to choose which sections she will read. That helps to keep her attention.
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Re: Science - Ideas for using the Illustrated World Altas

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Hmschooling wrote:DD and DS LOVE the hands-on science in ECC. But, they are not at all thrilled with the Living World Encyclopedia. They are still young and its just plain confusing to them to even look at. It's SO busy. I think it's very interesting and has great visuals, but to them, it's overkill.

Should I find a substitute science book? Is there a simpler looking book out there that would mesh nicely with the MFW plans
Hi Tamara,
I remember past discussions about making it lighter for little ones. Here is an excellent thread for you: [above]

And there are more ideas on this one -- Lori suggests looking at pictures, Lucy suggests just reading the introduction and asking what the child would like to read about...
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Given that the oldest among your kiddos is 7, I have an idea or two for Living World Encyclopedia. (although it might be repeated in the links Julie gave)

Some of the stuff is over her head because of her age, so on those kinds of pages, just pick one or two things to read such as the Bold Faced printed paragraph (usually on left handed side of the page at the very top) or something that has the appearance of a special caption. Make out loud notes of other bolded words just for the exposure to that vocabulary. and leave it at that.

Let her draw a favorite picture on the page and instead of reading the whole thing -- just talk a little bit about it while she is drawing.

Then leave the book open if they want to browse it later and put a sticky note on the days pages if they want to look at it for book basket, don't push her to have to read it in book basket.


by cbollin » Fri Aug 22, 2008 9:00 am

My kiddos like a computer game that our library has. Magic School Bus Explores the World of Animals.

There were some other Magic School Bus computer games at the library that fit the theme (explores the oceans, explores the rainforest).


Postby cbollin » Tue Sep 02, 2008 1:29 pm

I like Living World Encyclopedia.

I just pretend that I'm on one of those nature shows on Discovery Kids channel or something and read it my kids with that kind of voice.

We like that book. Short lessons, bullet points to cover, some new vocabulary along the way.

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My children were young when we did ECC. I just got library books on their level about the animals that were in the country we were studying. They loved them.

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We are going to be using a series called 'One Small Square'. We actually read them last year, but will read them again. My K child was very interested in them - they are listed for children 6-9. There is one for every habitat. There are also a few 'One Very Small Square' books for ages 4-6.

My kids also love Bill Nye and Magic School Bus, so we add those from the library whenever they fit. If you do a library search for 'desert' (or whatever) you will probably come up with a lot of picture books too.
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I agree with Lori; get age-appropriate library books! I like the book but it IS too much for the younger set.

I'm doing ECC again with my youngest. Today, we did Day 1 and we discussed environment (p. 6-7 I think), so we discussed how environment will change (day to night, season to season). We saw the picture where the anemone was opened up (high tide) and closed tightly (low tide), the other picture where the flower was open during the day and closed at night, pictures of moths, butterflies, and bats.

So, we played a game. I called out "you are an anemone at high tide" (she opened her arms and waved) and then "you are a flower at night" (she closed up tight) and then "you are a bat at daytime" and she pretended to sleep ("good job," I said, "but you should be upside down!")

She's my youngest so I'll just stick the book on her bookshelf in a few years and let her explore it on her own.

Just do what works for YOU.
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Unread post by Lucy »

I would heartily agree with the moms who are encouraging the use of lots of good library books on the 2 week topic that is being covered.

I remembered too that we used lots of videos(DVD's now) when my kids did this the first time through. This is another good option even if you have a older kids too. Here's a recent discussion of a set that may work too. I am not familiar with it but am passing it on to you from a recent discussion

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Someone also mentioned on the MFW family group that the Planet Earth DVDs are available through netflix. I plan on looking into these as well.
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I have found the Planet Earth series and plan to get it ASAP!! It's perfect! We got rid of our TV and only watch DVD's (on the computer) so movie time is a great treat for our bunch!

I'd also LOVE to find the Disney True Life Adventures DVD's for a good price. Those look like a lot of fun! (and informative and perfect fit in the themes of ECC!)

We'll of course add books as well. My kids are big readers, especially since there's no TV around ;o)
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We have a game called "CAMP" that is about mostly Northern Forests. It can be played at all age levels.
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