Student Sheets, Stickers, Passports - For little ones?


Student Sheets, Stickers, Passports - For little ones?

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3littlechickies wrote:We will be starting ECC in about a month with an almost 4th grader, almost 2nd grader and a just turned 4 year old. I have the second edition manual, but none of the new stuff. I know about the books I need, but I have a question about the student sheets and the flag sticker books.

I assume my 2nd grader will need a copy of the student sheets and the little one will not, but do you think the little one will want a flag sticker book, or is she just way too young to use it? I know she doesn't NEED it, but I don't want her to feel left out either:) What has been your experience doing this program with a little one?

Hi Coleen,

Get the 4 year old a sticker book. Even if it is not used for "school" and used in the way that the older kids will, if you think your child would really like it... get it. It's worth the smiles and the extra fun. I'd even get the 4 year old a passport. It would just make it fun if they want to join in the fun parts of ECC and might inspire them for pretend play for a while to travel to another country.....

I once heard David Hazell say that he sometimes wishes he could say on the website "Flag Sticker Book -- buy one for every member of the family who would enjoy it" ;) LOL

but.... they just say "one per student"

my youngest enjoyed having a book. For the price I don't feel like anything was wasted to let her join in the fun over the year.

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Re: ECC purchase questions

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I got my then 4yo twin boys passports and sticker books last year and they loved it. On the first day of a new country we would look at the map at where we had been, and then look at where we going and talk about the different ways we might get to the new place. Then, we would set up chairs or sit on the steps and pretend we were using that mode of transportation to get there (we once rode horses!). The boys loved it. Then, we would get out the sticker books, my oldest (then 8yo 3rd grade dd) would do it on her own, and I would help the boys put the flag stickers in the right place. If the country was too small, we would put it in the ocean and draw a line from the country to the flag. We'd probably only work on it for 10 minutes or so. I don't think we ever finished a continent. Every now and then during "preschool" time, they would ask to do their sticker books, and we would work on them some more.

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Re: ECC purchase questions

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I bought ECC at convention this past May. The MFW rep actually suggested that I get my Kindy a passport and flag sticker book. I did and am glad I did. He loves being part of putting the flag sticker in his passport and "traveling" to all the different places. I would recommend you getting them for you 4 year old.

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Re: ECC purchase questions

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I think it would be fun for the 4 year old! My 1st grader enjoys this even more than my 3rd grader! Every day 1 of the "new" country, we look at our world map and see if we will be traveling over land, water, or both and then we get in our "plane" or other type of traveling vehicle (submarine, boat, bus, etc.) and pretend to travel to the next country and get out our passports and put the stickers in them. It is fun!

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Re: ECC purchase questions

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Just my 2 cents. I have a tag along 3 yr old who is super accelerated. I got the sticker book and students sheets thinking he would want to just tag along. And we haven't used any of it. I have used allot of the stuff I found at the link below. I would say just save the money. But if money is no option then order it if you desire. I am saving what I did order for ds to use next time he does ECC with us "for real" in 3rd grade.

You can get a free passport for that 4 yr child and printable stickers for their passports at They have all kinds of great freebies they will send you and you can download a bunch of printable stuff including coloring pages.

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Planning to order ECC but I have some questions first

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jasntas wrote:I am planning to order ECC (and 1st) in about a month so I am starting to plan for what I will need. My dd will be tagging along and will be in 1st grade. I know we will need two sets of Flag Stickers and two Passports. Will she need her own set of student sheets? She did all the state sheets along with my ds in ADV. It was her choice. She didn't want to feel left out.
If you want your 1st grader to tag along with you in ECC, then you would get the extra student sheets. She will probably use about 25% of them, but it also includes everything for her to play the Geography Game with you. The TM comes with the Teacher packet which has some reproducible map pages etc and one boards and cards set for the Geography Game. You need a boards and cards set for each person playing (unless you did not play yourself and just let youngest use the boards and cards from your teacher packet).

The student pages are non-reproducible. I had a 3 yr old tagging along when we did ECC this year and I just found coloring pages for flags, people, countries, animals etc online and printed then out for him to use. But if I were doing it with him as a 1st grader, I would buy the extra student packet and flag sticker book & passport.


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Re: Planning to order ECC but I have some questions first

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The books A Trip Around The World and Another Trip Around the World are reproducible, so I made copies of that for my younger kids of the flag. I agree with Edie just to print activities of the internet for the younger. There are tons of free culture coloring pages we found online. Many are here on this message board in the archives. The science sheets in the student pages were above their heads and there is an extra geography game in the teacher stuff.

But, for $15 you may just want an extra copy of everything, although I don't think it's necessary.

We have loved ECC. This year has been a blast! Hope your family is as blessed as ours by this awesome curriculum.
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1st and ECC Your experiences

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Joyhomeschool wrote:I'll be using the Animal book with my 2nd grader, can they share? Or do I need a second copy?
If they don't write much in the CBOA (and just answer orally) --- it can probably get shared and done together with 2nd grader.
Joyhomeschool wrote:I didnt buy a passport or flag sticker book or any student pages for him because I thought that if he wanted one I could always copy a page here and there.. off. Do you suggest purchasing some of these for him as well?
I would get a passport and sticker book per child in the program. That's fun stuff. Or at least passport and some kind of flag stickers out there somewhere!

In the book A Trip Around the World and Another trip around the world --- those flag pages can definitely get copied as needed. But what to do about the John 3:16 pages? and the geography game pieces? maybe I'd be willing to share the game board in the parent supplement and let 1st grader play on my board unless they didn't want to..

hmm... you know... for $15 -- I'd probably make it easy on myself and just get the student sheets all done for me if I planned to include a 1st grader in stuff in ECC -- they'll have a ready to color flag, and John 3:16 coloring pages, and the game, and their own airplane to make (nate saint), and not even worry if i didn't use the rest of the pages... yes, there are ways around it (print stuff online, and copy from different book, but by the time I do that...)

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Re: 1st and ECC Your experiences

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After I posted I was thinking the same thing! Seriously $15 whats the big deal.. I didnt realize there would be so much that 1st grader would do!

And last year I didnt copy for him many pages from adv and ran back and forth to the printer a lot... HMMM
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Students sheets for ECC(for 1st grader)?

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momma2kact wrote:I am going to be using ECC with my 4th, 2nd, and 1st grader (1st grader has come along in "K" and "1st" with her older sister, per the recommendations of MFW, they are 20 mo. apart.)

My question is: Should I order a set of the ECC Student Sheets for my 1st grader? I have them already for the 4th and 2nd grader. I need to order a few more things and just want to be sure I include another set of student sheets if I'm going to need them(but I am terrible with paper, and don't want to have them if I don't "need" them!)

Thank you,
I would vote "yes" - get the student sheets for each child, even if she doesn't do every one of them. My younger child who was in 1st gr. while going through ECC this year loved the John 3:16 coloring pages for each country, coloring the flags, etc. I kept the sheets in a small, portable file box and kept the geography game sheets together and then had one file for each set of student / parent sheets and some of the books. I also ordered a book of the flag stickers and a passport for both of my children.

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Re: Students sheets for ECC(for 1st grader)?

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I just received my ECC box at conference last weekend, and have been devouring the contents!

I would vote "yes" as well. She may not use every sheet, but most of them will be enjoyable for her. There are lots of black line maps and flags that you could just get from a free source online, but the country pages have a cute picture of a child in traditional garb, John 3:16 in their language, etc. If she is a good reader/writer she would enjoy the science pages, too. Or you could go over them orally with her and she could draw pictures of each habitat. Dover Publications has cute habitat sticker books ($1.50 each) that would work for "filling in the blanks" without using words.

And I would 2nd the motion to purchase the passport and flag sticker book for her as well. That looks like too much fun!

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Re: Students sheets for ECC(for 1st grader)?

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I will be starting ECC this year with 3rd and 1st grader and I did purchase extra student sheets. I know she will not do everything but I wanted them anyways :)
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Re: Students sheets for ECC(for 1st grader)?

Unread post by wisdomschool »

Thank you everyone! I'll be ordering the student sheets for her! And yes, I was already planning on her own sticker book and passport (getting those for my 4y.o. as well:)

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Stickers and passports

Unread post by BHelf »

lisaha wrote:Do the stickers go in the passport, or on the student sheets? I'm asking as I want to get a passport for my K student since his brother and sister will be doing ECC, but I don't know if I should get him the stickers too or not. :)
The stickers from the flag sticker book go in the passport and in the flag sticker book. (There are 2 flags per country--a small one and a big one--the big ones go in the passport, small ones in the book.) You could always get an extra passport and draw and color the flag in it if you didn't want to get the extra flag book for the stickers. Or find the flag online and print and cut it out.

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Re: Stickers and passports

Unread post by doubleportion »

I felt like the sticker book was unnecessary for my preschooler but it may be useful for a Ker. He did very much enjoy participating in ECC. You could help them with putting them on the country in the book. It depends on your budget.


Re: Stickers and passports

Unread post by MFW-Lucy »

Hi Lisaha,

For little ones joining you for ECC the passport($1.45) and Flag Sticker($4.95) book are optional, but for the cost it often helps little ones to feel included and a part of school. These little ones would not actually be able to label the countries with the flags, but we have heard many moms who were happy that their little one had the book to place the flags on the page "just like" their older siblings.

Again, agreeing with Edie that these are optional, but having these items may make life easier if this child is included and has the same items as older siblings. It will depend on your little ones and how much you think it will mean to them to be included and have the same items. This may also be the case with student sheets for little ones.


Student sheets for Ker

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MelissaM wrote:Did you get your Ker a set of student sheets? I did not, but now I'm wondering if I should have. I know he wouldn't be able to do most of them, but he might like the coloring and/or flag sheets. It just seems that more and more lately, he's coming to me after his schooling is finished and saying, "But what can *I* do?" I don't know. I did get him a passport and sticker book, and I figure he can do the projects, listen to the cd, and I can copy the maps in the teacher supplement if he wants a map to color or label. That'll probably be more than enough. Thoughts?

Thanks again!
you can copy the flag sheets and other pages from A Trip and Another Trip.
or boundary maps in World Geography
and you might be able to use some coloring pages with various kids around world.?

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Re: Student sheets for Ker

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For Melissa's questions about the student sheets, initially I did not get a set of ECC student sheets for my K'er. However, as I looked through the material, I thought that she would probably enjoy coloring the John 3:16 sheets (with the flag and person) for each country along with her sister. So, I later ordered a set of student sheets for her. I could have found some different sheets for her to color, but she likes to do some things that are the same as her sister, and I figured that would be one of them. They are both so proud after they color their sheets and we hang them on the bulletin board. That's pretty much the only sheets my K'er does out of the packet, but it was worth it for me to get it for her so that she could feel more a part of our ECC experience. Sometimes I use some of the sheets from her packet so that I can do an assignment along with my 4th grader, as well.
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Re: Student sheets for Ker

Unread post by MelissaM »

Thanks everyone, great ideas.

I'm really considering the student sheets - for the $ money, it might be completely worth me not having to track things down or make more copies myself. Feeling lazy/tired these days.

REALLY looking forward to starting on Monday!

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One more POV re: student sheets for ECC

Unread post by erikdeb »

far above rubies wrote:I bought my Ker a passport, student sheets, and flag stickers.

She participated with some of the ADV and really loved it (hands-on part), but she couldn't yet write, so we ended up with a lot of wasted paper. We were also using the MFW preschool program for her, and she wasn't doing any other workbooks at the time, except for the one page she wanted to do with ADV. She likes the idea of doing a workbook, but after one page, she's DONE.

For her K year, I plan to try to do the full program for her. She'll already have a workbook page to do that day and her attention span is so short, that I just can't imagine her wanting to sit down with us at the table and do MORE work which requires her to use pencils/papers, etc.

So I just wanted to run this one-last POV re: student sheets by y'all.
I have a K'er alongside our ECC.

We use the passport/sticker book, and he LOVES it - even our 2-3yo has to have something to play along with the passports (though he uses the Wee Sing booklet at his ;) ).

I didn't get the K'er student sheets for ECC, and he's not expressed any issues with the fact that I didn't. If I HAD gotten them, I'm pretty sure the only things he would maybe use are the John 3:16 coloring sheet for each country and the flat sheet for each country. And, he's not super into coloring right now, so I'm not even sure he'd use those.
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Re: One more POV re: student sheets for ECC

Unread post by LisaMarie6 »

We start ECC tomorrow. I will have a 12 year old, 9 year old, 6 (7 within a month) and 5 year old. I only purchased student sheets for the two older dc. I plan to use the Complete book of Animals for my 2 younger (I purchased one and had one already). I've got the passports for all four as well as the sticker books for all four. My younger two will be as involved as they can for their ages.
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ECC what all do I need???

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

robertb10502 wrote:Next year I know we are doing ECC! This year for my 1st grade son I didn't order student sheets for Adventures and have regreted it. I have been finding free stuff online for him. It's taken more time than it was worth and I should have just ordered him student sheets. After saying that I am trying to figure out how many sets I will need for next year. I will have a 3rd grader and a 2nd grader that I know will need them and a passport with stickers. What about my Kinder and preschooler?? Should I get them student sheets and a passport or not???? Also I was wondering about The Complete Book of Animals....How many copies of it will I need??? Do the 2nd and 3rd graders need there own copy?? What about the younger ones???

Also any extras that you enjoyed please share!!! Thank you!!!
I would definitely plan on getting everybody their own passport. It is super fun to cross borders and get stamps and exchange money. If it's in the budget, get the real passports from MFW.

Because I really used the CBoA with my dd, she did almost every page. I didn't make her do too much with POE, so the CBoA was a lot of her science that year. If your kids love easy-peasy worksheets, they will enjoy CBoA like my dd did. It has very easy-to-read bits of info about the different animals followed by a couple of questions -- different animal on every page; nice layout, easy to use. All of the pages are easy to tear out. I wouldn't get them for younger than 2nd grade, though - you can just print coloring pages or something for the youngers.

somebody with a bigger family will chime in with more ideas . . . . ;)
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Re: ECC what all do I need???

Unread post by far above rubies »

I think it really depends on your children.

When we did ADV, I got student sheets for my K4, 1st, and 3rd grader. But this year for ECC, I haven't had the need for the student sheets, passport, stickers, etc. for my K'er. She has enough worksheets in K. ;)
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Re: ECC what all do I need???

Unread post by Joyhomeschool »

I got student sheets last year for ECC for my 4th, 2nd, 1st grader. My then 4yo and 2yo didnt care too much about school so they didnt get any. I think this year my 5yo and 3yo would have enjoyed the map and sticker book and passport and one of the student sheets for each country had a person in traditional dress coloring page. Other than that sheet it would be a waste to order a whole set of student sheets for them, IMO.

We added in Draw Write Now books. I think I found a list correlating weeks to books and page numbers on the ECC yahoo group.
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Re: ECC what all do I need???

Unread post by Colleen »

I stumbled across this book last time I did ECC and used it a lot for my pre-school kids during ECC. It's titled "International Children" by Teacher's Friend Publications. It has information on each country, but I used it for the reproducible flags and the very cute coloring pages of kids in traditional costumes. Anyhow, it is out of print but here is a link to find if used if interested:

International Children: A Special Book of Customs, Costumes and Flags of 22 Different Nations! [Paperback]
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