3rd-4th grade - Transition from Adventures to ECC

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Re: Is ECC too much for a 3rd grader?

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Thanks Julie!! :-) We are finishing Adven. this year and next up is ECC. I had a few questions with my 7 yo riding along w/the 9 yo (even though 2nd graders are supposed to join in) - your information was perfect timing!! We have had so much fun the past few months I am excited to continue our MFW journey with ECC. I love how our whole family gets to experience history, science...together.
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Re: Is ECC too much for a 3rd grader?

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Thanks for all the advice. I found out that someone from my co-op is using ECC this year with her kids so I am going to be able to take a look at the curriculum before I decide. I also have a 5 year old doing K and a preschooler. It will be nice when they are old enough to combine because right now running two core programs is a lot!
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Re: Is ECC too much for a 3rd grader?

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I've heard ECC is excellent to do with K because there's a lot of overlap :)
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Re: Is ECC too much for a 3rd grader?

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My situation is a bit different. I am doing ECC w/ a 5th and 3rd grader, and also doing MFW-K w/ our 5yo dd. Our 5th grader has ADHD and he struggles with some of the extra Geography worksheets. Meanwhile our 3rd grader asks to do them, and finishes them before the 5th grader. Our 3rd grade son is an "older" 3rd grader though. He will be 9 very soon. Overall, it is going pretty well. Most days we are done by 1:30. We only stop for about 1/2 hr to 45 min for lunch. Sometimes a quick "recess" outside. Then back at it. No matter what, I need to be done by 1:30 because I am shot by then. So I assume that they probably are as well. We have some "quiet time" and if they haven't finished their work, then they finish while I make dinner, usually without too much help from me.

After reading some of the comments, I hope that I am not making ECC too hard for my 3rd grader. He is a quick learner though. He and his 5th gr brother are academically very close and maturity-wise very close. They also do the same Singapore Math.

I don't have my 3rd grader do all the writing that I expect from my 5th grader. 5th gr son is working through Writing Strands, albiet very slowly.
It has been an interesting year, not without it's challenges, but much better than having our son w/ ADHD in a school setting.

For the record, I am glad we followed the recommended course of study and did ECC this year instead of jumping into the history cycle first. ECC is very easy to tailor to the specific needs of individual children. It is a fun curriculum.
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Re: Is ECC too much for a 3rd grader?

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I am doing ECC with my 8yo (turns 9yo in March) She's in 3rd Grade, and this year we also have a first grader and fifth grader.

She sits in for Bible, Hero Tales, Living World, the Geography and lots of other stuff. What she doesn't do is properties of ecosystems, she just loses concentration with it, difficult mapwork, difficult worksheets, as she just gets frustrated and such. She does not have to learn as much of the geography as her older brother, but I know she is still learning a great deal. She does do the geography dictionary.

Most days she does not feel left out as there has been enough for her to do, before I continue with her brother and the more advanced work. On the rare day that there was not enough, we make use of the Complete Animal book sheets that we have not used yet, or I find a coloring page, for example, related to something we've studied: like this week it was Martin Luther and some related coloring. It is easy to find a craft or worksheet to match the country we are studying: last week she and her little sister made a little Madeleine after we read Madeleine.

So yes, I do not think it is too much, but I would not expect a lot from a third grader, to me a lot of the work is advanced.
Also, if the third grader was my oldest child and I had little ones, I may make a different choice ;-)

I hope that helps.
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Re: Is ECC too much for a 3rd grader?

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I know someone who is doing ECC with a second grader this year and they are loving it. She plans to do CTG next year and keep going. (He's her oldest -- the younger two are k and a toddler).

I am still debating ECC with my 4th and 7th graders for next year. I have plans to meet up with this mom tomorrow and look through her books, ask questions, etc. I like that it's open and go.
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Re: Is ECC too much for a 3rd grader?

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I have an older son who is 3rd grade and he is loving ECC. He can name every country and even spells them. (The countries became his spelling words some weeks.)

He loves the extra worksheets that he does with his brother on the facts, religions, etc. of countries.

I will be honest and say we didn't do the science so I cannot speak to that.
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Re: Is ECC too much for a 3rd grader?

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Smoakhouse wrote:So does anyone have a suggestion for a skip year? I have a immature son and I think he could use an extra year of maturity before heading into the 4 year cycle.
I'd wait until you get closer to the time, as kids do change.

But one idea is to stretch out ECC, and to spend extra time on language arts and math facts and such. If you don't find enough to fill the time, you might call the office and see if they have experience with this.
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Re: Is ECC too much for a 3rd grader?

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I agree with Julie. You could stretch out ECC and make it 1 1/2 or even a 2 year study. We added a lot that year with lapbooks and fun extras which really worked out well for my then 4th and K'er. I wished at the time that I had more time to really stretch out the fun stuff. We loved that year and I think it would be easy to do a lot of fun stuff and ignore the advanced materials. I haven't been keeping up my blog lately but I blogged a lot about ECC if you would like to take a look. My link is in my signature line. HTH
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Re: Is ECC too much for a 3rd grader?

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Here's another vote for stretching ECC -- we did that, too. There's just so much great stuff in that year. The book basket list is phenomenal, too, which makes it easy to add in more info. Plus, zoo trips are so applicable, as are any cultural centers or museums you may have near you.
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Re: Is ECC too much for a 3rd grader?

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My second grader is in ECC this year. She does nothing labeled "advanced" except she will sit in on the extra atlas readings. She's made beautiful coloring pages and cute Living World pages too. POE goes over her head some, but she can usually help answer a question or two. She has loved all the crafts and done very well with them. She does her best on the maps. I don't think it's too much for her.
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ECC for 3rd?

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kjmart1 wrote:My oldest will be 3rd grade next year. I have used MFW for K, 1st and we are currently using Adventures for 2nd. We've loved it.

I'm wondering if '3rd' is too young to start ECC or if it would be best to wait until she is 4th? We have 4 children, the next oldest being 1st grade next year, so I'd like it to be "fitting" to both. For those of you that have used ECC, what do you think? Would it be best to wait until they are 4th and 2nd? I don't want it to be too "above" them content wise. If it would be best to wait a year, I'd just piece something together for a year until we start ECC. Thanks in advance!
kw4blessings wrote:We are in the same boat. I also have four children, oldest two will be 3rd and 1st next year as well. They both have August birthdays, so they are on the younger side of their "grade levels" and I have been strongly considering waiting until the year after next to do ECC also. I know they would both get it again in the 5 year cycle, but.... I'm praying over and considering more of an unschooling/delight-directed year for next year, focusing on character and Bible (using some of Little House Prairie Primer b/c my dd is loving that series right now) and just having fun exploring outside while they are still so young. I really am looking forward to ECC and subsequent years, just wondering if waiting another year might be our best option? :)
Actually, if you start with MFW in K, then do 1st, followed by ADV, then really, ECC is next in the natural progression. Of all the years in the 5-year cycle, I think that ECC is the easiest to adapt for younger kids. When we did ECC, my oldest was in 4th and my middle dd was in K. My K'er was able to join us for many things in ECC, such as praying for the people groups around the world, coloring the John 3:16 country sheet, doing the art projects in Global Art, etc. ECC is such a fun year, "traveling" to different countries, stamping the passport, singing songs and doing art projects from different countries, learning about geography and ecosystems in science, praying for the people groups of the world. I think that ECC is very well-suited to a 3rd grader and younger siblings.

Also, just as a point of reference, we are doing Exploration to 1850 with my 7th and 3rd graders right now, and my 3rd grader is handling that year of the cycle just fine. In fact, she sits in on all of the history readings and has a great understanding of it all. We don't even fully use the 2nd-3rd grade supplement with her because she is getting everything from the main history readings. Of course, you adapt assignments based on age and abilities. My younger dd doesn't write summaries that are as long as my older dd's, for example.

Truly, I haven't yet done the final year in the 5-year cycle, but the other years have worked fine for my younger students. You can easily adapt to the age of your student. ECC is written and designed for students ranging in age from 3rd through 8th grades. You leave out the advanced assignments for your 3rd grader and adapt the work accordingly, and it doesn't take extra effort to do so. ECC would work wonderfully for your 3rd and 1st graders next year. :-)

Kelly mentions that her dd is really into the Little House books right now, so she's had the idea of taking a year to do Prairie Primer or something like that. We actually did something similar during my oldest dd's 3rd grade year. She was really into the American Girl books at the time, and she was the only one I was actively homeschooling at that time, so it worked well for us to take a year to do the Portrait of American Girlhood unit study. I ended up pulling things together myself that year, because that unit study isn't quite as thorough and organized as MFW is. So, even though we had a fun year reading the American Girl books and doing some different things, I was glad to return to MFW for 4th grade and beyond. Having gone through ECC now, I know she could have handled it just fine as a 3rd grader.

So, whether you decide to take a year to do a different unit study or not, I just wanted to encourage you that yes, ECC would work well for a 3rd grader. :-)
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Re: ECC for 3rd?

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I brought my youngest home to school in 3rd grade specifically to do ECC with him, and it was a wonderful year. I wrote about our doing ECC in 3rd here: http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 884#p80884

I also describe doing ECC in 8th on that thread, and I was glad we had a chance to do some of ECC just before high school. However, we only got to do half of it that time, because life had put us behind over the years. So another advantage of doing ECC in 3rd is that it gives you some wiggle room if life happens over the years.

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Re: ECC for 3rd?

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Just agreeing with others.... my 3rd grader is enjoying ECC. Yes there are more advanced things I don't have her do such as the Exploring World Geography book, but that is my choice. She could do some of the pages, we just choose not to. She loves the crafts, cooking, coloring pages, bible work, passport, etc. Lots of fun stuff! I would recommend the Complete Book of Animals too. Enjoy!
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Re: ECC for 3rd?

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I will have a 3rd and 1st next year along with a 3 almost 4 year old and newborn. We are currently doing Adv and planning to do ECC next year. I already have ECC.

After looking it over this past week, I think it will be perfect for us. I have two copies of the student sheets, passport, and flag sticker book. I'm trying to decide if I should get an extra copy for my 3 yr old. I regretted not getting a set of student sheets and stickers for Adv. He wants to be a part of everything! I have found it is easier if I include him whenever possible.
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