Combining ECC and younger child learning to read

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Re: Combining K and ECC

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I agree with Asheslawson that each family will look differently.

I also agree with Lucy that K kids are mostly working on phonics and math, which should be able to be done in 60 minutes in a homeschool setting, while the older siblings are doing independent work. Anything else the kindergartener wants to join in with older siblings will just be icing on their education, not a major focus, and ECC will probably be an appealing icing :) Most "social studies" and "science" in kindergarten amounts to learning how to board the schoolbus and having a dentist visit the classroom. ECC will allow them to enjoy experiments and plant plants and sing songs with native children of the world -- great stuff, as long as you keep in mind they are little and might want to play some days :)

I do MFW-K with my grandson just as an afterschool type thing, and I'd tell you about how precious the tie-ins with character/Bible lessons are, but it sounds like you already have something else for language arts and math for your little one? It's hard to know how long something else would take, but hopefully it will be similarly just an hour or so.
mshanson3121 wrote:Okay thank you.

So basically, at the end of the day, she would be old enough to join in and have fun, and retain some, but basically, we'd still want to cycle back so that she could truly "learn" it later on, right?

I was just trying to come up with some way that I could truly teach it to them at the same time so I wouldn't have to go back and re-teach somethings. But I guess odd's the difference, I'll be teaching different things to them at some point anyways!
Oh, you'll be "reteaching" the whole way thru their education, whether it's science or history or art or whatever. They'll just understand it at a different level each time, according to their maturity and their expanding knowledge. After all, you can get a PhD on most subjects, so there is always more to learn on them.

When you get back to ECC in 5 years, you may be ready to delve into country reports and current events. Marie has included lots of variety for different ages.

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1st grade with 1st and 3rd grade kids

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rkmouw wrote:I probably will end up doing both ECC and 1st together, but was trying to get around doing separate bible, art, music, book baskets, science and projects. I will be able to make it work, though, as I am this year with K and Adventures. I am torn b/c they do get a lot out of the separate curriculums, but I don't like having to pick and choose what to do or not to do depending on time. My oldest (2nd grade this year) was in public school for K and 1st so I never got to just do those curriculums by themselves and I hate to miss out on anything!

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Dear Katie,

You will find that although the 1st grade science has lots of fun experiments that if you have to give something up this may be a good choice. The reason is this subject is not as integrated during this year as it is in Exploring Countries and Cultures and other years. The 1st grader can join in with the experiments, library books, nature walks, and some of the daily reading for science in Exploring Countries and Cultures. We recommend adding the Complete Book of Animals which your 1st grader will also enjoy.

We also recommend going ahead and purchasing additional student sheets for your 1st grader and even your upcoming 4 year old so that they can color many of the maps, flags, and other sheets. Your 1st grader may also enjoy joining in with the geography game (not one of the activities you will want to give up) and may not learn as many countries as your 3rd grader, but will learn quite a few by the end of the year. You will also want to add the flags sticker book and passport for them.

Something else that can help with combining younger and old kids is to teach math and language arts to the younger child once you have the older one doing something independently (math workbook, English, book basket, notebook page, etc.). This will help you to be able to complete school within a shorter time period. This does not mean you have to teach all of the math or language arts at once but during times throughout the day that your older child is working independently.

Hope some of that helps as you look to meet your children's needs next year!
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What does a day look like teaching two different grades?

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aecastleberry wrote:So our boxes arrived, everything is organized, and everyone is excited. (Especially my ds who asks "When can I do my ant hill?!")

But how does it look once we start? Any tips on laying out a day with two totally different curricula going at the same time? Do I teach K to my ds one-on-one while my dd plays with the baby, and then switch them out? Do I set up everything at the school table and go back and forth between my ds (K) and dd (ECC)? Just trying to get an idea of what our day will really look like. K looks relatively simple, but ECC involves a lot more time... I need veteran tips for how to lay out our day!
It just depends on the dynamics of your family. Trial and error over a the first few months will help you decide on a schedule that works best for your family.

For my family, keeping the kids separate during skill subjects works best. One of my kids is very talkative and the other is very distractible so having them working on skill subjects is unproductive at best.

I usually start with my younger child first who is completing MFW 1. Once she is done with MFW 1 and math, we work through the CtG grid for subjects that we combine. She is then done for the day, and my older child works through the CtG grid for skill subjects and subjects that we did not combine. Any subject that my younger child works through in the CtG manual is a subject that I am willing to skip in the MFW 1 manual.

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Re: What does a day look like teaching two different grades?

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I am juggling three doing MFW right now. My oldest works fairly independently. However, there is some work she needs help with. So, she dives into doing whatever she can do without me while I help my Ker or daughter doing 1st. After their work is done or they are working on their own, I work with my oldest. All the while, I also try to keep our toddler busy. This is how it works for us most days. However, there are days I just jump from one to the other. Sometimes my Ker ends up doing some of his work last, it depends. This year, things have worked out well this way but next year I have to read even more to my second grader (with RTR) and juggle a 1st grader. I'm a bit anxious to know how I'm going to juggle it next year. I'm sure we'll eventually get a pattern going.

Oh yes ... We also do some of my oldest daughter's work at night (Writing Strands, French, Math Drills, Spelling, Art) when the two youngest are in bed. Then, she can focus more and has my undivided attention for needed subjects.
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Re: What does a day look like teaching two different grades?

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Along time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... Oh wait, wrong story :)

When we did ECC, I had twin preschoolers and a 3rd grader. What I found worked for us was to do ECC "together" stuff first (Bible, geography, science). Then my oldest had Bible copy work, science page, AWANA, math drill, and handwriting that she could do on her own. I would spend 1/2 hour to 1 hour with my twins then. After that, they had 1/2 hour of "book time" - they had to be quiet while we did math.

When I did CTG the next year, and K with my twins, we did something similar. Bible, history, & science all together. Then oldest doing "independent stuff" for about 1.5 hours or so. Then I had some activities for my boys to do more "independently" while I worked with oldest.

This year (we're in 1850MOD), we do Bible first, then I work with my 3rd graders most of the morning while my 7th grader is working on her independent stuff. Then they have independent work while I work with my 7th grader.
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Re: What does a day look like teaching two different grades?

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Every year it changes for us as kids get older and more start school. Right now we are finishing what was supposed to be ECC and K year....We ended up doing ECC and not K. My son just wasn't ready so I gave him another year :) So we are getting ready to start CtG, K and PK. I like to just have them use the MFW preschool stuff for PK but dd wants "work" so our days will go like this (i think) The little 2 will get time with mom to do work (MFW K and what ever I dig up for preK plus MFW set). While they are doing that the older 2 will start working on what they can do with out me. Then together work (Bible, history, science, etc). Younger ones have student sheets if they want to join in for together work :) Then I will help the older 2 with what ever I need to (spelling, math, etc). I think it will work good next year... we are excited to start. Now I have no idea how long that will take us...If we need to break for lunch we will work up to lunch then pick back up after. I am also going to try doing read aloud during lunch or after school is over this year.

This year (ECC) i have been working with the younger 2 last and it's just not working. So that is why they will be first next year (CTG). I also am going to try to make a start time....not sure yet what time that will be. maybe 8:30....I want them to have time to do a chore or two before school. I hope that makes sense. I am typing with a 4 year old in my lap.
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Re: What does a day look like teaching two different grades?

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Right now I do the Pre K first, then the first then everyone else. The oldest. Three do independent work while I work with the others. Then the younger ones play while I check work and do spelling tests. Then we all sit for bubble, history, ect.
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How do you teach first and ECC at the same time?

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Plgw2013 wrote:I just received our books, and we are really excited to start next week (we school year round). Reading through the teacher's manuals, I'm kind of confused as to how to do the 1st grade curriculum if my first grader is also supposed to be joining in with My fourth grader doing ECC. What does a day with a first and fourth grader look like?
We finished up ECC and 1st in May. My 1st grader sat in on the read alouds and did some of the art projects with us. Other than that, I did them completely separate.
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Re: How do you teach first and ECC at the same time?

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kanderson wrote:We finished up ECC and 1st in May. My 1st grader sat in on the read alouds and did some of the art projects with us. Other than that, I did them completely separate.
Thanks! That seems like it must take up a ton of time? I'm trying to put the two teacher's manuals together to figure out who will do what at different times and I just ant figure out how to do both without spending all day doing school.
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Re: How do you teach first and ECC at the same time?

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This is a common question and I know I've seen threads about combining the two in the archives. If I was clever and computer savvy, I would paste the links to the threads right here for you. But, unfortunately, I can only tell you that they exist and hope another mom on here will link that for you! :~

I can tell you a bit of our plans for using K and Adv together this year with my 5yo and 7yo. Here's my plan:
8:30-Adventures Bible time with all of us together
8:45-phonics/math/bible from K with my ds(5) (3yo will tag along)
9:30-Spelling, Math, LA with 7yo
10:45-Break/snack for all
11:15-Adv History/science all together
12:00-Adv Art/Music all together
1:00-Read alouds and any activity from K we might want to do

All these times are approximate, of course and just a guideline for me. If we ever follow it exactly, I'll be shocked. But, basically I plan to involve my youngers with my oldest whenever possible in Adv. We'll do all of Adv. I've carved out a time in the morning to do all of the K phonics/math/bible and we'll do the other activities in K as we have time/interest. I imagine you could do something similar with ECC and 1st. We just did 1st last year and it seems like it wouldn't take you long each day to fit in all of the phonics/math/bible from 1st with your younger while getting all of ECC done. You could add the activities or science from 1st if you have time, but I wouldn't find it necessary. (Although we had great fun with some of the 1st crafts!)

Enjoy!! :-)
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Re: How do you teach first and ECC at the same time?

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Links, I can do links!

Combining 1st & older (3 pages):
K & older (in case there are some good tips in there):
ECC & youngers:

Trish made a nice list of things the olders can be doing while you help the youngers: ... =50#p85187

It will take longer at first as you experiment to find what works, but I think MFW lends itself to getting into a pattern and allowing you to flex as needed.

One thing I always recommend is to set school hours, for teacher and student. That means:
1. No distraction from outside tasks during school for teacher, which models concentration for the kids.
2. Both teacher and students know there is an end to the day, no matter what happens, so relief is in sight.
3. Because teacher did school-related tasks during school, after school is over, teacher can focus on outside tasks, kids can have some time for creativity, and the parents will have time together and be able to model a good marriage.

Best wishes as you work out a plan!
kw4blessings wrote:Thanks, Julie! I was hoping you'd chime in. :-)
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Re: How do you teach first and ECC at the same time?

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I will be teaching the same two programs (with same age kids).
I plan to start my planning next week since we won't start until
August. I really want to have my first grader join in on some of
the basic geography and people studies as I think she will enjoy
learning alongside big sis. I'm thinking I'll either do science
separately (like do 1st grade science on Fridays or during break
times). The 2 reasons I went with MFW first grade were the Bible
Reader and Bible notebook and the practice with writing. Otherwise,
I think she could have joined us as a young 2nd grader for ECC with
her own grade level phonics. I'm interested to see what you come up
with, and I will post more as I'm able to go through the manuals. ECC &
1st don't seem to fit as well together as ECC & K, but I'm sure we can make
it work.
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Re: How do you teach first and ECC at the same time?

Unread post by gratitude »

I will be doing ECC this coming school year with a 4th & 3rd and MFW1 with a first.

I first thought I would share what I did to combine ADV & 1st & K, while also sharing my ideas for ECC/ 1st combo:

All did ADV Bible Jesus poster. Oldest listened to Bible readings. All listened to K & 1st Bible. Only first grader did Bible reader & notebook for first. I skipped Bible activities for first since they all did ADV Bible activities/ own posters. I plan to have first grader join in on some ECC Bible, like WotW and Hero Tales, but her focus will be MFW1 Bible (about 1 hour for all MFW1 phonics and Bible and maybe even math). I will do my favorite Bible activities with her from MFW1.

All did ADV science. I skipped MFW1 science. ECC science is harder so I plan to do MFW1 science on light Fridays.

Student sheets: I bought 3 sets for ADV and my dd colored them. I didn't buy them for ECC only because I didn't want it to be too much with all of her MFW1 work. I do plan on her joining in on the geography game and cooking and talking about other cultures and missions.

MFW1 Bible, phonics, math should take 60-90 min, which leaves the rest of school time for ECC. The science is only once a week so with that on ECC light Fridays I think we should be fine. In summary my first grader will do: MFW1 Bible, phonics, math, and once a week science and a few Bible activities while joining in on the fun parts of ECC: games & cooking - she will also join in on prayers for the world and some culture / missions exposure. The focus of our year will be ECC, but I am glad MFW1 will be there too to pull in the chronological Bible time line once more. I am sure I will have my older two sit through the MFW1 Bible readings with dd6 so they can review those readings and hear them again. I tend to have us do Bible all together and do what makes sense to have all of them do from each program for Bible at that time.

I hope something I wrote helps!
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Re: How do you teach first and ECC at the same time?

Unread post by kanderson »

I also forgot to mention my 1st grader sat in on Window on the World.

At the beginning of our year I attempted to combine them but a couple weeks in and it just was not working for us :( Things went much more smoothly and less hectic when I did them separate.

On a "perfect" day (haha, yeah right!) starting 8:30ish, I had my 3rd grader hang out with my littles while I did Bible reader/ notebook/ phonics with my 1st grader which didn't take to long (maybe 30 - 45 mins). Then, I had my 3rd grader do his spelling independently, we used Rod & Staff so he was used to the routine and he is a natural reader/ speller anyway. While he was doing that I did math with my 1st grader. There usually wasn't too much interrupting as my 1st grader is naturally mathy. That's why I did those subjects in particular at the same time, not to much instruction from me and I could easily help out either if they needed it. After that, 1st grader hung out with the littles while I did ECC with my 3rd grader. We usually finished all our core subjects by lunch time. (Sometime Singapore Math ran over until after lunch- we had a really difficult time with that program and switched to R&S math which is much more suitable for our needs.) After lunch my youngest napped and the 3 oldest did science projects, art, read alouds etc.

I was very worried about how I would fit it all in but, it really wasn't too difficult to manage 1st and ECC separately even with a rambunctious 4 yo and an "in to everything" toddler ;) Good Luck!
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New to MFW - wondering about ECC

Unread post by hsm »

disneymommy wrote:I am currently in my first year homeschooling with a third grader, first grader, 5 yo, 3yo and 8 month old. I am using Sonlight and I like it, but it isn't quite working for our family this year. So I am almost certain we will be trying ECC next year. I'd order only ECC for all three kids (I'll have 4th, 2nd and K) since I like Singapore math and I'll be using that for all three, including my K. And I have other LA I'll be using for all three, including K. I have just a couple of questions.

Thanks so much for answers to any or all questions!
I am using the K program and ECC. I use K with my "older K'er" who turned 6 in October and ECC with my 8 year old and my 11 year old.
disneymommy wrote:Does anyone supplement the science? I've heard from friends that the science is "light" in the younger grades in MFW. I realize this is intentional and follows the ideas of Charlotte Mason. But I also took a look at a friend's science book for ECC and she mentioned that it was textbookish. I don't want to overwhelm myself or my kids and part of the reason I am considering MFW is because I don't have to do a lot of planning or preparing but have the lessons laid out for me.

However, there is still a part of me that wants to make sure we are doing "enough." I used Noeo this year and really liked it, so I'm temped to order a package from Noeo and do it alongside the science component of ECC, maybe leaving out parts of each or switching things up a bit. Just wondering how common this is and how it works for others. Or whether most tend to use only the ECC science for the younger grades?

And I'm wondering who I should order The Big Book of Animals for as well. Obviously for the one who will be in second. But will my advanced fourth grader enjoy it as well or would it be too easy for her? And would my kindergartener like it? He really likes animals? But if the book is just too difficult for him, it does seem like a waste.
Science. Let's start here. I don't find the science light in either of these two programs. I guess it depends on what you mean by light. The Properties of Ecosystem book has a lot of information to digest. It can be a bit much, at times, for my 3rd grader. There are experiments and activities to do. I admit, we haven't been able to do all of the projects due to the weather, but we do what we can and the kids enjoy it when we do.

I also use the Complete Book of Animals alongside the ECC science books (Living Encyclopedia/ Properties of Ecosystems). To answer your question about who to buy that book for I think it depends on the kids. My 3rd grader enjoys it and my advanced 6th grader even enjoys it ;) Of course it is way too easy for the 6th grader but she likes it anyway so I think a 4th grader would certainly learn a lot and enjoy the book. For the 5 year old, it depends on if he likes that sort of thing. I think it would be too hard for him unless you did it orally. There are pull out storybooks you could read (but you could just share a book for that). There are coloring pages and little puzzle pages like connect the dots, things like that. There are also pages devoted to different animals and science topics with comprehension type questions following. My 6 year old would not do this book.

Is the science dry? I love this whole program, but if I am being honest, it isn't my favorite part of the program. That doesn't mean I don't like it, just not my favorite. I can see how it is dry sometimes. The TM does schedule a nature walk/journaling which my kids love to do. We can't wait for Spring so we can start that again. We bought little leaf and bird guides. They each have a special drawing pad and we go to the park, a garden, or just a walk and they will draw something they find, take notes, and look it up in the guide books. We also make sure to do a notebook page from the Living World Encyclopedia readings. My girls enjoy doing those and I think it helps them to remember what we have learned.
disneymommy wrote:One reason I am leaving Sonlight is that my first grader and my 5 year old are NOT auditory learners, although my 4th grader is. My first grader is very visual and my 5 year old is kinesthetic (in fact he is being evaluated for sensory processing disorder next month). They are both boys Is MFW something that works well for mixed learning styles?
My 6 year old son and 11 year old daughter are hearing impaired, one severely; therefore, they are not auditory learners. They are very visual and kinesthetic. My middle one is primarily an auditory learner. My oldest daughter has sensory processing disorder, and my 6 year old boy was diagnosed with Sensory processing disorder, adhd-combined type (hyperactive, impulsive, and inattentive), expressive speech disorder, and he has several motor delays. MFW is working for ALL of my children. Really. It truly is. It has been a huge blessing. There are so many different types of activities that each learning style is touched. And, you can teach to your children the way they need you to. There are a lot of hands on activities and opportunities to tailor to your children's needs without a lot of extra legwork.
disneymommy wrote:MFW seems to allow a broader range of kids being taught together. Does this work well in reality? Will my older one and my younger one really be reached or will either of them be short-changed? And will it be easy to do on my part or will it require a lot of tweaking to be able to teach them all together?
Yes, I do think it works. I am only combining a 3rd grader and 6th grader right now though. My 6 year old won't sit and do ECC even as a tag along right now, but he has different needs than them. I will have him do the 1st program next year and hopefully by the following year he will be ready to join them. There is enough variety of activities that it appeals to a range of ages. You can require more from older kids and less from younger. For example, the older child maybe has to have more detail on a science notebook page than a younger child. Or, the younger child doesn't do some of the advanced assignments. I have different expectations from each child but I am able to tailor this one program to fit both of their needs.
disneymommy wrote:Also wondering about the student pages. the website recommends getting them for every child 3 and up. Do I really need them for my preschooler? She'll be turning 4 in December. I like the idea of her feeling included. But if she isn't going to be able to actually use them, I'd rather spend the $25 on something she can use.
Hmmmm, well I didn't get them for my current kindy student and I am glad I didn't. He wouldn't be able to do most of the pages. There are some flag coloring sheets and bible coloring sheets in there for each country but they are mostly worksheets to go along with science and geography. You could print flag coloring pages free online if you want. I would recommend getting your 4 year old a passport and flag sticker book though. We have a ton of fun with that. Even my son loves his passport and stickers :)

I hope I helped a little and hopefully others will chime in that have a little more experience than me.
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Re: New to MFW - wondering about ECC

Unread post by disneymommy »

Thank you so much! That is all so incredibly helpful and detailed. I am getting so excited about doing this next year that I don't really even want to finish this year! :~
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Re: New to MFW - wondering about ECC

Unread post by asheslawson »

I think hsm really answered your questions very well - and I agree with her responses.

I would add just a few things. I had a 4th grader and a kindy the year I did ECC. I bought extra student sheets, and with exception of a few - they only ones my kindy really enjoyed was the John 3:16 coloring pages from other countries. I almost wish MFW would sell a small package of just those - because she did love those - and I still have them and love them. I don't think your 3 year old would like much more than them out of the pack, and possibly your 5 yr old too.

I found Prop of Ecosystems just a bit tough for my 4th grader, but he had just come out of public school and one of my biggest concerns was that they almost were not even teaching science. Literally, he went to sciene lab every 4 days, and watched magic school bus or played a tile matching type game. Period - that's all they did. However - I still enjoyed much of it. If you aren't sure, order the package & peruse it before you decide to invest in Noeo, which I have heard is great - I just never did it. That being said - I LOVED MFW K! I am so glad I still did that year - and sometimes I even like the science for it enough to opt out of the POE lab & just do the K science project only. It just depended on how busy our week was - it was my first year to homeschool both and I was overwhelmed sometimes. We always did both projects together because they loved them. K didn't take too much of our day at all and it was a wonderful year - so I'm glad I didn't skip it - but I didn't have babies too - so I know that makes it harder.

My last thought is that I have also heard MFW is light on science in younger years - HOWEVER - my son is in 7th now and doing Apologia general. The strong emphasis on reading and learning together from MFW has instilled a DEEP love of reading and learning - and he is doing amazing on it. I homeschool another child who just came out of public school this year and he is struggling to maintain a C average in science with my son - but my son makes a 90 or above on almost every test all year. The writer of Apologia general says that a college bound student, making a C or higher, would be considered to be doing well, as it is a tough curriculum. Therefore I am very pleased with how well he is doing in this. I think MFW instills what they need in the early years so they can truly excel in middle school and high school. That is just my 2 cents!
disneymommy wrote:Thank you so much for taking time to respond. K does sound super fun and it is tempting for me to order it as well.

I will share a little more about my hesitation and maybe you can weigh in on whether you still think I should consider it? I really don't want to overwhelm myself. Teaching three kids is going to be a new challenge and I just don't want to add too much to my plate. Also, I really like what we have for math and LA and it seems those are the primary focus of the K curriculum (as they should be). I'm also wondering if the academics might be a bit light for my boy. He will be turning 6 in October and on the older end for K. He's very bright. Says things like "Sure I can clean up 10 toys - thats only 2 and 3 and 2 and 3." My oldest recently got out the Bob books for him and he started reading them by himself! So I think once I take the time to really invest in him and focus on those skills, he's progress pretty quickly. And of course, aren't we all looking to save money? So I just don't want to order an entire package I may not end up using for any of the above reasons. But I could be convinced that it is worthwhile, so if you think it still may be a good fit for our family, please let me know!

As I'm typing this, I'm wondering if my fourth child, who will be turning 4 in December, would be ready to participate in the K curriculum? If there were some way I could combine those two, I'd be more likely to make that investment. But I don't know if that's a real possibility.

Thanks again.
My daughter was also nearly 6 in K (she's a September bday), but I had done pre-K with her for 2 years & although she is very bright, I didn't want to rush her through (plus she had 4 older brothers - so she's my first girl). She was also my 1st child to homeschool (I started with her in prek with the older 4 in school) as I'd always been a working mom and I couldn't bear to send her away for prek when I was finally able to stay home. So - for me - I wanted to savor that time with the 1st child I'd ever been able to keep home. I ended up loving it so much after 2 years of prek that I did decide to pull my youngest son out & homeschool them both. Your situation may be very different - and if you already have a math & LA program that is working, then that may be what you need to keep. I can see it being overwhelming with the younger kiddos. I keep my granddaughter now, and homeschool 3 kids now (I started with my daughter, then my son before he began 4th grade, now I homeschool my friend's son, who is in 7th with my son). Just one toddler running around here can make our school day a bit chaotic so I would go with what works for your family. It sounds like you are working with your children already and if he's already reading that is great!

However, if you are tempted by it - it is possible your 4 year old might be ready for it and they could do it together too - my friend started her daughter in MFW for K and she is now in the same grade as my daughter, even though she is a full 2 years younger. She is extremely smart.

Basically, it would be very difficult for anyone else to completely determine what is the best fit for your family - I probably could have started my daughter sooner, but I just didn't want to push her through any faster as I wanted to hang on to her as long as I can! Now - I'm glad I did it just the way I did, and my friend who started her daughter at 4 is also very happy with her choice. I'm sorry, I'm probably not much help at all! But - ECC was wonderful - and if you choose to use that and let your 5 year old join in where possible, you will probably really enjoy that just as much!
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Re: New to MFW - wondering about ECC

Unread post by disneymommy »

Thanks! I'll keep thinking and praying about it. I forget how much time I still have too. It's only March. I do intend to be a bit more consistent working with my 5 year old for the rest of this school year. So I can get a better picture of where he is with reading and math. And I can order at anytime, even once the school year begins. I something stress myself out with imaginary deadlines and think I have to make decision quickly.
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2 questions about ECC and K together

Unread post by kw4blessings »

disneymommy wrote:I'm doing ECC and K this year so I'll have both manuals. I'm trying to figure out the best way to actually use them. Here's what I'm thinking currently:
photocopy both grids (ECC and K) and write in all the extras (LA, math, etc.) in the boxes. Then I'll have a week at a time of each to refer to and I don't have to worry about all the boxes being written in/checked off when we repeat the cycle later. Then I'll either hang them up right on the wall to check off or stick them in a clipboard. Seems pretty straightforward but I thought I'd ask if there was some other way of organizing these I hadn't thought of.

Secondly, I'm wondering how others order their day. K first, then ECC or the other way around? Bible from both, then math for everyone, then LA for every, etc. I'm thinking it might be easiest for us to do all of ECC in the morning, just going straight down the grid, then K after lunch, again right now the grid. But I'm not sure.

Thanks for any ideas!
We are currently using Adv and K at the same time. What I do is copy the grids for both and put them in a 3 ring binder. That way I have both "weeks" within a page turn away in front of me. With K being a 6 day unit and Adv being 5, it's always off a little but it works for me. I like your wall/clipboard idea, too. That would definitely keep everything in plain sight. I would probably use that plan if I had the wall space. :)
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Re: 2 questions about ECC and K together

Unread post by lovehomeschooling »

I am doing Adv and K this year as well. I have a 3 ring for Adv and one for K that I put the grids in. I write in math and language arts. As I highlight what we did for the day, I write in the next days assignment.

First we do Bible, then I do all of my 2nd graders math and language arts. If there is a worksheet that my kindergartener can do alone, I have her do that. I also try to work with her if my son has any independent work during this time. When my second grader is done with math and language arts, then I finish/start K while many 2nd does book basket. Then we all do Adventures together.
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Re: 2 questions about ECC and K together

Unread post by ruthamelia »

Hi- We've been doing ECC and K (not MFW K, but a similar workload) with 4th, 2nd, K, 3yo, and 1yo- if I remember from your previous posts that's similar to what you'll have?

I make 2 copies of the ECC grid each week, one for each child, and fill in the math, LA, and any extra individual assignments. Then each child has a clipboard that opens to hold papers inside. I put all of their student sheets, EWG pages (for the 4th grader), etc for the week inside the clipboard, and the grid goes on the front. The 4th grader is quite independent and uses the grid on his clipboard to monitor his own progress each day. The 2nd grader has slowly developed some of this through the year as well. Having a copy of the grid for each makes it easier to track what individual work still needs accomplished. It also gives them some responsiblity- if the 2nd grader is told to do Book of Animals next, she can check the grid herself to see what page she should do (she has developed this skill slowly through the year!).

Your second question was about ordering your day- not sure if I can help! Every day is a little different here. As I mentioned the 4th grader is pretty self-motivated- he starts school on his own at 7 (believe me, no one makes him do this!) and decides on his own what order to do his independent work. Later the 2nd grader also starts on some independent work with a little direction. K happens either while those 2 are both doing independent work, or sometimes while the 2nd grader is taking a break and playing with the youngest 2. He may do 1/2 hour of work now, then finish whatever is left during naptime. Somewhere mid morning while the youngest 3 play all the reading gets done together- science, geography, Bible, read-alouds. Sometimes that doesn't happen until naptime in the afternoon. Then they finish independent work until their lists are complete. The 4th grader just asks for help when he needs it- for example if ILL is an oral lesson- but can be counted on to get all his work done without prompting. The 2nd grader needs directed from one activity to the next and takes a lot more breaks. Don't know if any of that helps, but it's what works here!
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Re: 2 questions about ECC and K together

Unread post by disneymommy »

Thank you all!! It's great to hear that this work for others. That's so helpful.

Ruthmelia - It's EXACTLY what I'll have: 4th, 2nd, k, and 3 and 1 year old! Hmm, I like the clipboard idea. About halfway through the year, I started using a workbox system for my older two and it's been wonderful. They each have a set of seven plastic drawers, four narrow on top and three wider on the bottom. The top ones are all things they can do alone (handwriting, mental math pages) and the bottom are things they do with me (writing lesson, reading aloud to me). Group work, like history and science, don't go in the boxes, only things that are specific to that child. However, I don't have room for a third set for my Ker, lol. And I think my oldest might be ready to manage her own time for a week at a time rather than a day. SO, I'm considering using your clipboard idea for the oldest, with her whole week of work included. And then the sets of drawers for the 2nd grader and Ker. I think being able to look into the clear drawer and see one subject there is helpful to them.

I love knowing that your day isn't overly structured either. I struggle so much with routine. I know some sense of order is important but I am just NOT a MOTH type person. I need a looser schedule.
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Re: 2 questions about ECC and K together

Unread post by Poohbee »

I, too, copy the grids and put them in a 3-ring binder in plastic page protectors. I plan a week at a time, so toward the end of the current week or on the weekend, I plan for the next week. I write the math and LA on the grid (with pencil) and make any notes about the other subjects. I keep out the current week's grid and check off items as we do them. We don't necessarily go down the grid. We kind of figure out each year what works best for our schedule. Right now, both of my daughters like to do their science and math as the last things they do each day. So, we often start with independent work for about half an hour to 45 minutes so that I can spend some one-on-one time with my preschooler. Then, he is content to go play while I work with my girls. We start with Bible and history (our two main "together" subjects) and then branch off to other more individual things from there, ending our day with science and math. That's just what has worked for us this year. It changes from year to year.

As far as when to fit in the kindergarten, well, it can vary, depending on the attention span of your kindergartener. But, I have heard it recommended many times, and I have found it to be so true, that it works best to work with the youngest first. When you start your school year, train your older kids to do some independent work. Let them start their day with their independent work while you start the day with your kindergartener. Then, after the half an hour to 45 minutes it takes for kindergarten, your K'er is free to go play or to join in on ECC here and there. Just from experience, I have found that if I don't work with my youngest first, I often get so caught up in what the olders are doing that sometimes I don't get around to my younger one. If I work with the younger one first, I am fresh and he is fresh, and the rest of the day goes so much better, because I know I've worked with the little one and I can concentrate on the olders. That is just what I have found that works well for us. But I've heard many homeschooling veterans say that it is best to work with the younger ones first. :-)

You will love ECC and K! Those two years go so well together (there is some overlap of topics studied), and they are so much fun!
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Scheduling 1st and ECC??

Unread post by gratitude »

mom2threeBoys wrote:I did see the K/ECC post below and am wondering if you'd recommend the same for 1st and ECC. I will just have one in each plus a three year old. I know we will figure things out as we go, but I do need somewhere to start as this will be our first year. Any suggestions on how to schedule our days? What parts of 1st will get left out....there is art and science for both? Thanks!
I am currently doing MFW1 and ECC.

My first grader does the following in ECC:
*She does the student sheets as much as she is able. I don't have her do very many of the science ones, but she does join in on the science experiments and listens to the science being read aloud. She does write a sentence on the flag sheets and colors the flags. She does all of the geography sheets (student sheets, not the Exploring World Geography book), but sometimes they are dictated to me instead of her actually doing the writing. She does the science ones that include drawing. She draws outside on the nature walks. She really participates quite a bit in the ECC science. She does like her Animal book for the 2nd / 3rd grade supplement, and enjoys coloring in it or hearing a story read out-loud.
*She loves any art or cooking projects in ECC.
*She listens to the Wee Sing CD.
*She memorizes the scriptures from Matthew; instead of the Proverbs in MFW1. You could go either way. I choose to have her do the ones in ECC for additional family learning.
*She listens to all of the Bible, Hero Tales, and Windows of the World.
*She listens in on the Children's Bible Atlas and Class room Atlas.
*She does the geography game and looking up things on the globe and maps. She is learning geography.
*She loves David Hazel's Bible translation book and has had us read it far more than two times aloud.
*She loves the pass port and flag book.

My first grader skips in ECC:
*Kingdom Tales
*Missionary stories in deluxe package
*World Geography book (multiple sheets to fill in for each student that is old enough)
*Writing in science
*Scripture dictation
*Copy work of Hero Tales character traits since she has her Bible note book.
*Foreign language

My first grader does for first grade:
*MFW1 Bible Note book (writing / drawing) & reader
*Pathway reader
*BJU phonics (I actually have learned from doing this with her how very efficient and thorough Marie's phonics really are! It would have been simpler to do MFW1 phonics again.)
*She did do the Drawing book last spring / fall for MFW1 that is scheduled early on in the program. The Drawing book is simply excellent, and all three of my oldest have used it multiple times. I highly recommend it. She also did the scroll Bible project last fall from MFW1.
*Singapore 1A / R&S math fact sheets
*She has been doing the math MFW1 shapes for years, and still does.

My first grader does not do from MFW1:
*Proverb copying since she copies the scripture from ECC.
*Bible projects. She did most of them when she was little tagging along. I did do the scroll one with her early in the program. She also tagged along with the science when she was little.
*We have the picture study and I love it, but I think we only managed it three times this year.
*We are in the NT now, but I did read from the TM for the OT for the Bible note book.
*Science since she does it from ECC

I hope that helps, and isn't confusing. Please ask questions if you need to.

I write her MFW1 onto the ECC grid for ease of use. So her Bible note book I have in the English box. Her phonics I have in the spelling box. Her Singapore goes into the math box. Her Pathway reader goes into the reading box. Her R&S math fact sheets go in the math drill box. Then the rest of what she does is joining in on ECC or doing her science book especially for her that is in the last line of the grid for 2nd/3rd graders. I do much better functioning off of one grid. I had some years with MFW with two TMs, and it has helped me greatly to only look at one. So as a summary I pull LA and math from MFW1 for her (this includes Bible since the LA is closely linked to Bible) and then have her joining in as much as she is able with ECC. The family learning is a true blessing.

I hope this helps! :)
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Re: Scheduling 1st and ECC??

Unread post by mom2threeBoys »

Julie in MN wrote:While you wait for more busy moms, here are some archives you could read:
1st & olders (3 pages):
ECC & 1st or K (4 pages):

Thank you both! The links are very helpful. I attempted a search, but it was not fruitful. Thanks again!
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