Student Sheets & Parent Supplement (2nd edition) - Reviews

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Student Sheets & Parent Supplement (2nd edition) - Reviews

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Even though I had already made a lot of the geography game, I went ahead and ordered three copies of the MFW pre-made one. Wow! It is fantastic. The kids love it, and it is soooo much prettier than the one I made. Great investment! Thank you, MFW, for the work that went into producing it. :) It is a huge time saver, and having it all ready to go has resulted in my family playing the game more frequently.

Hope everyone is doing well! Thanks to those who have a link to their blog in their signature. I love reading them and keeping up with other MFW families. :)


Another ECC first edition question

Unread post by cbollin »

Michele in WA wrote: In the second edition student sheets for ECC, what is added other than the geography game maps, and sheets for Properties of Ecosystems? I'm looking though my first edition TM, and there are lots of copies made from A trip Around the World, World Geography, etc. Will I need to still make those copies, or are they now included?

Also, If I am not using Properties of Ecosystems, is the new teachers supplement really needed if I am using the first edition?

I will be teaching this level to 4 of my children, so I am trying to figure out if paying for 4 student packs will be worth not having to make copies? :-) Thanks so much for your help.
Flag sheets from A Trip and Another Trip are part of the new sheets.
a tiny handful of things like cross puzzles in A Trip and Another Trip will still need to be copied even if you get 2nd edition sheets.

World Geography book is not part of student sheets except for the pages that are boundary maps for geography game, and other maps. but the pages for making research packet will need to be copied per student or depending on level, get each a book.

new student sheets also have the game cards for the geography game, not just the game board.

and the John 3:16 pages from appendix in 1st, are improved in 2nd edition and more are added.

You got the pre test and post test, and flags, the make the Nate Saint airplane is done on yellow cardstock, etc. You can tell, I'm getting where I dont' like prep work at all. ;)

Everything that is in the 1st edition appendix is included.

I just counted it very quickly in the number of pages in the student sheets that are not POE related. I got 78 sheets. That would be worth it to me to get them premade and not worry about the unused stuff.

thinking out loud:
is $15 * 4 = 60.... is that worth it to not have to copy all of the maps and make your own geography game? If it were me trying to figure it out for me, I'd count up the number of pages I needed to copy from 1st edition and figure out how much that is. I'd factor in some for the work and then whether or not pre made colored in geography game was worth it. I know my printer ink is about $17-$20 for one cartridge and that is 150 sheets.

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Geography Game ?s

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momsflowergarden wrote:I just opened up their student sheets. I didn't realize that the game was there also. I had just opened up the parent sup. sheets and was looking at it there. I am good then as I will use the parent ones and the kids will each have their own. :-)
We ended up purchasing another set for Dad! :-) The geography game is probably my favorite part of ECC. I wish I could say my favorite part was something more "spiritual," but we really, really love that game! We had family game night last night and we asked dd, "What do you want to play? Scrabble? Dominoes?" Nope. "The Geography Game!!!" :-)
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Re: Geography Game ?s

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Mine love it too! We love the new rules with the dice now. [week 13 of ECC manual]

I also made up my own rules with Europe because there are so many. I started out with 2 dice (so you could roll a total of 12 max). Then they rolled and added and told what country that would be. They were able to learn 1-12 better that way. You could then add a third dice to add 6 more at a time.
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Student Sheets

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our_arrows wrote:What are they exactly? I've read that for ECC there's many maps that they will label, and coloring pages, but what else? Are they q&a type worksheets or note booking sheets? What are they like? I really wish there was a sample of them, it would help tremendously! This is the only hang up I have and why I haven't ordered yet. I'm trying to make sure on exactly what I'm getting into before I take the leap and change curriculums!
I haven't used ECC. You could call the office and ask. They are very helpful!

In K and 1st, it is different worksheets that go along with the curriculum as well as game pieces for different games suggested, calendar pages (K) and copy work pages. Oh and the timeline pieces in 1st. I imagine it is similar yet different (since they are past phonics at that point) in the "older" grades. I suggest you call them. :)
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Re: Student Sheets

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I think the best answer would be "notebooking sheets." Yes, there are a lot of maps. The coloring pages are related to the country being studied, including a flag page that the student colors realistically, then writes a notebook page. There are also a lot of science pages, not necessarily Q&A, although there is some of that - mostly just a starter for creating notebook pages about the science topic. There's about 4 student sheets per week, plus you have additional notebook pages from World Geography and the Trip Around The World books. HTH

eta: The set of Student Sheets in ECC also includes the Geography Game, which you don't want to miss.
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Re: Student Sheets

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Student sheets are different in ECC than the history years. Or really, each year is different. For ECC, I'm going to throw out a list from memory, and folks can correct my misakes :)

- Geography game (a board and cards for each continent)
- Properties of Ecosystems worksheets for older kids for science
- Flag page for each country studied
- John 3:16 pages for many countries, with the verse in their language and children in traditional dress
- Nate Saint airplane to put together
- I think there was a geography pre-test and post-test
- World map for each biome
- Continent maps for country studies
- Geography activities such as the one on "scale" using graph paper
- A cover page for your notebook (not sure how these will change, they used to match the ECC guide cover)

Hope I'm not forgetting anything major?!
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ECC parent/teacher supplement??

Unread post by TriciaMR »

rawbanana wrote:Do I need this? I did ECC back in 2010/2011 and didn't have one and it worked fine. I plan to use all my same books (needing to buy the 7/8th grade supplements this time though!) I NEED the teacher supplement? what's in it? Thanks!
A copy of the geography game for you. (Maps of each continent, and them country cards)
Map masters (in case a map gets messed up and a child needs to redo)
A Chinese Checkers game
Seems like one more thing, but my little ol' mind is drawing a blank.
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