Student Sheets, Stickers, Passports - For little ones?

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Re: ECC what all do I need???

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When I started ECC last year (in Jan), I had a 4th and Ker. I ordered the Ker a passport and sticker book, but not student sheets. Every week, he was asking me if he could do a map or a worksheet like his sister. I would make a copy of a flag or something from one of the Trip Around the World books, but one day he just started crying - actual tears - because he needed the same sheet as dd (I think it was one of the John 3:16 sheets). I went ahead and ordered him a set at that time. There were a lot of sheets he did not use, but quite a few that he did. I put all the leftover ones in an empty 3-ring binder that my now 2-yo likes to scribble in - he is starting to get the itch to have "school" stuff that looks like his older siblings. :)

So...I would get passports and sticker books for...everyone who's old enough to not eat the book (as David Hazell said in one of his workshops, I believe). Student's harder to say, it just really depends on how much your kid(s) want to just be participating, or do they want to do EXACTLY what the others are doing? I didn't get the CBoA, so I can't answer that - I guess I might've if I'd realized how much my K/1st would want to participate in ECC.

I don't feel like this was very helpful at all...but just my experience.

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Re: ECC what all do I need???

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Joyhomeschool wrote:I forgot we added in Draw Write Now books.
Thanks. I have the entire set so that list will be great. I'll have to go find it.
MelissaM wrote:I don't feel like this was very helpful at all...but just my experience.
It was very helpful. Thank you!!
Colleen wrote:I stumbled across this book last time I did ECC and used it a lot for my pre-school kids during ECC.
Thank you for sharing!
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ECC: Students sheets needed for younger to play geog gam

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abrightmom wrote::-) Does my (almost) 6 year old need a set of student sheets to participate in geography game? Will a rising 4th grader (10 in the fall) use Complete Book of Animals? I think not but it's hard to tell from samples.
Hello Katrina!
My six year old (1st grader) used the geography game set that came with the teacher's packet (we tag-teamed against my 3rd and 5th grader who each had their own set).

My son (age 8 in 3rd grade) loves/loved Animal book. There was much to interest him, little facts and details about some unusual and strange animals and some already familiar ones. Some things were definitely "below level" for him but he still enjoyed doing them, (i.e. very simple labeling of animal body parts, find hidden animals that weren't so hidden to him, etc.) Most pages of this book are set up where you read a few simple paragraphs about an animal and then have the option of answering some questions (3-5) at the bottom of the page. You could have child write out answers, orally answer, or forgo them altogether.

My 5th grade daughter (10) at first was a little jealous of bro getting to color some cool pictures but he shared a page or 2 and that was that. Depending on reading level and general interest 10 year old may enjoy some of the book. (This is coming from someone who bought coloring books and crayons well into my teen years :-) ) Hope that helps you out with your decision making.
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Re: ECC: Students sheets needed for younger to play geog gam

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We started off with everyone having a board for the geo game, but by the end of the year, I have them share a board. I think it states in the manual that you can have up to 3 players per board.

There is one in the teacher's packet, so that's useful, too. :)

As for the Complete Book of Animals, my 4th grader wanted to look through it, but it was mostly for fun. She didn't need it at ALL. :)

Happy planning! :)
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Combining a 1st grader and ECC

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Melany wrote:I am currently doing Adventures with my 2nd grader and most of the MFW K program with my younger son. My younger son however does a lot of the Adventures as well and I had ordered his own student sheets so that he could tag along and participate in the Adventures.

I guess my question is, I'm assuming that my younger son who will be in 1st grade will be able to participate in some of the ECC things with big brother. So, what might I want to order extra for my younger son? I am thinking the Passport and the Flags of the World Sticker Book. Will I also want the Student Sheets?

I will be ordering the 1st grade curriculum and don't want to overwhelm him with too much stuff, but also want him to be able to tag along with big brother again next year. For those of you that have BTDT, what did you do or wish you had done :)
We have a kindergartener doing ECC with big brothers. The sheets she does really are the first page for each country where you color the flag and a person. She loves that. She does some of the maps too. It was worth it in my opinion to have her have her own sheets.

And, she truly is learning. She can name half of the Asian countries. :)
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Re: Combining a 1st grader and ECC

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I think most of these threads basically say what Deb did, but I thought I'd throw them in anyways :)

younger siblings
student sheets for little ones

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Should I order ECC student sheets for my 4 year olds?

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Mom2theteam wrote:II'm debating on student sheets for my 4 year olds. I got ECC sheets for my 6 year olds who will be in 1st grade and doing MFW 1st. I got passports and sticker books for the 4 year olds along with everyone else. I'm debating on getting the student sheets for the 4 year olds also. I think there are coloring pages, John 3:16 pages? And a game...would they be able to play that? They have April b-days, so still young 4 when we start in July.

With so many kids, I'm not sure I want to add another $40, especially if most of the pages won't be used. If I do, I may have to drop some other stuff. Any input? I don't I'm about to hit submit, I'm thinking....I really want them for everyone. LOL!!!
When we did ECC the first time, I did NOT get student sheets for my 4 yo twins. They weren't really all that interested in coloring. For the Geography Game, I had one help my oldest (she would tell him what number to put the markers on) and the other help me (same deal). (And after a while, they sometimes knew where a few countries were - but they didn't retain any of it.)

[Note: They did enjoy passports and sticker books ... 615#p57786 ]
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Re: Should I order ECC student sheets for my 4 year olds?

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Another idea? If they enjoy coloring, you may want to take a special trip to the store and let each choose two coloring books: one with animals and one that has peoples/cultures,etc. (or trucks... you know, people drive bulldozers in other cultures, too. ;) Or dinosaurs. Love 4 yrs.)

That's going to total about five dollars per child, and they still have special school pages to do just like their older siblings.
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