Missionary Bios - Can younger siblings handle them?

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Re: ECC and Missionary Biographies

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I would skip Gladys Aylward. There are a lot of warnings for the book. My 2 aren't sensitive, but several things had them recoiling.
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ECC & Missionary Bios

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You know, my sweet daughter has a very kind, compassionate heart. So before we started ECC, I had the same concern you do and quietly wondered how she would respond to the bad things that happened in the missionary stories.

Instead of making her question her faith in Christ - - It has made it stronger.

Reading about how real people, simple people like us, held strong in Christ when everything around them went terribly wrong has strengthened her walk with the Lord. Our dd has since read more than 30(!) of the Hero biographies.

For our family, they've been an amazing asset that strengthened our daughter's faith. (And ours. :) )

Pray about it. And if you consider reading just one of the biographies that come with ECC, please consider trying George Muller's biography. It will challenge your faith - in a great way.

You'll never be the same. :)
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Re: ECC and Missionary Biographies

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Thanks everyone! I think we'll stick with the younger ones then pick them back up later. Yes, mature themes are so hard for academically advanced kids, it is difficult to find books on her level that are appropriate for her. If they just seem too young for her, then I might try a few of the full length ones.

Her Dad was very smart too, and extremely frustrated in public school, I'm hoping we can really keep her love of learning lit under her, and keep her challenged. Thanks!
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