3rd-4th Grade Plus Youngers - Getting it all done

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3rd-4th Grade Plus Youngers - Getting it all done

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Time - I find it hard to get everything done (ECC light?!!!)
jpollard wrote:Our ds (9) who will be 4th gr (sort of) is a struggling reader. Then a dd (7 - will be 2nd gr). Both of them will do ECC next year...and our ds (5) will be starting the K program.

I kind of laugh every time I see a post asking if MFW is too light b/c we always find it hard to get everything done. How do you do all of ECC without getting overwhelmed? I am really struggling with this and become so discouraged when I hear how easy it seems and how quickly most families seem to get it all done. What am I doing wrong? So many seem to ask what they can add to the program. I find myself asking what I can take away.

I know God led me to MFW (in fact our 2 oldest accepted Christ as a direct result of conversations we had about MFW - praise God & David, Marie, & their family for allowing themselves to be used by Him!) So, what now - how can we put the fun back in our school day & get everything done? Blessings,
Hi Janet,
I find some people stress over the geo packets. If you don't have time, they can be skipped. ECC will still teach many things, and later years will add research skills in other ways.
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Hi Janet :)

We moved some stuff out of "school time" and it really helped. We do Bible at breakfast, read alouds mostly at bedtime, music in the van on the go or when we're folding laundry. Maybe you can take a look at your schedule & find places to shift some things around.

Also, the Hazells include a "How to Fit Everything In" section at the front of their TMs. And don't forget that the folks in the office are always there with advice/suggestions, too. Mostly, I'd just commit to praying & asking the Lord for wisdom & direction. As many times as I fail, He never does, and He's always there with those new mercies each day. HTH!
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You've already received some great answers here. But here are just some thoughts...
If you try to think of MFW as resources to help you, rather than a list of things you have to get done. You may find a lot more peace. I find that ECC has so many levels and ways to teach so many wonderful things about countries, cultures, and beyond, but really you dont need to use it all, or do it all, to learn it all. You meet you child where they are and use the resources at hand like tools to accomplish YOUR goal. Praise God that your children have received the Lord. This is the main goal right there. You are obviously doing a wonderful job.
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Thank you

Unread post by jpollard »

Thank you so much for your replies. I think I just need to accept where we are and trust God to do the rest. For us, this may mean less pencil and paper work and me trying to figure out how to add the fun stuff to the day for learning, rather than trying to fit everything in, but really learning very little in the process...why is this so easy to say & so hard to do <grin>.
Thanks again,
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We have yet to cover a week's worth of IG work in a week

Unread post by my3boys »

TammyB wrote:We are using ECC and first. My oldest, a third grader, is a young eight year old who displays some characteristics of dysgraphia. He also struggles with staying focused. I'm having a hard time managing the worksheets, maps, notebooking, and activities. We have yet to cover a week's worth of IG work in a week. We start week six tomorrow but are carrying over some assignments from last week into this week. Not a huge deal, but it does bug me a bit having to do that.

Anyway, I would appreciate prayer that the Lord would show me new ways to fit it all in and to use our time as wisely as possible. Thanks!
Hi Tammy. We're right with you doing k and ECC with 3 kids.

I'm wondering if you are doing too much with your third grader. My ds is in fourth grade and has some writing difficulties. I do everything with him and try to move him along in a timely fashion - we do mostly oral work. Other than handwriting, if there is work that has to be written he dictates to me and I write it. We only do one craft a week - one week from K and the next week from ECC. The only notebooking that we do for science is our nature notebooks - the other books we just read (and honestly you could get a picture book on deserts at your library and have that be your desert study - your kids are young for the ECC science books). We just finished Mexico - I was able to get the 'Mexico for children' DVDs at my library and that made a big difference as it engaged the younger two as well (you can get these at netflix as well). I am finding that it works best to get books with lots of pictures and simple descriptions - there is just too much noise and commotion at our house to get through wordier books without frustration. I do K with my my two younger boys when the 3yos are napping/having 'room time' and my older ds is doing book basket. For myself I realized last year how much I was expecting of my then third grader and probably because he was the oldest - I've scaled back this year and it has been a much more enjoyable year. I don't know if that helps at all. What week are you in in ECC?
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Unread post by dhudson »


On another board I heard of another way to schedule home school days that I though was pretty clever. I haven't used it myself but I think it could be very helpful and I thought you might be able to use it.

It's called the Loop schedule and basically you write down your perfect day. Not in time but in order and you make say, four loops. You set a definitive start and finish to the day then you just work through the loop. Wherever you end during the day you start at that place tomorrow. You may have leftover items on the loop which you finish on Friday. You add in everything including set time to play or work with each individual child.

So a loop for MFW could look something like this- Start at 8:30 and end at 12:30

1'Bible for all
2.Independent Work for older children (spelling, handwriting etc) and quality time with a little one
3. Language Arts with one while one is doing Foreign Lang
4. Geography - Ecc
5. Math
6. Science
7. Art
8. Foreign Lang for another child while LA with the other

So say that's a sample day and on Monday you get to #7 on Tues you start at #8 and get to #6. Wed you start at 6 and get all the way through then you start on 1 on Thursday and finish whatever's left on Fri.

The only difference I would do is probably take Bible out of the equation so that you start with Bible every day, no matter what.

There may be someone on the board you is actually doing this and can give better advice but the benefit I see is that every subject gets equal effort and time and Mom has a defined end time.

I don't know if that would help or not, You can always simplify ECC to the minimum and add the extra's when you have time.

Just a thought.
God Bless,
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Unread post by RB »

I've been SO experiencing the same thing this year, and wrote a similar post a couple of weeks ago. Two things are starting to help. First, I took an afternoon and prayed about our goals for the year as a family and for each child, and wrote some notes. Second, I asked for input from some experienced HS friends in real life (as well as on here.)

As I wrote down goals, I thought about what I would want in a geography program if I wrote it myself. Much of it is exactly ECC, but it helped me realize that it really is OK for us to drop a map assignment or simplify a craft here and there and focus on the book lists, cooking, music etc because that's what we need and want to do.

Also, I had to figure out that it is better to short change my Ker a little bit than my 3rd grader. The little one has plenty of time to make things up, so on busy days K is now being simplified and fit into 1/2 hour.

Just some things that are helping over here. Praying that the Lord will help your family find a groove soon. We are not quite in a groove yet, but on our way.

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Unread post by Toni@homezcool4us »

I just want to encourage you that you're going to experience a nice shift next year in CTG. I know what I'm about to describe doesn't represent everyone's experience with ECC, but based on what you've shared, it might be relevant to you.

We liked ECC. The missionary stories are at the top. We loved Rainbow Garden. We loved Windows on the World. My kids really enjoyed playing the geography games (for M&M's, who wouldn't?) and I loved how much geography they actually learned.

But because ECC is a big skill building year (mapping, learning to use a dictionary and atlas, early research skills, etc.), it often felt "heavy" to us. Do I wish that Marie scaled it back? No. I prefer to be challenged and I can always scale back on my own if need be. She wrote the geography year well and as older students also participate in ECC (my dd was only 8), I believe it represents a good challenge for them.

What could I have done differently to have had a less tense year in ECC?
In a nutshell, organization. I should have been more discerning in looking ahead each week and deciding where to scale down (if necessary, based on that week's school workload as well as family dynamics). I did look through each new packet and decided how many papers we would complete. I took the number of school days spent on a particular continent and compared that with the number of worksheets I wanted to complete. I could then break it down by week and assign specific worksheets to specific days. That helped quite a bit. Another thing I should have done was to look at the weekly grid and to decide if it felt "balanced" for us or not. In other words, if some days seemed to have a greater amount of work than others, I could have made some quick adjustments to balance that out according to what would have been best for our family's personal schedule of activities and appointments. I also should have been very structured about a schedule. Not every hs mom feels this need, but it is necessary and best for us.

This year I am using timers to move us through periods (you know, 1st period, 2nd, 3rd, etc...to the end of our day). My kids pack their lunch the night before so we don't have to take time making lunch (yep, homeschoolers who have to pack a lunch, lol). And a little homework is necessary (if we didn't complete the work during that subject's daily period) and good skills practice (college is all about homework, yes?)

Did I mention that CTG feels fresh, is sooo interesting and we welcomed the change of pace and focus? My kids LOVE the subject matter too. Hang in there. If ECC feels a bit overwhelming, I do think you're in for a nice shift next year.
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Unread post by Julie in MN »

Hugs to you as you are doing so much each day!

I'd like to think back on our experience with ECC in 3rd but I'm not totally sure where you're losing your time & energy. Is it the "spelling, English, math, reading" and Bible? Or is it the geography/science? It almost sounds like you are tired out before you even get to geography, and have very little time to dedicate to it?

Well, I'll just share a few thoughts that might help in general:

* Remember they will repeat the year before high school.
* Remember they will continue to build on these skills through all the other 4 years in MFW.
* Remember that with your oldest, you will have more trouble scaling back than I did with my YOUNGEST child!
* Carry over weeks for now. There are several extra weeks in ECC, and things will smooth out as the year goes on. Pray that this won't bug you :o) I just mark the date and day at the top of the "Monday" column -- which might be any day of the week at our house.
* I hope you aren't doing Writing Strands this year.
* A third grader might not need a full 30 minutes of reading each day; I just have my son read a chapter, and the chapter lengths naturally increase as he gets older.
* If your son has trouble concentrating, be sure to intersperse sedentary activities with active ones, and even make seatwork as active as possible -- done while standing or sitting on a big ball etc.

And, I can think of a few ways I cut back for my 3rd grader -- and I give you permission to do the same :o) at least until you feel you can breathe again.

* Ditch the geography packets completely, unless you find yourself with free time.
* In fact, put a black marker over everything that says "Advanced" if you need to!
* Only have the 3rd grader do minimal mapping. Some maps might be labeled but not be colored at all; others might just have a couple things labeled and colored. Some might be done together with mom.
* Only do a science page once a week.
* Read the science books in pieces -- with each child choosing one picture that looks interesting & the rest read only as time allows.
* Only do one art project in each continent, and any extra can be done during free afternoons.
* Make the cooking projects a part of your mealtime or snack.
* Switch off weeks with dictation & copywork, or choose the one you feel is most useful to your child right now.
* Make the geography game yourself, and xerox copies for the kids if you need to. You might even get a friend to send you a scan you can just print out. Making the game isn't as important as playing it, especially at this age.
* See if dad would like to play a geography game with the kids :o)

Best wishes. I admire you moms teaching many!
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Unread post by my3boys »

Toni, I love the lunch idea! My younger kids told me the other day that the reason they wanted to go to school was so they could pack a lunchbox and eat there.
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Unread post by cbollin »

tagging on a bit...

For some of the reading time for my 4th grader, she reads out loud from the science books in ECC, and some of it gets carried over from book basket time too. and it is my 9 year old who reads the Bible out loud too.

and I'm the odd ball on this part, so don't tell on me --- some her reading time she'll just read some of the information on some of those pages in the World Geography book even if she isn't yet able to do the research pages in them., but don't tell on me. (We use that book together as some snuggle time on the couch because she's only 9.) But we don't necessarily do an *extra* 30 minutes of reading time either. I look for other areas to get the reading done

Summarize the readings in Illustrated World Atlas as needed. Don't feel the need to read out loud each word on the page. And just sit back and enjoy the maps in the other book. Point out the maps in the book and summarize it a bit for them. We do that stuff naturally when we go to the shopping mall or to the Zoo and have to look at a map. When I carried over that natural, causal approach to using Intermediate World Atlas (and to some extent Illustrated World Atlas) -- it really took the pressure off of trying to teach all of that stuff.

Science notebooking -- we only do notebooking in science from the Wild Places or Living World book. One picture a few times per week. (use tracing paper if needed.) one or two words to label the picture. I copy at the top (sometimes she does it) the heading from the day's reading. Very simple. 10 minutes and we're done. She can do that while I chase or try to teach my hyper youngest. It is meant to be a summary of what we read or saw. She gets a lot of writing in other subjects, so her science notebook gets to be a bullet point presentation.

for our Nature Walk --- we just walk and play at the park once a week,or enjoy looking at our neighbor's gardens and yards while walking to church (2 blocks away). But we don't try to notebook our nature walks at all. Go to a friends house and play in their backyard. Look for all the walnuts on the ground this time of year. Pack a picnic lunch and eat outside for a few minutes. It can be a nature sit instead of nature walk.

Also, don't feel like you have to finish by noon just because the author of MFW did it that way with her family. They have a business to run and had to finish by a certain time of day. That's not my real life, so I'm ok if it takes some extra time to finish especially when I have other kids in the mix and especially my little hyper autistic kid to interrupt the day :-)

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Unread post by TammyB »

Alison, Having realistic expectations of my oldest is something that I have really made a priority this year. I just about made him go over the edge in first grade, so, unfortunately, I learned my lesson the hard way.

I've made up a schedule to include a room time for my three year old. I think he will be okay with that. He tends to wander in his room a couple of times a day to play by himself anyway. I've also made sure the beginning of the day includes a few things he can join in on and some play time with his siblings. Hopefully that will help.

As far as science goes, I am only reading Living World with my oldest. I am reading Wild Places to both. I really like that particular book and am using it for the bulk of my first grader's science lessons.

We are on week 6, studying Mexico. We are all looking forward to the fiesta at the end of the week! Where are you in ECC?
Dawn, The loop idea is very interesting! I've actually heard the concept before and like it.

I think I am primarily frustrated with myself because I feel like I have simplified ECC to its very basics, and I am still struggling to make it work. We aren't doing any of the advanced assignments or attempting to notebook every science reading.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Btw, I enjoy reading your blog. Your kids always look like they are having so much fun!
Thank you, ALL of you, so much for your encouraging words! I want to let each of you know how encouraging it is to me to have received so many thoughtful replies.

I typed up a realistic order-of-the-day type of schedule for us to attempt to follow. It looks like this:

Music (Wee Sing or Classical, alternate days)
Book Basket (I'll read a picture book aloud at this time.)

English and Spelling for Chandler (Gabrielle will play with Cameron.)
Calendar and language arts for Gab (Chandler will play with Cam.)


Science (ECC) (Cameron will play in his room.)

Math -- Chandler (instruction in textbook)
Gabrielle (# of the day while Chandler completes workbook.)


Math drill and reading with Chandler (Gab will play with Cam.)
Math with Gabrielle (Chan will play with Cam.)

Geography (Cameron will play alone.)

Craft/Activity/Art (I'll give some of the supplies to Cam as well, so he
can join in as much as possible.)

Read aloud at bedtime

So, there it is. I am using all MFW recommendations, so I want to try this schedule with that in mind and see if it actually works. My oldest isn't going to like that he has no scheduled breaks that don't include babysitting, so I'll have to work with him on that. Any glitches I'm overlooking?
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Unread post by my3boys »

We are doing four days a week, so it is our week 8 but I think week 7 in the schedule - We just finished Mexico today. I also have simplified to the very basics - it bothered me at first, but I try to keep in mind that the curriculum is written for children in grades 4-8 and my ds is on the youngest end of that. I also have to stop myself from cramming in too many facts about the countries - I am making myself be content with him having a general knowledge of where the countries are and a familiarity with them (really, that's more than I know and I'm old:)).

My schedule is also kind of spread out through the whole day - I would guess that that's the norm for those of us with preschoolers in the house. Will your 3yo watch TV or play electronic toys/computer games - that was the only thing that I could do with my youngest boy last year when he was 3. He had an hour a day with those and an hour a day of nap/room time and that allowed us to get the quiet parts of school done. He has matured a lot since his fourth birthday and things are much better for us this year - he's even learning to read now and I would never have thought we'd get that far in a year. So, I think these sorts of issues do get better as your kids get a little older (until they are teenagers I'm told:)).
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Unread post by Lucy »

Hi Tammy,
First of all a big hug to you and to say that it is going to work out and I am praying for you!

It sounds like the first grader is doing science with ECC so that is good. A thought would be to do bible with dad at night. You could start your morning with a memory verse review and praying for people group/country as well as your day.

I know this was mentioned in the above post but want to say it again. Your 3rd grader will get this again in 8th grade so you do not need to feel that you need to do any of the World Geo. pages. Advanced assignments are for 4th and up(I think you got that one though :) ). So if there is something you miss it is o.k.

One poster mentioned her goals and what she would make sure they did. I made the mistake the first time around with ECC of not making and playing the geography game consistently. If you have to leave something off DO NOT let it be the game. I know it is a lot of work to make it, but this will be so helpful in later years. Your first grader will probably enjoy playing too, if not by himself with you as his partner.

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Unread post by HSmommi2mine »

Don't bring over assignments. Do just what you can and realize that you will get back to this again. When he is in 8th grade he will do ECC again more in depth. At this point just consider it exposure. Read the fun stuff, leave out anything he seems bored with and play the games. Whatever activities you can fit in are great but don't feel completed to do anything you don't want to.

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placing my younger ones

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Aiming4Him wrote:Hi, I'm planning on doing ECC for the second time, next year, and just thinking out what to do with my younger ones. I'll have an 11th and 10th grader, my daughter will do ECC with us (she'll be in 8th), I'll have 5th, 3rd, 1st and pre-k boys. I was looking at the updates to the 1st grade stuff and thinking that some of it would be fun or beneficial for my 3rd grader. Is that a ridiculous idea? I know he'll enjoy ECC but he's not very good at writing, neither is the 1st grader. I thought some of the worksheets would be good review. He's also very hands on... I just feel like he's in between levels and not up to "3rd grade level". Has anyone had this experience? Or have any thoughts?
I did ECC the first time with a 3rd grader and it was a wonderful year for us. When he did ECC again in 8th grade, it was an "interesting" year with the country reports and other 8th grade extras, but there wasn't the time to just immerse in the fun of different cultures like we could in 3rd - my 8th grader didn't sing along with the songs, we didn't have time to take weekly nature walks, we didn't read all the fun picture books and fairy tales from around the world, and we didn't even do as much cooking from the ECC manual in 8th.

On the other hand, each child does need math and language arts at their own individual level. If your 3rd grader needs to continue to work on 1st grade language arts, then that's what he needs to do. If he's more of a 2nd grader in those areas, then he could use the 2nd grade language arts. As for the other subjects (science, geography, music, etc.), if you have more than one then you might pick and choose between activities, or end up fitting in a little of both.

As for writing, I'm not sure if you meant that your 3rd and 1st graders weren't good at writing as in "composition," or whether you meant the physical act of using the pencil. There isn't a ton of writing or notebooking and such in ECC. Students copy a weekly Bible verse and character traits, letter writing is encouraged, and some geography-related notebook pages are done. My particular youngest child does not get along well with the pencil, and so I adapted to mostly get out the pencil for Bible verses only. He typed some things and we just discussed other things. A lot of the 3rd grade language arts can be done verbally, which is a great way for kids to observe and understand how written language reflects what we say.

Hope I started to answer a couple of things, and bumped you up for more replies,
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Re: placing my younger ones

Unread post by MelissaB »

That sounds like a great plan. May I share another idea? If your 3rd grader wants to join the older siblings in ECC, you could choose him to be your "Helper" in teaching the younger sibling phonics/reading. Teaching is a wonderful way to learn, too. :)
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Re: placing my younger ones

Unread post by Aiming4Him »

Thanks so much for your input. I guess I'll just have to try it all and see how he does. We can adjust as we go. I like the idea of helping to teach. I've always meant to try that and just haven't. Most of my kids seem allergic to pencils also. Is it because all but one are boys? I always feel that my kids would do better if they didn't have to write anything down!

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Re: placing my younger ones

Unread post by lea_lpz »

For your incoming 3rd grader I would use ECC as the core and then call mfw to see if they could help place him at the correct language and math grade level he is working at, and teach to that. So, if he's at 1st grade level Lang and 2nd grade math (Singapore 1a) you can teach that, or if he's at 2nd grade level language he can do that. Language and math in mfw is always done individually for each student, so even if he placed at 1st, you'd still be doing the one on one language with each child individually.

I would also read the sections of is your student ready for 1st or Adventures to get a feel for what would be expected for language to get feel for placing your child in 1st, 2nd or 3 grade level Lang. and math. However, the best bet is to talk to someone at mfw. They are extremely helpful and always very prompt in returning calls.

How old is your rising 3rd grader (next year right?). Maybe he is better off being reclassified as a 2nd grader? Some kids are really not ready to start school at 5. Has he always struggled to keep at grade level? My daughter has had a rough start, but going at a slower pace we've managed to continue with k, and will finish in June, having spent about 14 months to complete k at the pace of covering 3-4 days a week.

What did you use for math and language previously or did you use a box curriculum?

Also, just a thought, sometimes we have skewed ideas of what grade level should be. I've seen posts on other boards with moms worrying about their 4 year old not reading fluently and if they are doing enough math when the child is according to me doing more than my k'er, who I feel is at grade level. You have older children, so that is probably not the case for you, but I think talking to mfw would be helpful, because who knows, perhaps he is meeting 3rd grade entry.

I hope you have a lovely year. ECC sounds awesome. Also just thought I would throw the idea out there- since both your 1st and 3rd grader will be doing ECC as their core, if you planned to get the mfw1st deluxe, they have some great enrichment items for younger kids that complement ECC better. To name a few, the multicultural cookbook, how to draw animals, stories on cd, and an I spot animal and places books all look really great for the younger a to enjoy.

Also what are you planning to do for the preschooler? Just a suggestion but Rod and Staff has a preschool series that would go along well with both mfw 1st themes and ECC. They have workbooks with both a Bible reader and color book and the last 3 books in the series have animal / geography themes like arctic, rain forests, and North American animals / geography. They are meant for a 4-5 year old. I'm doing mfw1st next year and pre-k4.

I also highly recommend the preschool package. The index cards are great for teaching basic preschool skills using a hands on approach and the activities vary in difficulty level so you can use them two years. I am really impressed with what he's learned this year with the 15 minutes of one on one time I have spent with him. The toys are also great for developing pre-writing skills.
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Re: placing my younger ones

Unread post by lea_lpz »

ECC enrichment:
http://www.mfwbooks.com/products/26/Enr ... d-Cultures

Is your child ready for 1st?

Is your child ready for adventures (or think 2nd grade level work)
http://www.mfwbooks.com/products/8/Adve ... grade#FAQs

A link on mfw1st for 2nd grader / almost 8 year old:

Thought these links could be helpful in seeing if your child needed to be going into 1st grade language or 2nd. Nothing on the language arts page says anything about skill level to begin 2nd or 3rd grade language recommendations. For Singapore math there's a placement test.

I would definitely call mfw.
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Younger siblings and ECC

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I used Kinder A to Z when my oldest were 2nd and twins In K. We loved it and just added more in depth study and memorization for my 2nd grader. We did something else last year and it just didn't work as well as MFW. This year I have ECC for the 4th grader and twins in 2nd. Now I also have a Kinder who is advanced and a 3 year old, also very advanced. Both are almost reading. What do I do with the littles? I don't feel I can keep up with 2 separate programs, so I'm leaning towards incorporating something into ECC for them. Any recommendations? Where do I start? We like the one room schoolhouse approach so we keep everyone together as much as possible. Is this doable with ECC? Does anyone have experience with littles being involved? What did you supplement with it? Thanks!!!
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Younger siblings and ECC

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Mommy123 wrote:I used Kinder A to Z when my oldest were 2nd and twins In K. We loved it and just added more in depth study and memorization for my 2nd grader. We did something else last year and it just didn't work as well as MFW.

This year I have ECC for the 4th grader and twins in 2nd. Now I also have a Kinder who is advanced and a 3 year old, also very advanced. Both are almost reading. What do I do with the littles? I don't feel I can keep up with 2 separate programs, so I'm leaning towards incorporating something into ECC for them. We like the one room schoolhouse approach so we keep everyone together as much as possible. Is this doable with ECC? Does anyone have experience with littles being involved? What did you supplement with it? Thanks!!!
Hi there!

When I did ECC, my oldest was in 4th, my middle in kindergarten, and I had a 1-year-old. I did MFW K with my K'er so she would have her reading and math lessons at her level. We did almost all of the activities in MFW K. It isn't really adding too much into your day to do K. (As an aside, when my middle was in 1st grade, I did the 1st grade program with her, but we did not do the science in 1st. She joined her big sister in the CTG science. Like you, I like to keep them together whenever possible). In ECC, she joined us for Bible (including coloring the John 3:16 sheets and praying for people around the world), art, music, "traveling" to new countries and getting her passport stamped, and many of the other activities included in the Trip Around the World books. I can't remember what else she may have joined in on, but those are the main things. After doing her K work and joining us for some of the ECC, she would go and play. She still loved to play at that age, and play is still so important at that age. She would play on her own or with her little brother while I worked with my 4th grader on her work. ECC is a great year for younger kids to join in! There are so many fun hands-on things to do in ECC.

I would recommend just letting your younger kids join in wherever they can and wherever you think it is appropriate in ECC, do reading and math for them at their own levels, and then let them play. :-)

Enjoy ECC! It is one of my favorite years!
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