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Student Sheets - Organization

Unread post by Julie in MN »

blessedwith4 wrote:Hey ya'll, I will be using MFW ECC for the first time this Fall. I have three sets of student pages and, of course, the teacher pages (supplement package; not talking about the manual). How do you organize this stuff before you use it? I'm disorganized by nature so it's hard for me to think of a way and I know I will get some great ideas here.
I keep the student pages for 1850MOD in a "magazine file." I keep it fairly out-of-the-way, so the pages don't get disrupted (they are in order according to when I'll need them, and I like it that way!).

I keep the state sheets in a plain 10 cent folder, along with the stickers & state flower cards & everything that goes along with the state sheets. So that's another option for storing sections of student pages that you use more frequently.

P.S. More ideas have been posted here:
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Re: How to organize it all

Unread post by mamaofredheads »

I am using one hanging Pendaflex type folder per week. Within each folder I have 3 color coded file folders, one for me and one for each child (we each have our own "color" for all of our school items...notebooks, etc.) . I sorted our items by week and put them in each child's folder (or mine). I got two milk crates for filing from Walmart (I think they're on sale for $5 right now). That will allow me to put them out of sight easily and pull them out as I need them. If you didn't want the extra expense of colored file folders, you could use colored labels or dots on the tabs of the folders.

Hope that helps a bit! :)
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Re: How to organize it all

Unread post by schelean »

For Adventures last year I simply used sheet protectors. I was able to divide the Adventure copies into about 3 or 4 sheet protectors. The copies were in order and I just opened my notebook and pulled out the next sheet as needed. The copies were kept neat, out of the way, and yet easily accessible. I have also set ECC student sheets up the same way. I have just divided them up into about 3 sheet protectors. I am not sure how I will store the games once we have started using them. I will probably keep the map in a sheet protector and the small pieces in a baggie inside the same sheet protector.

It works for me. :)
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Re: How to organize it all

Unread post by HSmommi2mine »

I keep it all in a binder, in order and pull things out a week at a time.

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Re: How to organize it all

Unread post by 4Truth »

We're doing ECC and I put the student sheets in an expanding file folder. Then each day, if any student sheets are assigned, I simply pull out the next one in order.
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Re: How to organize it all

Unread post by doubleportion »

I keep the student sheets in one folder and I pull out the sheets just for the current week and keep that in a different folder. For my own use, and as long as you keep the TM in the future and don't resell it, you can copy only the TM grid. I keep my TM grids in a folder with three hole punches through them and in the pockets keep my teacher supplement sheets on one side and the copies of Trip Around the World and World Geography in the other pocket. Those sheets I leave in chronological order of use and pull them out daily. I like having extra copies of the grid because I can mark them up to my hearts content and save my TM unmarred for future use with the younger children when we do ECC again. I am only doing ECC with one child this year. But if I was doing it with more than one child, I liked the idea of color coding the folders and keeping each child's student sheets in their designated folder. The nice thing is that they are already organized for you and all you have to do is grab the next sheet in the folder.

We are in week 4 of ECC and enjoying it. Looking forward to our cooking day on Friday.

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Re: How to organize it all

Unread post by BHelf »

I sorted mine out by continent, put them all of each continent's student sheets into the child's geography binder. Then when a student sheet is called for, I can just turn to the continent (or world section for the intro weeks) and pull it out.
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Re: How to organize it all

Unread post by blessedwith4 »

Thank you all for sharing your ideas with me. I felt kinda stupid for asking but sometimes it takes me seeing how others do it so I can go "ohhh yeah, that's it!" :)
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ECC-Organizing worksheets

Unread post by NJCheryl »

BusyMom2Many wrote:When you have a couple different student using ECC, how do you keep all the worksheets organized? Thanks!
I hole punch them, and put them in a 3 ring binder with file separator in between each set.

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Re: ECC-Organizing worksheets

Unread post by TriciaMR »

I put each set in a separate hanging file folder. We use page protectors in our notebooks so I can take the papers at the end of the school year and have them spiral bound. The kids love having a keepsake of the school year.
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Re: ECC-Organizing worksheets

Unread post by unitlovinmama »

I put them in seperate file folders too. Then I just grab the week's student sheets and put them in my planner.
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Re: ECC-Organizing worksheets

Unread post by asheslawson »

That is pretty much the same that I do as well - I just keep them in the order they arrived, since they are in order by weeks & days already & slide them into a folder for the year (I only have 2 children doing the 5 yr cycle) or in a file folder as well.

I also hole punch mine for binders - but I do them as I go because certain, special sheets I slide into sheet protectors in their binders. We keep their binders every year. I always keep certain items from every year - and their binder is a definite to keep for us. I use a flat box (like a priority mail size box) and place the things I select to keep from that year. Then I add a two paper fasteners, one to the end, and one to the top / bottom near the end. Then I take some string & wrap it several times around the paper fasteners to hold the box closed - that way we can open and close the boxes easily to pull their notebooks out because we sometimes like to look back at something we talked about last year as we progress through the next year.
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Re: ECC-Organizing worksheets

Unread post by 4monkeyz »

For our Adventures materials this year I used an accordion file folder from Walmart. It held two students worth of work. Ahead of time I went through and hole-punched the notebook pages, noted anything for cutting or song sheets that would get put in a sheet protector and then I put the papers in the file folder in groups of ten - so weeks 1-10, weeks 11-20, etc. Also, I didn't separate by student but kept all the worksheets together, that way I didn't have to look for each child's week 15 papers.

I haven't looked at the ECC papers yet, but my thought is to divide them up by continent...I don't know if one student's set of worksheets is going to max out the folder or not?! But the packs look slim, so I am thinking it would work! I am making myself finish up this year and then I can look more fully at ECC's goodies!! I also thought a crate for all the binders might be helpful this year - I think they have 2 per?? I love organizing homeschool stuff!!! :-)
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Re: ECC-Organizing worksheets

Unread post by kugoi »

I do it different than most it seems. I have 3 sets of sheets, so at the beginning of the year, I lay out all three sets, grab the first one off the top of each, repeat, then hole punch the six sheets I have in my hand and put in a binder. Then I do it again, and again, and again. I put the first 9 weeks of sheets in my main binder where I keep attendance sheets and lesson plans for their individual subjects. The rest of the sheets go into a different binder until I finish the first quarter, when I switch the next quarter's sheets. It really doesn't take very long to go through all the sheets this way.
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Re: ECC-Organizing worksheets

Unread post by momonthemove »

I have the student pages three hole punch and they are in a large binder with my manual. It is broken down by week. Then, I have another binder, much smaller, where I have it also broken down by week with dividers and when the pages are completed they go behind the right tab.

I will use this again next year.
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Re: ECC-Organizing worksheets

Unread post by romans8x28 »

We'll start 2nd & K in the fall (late summer) and I'm going to try the hanging file folder method. I made a folder for each week 1-34. (I had extras, so I made some for some holidays that we will break from regular school to do so I can print and file things as I find them.) I have already filed the student sheets for 2nd grade into my folders and when I get K, I will file them, too. As they are completed, they will go into page protectors in their binders.
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Re: ECC-Organizing worksheets

Unread post by Mommy22alyns »

I just keep each set in its own folder and pull pages out and hole punch weekly.
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Re: ECC-Organizing worksheets

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

gratitude wrote:I keep thinking of spiral binding MFW worksheets at Staples before we start so that it looks similar to the MFW1 Bible note book. I haven't done it yet though. Do you think it would work for ECC?
It *could* work - it depends on how you want to arrange your Geography Notebook. My dd included the pages from POE and pages from the Trip books, as well as her summaries (notebook pages) in her Geography Notebook, so it was nice to have the Student Sheets separate. Her Notebook is arranged in the order of items studied, including putting the science topics and craft pics, etc., in with the country/language sheets from the Student Sheets.

I hope that makes sense.
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Student Sheets

Unread post by Julie in MN »

mommy2578 wrote:We're getting ready to start ECC and I have a quick question about the student sheets and binders:

Do the student sheets get hole-punched and then placed in the geography/science binder as the students complete them?

I read that one binder is used for geography and science and that it needed 8 dividers/tabs listing the world and all 7 continents. Are both geography and science filed under those headings or do I need a separate divider/tab for science? I was a little confused on that point.
I think everyone has their own style of notebooking. At my house, we used page protectors and slipped the student sheets inside those. Hole punching works, too.

The ECC science is related to the geography, so for instance when you study South America/Brazil, you'll learn about rainforests. Therefore, the science can be blended in with each continent's geography, or placed right after the geography for each continent, or all the science can go in the back after all the geography sections -- whatever you like.

Usually when we started a year, we just put papers into the notebook. Then after a month or so, we had enough papers to have a sense of how we'd organize it. I suppose figuring it out first would have been more efficient, though :)

It's been a while since I've read the teaching instructions in the front of the ECC manual, so there could be more specific advice there.

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Re: Student Sheets

Unread post by kw4blessings »

I agree with Julie that everyone probably has their own unique style. Here's what we do:

I take all of the new student sheets out of the package and divide them by week. This coming year, we'll be doing ECC as well, and I'll have a set of student sheets for my 9yo, 7yo, and my 5yo (so he can join along). I have a small hanging file folder box, with hanging files. Each file is labeled with a week number 1-34 (or 36). All of the student sheets for each week (for all 3 kiddos) go in the appropriate folder. That makes it easy for me to pull out the sheets we'll need for that day from the hanging file. Once we finish the sheets for the day, I hole punch and put in the right child's 3 ring binder.

Since we're just starting ECC this coming year, I'm not 100% sure how we'll divide the notebooks. Most likely by continent and include the science with the appropriate continent like Julie mentioned. We'll be having ECC fun right along with you! :)

*** I also do the same thing for 1st or K, depending which one I'm using at the time. I divide the 1st student sheets by weeks and the K student sheets by unit.
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Re: Student Sheets

Unread post by mommy2578 »

Thank you! I really like the ideas of using page protectors and also separating them by weeks, I think I may try both! I appreciate you ladies for responding, you were helpful in clarifying about the notebooks! I was over-complicating them I think. :)
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Re: Student Sheets

Unread post by Joyhomeschool »

We use page protectors. I prefer to prepare the binders in advance and also look through the grid to see if there is any self created pages (mainly done in year 4 and 5) and add sheets for that. So we are pretty open and go. :) I just did that this weekend and we used about 500 page protectors for 5 student binders! :)
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Re: Student Sheets

Unread post by MelissaB »

We hole-punched them, and we put all of our MFW SS in one binder.

Science lessons will focus on the environment/ecosystem on each continent you study. So they go well together. :)
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