ECC - Play-acting airplane ride with chairs etc.

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ECC - Play-acting airplane ride with chairs etc.

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doubleportion wrote:I've seen mention often of people doing pretend plane ride, customs and boarder crossing. David even mentioned it in his workshop on another topic this past weekend. I just assumed the idea would be listed somewhere in the manual (2nd edition) but I can't find anything. So what do people generally do in regards to that? This may be a really dumb question, but I sure would like to use the general idea if I knew more.

We sat our kitchen chairs in rows and pretended to be on a tour bus.

Then for customs check, I tended to play the role of customs worker and checked for passports and would then exchange money. We'd look up the exchange rate.

I'd say welcome in the language of the country (if I knew it) or something else. Sometimes (if I was thinking ahead of course.......) we'd do a little food treat upon arrival with the exchange money. That idea of money exchange and passports is in the manual, so it seems natural to play around a little bit with it. I don't remember it being in the manual to be silly with the kids. maybe they should have for those who aren't on the message board to hear it from others (like Kellybell) who did that.?

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Re: ECC -play-acting plane ride?

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We would look at each country we were going to, and where we were coming from, and pick a different way to get there. Sometimes we lined up chairs and pretended we were a bus, plane, or train. Once, the kids wanted to ride horses (from France to Germany), so we did that. We also sat on our steps and pretending we were riding a boat (maybe from Saudi Arabia to India). We would make the noises of said vehicle, and I would put the flag sticker and date their passports while we were "in transit." I would also read from the atlas or show pictures of where we were heading. I was often the "captain." I might say, "If you look out the right side of the plane, you will see the alps. Now we are directly over Romania." This made it enjoyable for my 4 year old boys to join in. However, it did make make the Mondays we headed into a new country quite a bit longer, because the kids would really stretch out the "travel time." But it was fun for them.

We didn't exchange money this time - I figure we'll do it again when my oldest is in 8th, and it will make more sense to her.

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Re: ECC -play-acting plane ride?

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We did the same type of things. Just adding on that I picked one child to be the stewardess and they would pass out little snacks (like fruit chewies) to everyone on board :-) They enjoyed the time, snacking and looking at pictures of where we were "going". Then we would land and everyone had to get out single file. I did a quick switch from pilot to customs officer, and looked over their passport. I would ask them a question or two like, "Where have you come from?", or "What do you plan on doing in our country?" They would answer something like, "Exploring the rain forest." Then I would admit them into the country with a sticker and date in their passport. It really was quite fun ;)


Editor's Note: More of Dawn's fun ideas for a fun "entrance" into new countries: ... 366#p69366 ... 365#p69365 ... 363#p69363
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Re: ECC -play-acting plane ride?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

doubleportion wrote:I looked through the ideas board for ECC and never saw anything. So I am still baffled about where it came from. That being said, I liked the ideas of using the dining room chairs and making it a bus or plane for your travels. I totally intend on doing that when we start a new country.

If anyone ever figures out where the idea is actually written I would be interested, just for curiosity sake at this point. Can't wait to start ECC in July!!! We are on our last week of ADV. I think we will have a lua to celebrate finishing and show Daddy and friends all that we have learned. I can't begin to say how much fun this year has been and how much we love MFW !! :-)

Okay Edie, I can't resist a link challenge ;) Here are a few for you! ... 59&p=12468

(I hunted for "chairs" !? )

ETA: More, including stories about remembering the fun of the imaginary plane ride in years to come,
plus ideas for adding more imagination and learning to your "arrival" ... 797#p57797 ... 172#p74172 ... 283#p82283 ... 548#p60548
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Re: ECC -play-acting plane ride?

Unread post by kellybell »

Just got done (okay, Antartica is in our future) with ECC with my 8 yo. We'd line up the chairs to be a plane and we'd do different things (snacks, an in flight video on the country we're going to, act like a tour guide, read a book, etc.). I'd challenge my dd to line the chairs up facing the right way (you go north to go from Mexico to Canada, for example). We'd stamp the passport and have fun...
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Re: ECC -play-acting plane ride?

Unread post by donutmom »

My kids loved doing this and were disappointed when I skipped it for one country!!

As an extra. . . A couple of times I gave the children a globe before take off. I'd just tell them what direction (n, s, e, or w) we were going and they had to try to figure out where we were headed. I kept a map in front of me, for guidance & for landmarks. . . "if you can look at your window to the left we are heading over some beautiful snow capped mountains", or "notice the boot shaped country below". That kept them from moving their finger faster than I was, or to catch up where I was. We sometimes had to take "detours" if there were storms in the area (if the country we were headed to was close to the next one).

Sometimes I'd ask a question about a previously studied country we were flying over, or ask them to tell me the most interesting thing they'd learned about that country.

Found an African print shirt in a bag of clothes from the MIL. Pulled that out for our trip to Kenya. Younger kids thought I'd been to Africa to get it!!

And all my kiddos couldn't stop laughing, when the "customs officer" wasn't going to let one of them into the country. The officer insisted it wasn't the correct person as the passport showed. (He had lost his 2 front teeth!!)

I dare say, the plane rides were one of the top highlights for them. Who knew. . .a couple of chairs. . . so much fun. . . even for the 11 year old!!

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