3rd-4th grade - Transition from Adventures to ECC

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Re: Nervous about ECC! Please help.

Unread post by RachelT »

Thanks Crystal for the encouragement! Why do I do this about my firstborn, because I am a firstborn?! Aaagh!

Annie: One of the things that came out in my ds's testing for learning disabilities was that he is also very anxious about making mistakes and would just shut down easily if he thought he was going to fail.
amelasky wrote:She will not write on her own because she's afraid to spell something wrong. She will only write using words that she knows 100%. Since she struggles in spelling, that's on a bout a 1st grade level.
We can relate to this! The last two years there were some hard parts of the curriculum that I was trying to "make" him write that were just a struggle. It wasn't until after I let go of the spelling program that wasn't working for us and found the reading/spelling program especially designed for dyslexic students (and had been using it for a little while) that I have just begun to see him start to try writing words on his own. We will still be doing copywork or copying narrations for awhile, he just cannot dictate anything, yet. I guess I am just letting you know that we are at a similar point. I like Crystal's advice:
cbollin wrote:the writing process: %| is how they can feel. So, given her age, go back a few steps and re learn those important steps through copywork. When doing a writing page, have her narrate to you. You write down her words. Let her copy it. Go through the process together. Use her strengths to get through the weaker sections.
I think we will be doing that for awhile.

Loving my perfectionistic son (and seeing that in myself!),
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I didn't think I could like a program like I did ADVs...but

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We will start week 6 - ECC today. All of us are loving it. I didn't think I could like a program like I did ADVs. But I think I like ECC better?!

The children are enjoying the Wee Sing so much. We made our pinata. Yesterday I made some Dulce de Leche...delicious. I almost could have eaten it straight! Then we made some churros and dipped them into the sauce. OH My!!! That was so good!! We will try to make some tortillas today. We usually make our own but haven't for a few months and my son has said several times that the store bought ones aren't as good. He loves to help make them. We will have our Mexican Fiesta this weekend. Looking forward to another week in Mexico!
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For those who went from Adventures to ECC...

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lisaha wrote:For those who did Adventures and went to ECC the next year, what was the difference in the two programs? How was the time management different-or time the programs difference entailed? I'm just thinking ahead and wondering what the difference was between the day set-up of ECC and Adventures and the time differences involved. Thanks!
I did ADV with my only dd last year and we are doing ECC this year. The grid is very similar, and I would say that a school day is on average 30 minutes longer for us. It could be up to an hour longer, or end up the same depending on how you schedule things. I'd suggest looking at the ECC sample online and checking out the grid for more of an idea. Does that help?
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Re: For those who went from Adventures to ECC...

Unread post by cbollin »

lisaha wrote:I was just wondering what the big differences in the days are like between ECC and Adventures...
You can look at the online samples and see the format is very similar. But it doesn't quite show how a child changes from 2nd grade to 3rd grade. I think that might be what you are asking? ECC is designed to be done in about 3-4 hours.

On that sample, ECC probably looks a lot heavier in time and all of that than ADV. It is. But remember that ECC (and other years from 5 year family cycle programs) are designed for grades 2 - 8 to use together. ADV is designed for 2nd-3rd grader and with younger siblings to enjoy in fun stuff.

So, basically, your 3rd grader in ECC will have a few minutes longer than they did in ADV because they aren't doing ALL of the ECC assignments that show on the sample grid.

Time will increase in Bible by a little. You'll not just be reading Bible assignments, but there will be a short story in Hero Tales to read for character discussions. Also, a 3rd grade will copy a character quality from that story. It's one word, and about one sentence. So, that might add about 10 minutes to read the short story and shouldn't be that long to copy one sentence. That blends from Bible into unit study based language arts.

Unit Study Language arts might go up a few minutes from ADV to ECC. I don't remember a lot of that in ADV, but basically handwriting, and copywork is what I'm talking about there.

spelling - 15 minutes a day is what you do in ADV and up. most spelling programs out there seem to run for 15 minutes

History goes to Geography from ADV to ECC: 3rd graders in ECC don't have to do all of the assignments, so it doesn't have to be a leaps and bounds for time increase.

Book basket - same amount of time.
Reading - same amount of time.
Math - same time.

Science - this will increase from ADV to ECC. But I'm not sure by how much. Not by leaps and bounds of time.

Art/Crafts -- many times in ECC, you'll enjoy stuff. So it might take longer. I know I saved craft time for the end of the day so time wasn't an issue for the kids.

Music: about the same time box there.

Read aloud: well, probably about the same amount of time for those chapter books to be read out loud. I noticed all through the 5 year cycle that amount of time to complete a chapter stayed fairly consistent in our house. Some times it was longer in a chapter, but overall, it didn't change much.

Foreign language: same amount of time for a 2nd and 3rd grader.

So, like Cyndi was suggesting -- it might be another 30 minutes in the day as our child gets a little older. Is that helping any to see some of it?
lisaha wrote:Yes, thank you!
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Not convinced ECC is the right choice for 2011

Unread post by jasntas »

abrightmom wrote:We picked up ECC and K at our homeschool convention last month. As I've been looking through the materials and the guides, all of which are quite impressive, I am pretty sure most of what is in ECC is going to fly right over the top of my boys. I think we're not ready for something as meaty as ECC. I realize there is a shift in thinking about how to use a guide and materials designed for a multi-teaching scenario. This could be part of my struggle as I am finding myself feeling frustrated with figuring out what exactly to do and not do with each kiddo. Not using much of it makes me feel a little bit like I'm wasting time or effort or even $$. I want ECC to count :-) and to impact my kids. But, I honestly think that most of science will be too tough. Window on the World looks amazing but I'm not sure my 7 year old will get most of it. My older son will likely enjoy the missionary stories but I'm not sure about my 7 year old (he may surprise me). Even the mapwork....I think we're just not ready!

Talk me down off the ledge. I'm thinking of jumping ship for this year and either returning it or shelving it for now. The booklist is amazing! I would LOVE to use ECC but I know I'll feel pretty frustrated if we only use it minimally. I don't see the point in doing that when I could put it off for awhile and see it impact my kiddos more and be better utilized for learning geography/cultures/ecosystems.

What exactly will I be doing each week with my 9 and 7 year old? Is it possible to break it down into a concise, bulleted list? I'm getting lost in the guide for some reason :~ (this is typical for me; I have to try over and over and over until it clicks.)

Another concern I have is sticking with ECC for this year means we get to CTG next year. I think the same thing could happen again, right? Where we're just not quite there.....

What do folks do if they decide they need a gap year between Adventures and ECC? I realize every family is different and that MFW's counsel is to stay the course and continue on with ECC. *Sigh and shrug*
[editor's note: see follow-up below, posted in October 2011.
I'm assuming from your post that you just completed ADV. We started with ADV and K when we started using MFW. ECC was actually a very natural step after I too got over that initial overwhelming feeling. BTDT. :~ ;)

What I did was completely leave everything out that says 'Advanced'. Those are for 5th grade and above and my ds was not even ready for that in 4th.

The science is not as bad as it looks. The experiments and hands on activities were a lot of fun. Sometimes the POE book would go over their head but I would paraphrase sometimes and, as suggested by Crystal on this board, I would ask the questions first so they would know what to be looking for and then usually just discuss the question topic as we would come to it.

Your 7 y.o. and youngers will cover ECC again at a higher level so I wouldn't worry too much about what they don't retain this time around. Just make it fun. If your 9 y.o. is in 3rd he/she will also repeat it again as well. So you really don't have to worry about 'wasting' any of the program. You will use more of it than you think, even the first time around.

I recently finished blogging about our ECC year with 1st and 4th graders. If you haven't seen it and are interested you could take a peek and see how it worked for us. The link is in my signature line below.
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Re: Not convinced ECC is the right choice for 2011

Unread post by TriciaMR »

Your 8.5 yo is 3rd grade? Then he'll repeat it in 8th grade. No worries. Your 2nd grader will repeat ECC in 7th grade.

My dd was 8 and we did ECC (1st edition), and my twin boys were 4. They only joined in on the "fun" stuff, but they loved it. They loved the flag sticker books and passports. And, if my dd found a good book in the book basket, she'd say, "Mom, this is a really good book!" and I'd read it to the boys at bed time. They loved joining in on the science experiments. Toward the end of the year they started making science pages just like their big sister. They even enjoyed listening to the read alouds ("Oh no! Is mom gonna cry again?!").

Your kids are probably going to surprise you. I'm doing EXP1850 this year. My boys will be 2nd grade. A lot of it will probably go over their heads, but they'll get it again in 7th grade, so I'm not too worried. For the science books, since I'm dealing with a 6th grader AND 2nd graders, I'll probably just read the whole thing to them, and what they get is great, and if they don't, then no biggie. I would do the science as if you are adjusting it for your 8.5 year old, and let your 7 yo tag along. Remember, they repeat 2nd and 3rd grade in 7th and 8th grade.

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Re: Not convinced ECC is the right choice for 2011

Unread post by abrightmom »

Goodness ladies, I DO forget about the cycle! Of course they do use ECC again before high school and can take full advantage of all of that meat! I found a very helpful thread addressing the POE book. It has great suggestions for modifying for younger students! Some Moms just omit that particular book if their kids are younger than 4th grade. Other Moms recommend paraphrasing (as you've suggested). Crystal had some GREAT explanations for more difficult terms.

Another struggle is simply in the guide format. There is a learning curve as I'm moving to our first multi-teaching guide. I am used to utilizing ALL of the guide (with 1st and ADV). This is very new and I didn't expect to feel so %| . As I'm sitting here pondering my "issues" I think that might be the biggest one!

I'll give it a little more time. Thank-you for your encouragements and suggestions.

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Re: Not convinced ECC is the right choice for 2011

Unread post by cbollin »

I wish we were in person, makes it so easier to point and tell. but.. I'll try a bit. and I bet some of this lathers rinses repeats ;) so with all of that in mind...... here's my "reality check"

Window on the World: during the first week, do not expect your children to understand all differences, compare/contrast on what is in major religions. Start with just the Italicized section on each of them that gives very very basic info. and maybe the top of the other page. youngest children might get too bogged down in the "lower half" of those pages.

You can start with the week saying: not everyone in the world knows about Jesus. This week we are going to learn some names of religions and just a tiny bit about it. I don't expect you to remember all of this. We can look it up as needed. But we are going to be praying for people all around the world, so it helps to know about them. I will make a simple chart for us with the facts.
specific examples:
Animism page. read the italics. Then, read the "ancestor worship" and "a creator God" on the tops of the pages. That's all.
Buddhism, again, just the top of pages, well, you could mention that their leader is Dalai Lama.
hindu: top of the pages
Islam - top pages
Judaism - hmm.. probably just top, but you might be surprised that bottom part is easier as it is familiar.
rest of the book? again, go with the "start with tops" of the pages for basics and specific prayer needs. If that is all the children do, that is awesome! the Prayer needs.

The science: wink wink nudge nudge.... don't fret on the first 3 chapters. Ok? You might be surprised that your children will get more of it than you think. No, they aren't going to get all of it. You have my notes? right? focus on the nature drawing.. experiments. let them dig in the dirt! Look in the POE book itself where it gives guides for read this with grades 3-5. Don't expect them to master the terms biome, habitat, ecosystem, biotic, abiotic, etc. the first week. You will have those words all year long. Don't be scared of giving children a little bit of tougher words to digest. Don't let the first chapters of POE upset you.

Chapter 1: if all they learn is the first paragraph and then do the backyard habitat: that's all they need at that age. Then, for the rest on climate and ecosystems are different in places around the world? Just say: not everywhere looks like your backyard. Some places are near oceans, some are tropical jungles, and some places.... frozen.
chapter 2, niche: check my longer notes.
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... che#p75220
chapter 3, food chain... they'll be fine on that.

And then you have Living World and maybe Compl. Book of Animals, and Animal Search? those aren't going to be an issue in my opinion.

next... let's go down the grid:
Bible: read together, pray, you discuss with them
Hero Tales: read the story. have them narrate. they write character trait when told. As they age in the year, have them write the definition. You can have them fill in a missing word or two. It is copywork. Adjust for their ability. That will vary so much from child to child that you'll have to do that.
Memory verse : again, if the child needs you to write some and they write some.. ok

Vocab Book: draw a picture, write a word, and a short definition. One a week is plenty for your ages. if they want to do both, let them. They can trace the picture.


Geography: the first two weeks are the top heavy weeks. It really mellows as you get past the foundation and US weeks... really it does. My best long time advice on it that I can offer: for the first two weeks of doing ECC, do not feel pressured to do a full schedule of language arts and math.
also, in Geography....If it says Advanced, skip it.
They can all help with cooking, playing geography game, and looking at pictures in atlas. Think of those boxes in Illustrated World Atlas as nothing more than the signs you read at a zoo or on a nature trail. It's just an intro with pictures.

Music and Art - they can do that.

read aloud from deluxe.... my oldest was 8 when we did them.. she was ok. My middle gal was 9 when she listened.. it was fine. Some parts will not click.. so?

I'm just not able to reach across the screen and point and say do this, don't worry on that. Take it a week/day at a time. One of the nice things about the set up with ECC, if a certain activity or kind of page is too hard in the beginning of the year - skip it and try it again in another continent. You might not be able to wrap yourself around it until you get into it and try some of it. World Geography book? do one page - pick a page, any page... well maybe not the products and resources page. Do it with your children. Show them how to cross reference to find info. Next continent do a different kind of page.

just go down the grid one step at a time.
they are your children
slow and steady... a little at a time.

the biggest impact in my family from ECC the first time? praying together at kitchen table (gasp!) and hearing some missionary stories. That was the impact. doesn't sound that earth shattering, cue the heavenly music, does it?
2nd time: we had learned more about bible translation and more sank into our hearts.

I'm confident of this. God has awesome plans for each of our families using MFW. It isn't the same plan for each family. In some families it could be as simple as praying at the kitchen table together from notes. It could be the idea of "let's do something together for others." in some families, it could be just having fun with cooking and crafts and playing a geography game. As my husband once joked about the geography game... "yeah, sure I can point to the locations of many countries. I just can't name them yet."

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Re: Not convinced ECC is the right choice for 2011

Unread post by beastgal »

We are half way thru week 3 in ECC. We loved Adventures last year and I must say the first two weeks were tough this year. It is just so different. But I feel like i am finally understanding each book and what to do with each. And how to read the grid without being overwhelmed! My ds is 8 and this is his 3rd grade year. I found myself getting frustrated at all of the info going over his head. so this week I have tried to take a more fun approach and it is going well. I am now realizing that he might not know all of the terms but if he is gaining knowledge then we are on the right track!

My advice would be to read through everything and then just jump in! Give yourself 3-4 week for the first two weeks and like Crystal said take it easy on some of the basics.

Oh and the Window on the world book is awesome! I am learning so much! I can honestly say I was not that excited to start, I was mourning Adventures being over! But I am now getting really excited and I can see my son getting excited now that we are looking at the flag book and the John 3:16 page.

Best Wishes!

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Re: Not convinced ECC is the right choice for 2011

Unread post by 1974girl »

I haven't read any of the responses since I am supposed to be leaving for church right now. But...I just did it with a 7 year old and a 10 year old. POE went over her (7 yr) head so we basically just used the Usborne book for her. (She got some of POE but not a lot of the terms) I didn't do any of the world geography book since it said for 5th grade and up. Your 7 yr old would love the passport and the stickers on the maps. That would be enough of mapping for me. We played the geography game so much (adding 10 pieces each time) that my 7 year old actually named more than my 10 yr old at the final exam! We didn't do much of the maps except for the game.

The first 2 weeks were very overwhelming and I thought "what have I done" but I read here (of course) to make it though the first 2 weeks and then it calms down! And it did. I loved Window on the World so much that I kept it.
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Re: Not convinced ECC is the right choice for 2011

Unread post by far above rubies »

I think you've already gotten some fantastic input and advice. I just wanted to share that we're doing ECC this year and my older two are 9 and 7. (My 6 year will do the K program). We did ADV last year and it was awesome. One thing I'm doing is not having my 9 year old (4th grader) do the advanced work (I think that's what it's called). I read that she could do that portion or the "older students" portion or something like that (sorry, I don't have my manual with me right now), but I'm going to keep her doing the basics and we'll go from there.
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Re: Not convinced ECC is the right choice for 2011

Unread post by donutmom »

We did ECC (1st edition) with 3rd, 1st, and 4 yr. tag-along. Window was one of their favorite times of the day. The first week with the different religions did go over their heads quite a bit, but then came the country pages. We couldn't start our day without WotW!! They'd each pick a praise and request for prayer time--even the 4 yr old (at first, she'd repeat after me, but soon was quite capable on her own.) We still get the book out and pick a country to pray for (not every day--maybe every week or two) and they still get excited to listen to it (now they're 13, 10, and 8 )!

The World Geography--I just picked and chose what pages looked appealing for oldest. I'd pick a stretching page, too, but when he got overwhelmed or frustrated, we just put it aside. For youngest I found a book called Rand Mcnally Schoolhouse Beginner Geography and Map Activities--it was for 6 yrs. and up. It had sections for each continent with simpler activities and work to do and color and label. He loved doing that book and I sometimes had to take it away from him, so he'd get to his other work! (There was an Intermediate level, too--I think it was for 9 yr. and up.) But they both colored the continent maps for the game and enjoyed playing that as well--in fact it was pulled out often that summer by them.

No comment on POE as that wasn't in the first edition. (Sure wish the Kingdom Tales was out then!)

I got picture books out from the library on the missionaries (from the read-aloud books) when available. We read those first and then did the read-alouds. If the picture books didn't have a picture of the person, we looked on the internet. The books gave a brief overview of the people, which seemed to give the kiddos something to hook on to as I read the long books. Having something to picture made it easier for them to follow, I think.

Give yourself some time and I think you'll find your kiddos enjoying it--and learning.

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Please help me!!!!

Unread post by BHelf »

momto2bears wrote:We did ADV with my 1st and 2nd graders last year. on the 5 yr cycle it says to use ECC with 4th graders and younger siblings and my oldest is in 3rd since he was in 2nd last year. So, we bought something else instead. Not happy with it. I am afraid it's turning my kids against reading because there is SO much of it. I will be returning it.

If ECC is for older kids in the 4th grade and we did ADV last year, where does that leave me??? Can I do ECC anyway or should I take a year off and find something else and come back next year for it??? I just don't want it to be too advanced for them
ECC is what 3rd graders are supposed to do after Adventures. It will be fine. There will be many advanced assignments labeled as such that you won't do, but you will have a great year with ECC.

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Re: Please help me!!!!

Unread post by rebeccal2002 »

We got about 12 weeks into core 3 and then I said, "ENOUGH," and returned everything except the readers and read alouds.

Then we discovered MFW. We LOVE it. Glad you came to a decision about ECC. We're still having fun with it and learning even though we have a lot of littles in the house right now. It is so doable.

Have a great school year.

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and 4 year old helping!
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Re: Please help me!!!!

Unread post by Julie in MN »

momto2bears wrote:If ECC is for older kids in the 4th grade and we did ADV last year, where does that leave me???
I just wanted to mention that I did ECC with a 3rd grader who had just come out of public school and it was a wonderful year.

The only warning I like to give is that the Adventures manual is written for 2-3rd graders, while the ECC manual is written for all the way up to 8th, so remind yourself every day that you've got a manual for all those grades and you're just teaching little ones. Instead of delving into research skills, delve into the fairy tales from around the world. Instead of spending a lot of time on writing, spend time on doing -- sing, cook, pray, and go on nature walks.

I miss those years now that my youngest is heading into 10th <sniff, sniff>

Posted Mon Feb 20, 2012 1:45 pm by Julie in MN
ECC with my 3rd grader was one of my favorites. It was good in 8th grade, too, but it was more fun in 3rd :)

Here are some experiences with 3rd graders who had fun, too:
Transition from Adventures to ECC... http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4632
We are learning a lot and will remember playing... http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 485#p58858
Love to Hear about ECC http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 303#p82264

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Re: Please help me!!!!

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

I did ECC last year with my 3rd grader, and we loved it! (She had done ADV for 2nd.) ECC is a natural progression from ADV.

Couple things I'll mention or "ditto" from what's already been said:

* the first 2 weeks in ECC can be tough for some. Lots of work. Learning map reading, etc. You might want to stretch it out for longer than 2 weeks with a younger student. You may find when you start Week 3 that it is easier and more engaging that the first 2 weeks -- but you need to set the groundwork with those map skills and world overview weeks. Bake the world cake! It is the best activity! Just my experience.

* the ECC manual is set up the same as ADV, but there are many "Advanced" assignments listed in case you have an older student. DON'T DO THE ADVANCED ASSIGNMENTS WITH A 3RD GRADER. just sayin'

* save the World Geography book for the next time through the cycle.

* If Properties of Ecosystems bores you to tears or causes you to pull out your hair, get some ideas here to tailor to a younger student -- or, just set it aside and use Living Worl and Complete Book of Animals. note: CBoA needs to purchased separately, but is VERY worth it for a 3rd grader, in my opinion.

Once you hit "cruising altitude," I think you'll find that ECC isn't really advanced compared to ADV - it's just one little step up.
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Re: Please help me!!!!

Unread post by asheslawson »

I'd go with ECC without hesitation...but I agree with everything Cyndi said...World Geography ended up on the shelf and I did have a 4th grader. It was just too much for him. Properties of Ecosystems was also a bit advanced...but you could play it down...maybe just read a little and talk about it or go ahead and get Complete Book of Animals. We did ok with PofE, but it is the one that is geared for a little older child for sure. I'd say have fun...with it. There are some really great moments and many of the science projects listed in the manual were definitely simple and fun. We had more fun with them than we ever did with PofE. Our favorite was the strong egg experiment (I can't remember what week we did it) but I put pics on my blog of them stacking books on the eggshells. This was really fun. And nature study is a great way to supplement if you take out PofE...my younger one seems to enjoy nature study more because she's not so worried about her drawing not looking perfect as my older one was.
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I think we're an MFW family!

Unread post by abrightmom »


We have been an MFW family in the past, thoroughly enjoying (loving!) 1st and Adventures. My favorite year of homeschool was using Adventures last year. I have struggled these past several months in choosing our path. We purchased ECC at convention in June and then returned it a month later. ECC was intimidating. :-) Though it looks awesome I was not convinced it was the right fit for my crew just yet. So, we started with another program which is just lovely.


it's not fitting US the way MFW always has. Separating my boys has not worked here. They want and need to learn together. I miss family Bible time and story time. We desperately miss Book Basket.

I really thought we belonged with the other program. Settled in. Decided.

Nope. We don't fit that neatly into boxes. I need more flexibility within a structure. WE need family learning here.

I just had to try, ya know?! It IS lovely and it fits ME. If I was schooling I'd want my Mom to let me close the door with all my books to myself. HOWEVER, MFW fits this precious family God has given me. It really fits. Sigh.

My husband basically told me that if we go back to MFW I need to "take the bull by the horns" :-) . He definitely thinks we're an MFW family (and he has for some time) but he's such a nice guy. He's allowing me to find a path and try what appeals to me.... He's been so kind and patient! He hasn't said, "I told you so." Hee hee.

There were many helps given to take a multi-teaching guide (my first with ECC) and make it work for my ages. I know where to find those threads. :-) I'm not in a hurry. We can even wait a few months and just hunker down with the 3 R's and start ECC in the new year.... It's tough for me to make another big purchase....

Not sure what I'm asking. Just appreciating being able to "talk" it out with other Moms (and maybe a few Dads) who understand the journey and the struggles along the way!

Blessings! ;)

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Re: I think we're an MFW family!

Unread post by momma2boys »

Hi Katrina,

ECC seemed intimidating to me at first, too. But once we actually started it, we LOVED it. Even more than Adventures. My oldest is in 6th grade and ECC has been our favorite year of school so far. Anyhow, hope that encourages you! :)
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Re: I think we're an MFW family!

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Just thought I would encourage you here, too. I am more of a grid type. None of my kids fit in those boxes either.

I am still learning how to teach multiple ages with the same materials. But, we are loving learning together and I am growing as a teacher. I am SO much more comfortable adapting MFW to fit us, because that is how it is designed. When we didn't fit in the boxes, I felt like we were behind or failing. I have hsed for many years, but junior high grades are new to me and my confidence is not so great at this level.

I haven't used ECC, so I can't commit on it specifically, but we are growing and learning with MFW and LOVING it!

Plus, I want to encourage you in this: If you dh has prayerfully considered this and prefers MFW, then go with it. God often reveals those things to our dh and we just need to have faith. They are much more practical about these things.
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Would ECC be better for 3rd/4th or 2nd/3rd?

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gratitude wrote:We will be finishing up ADV this June. I had a late start with MFW1 this year, so my young first grader will actually be finishing it in the fall. So.....

I am seriously thinking about next fall when I will have a 3rd grader (at the old end of the grade) and a 2nd grader (at the younger end). Would it be better to move onto ECC in the fall while my ds6 is finishing MFW1 OR would it be better to wait a year and have them a little older for it OR wait until he finishes MFW1? In a year they would be 4th and 3rd with my dd in 1st grade; for this coming fall dd will be doing MFWK.

My ds8 has shown a lot of interest in American History in ADV so I have thought of maybe doing some more American History and waiting a year. I have also thought of how much fun it would be to start ECC in the fall, and for the first time start a MFW program at the beginning of the school year.

What ages are best for ECC?
I'll just say it is a favorite year with my then -3rd grader.

The only food for thought is that if you do it in 2nd/3rd, then you can really focus on just the fun stuff (and the meaningful stuff) because they will likely both do it again in 7-8th. If you do it in 3rd/4th, then at most only one of them will have time for a repeat. Oh, and if you spend 2 years on American now, then don't forget there are going to be 2 years on American later, too.

But I'm sure either choice will be good :)
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Re: Would ECC be better for 3rd/4th or 2nd/3rd?

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Thank you Julie. This is really helpful insight of the fun (and meaningful stuff) for younger children in ECC. I have been concerned about it being too old for them, so this line is reassuring.

I also like hearing about it being a favorite year with a then 3rd grader, since I know your ds was at the older end of the grade too. If I start it in the fall my oldest will have just turned 9, and for where he is at I can see how it could be a wonderful fit for him.

I am a little concerned about ds6, who turns 7 this week. How do 2nd graders do in ECC? He is not overly sensitive...hmmm....it might be a good fit for him too when I think about it. I would still love to hear more though, especially regarding 2nd graders. Crystal, was your dd at the young or old end of 2nd grade when she did it?

Re: Would ECC be better for 3rd/4th or 2nd/3rd?

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uhm... let me think.. I have to do some math to figure that out...

ok..she has sept birthday... she was turning 8 when we started. oh.. wait a minute... (runs to upstairs closet... finds our very slim notebook from that year, back down the stairs. . clomp clomp.,, watch that last step! and my ankle)... ah.. she was not yet 8 when we started. Looks like I started the program in June.

We didn't do a ton of notebooking with her. I'm sitting here laughing at how little paperwork I have from ECC when she did it the first time. oh this is cute.... little map of our old neighborhood.. oh wow. that's right.. we started ECC at the "old" indiana house and finished ECC in the "new" house (from Indiana.. the one we last owned)...

now I remember.... we decorated the basement walls with all of those flag pictures. and a few of the crafts. it was an unfinished basement and concrete walls.... oh goodness... I remember right before we moved, John had to paint the walls this light gray.... LOL

I can remember tweaking the out loud reading with my oldest. Sometimes it was a little boring to read every.single.word. and sometimes I would summarize a paragraph and tell the story. That's just my style of read alouds like that.

I remember when she was doing ECC the first time, we jumped like kangaroos. We danced like a penguin. We tried foods. We did some crafts. We made flags. and then, God touched my heart with John Welsey's story in Hero Tales....... that was a journey for me with my finances..... little did I know... (sorry... that ends up with a God's Word for the Nations story... maybe another thread, another time....

we played with languages. we enjoyed it. It wasn't about do this worksheet. or this and that...... it wasn't about read every.single.word. in a book (and I say that in terms of 2nd edition Prop of Ecosystems even if we didn't use it until after the second time we did ECC...)

We enjoyed folks tales around the world. We baked our apple pie and toured the world. :) We learned that places don't all look like Indiana.

and of course when we moved here to the mid south.... our first question was "just what kind of grass is this in our yard?" (centipede grass apparently. but people here looked at us like we were from outer space not knowing that)

... at the end of that year, my family did some field trips. One was to a zoo that was organized by continents. The other was to a botanical garden that was organized by biomes. Isn't that awesome!

I wonder if Lucy has long ago memories from when her son was the 2nd grader younger sibling in ECC....... hold on let me do some math.... her son is 5 months older than my daughter.... so when my oldest was in first grade.. her son was 2nd grade in ECC. hmm.... I feel old today.... I can't believe his birthday is so soon.......

sorry.. .but when it comes to Julie's family and Lucy's family and my family, I feel like we've all grown up together on this forum. Lucy... can you switch hats from moderator to just lucy... :) (she's probably very busy this week with convention prep though.... sigh)

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Re: Would ECC be better for 3rd/4th or 2nd/3rd?

Unread post by gratitude »

Thank you Crystal! ((Wave!)) :-) Very helpful. I love getting a 'feel' for the program through all of your typing.

Our zoo is sectioned off by continents too. I never thought about it being helpful for ECC. :-)

Your post calmed a lot of my concerns of my younger 2nd grader by reminding me of two things:
1. What ECC can be.
2. That I can keep it very simple for my son who will be 7 1/2 at the end of October.

John Wesley really impacted me too. I first heard his story on an MFW DVD with Maria Hazel telling it. It has had me walking around for at least a year, or more, thinking about how can I live as minimally as possible, so I can Give as much as possible, so that others might live. We haven't achieved it yet; but boy does it have us thinking and working on spread sheets and thinking about giving more than we have. It had me switch my shopping to the most inexpensive grocery store too; it has cut our grocery costs in half! LOL. The Hazel's curriculum isn't just about teaching kids, is it?

Thank you ladies. I would love to hear Lucy's story of how her 2nd grader did with ECC as a younger sibling...
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Re: Would ECC be better for 3rd/4th or 2nd/3rd?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Maybe I can take you thru the sample ECC week on the website:
http://www.mfwbooks.com/downloads/pdfs/ ... manual.pdf
Here are the things you would do that week (week 9, Brazil & South America)

Day 1
a. Passport - fun!

b. Classroom Atlas p68-71:
Open up the atlas and see what you can find out in there. No pressure. As the year goes on, kids will gain knowledge about reading maps and the range of things that can be found on there.

c. Activity (in notes):
- Use your map and globe to find little things, which is fun.
- Flag sticker book, which is harder than it looks but kids usually like stickers and young ones don't have to do every page.
- Some mapping, which is (1) just adding Brazil to a world map of countries you visit and (2) making a Brazil map, and the notes say, "Younger children only need to label the oceans and a few countries."

d. Advanced pages:
SKIP THIS or if you can't get yourself to do that, then do one page together with 3rd grader, maybe spreading it over the 3 weeks in Brazil.

Day 2
a. Prepare Geography Game (I did the prep the summer before)

Day 3
a. Facts—read p13-14, A Trip Around the World; complete crossword p20
The Trip Around the World books are very appropriate for early elementary.

b. Skip the advanced part (copy several interesting facts)

Day 4
a. Play Geography Game:
Don't skip this! Have fun as a family or with dad. Some folks in the ideas board said they added M&Ms or pennies :)

Enjoy picture books, fairy tales, Count Your Way Through type books...

Day 1
a. Living World p96-97 Tropical Rain Forest:
This book mostly tells about animals in that biome.

b. Notebook: draw and color rain forests **
After you read above, the assignment is to place the rainforests on the world map in the student sheets, so you can see where they are located. My 3rd grader found it interesting to realize where the different biomes are on the planet, but some might skip, shorten, or have the parent label them as the family discusses.

Day 2
a. Properties of Ecosystems p45-47, Tropical Rainforests**
At the beginning of the manual, it explains that younger kids may just read the first paragraph, or parents may summarize. Therefore, they may not answer the questions that are printed in your ECC guide, depending on your family. Be sure to enjoy the activity in the Rainforest chapter of POE.

b. Greenhouse Experiment (see notes)
This is an extra experiment printed in the ECC manual (sample page 10) involving comparing radish seed growth in a covered cup and uncovered. Fun stuff. Makes you feel better about skipping part of POE, if you do that for the little ones.

Day 3
a. Nature Walk - Plan a zoo trip if possible:
ECC 3rd grade was the one year we really experienced this Charlotte Mason standard educational experience :)

b. Nature Notebook:
There are ideas for this in the archives, but basically just draw, and add what you enjoy -- identifying names of plants, writing about the weather and location, writing your thoughts, etc.

Day 4
a. Living World p98-99, Rain Forest Plants
This time, the pages from this book are about different plants, and as I recall you learn how there really isn't much growing on the floor of a rainforest, etc.

b. Grow a Potato Plant/Rainforest Terrarium (see notes):
Again, these are extra ideas in the ECC manual. My son did a tiny science journal, keeping track of their growth.

Days 1 & 4 - Wee Sing p19 – #9, Brown Girl in the Ring; p20 – #10, Ciranda
These are sung by native speakers, often children, so you get to hear them. You also get to sing along, rather than trying to read the music yourself. They are very traditional songs that children really would sing in those countries.

Day 2 - Global Art
Fun elementary school experience. You can trim it down to only one craft per country (2-3 weeks), if you like.

Day 3 - No music or art is scheduled on nature walk day
cbollin wrote:One was to a zoo that was organized by continents. The other was to a botanical garden that was organized by biomes. Isn't that awesome!
Okay, Crystal, I recognize that quote -- are you in the catalog this year?
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