Book Reviews - Window on the World

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Book Reviews - Window on the World

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Fenni wrote:Window on the World...I don't think it is wrong to use this book, so don't get me wrong. :) I just feel really strange exposing my children to these other religions.
Window on the world:
the first week or so of using that book: there is no way I expected my 4th grader to understand all of that. But in general, we are called to go into the world and we need to pray for those who don't know Jesus. You don't have to read every paragraph in that book in order to do that. Read the story sections in weeks 3-34, use the prayer guide.

don't worry about the long descriptions of what other religions do. But do let your child know that there are people who don't yet know Jesus. Find 3 things on each of the long description pages and say "these are 3 ways that XYZ religion is different from us."

turning way too philosophical here....... sorry.... but you mentioned David's talks and then I felt like typing. Well, actually I waiting to grade my 8th grader's quarterly science test and this gives me something to type about........

I'd like to use that book not as "exposing' them to other religions as much as "insulating" them (those are buzz words from David's workshops, right? got to have the buzz words. LOL. 8)

but yeah.... those long description pages are a lot. not all kids need all paragraphs in them either. My 7th grader did fine with it last year. I summarized for 4th grader. Kindy kid: played during that time.

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Re: Book Reviews - Window on the World

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Hi Fenni,

I hope you have a great year with ECC. :)

We used ECC 2 years ago and enjoyed much of it. I wanted to respond to your comment about using Window On the World. I felt the same way as you in thinking that I was exposing my dc to something they'd never heard of. At first I thought I'd gloss over the reading and 'check it off'. But then there came a time that my kids started asking a few questions about what we were reading and why. It became an opportunity to talk about mission work and the fact that Jesus died for all of us. Personally, I also liked teaching my kids to pray for others, including people they don't personally know.

I began to feel more comfortable with the book. :)

Jump to 2 years out and occasionally someone will recall something they read in the book related to a current event or mission trip happening in our church. I think it helps the connection of why missionaries are going.

I hope you find your comfort zone for your family.

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Re: Book Reviews - Window on the World

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Windows of the World was an interesting one in our family. We really liked it. We even took it with us to a family small group and did presentations using it and then prayed for the people of that religion. I think the book does a great job of delivering the information without glamorizing the religion or vilifying (is that a word :) ) the people who are not Christians. I thought it did a great job of pointing out the emptiness of each religion while encouraging compassion for those people trapped within that life. Missionary kids would be exposed to all that and more, and I'm assuming many of them have a heart for the lost instead of assimilating into the culture. It was really does fit in well with all of the other books in the curriculum. My kids were 6, 8 and 10 when we used the ECC unit to give you an idea of the ages other people have used it with.

That being said, you are in charge of your homeschool. Each family, even MFW ones, is going to look at things a little differently. I'm sure you will be able to sort these things out and find a comfortable fit for your family.
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Re: Book Reviews - Window on the World

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As far as WotW, at first I had a slight discomfort with the thoughts of exposing my children to false religions, but as I considered it and looked at the heart of MFW (loving, serving, and being a missionary to others), I realized that my children will be exposed to a lot that I don't want them to be exposed to in this world (and that includes false religions). I see our (mine and my husband's) job as their parents to prepare them for the world that they will be sent out into one day. I would rather them learn from me at home with the Bible as our core than to wait until they get outside our home and learn these things from others. As I prayed about it, I really felt led to use the WotW as a way to gently expose them to false religions here in the safety of our home using the Bible as our core for truth. I have tried to point out the sadness, failure, and emptiness of these religions and how it differs from the truth of God's word. I look at it as helping them develop a stronger Biblical worldview in the face of false religion all in the safety of our home where I have some control (right now anyway) of how these things are presented. I want to redeem the time that I have with them.

I also like the fact that we can use it to pray for these different people groups that we probably would not have otherwise.

That is just my experience and where I feel like God has us right now. Switching from all-protective shield-from-things mode to preparing-for-the-world mode is definitely out of my comfort zone, but it is where God has me right now, and I am thankful that God has given me and my husband the responsibility/ability to be the ones to do the job as He equips and that He has led us to MFW for our homeschool curriculum.

I hope that I have not said anything to offend you. This is just me and my experience.

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Re: Book Reviews - Window on the World

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Hi! We are a bit further down the ECC journey! We are going into Week 7 tomorrow. I wanted to jump in here as I am catching up on reading the message board.

Window on the World - It was weird that week to talk about all these different, false religions, but it seemed like groundwork for studying other countries, cultures, and learning that there are so many people around the world who still need to hear about Jesus!

After that week, we have only been reading about one people group on Monday and then praying for them the rest of the week. We have a particular interest in Haiti, where we sponsor a child and we were able to read about Haiti last Monday! My sweet dd has prayed every night since then that our sponsor child and all of the Haitian people "would learn to love God and Jesus and become Christians"! She did not pray like that until just this week.

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