Schedule - What does your day look like in ECC?

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Schedule - What does your day look like in ECC?

Unread post by Amy in NC »

blessedbyHim wrote:Could someone point me to any place where others have shared what their day looks like using ECC. I cannot purchase the package just yet so I am trying to do some blind planning! I'm curious about how much time is spent in each area/subject, obviously this will look a little different for everyone but if I could get an idea that would be great! Thanks!
Have you looked at the sample of ECC? It includes the table of contents that shows the number of weeks you spent in each country/continent.

If you have other ??, please ask.

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Re: What does your day look like in ECC?

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blessedbyHim wrote:Yes, sorry I didn't make this very clear! I have looked at the sample. I am trying to schedule our day. Obviously, this may be a lost cause without the manual but I hope to get a head start before spending a few weeks with family and not being able to order until we return.

I want to plan the order of our day so I need to know about how much time is spent on history, science, and the other things like art/music, book basket, etc. I know about what we'll need for math and language. I'll have a k'er and I'm looking at where I can fit in some independent time chunks for the older 2 while I work with him, also looking at what I want to get done before lunch and what will be done after, time frames would just help as I attempt to plan. Thanks!
I'll let you know there is a good sample schedule in the MFW manuals to help with this.
while waiting for others who are good schedulers to chime in with their days,
this link might help with a tiny portion of the "time frames" that MFW suggests for doing many subjects within a Charlotte Mason "short effective lessons" approach. ... ute#p62191

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Re: What does your day look like in ECC?

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That's great to know that there is a sample in the manual! The link gives me a great place to start as well until I can get it. :-)
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Re: What does your day look like in ECC?

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We just follow the schedule in the manual at our house, with some adjusting so that ds does one "hard thing" before we do another "fun thing" :~

Here's some more conversation on scheduling out ECC.
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Re: What does your day look like in ECC?

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erikdeb wrote:Do most of you find the sample times in the manual to be mostly accurate for how long it takes you (Bible, science, geography, etc)?

We are soon to finish ADV and take a break to have a baby, and I'll want to have a schedule planned out before we start ECC later this summer - hoping I can just use the example in the TM to give me a true idea for times. ????

Hi! We have had to adjust the order of subjects and amounts of time, but the sample schedule definitely gave me a great starting point and we don't stray that far from the order of subjects in the grid. I'm not going to put times on this because I feel like I try to keep most things to around a half hour, except the handwriting was only 10-15 min. and it is something I added in. So, that's about 4 hours, not including chores or breaks.

Bible at breakfast
finish chores
Morning meeting (scripture memory, stretching/exercises, calendars)
Handwriting (HWT)
snack break (sometime we do science here or the geography game)
work with dd on 1st gr., ds had independent things to work on (usually computer software for typing, math drill, etc.)
work with ds on PLL, reading/spelling while dd did her independent things (computer or coloring, drawing, etc.)
lunch break
science (if not already done) and read alouds
music and musical instrument practice

We also did art on Fridays a lot and had other activities in the afternoons like 4H, music lessons, dance class, Tae KwonDo, etc. I hope this "picture" of what our days looked like is helpful. I know that it will look different for each family. My older child (ds) is dyslexic and dysgraphic, so teaching him right now might look different than teaching a 3rd grader who was reading and writing more independently.
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Re: What does your day look like in ECC?

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I would say the times in the ECC manual are accurate, but at the high end. A third grader isn't going to do Math for an hour, for instance. (At least mine's not!) The other subjects are pretty much 15 minute blocks, which I see as "no longer than 15 minutes" at that age, but that's what I use to plan, then there's cushion for if we get really involved in something. If I take independent reading time out of their schedule (to do during quiet time after lunch) and cut math to 30 minutes, that leaves 3 hours plus breaks, which is pretty accurate at our house.
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Re: What does your day look like in ECC?

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Thank you. That will help me alot in planning, if I know they are accurate-ish. I just don't want to always be needing MORE time than is allowed.

We are finishing ADV tomorrow, having a baby next week, and while we are in recovery/find-new-normal mode I am hoping to make a MOTH schedule for when we start in on ECC. :)
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Schedule for 2nd, 5th, and 8th grader doing ECC

Unread post by SarahP »

ckd0822 wrote:Ok, I am way ahead of myself, but my dh just gave me the thumbs up for HS the kiddos next school year. I am going to do ECC with 8th grade supplement, spelling power, cursive first (recommended by a friend), writing strands 3&4(dd10, ds13), ds13 will also be doing Saxon algebra and Apologia Biology (he is in all accelerated classes, so he is taking pre-algebra and physical science this year). Ds7 Singapore 2a&b, dd10 5a&b. I want to get RS German level 1 also.

I know that the lesson plan gives you an idea for planning time for each subject, but for those of you that have worked those subjects how long should I plan for each. Do block schedules work better than doing every subject every day? I am completely new to even the concept of homeschooling, so I need help ;)
When you get your stuff you'll be able to see the teacher's manual which lays everything out for you perfectly. (Perhaps someone can post a picture of a week's grid, if that is aloud?). Everything included in the curriculum is scheduled with open slots for filling in spelling , language arts, English, reading, foreign language etc. You can choose to bunch days together if you desire. We usually try to get all the work done in 4 days which we do pretty easily (I have two 5 year olds doing First Grade and tagging along with my 8 year old who is doing ECC). This is our first year homeschooling. I started our school year a little earlier than I "needed" to so that I could start really slowly without stressing out. It took about 3 weeks before I felt confident and our days started to flow pretty well. Thankfully you have several months to gather your curriculum, get your supplies organized and get your game plan on!


Re: Schedule for 2nd, 5th, and 8th grader doing ECC

Unread post by cbollin »

Glad to hear your update!

here's a link to the grid that Sarah is mentioning.... ... s/#Samples
starts around page 7 of that sample?

I've never been good with "how much time" does it take. Some days we go right down the grid. Other days, we do somethings mixed up. Overall, in jr. high years, I think it took my daughter about 5 hours to get it all done. That wasn't necessarily 5 straight hours though. Some things she did in evening.

MFW likes to say it takes about 4 hours in elementary using the time box suggestions. This is along the lines of a "Charlotte Mason" philosophy of getting it done.
I like having my Writing Strands on Th and Fridays usually instead of W and TH.

Spelling Power is designed for about 15 minutes a day. 4 days a week in MFW.
cursive first - not sure what that is? but penmanship instruction in general can be 5 minutes with several philosophies out there and then practice through the day with other subjects.
Plan for Saxon Algebra to be 60-90 minutes a day.
Apologia Science - the text recommends that you start with 30 minutes a day. Use the MFW plans.

Singapore Math - no body sounds "behind" (you did placement test, right?) So that can be around 30-45 minutes on most days I think?

Rosetta Stone: for non high school credit, plan for 15-20 minute increments.

Hoping someone has some links to various planners and schedules and all of that.

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ECC: Is the Week 9 sample schedule a typical week?

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

abrightmom wrote:Trying to figure out what the workload will be like for my boys but I don't have a TM yet.... Does that sample schedule reflect a typical week's work?
I just flipped through my ECC TM and I would say that week 9 is pretty typical. It's a little light in Bible compared to later weeks, but the workload is a good representation of the year. I'm one of the people who say that the first two weeks are a bit on the heavy side compared to the rest of the year -- you're just getting going again and you have lots of mapwork and science info right away.
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Re: ECC: Is the Week 9 sample schedule a typical week?

Unread post by abrightmom »


Thanks for looking and summarizing for me. I just need to sketch out out a rough schedule for now so that is enough to go on. :-)

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Help understanding specifics of the ECC sample schedule

Unread post by s_duguid »

abrightmom wrote:Brief explanations/answers are fine :-) . I want to understand the work load for a week and the opportunities to work on varying skills (i.e. reading, writing, memorizing, drawing, etc.).

1. What does it mean when the schedule says "Brazil John 3:16**"?
2. What does it mean on Fridays when it says "Letter"? Do we write one letter a week? Are there instructions in the TM for this?
3. What is the recommended age range for Advanced assignments?
4. If there are two ** does this indicate a notebooking sheet in the student packets?
5. Is the Bible portion reading and discussion? Are there any notes fleshing out the passages from Matthew? Any notebooking or projects related to Bible beyond the copywork/dictation and memorization?
6. What is assigned for Vocabulary on Friday? Is this making vocab cards with term, definition, sentence, illustration?
7. Hero Tales isn't referenced on the Week 9 sample so I'm curious how often we do something related to that. What specifically do we do? A missionary notebooking page?
8. Does the Book Basket contain a book list that is separated out by reading level/grade? The only BB list I've used is from Adventures and that guide was more narrow in it's age/grade range. Are there any "follow ups" to BB reading or is it simply a time to "feast" on lots of books?
9. Is narration worked in to the weekly schedule in any "structured" or "scheduled" way or is it something that I ask for on my own?

I am filling out the weekly grid for the sample schedule and trying to get a feel for what I'd be doing each day with each kiddo and whether or not we can actually DO this....
1 & 4 are related, kinda. ** indicate student sheet. Brazil John 3:16 sheet. There are several student sheets to be colored that have a child from a country with John 3:16 written in their language. Really cool.

2. Letter. In the introduction to manual there are general instructions. Fridays are set aside from letter writing. Could be a grandparent or penpal, etc.

3. Advanced. I think it's 5th and up. Again in teacher's manual.

5. Bible reading. Mom/teacher and student talk about it. Bible verses use copywork and dictation.

6. Vocabulary. Geography A to Z book. Make 4x6 cards with illustration and definition.

7. Hero Tales. Read out loud. Questions at end of each story.

8. Book basket will have some titles with notes of age appropriateness, usually with chapter books. Lots of great picture books for all ages listed, too. Book basket is the "feast" where child can pick up selections, look at pictures, read cover to cover, whatever exposure you desire or their interest is.

9. Narration. An ongoing process as parent reads. Gauges comprehension. TM has some helps about narration.

I have found MFW so easy to use. Pretty much pick up and go each day. Little prep time needed.
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Re: Help understanding specifics of the ECC sample schedule

Unread post by cbollin »

tagging on

3. I've heard it's 5th-8th grade should probably be doing. 4th grade - maybe with parent help. 3rd and under... not needed, but you can try if they are begging to do it. or just wanna

5. Nope. . You get to add interpretation to any of that. You can use study Bible of translation of your preference. or other commentary, or as led by the Spirit. (I liked my study bible with notes and then there were cool times when God said "hey crystal did you catch that big picture by reading it slowly over three days?"

Other Bible time - pray all week from Window on the World.. I know you're not asking for ideas... but.. sorry...

7. Hero Tales. The entire book is used over the year. Just not that week. Students also do copywork from the "character trait" in each lesson. We made a cute little bio sheet as extra.

hmm.. feel like I'm forgetting something...

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Re: Help understanding specifics of the ECC sample schedule

Unread post by abrightmom »

Thanks ladies. I appreciate the detailed answers. :-) There will be no shortage of stuff to do, that's for sure! I was concerned we might not have "enough" but I know now that we will. My oldest will be 10 so though he's 4th grade he is on the older end (and thinks like a logic stage kiddo). I'll take it slow at first but will likely require some of the Advanced work from him.

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