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* Testimonies from Users - Even more!

Unread post by 705emily »


Can I just say how much we have been blessed by this wonderful curriculum this year! I have found it to be so rich and exciting for our whole family! This week is missions conference at our church. Today, when we went to church there were about 40 country flags up in the church representing all of the missionaries our church supports. It was so exciting to hear the kids identify all the flags they knew! They were telling people where the countries were, and which continent, and which oceans were near to them, etc.! It was a proud mama moment! :)

I am so grateful for the love, prayers, and hard work that the Hazells have put into bringing us this curriculum. I am also so grateful for the way in which ECC has broadened our minds and hearts to pray for nations around the world where God's word is not preached. Thank you!

Julie in MN wrote:We're just about a month into ECC for the second time, and I can say ECC is what I love most about MFW :) "Broadened our minds and hearts" is really a good description. It's fun to share the encouragement -- thanks for posting!
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We are learning a lot and will remember playing...

Unread post by RachelT »

We are doing ECC this year and my children are in 1st and 3rd grades. We do the John 3:16, flag sheets, Around the World fun pages, color in our country on the map and use stickers to identify it's location on another map. We have included some sheets about currency exchange rates or unique things to countries, but I quickly realized that we were not going to be able to do much of the World Geography book, so I just decided to not worry about it and use it the next time we go through ECC. Even if we had done the world geography packet, I think that would not be what the children nor I would remember!

We are learning a lot and will remember playing Mancala, making tangrams and origami, making Carnivale T shirts, playing the geography games, listening to the Wee Sing Around the World cd, reading about Nate Saint, etc. We haven't even read all of the biographies, but we can read more of those later and the ones that we did read have had an impact! We have learned a lot about the world and will remember many of these experiences.

We are planning on studying CtG next year in 2nd and 4th grades, so I am sure we will have to tweak the lesson plans and make them work for us. I appreciate that I can still teach my children together and adjust things as needed.

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Box Day!!!

Unread post by doubleportion »

Last week of ECC. This has been an awesome year of learning for both dd and I. So much is in ECC! It is so rich in not just the academics either. We are truly developing a heart to pray for God's World and all the people on it. I am so glad that the Lord brought us to MFW and so thankful that Marie & David followed His direction and created this curriculum.

I just got everything to do CTG! Yahhhhhhooooo! Happy Dancing!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, David & Marie!!!!

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Box Day today!

Unread post by KimberlyND »

I can hardly wait! Our CTG box is scheduled to arrive today. I got to look at CtG at our convention but couldn't order until April. Now it will soon be in our hands!!! Yay!

I just wanted to say (again) how much I love MFW. In our 14 years of homeschooling we have tried many things: Konos (that was hard for me and disjointed for the kids) for 3 years, Prairie Primer for 1 year, and various textbooks. I guess I always liked the idea of using "living books" to teach versus the textbook approach. What a help for me to read about the Charlotte Mason approach to teaching. I love how MFW combines this with the classical. Most of all I love the Biblical worldview and the heart for missions that this year, ECC, has given us. Yes, me as well as the children.

I love the idea that it will take 4 years to do world history. With my older three who have all graduated I spred out world history over their 4 years of high school. How much easier it would have been for me to have MFW. Now the younger two will get that four year history study twice plus the wonderful year of ECC twice!

We started with MFW when my ds(8) was in first. So I didn't get to use the K program. I will get to use it with dd(4) next fall. We loved ADV and are in Russia in ECC. Can't believe we are almost finished with it.

I also appreciate all you posters on this forum! I might not post much but I am reading your ideas and have gained much insight from them. It's nice to know that help is only a finger touch away. I just love the fellowship we enjoy on this board. Blessings to all of you this day.

Postby KimberlyND » Thu Apr 08, 2010 6:37 am
Good news, the box came in the morning. Ds said the UPS truck was here! We all ran downstairs (we do school upstairs) to the main floor. Ds cut the tape on the boxes with his jack knife. Dd got to open the boxes. Got to keep it even. And we all dug in.

I spent last night looking over the manual and The Victor Journey Through the Bible. Of course I loved the manual. It was just what I was expecting. Victor was a surprise though! I'm not sure what I thought it would be like, something good for sure, but I just love the looks of it. It looks like it will be a great resource.

It is so encouraging when the kids are excited about what they will be studying, too. As they had free time in the afternoon they were looking at the books. The dinosaur book was fought over. It's kind of neat that they will both be studying creation next year. Dd will be doing K but she is an auditory learner and soaks up so much of what ds and I are studying. So she will get a lot of the ancient stuff, too.
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Looking thru my ECC manual...

Unread post by rawbanana »

Ok, I am a newbie to MFW and got my deluxe kit a couple weeks ago. I am now just getting around to really looking thru the manual and I must say I am SOOOOOOOOO excited to start using it this fall!!!!!! Everything is SO nicely laid out and there is NO guesswork for mom!! HOORAY!!!!
Up until last fall I thought MFW only did K and 1st grade so I never really gave it a thought, but I am SO glad I have seen the light!
Thank you Marie and David!!

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Re: Looking thru my ECC manual...

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Hi Anna,
It's so fun to hear when someone new discovers the treasure of MFW. It makes me remember when I first did. Thanks for sharing!
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Re: Looking thru my ECC manual...

Unread post by KimberlyND »

We are using ECC this year, almost finished with our school year. It has been a great study. I remember feeling overwhelmed when I first got my box and saw all the books we would be using. Then I realized that we don't use every book each day. The manual is so well written. I always know I can jump right in whether I've had a chance to look over the week's assignments or not.

Each year I think, "Next year's curriculum can't be as good as this." And it always is. I now have CtG and have been enjoying going through the manual and looking at the books we will be using next year. I think it might be hard to wait for fall.

MFW really is the best! (IMHO)
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Celebrating ECC

Unread post by NJCheryl »

My daughter is in 4th grade and we are just finishing ECC. We have had such a great year! Yesterday she took the geography post-test. In the beginning of the year the USA was the only country she could label. Yesterday she correctly label 71 countries! I was so impressed. Thank you MFW for giving us the tools to teach our children well.
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Re: Celebrating ECC

Unread post by KimberlyND »

Good Job. We, too, are just finishing ECC. Ds (8) is in 3rd grade. He only knew the USA on the pretest also. And I think I coached him a bit on that. So far this week he has done North America, South America, Europe, and Africa post tests. He really has done well. I am so proud of him. I will have him do Asia today and Australia tomorrow. It is kind of sad to be done for the year but nice too. We are enjoying reading "Mr. Popper's Penguins."
NJCheryl wrote:We are reading that now too. It is hilarious!
Kimberly in ND
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Re: Celebrating ECC

Unread post by RachelT »

We are finishing ECC, too!! I am excited that we have accomplished so much, but also sad to be done with such a fun year of learning about the world. I always feel this way, but I always enjoy the next year's curriculum, too! My children remembered more than 50 countries and they both only knew the USA, and maybe Canada and Mexico at the beginning of ECC. Yay!

When we read the final assignment in the Properties of Ecosystems book, we tried writing a poem about what we have learned about God's creation this year. The kids really came up with the sentences on their own and I just prompted them to remember things that we had studied like "what about the ocean" or "remember the desert". I feel so blessed to be able to reflect upon the Creator and our incredible world with my children during our schoolwork! Thank you MFW!! I wanted to share it the poem with you.

God, your creation is beautiful.
The flowers and trees are pretty.
The butterflies are beautiful and amazing.
You made so many wonderful animals.
The ocean is sparkling and the waves are powerful.
The seashells are pretty and fragile.
The snow sparkles in the sun.
The desert is hot and dry and the rainforest is wet and moist.
Thank you God for creating us and all of these wonderful things.
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Re: Celebrating ECC

Unread post by 705emily »

What a sweet poem Rachel!! Thanks for sharing!

We just did the post-test as well and both kids did GREAT! I too am sad to be closing out ECC! It has been such a fun and rewarding year! I just love how God has provided for us with MFW curriculum! I mean there's lots to pick from out there--but somehow I feel as though I'm at Home with this one! It just works for our family and I'm so grateful! Looking forward to CTG! :-)

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Our first day and the ECC pretest

Unread post by lisaha »

The children had alot of fun on our first day today! :) We started at 8:30 and we were done by 11. WE did not do LA's or spelling today and we only did review math on a white board for a fun first day. WE did review letters and cursive letters for Abby, and read an easy book together with all three of us and the little ones watching, taking turns. It was fun! The little ones, colored a blank map while the older ones did the ECC pretest and they all loved the books we read together! :) The children enjoyed listening to Window on the World, they loved maps and Globes, we took pictures for passports (with me using a funny voice and pretending to work behind the desk at the court house), filled out the forms, decorated name cards for thier baskets, the book basket and art basket, listened to some music from "wee Sing". We did the ECC Pretest and I was soooooooooo impressed with my 4th grader, Abigail, she got ALOT of the countries all around the world! :) She can't spell them right, but I did not count that. ;) She spent some time this summer reading out of an atlas for fun! LOL! Joshua got Amercia and Brazil, he is starting 2nd, so I think that is ok. They all wanted MORE school when we were done today! THats always a good thing! :)
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Moment by moment with ECC!

Unread post by momsflowergarden »

ECC Wk 2 complete!
We have completed wk 2. Today we did the Jn 3:16 poster, at last and made it a Jn 3:16-17 poster as this week we memorized v.17. I am liking this material more every day. We have had our hitches but nothing that hasn't been overcome. :-) I haven't read Kindgom Tales to the kids at all.

Now on to studying USA next wk.
booklovermom25 wrote:It's nice to know that even though we're starting mid year, we're not alone.
(finished 1st week of ECC)
Postby momsflowergarden » Fri Jan 21, 2011 9:18 pm
ECC Wk 3 complete!
I know I have said it before but I am going to repeat it. I am loving this curr. more every day. We basically do school Tue. through Friday as both my husband and oldest son do not work on Monday and it is, umm, difficult to get anything done when one or the other is coming in to 'visit'. :~ The thing is this is the first curr. that we have tried that this has been possible.

We had a couple of rough days but worked through it and yesterday and today went much better.

For those who waged in when I post last week and said I wasn't going to use Kingdom Tales, I want to THANK YOU big time. We are loving it. In fact I talked to my middle son who has 7 adopted and foster children and they home school. They do not use MFW but I could see them using Kingdom Tales as a devotional type book. Last night I did start having them draw what I was reading about. It seemed to help my ds with not being quit so impatient. :)

We did the book mark and the kids today made a coup stick. They had a lot of fun doing the coup stick especially.
I have to admit I am having a difficult time wrapping my brain around the PLL/ILL being enough but we are going to keep going with it for awhile. The bottom line is we are getting through the material, the kids are learning and for the most part we are all enjoying it.
Cyndi (AZ) wrote:I love reading all this! It's like a little flashback to a few months ago. You are doing SO WELL!! I'm thrilled that ECC is working out for your family. I understand the PLL thing, too. I've started to supplement then stopped to breathe so many times through PLL! :-) It really *is* enough. My dd can write such amazing sentences, and I've seen proof from so many others' children that have used it as well.

Cool stuff!!
annaz wrote:We finished week 4! The coup stick looked fun, but dd wanted to do the sand in week 3!

We finished KT up to the Restoration and last night dd wanted to take the book and re-read the stories! It's an excellent book! We had a busy week out, but luckily we had already read a bunch of US books. To stay on track we just did math review and used KT for narration and the questions for Reading. DD loved alphabetizing the states. The cards I still had from ADV!

I'm with you on ILL. I love the simplicity though. We're coming from using BJU4. I agree it seems light. It is however a lot less boring, covering other neat stuff, so I'm going to give it a chance and see where it takes us. It's early enough in grade that I doubt we'll be behind.

The World Geography book is a bit daunting, but I just do as MFW suggests and don't stress too much on it. DD doing pretty good on knowing the US map too. I used a link for placing the states from the MFW Archives and she thought it was really fun.

I love this program too so far. The box checker in me loves it, but I also feel like we can really pull out what interests DD. I took the Illustrated World Atlas and the Classroom Atlas and have dd tell me one cool thing she learned.

Having the archives and the info at the front of the TM is so helpful. It really makes ECC cater to us.

So momsflowergarden, you're really staying on track!
I have to admit I was not planning on having my ds use the World Geography book and my dd is fifth but doing so much learning on her own. She almost has the 50 states memorized. She dug out our old Leapsters and there was a book for that with the US map and the states. She has been working with it pretty diligently on her own. I know she would do it and do it well but I simple felt to not push that part.

I do appreciate your words of encouragement.
annaz wrote:As long as they're learning something new, it's just fine. What I love about this curriculum is that you can use anything that relates! Leapsters! Puzzles! Games! And I don't fall off track! And boy do I have stuff! In the World Geography Book I saw that we could use it in math when we were doing coordinate and bar graphs! I love that we really can pick and choose and box-check! It's such a nice change from the stringent program I came from.
Postby momsflowergarden » Sun Feb 13, 2011 7:36 pm
ECC Wk 6 completed
Last wk was another really busy wk but we did get all the reading done and the work sheet and notebook things completed. We didn't do anything for a craft as, well, there were way to many interruptions taking place. I am hopeful that this week will not be so full as I am exhausted and it is Sunday. (Our week end was weird and wild also.) :~

I have to admit the temptation to take a week off has really been tempting. We school yr around so I have done a wk off that isn't scheduled but so far I have been able to fight off that urge. :-)

I will say that the love for ECC has not diminished even with the wildness at our house. Every day I am amazed at the things we are learning. I guess the only thing that I haven't been able to accomplish at all has been the Geog. Game. I did give it a try on Friday afternoon but my ds went into super control mode and I have learned from experience that the best thing for everyone is to simply pack the game up and try it again another time. I am thinking of possibly playing it with each child individually. That works sometimes.

My dd is doing so much learning on her own. She almost has the 50 states memorized. She dug out our old Leapstirs and there was a book for that with the US map and the states. She has been working with it pretty diligently on her own. I just decided that I would let her do her own exploration and not do any more 'required' for her.

I hope all of the rest of you that are doing the mid year start fresh thing had a good week last week and have an even greater week this week.
annaz wrote:I would have started this thread for you momsflowergarden, but we didn't complete Week 7. :~ We went to an arboretum one day and it was wonderful, but tiring. With co-op the next day, two busy weekends (one to include the Pinewood Derby) and colds, we just took Friday off. So I can so understand your urge to take off a week. Plus it's supposed to be 80 and it's been pretty cold for AZ. Some days I'd just like to take a break without guilt. Sometimes I think it's a wonder dd is where she's at. ;)

I got a game thought that looks fantastic... by Out of the Box called 10 Days in the America's. I wish that we didn't have co-op so we could just have our own "game day". We only have a family of 3 so it's hard to find games that work with 2-3 players. We will try that this week.

So we've completed 2 days into Canada on week 7. I love the Hero Tales book. Short, sweet and to the point. Effective. With that said, it looks like I'll have to pick and choose, because sometimes I just poop out. Ah...the pitfalls of being an old parent.
Yes, being an older parent does affect everything. I am in my 60's and struggle with some health issues that drains my energy also. Normally I take a couple of hrs in the middle of the day and rest but this last week is just never happened. I have to get up early to get my oldest son up. He is in a power chair and works full time so my first 2 hrs is spent doing that. I then am up late as I also put him to bed so it is rare for me to be in bed before 11 or just a bit before. If I get that rest in I do fine but oh boy if I continuously miss it.........this momma gets very tired.

I also love Hero Tales. We have been enjoying Cameron Townsend but I am a chapter behind with it. We do school 4 days a week so it is difficult to get it all in at times and my ds gets a bit starry eyed with long reading so I have been breaking it up. I read 1/2 a chapter when we do Bible, 1/2 a chapter as we start our science and history/geog reading and then another 1/2 chapter when we are finished with the sc/hist. We will get the other 1/2 chapter in just before bed time.

Hoping next weeks goes well for you.

Postby momsflowergarden » Fri Mar 04, 2011 11:33 pm
ECC week 7 finished
This week we were able to get back into a routine and finish except for one ch. in Cam. Town. I will try to get it done this week end. I really haven't even been on this board for the last couple of weeks so those that are doing ECC please check in and let me know what is happening!
annaz wrote:Hi Momsflowergarden!
We just finished week 10 and we're part way into 11. We had a wonderful week just doing school!

Matthew is giving us really good discussions. We love it. A favorite is Window on the World and of course Hero Tales which we didn't read this week, but they are DD's favorites!

DD can place all the South American countries on the geo game, although it is a little easier than North America was south of Mexico. We are having a problem with the Illustrated Atlas book as it has a environmental tone to it. But I've already read through it for a heads up for me. DD caught some of it on her own. :-) Other than that, it's an enjoyable book.

We are looking forward to a Nate Saint week! :-)
I so agree that Matthew is the base for some good discussions. We are enjoying both Hero Tales and Cam. Townsend. The chapters in Cam. Towns. do get a bit long some days but they are engaging though so some times about the time I think it is time to quit something happens and we are all wanting to find out what happened. I have several of the ones written for younger children (16 of them) and we have read through those many times so it is fun to hear a bit more of what took place in their lives.
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We love it!

Unread post by MelissaM »

We finished Week 2! We love it!

I really love that although it did seem like quite a full week this week, the fullness included music, art, nature walk, etc. Before we started ECC, our weeks were so full that we were never even getting to that stuff, and it was very frustrating.

Anyway - yay! This member of the mid-year ECC club is extremely happy as well.

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Just had to share -ECC

Unread post by amelasky »

We currently have missionaries from Australia at our church. They are an awesome Aussie family that has a passion and heart to share the gospel with the youth of the U.S. My kids have had such a wonderful time listening to their family.

It is amazing to me to see how much my daughter has retained from ECC last year. To top it all off, Daniel plays the digeridoo! So my kids think that is SO awesome. It is wonderful to see how God has laid such a groundwork for my kids through MFW and to see how He keeps bringing wonderful people into our lives that my children can relate to and understand so much more about them than I would have ever thought possible!
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Re: Just had to share -ECC

Unread post by DS4home »

momsflowergarden wrote:That is awesome.
My dd has told me twice since we started ECC that she is thinking about being a missionary. I have just been encouraging her to keep listening, learning and mostly seeking her Heavenly Father as to what He would have her do. I have also told her that if she has that inkling/desire that God will put it together for her as she obeys.
I believe that is has been no small thing that we have started using this curriculum.
Sandy, You sound just like where we were our first time through ECC. My middle dd is a deep thinker, and ECC really touched her heart in a major way. In the next two years the Lord put such a burden on her heart to GO! She felt such an urgency that she needed to do something now !! I ended up searching for teen mission trips.... long story short.... She went to South Africa on an eight week trip after RTR. And to Honduras two years later, at which time she made a full time commitment to missions. She can hardly wait to get through high school now, so she can GO for real!
Yes, ECC is an amazing year :-) And God most certainly can speak to our precious children through it :-)

Just wanted to share what it looks like in our family five years later ;)

momsflowergarden wrote:Dawn, thank you for sharing. I felt shortly after we got the kids that they would both be in missions of some time. I have never said anything to them about that as it needs to be God's doings not mine but have had it tucked in my heart and prayed that He would speak to both of them as to where He desires them to head in life. My ds is still convinced that he is going to be a Star Wars clone trooper ;) so nothing overly spiritual about his aspirations. :-) I have felt that he would possibly minister to the Native American peoples but again, that is God's doing and I have never mentioned it.
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Re: Just had to share -ECC

Unread post by MelissaM »

I love these stories!

The week after we started ECC, we had a guest minister at my church who was talking about how we can/should all be missionaries by using our talents to serve, etc. He laid hands on my dd9 and told her that she would be a missionary someday.

She told me about it (I was in the nursery at the time), and then she said, "He didn't mean I have to go to China or anything. But if I want to, you can't stop me!"

LOL. I assured her that if God intends for her to go to China, I will not stand in the way.

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Ordered ECC, DS has begged me to do this!

Unread post by homemama »

We've had a rocky year with changing curriculum. DS is 9 years in 3rd grade, a wiggly willy, possibly ADHD. We started out with ECC in hand, but I got nervous about starting something different (we've been mostly textbooks) and sold it instead. We tried a literature program for awhile, but I wasn't too happy with some of the book choices and wanted some hands on activities included. So, since he has curiosity about other countries and geography in general, I've decided to give ECC a try. ;)

I'm still new at this way of teaching (former ps teacher) and I'm not always confident. However, I know that ds needs a different mode of learning. So, I'm willing to do whatever it takes. I've been at the point of giving up on homeschooling and I really need something to work and for us to stick with something long term. So, we are looking forward to a new year and hopefully a new turn in our homeschooling! :-)

As a joke, I asked him did he want me to send ECC back and he said, "no, no, no, we're gonna keep that." LOL! It was a funny moment, but also joyful. Gonna keep praying for better homeschool days ahead! ;)

Thanks again for all the help!
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Intro, some questions, ready for any and all advice!

Unread post by jasntas »

Mallorie wrote:Greetings all! My name is Lori, this is my first year homeschooling, and my kids are in 1st, 4th and 7th.

I stumbled across a bunch of MFW threads on another message board, and what caught my attention about MFW was not the rigor, cost or anything like that. It was reading several posts that MFW reached the heart of a child, helping mold their values, faith and worldview, not to mention a couple that stated MFW "taught them how to homeschool". That is very important to me, I think the reason so many curriculum choices failed for us was that they were lacking in those areas, and I started hs'ing this late in the game. We were recreating "school at home", but it did not have much more appeal than actual school. None of us were happy.

So, I have read and read as much as possible about MFW, and have some questions and concerns. First off, as they will be 2nd, 5th and 8th when we start, i'm reading that ECC would be best. Will it reach my 2nd and 8th graders as much as the 5th? Is this a wise choice with this wide of an age stretch?

I really want to combine my kids, I need a curriculum that holds my hand and shows me what to do. Interesting and fun would be nice, too. :)
I think ECC would be a great place to start. We have been using it with a 1st and 4th grader and they both love it.

BTW, welcome along! :-)

Postby jasntas » Fri May 27, 2011 6:25 pm
We LOVE MFW and ECC has been an awesome year! (Today was our last day. My dc have been remembering and reminiscing all week. They're even a bit sad that ECC is over. It hasn't been easy convincing them that CTG will be fun, too. Well, until I told them that part of the year we'll be studying Ancient Egypt. ;) )
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Re: Intro, some questions, ready for any and all advice!

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MFW took some adjusting for me but what won me back in for ECC and the rest of the cycle was realizing that my children (participants ages 5-8) retained everything we'd covered during our ADV year. Not only had they retained it, but our ADV lessons were their favorite part of the year. They couldn't wait to get through their book work and get onto the other stuff.

I'm also realizing that while they've used a very reputable L.A. curriculum for the past couple of years, my dd is still struggling through things. I don't see any real evidence of her learning. I have a degree in English, so it's important to me for my children to have an appreciation for language and literature. And one thing I do remember from college, all those years ago, LOL, was hearing from several professors that we will spit out what we take in. IOW, if we read good stuff, then we'll write good stuff. So, I'm interested to see how my dd's writing and language improve after the first semester. :) If it doesn't work, we can always go back to the traditional/textbook approach. :)
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ECC Country Count

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Today we did our end of year country identification test (Saturday School : )) My nine year old labeled 36 countries (and she labeled the continents, too), up from four countries she named on the pretest at the beginning of the year, and this with us having not played Geography Game very often, which we should have done and I'm kicking myself now... In any case, ECC has brought to light the many different people and places in the world that she previously did not have a clue about. She has been able to look outside the boundaries of our community, city, state and country, and her eyes have been open to the fact that there are many people who live differently, who have different needs and lifestyles from our own. She has also seen how so very many of those people have beliefs that are contrary to the Word of God and how they also NEED HIM!

Wow, I am so thrilled to see the fruit of our labor from this year in ECC! It hasn't been an easy year, but we kept forging ahead. I made some necessary changes along the way to make the study fit our needs a little better. At times I couldn't see the forest for the trees. However, with God's abundant grace, and with encouragement from fellow ECC users both on this board and in our homeschool group, we have made it through. We are so thankful to have taken this trip around the world. It has been worth it!
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Great Start!

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Just wanted to say how wonderful our school year is going after making the switch to MFW and ECC. Definitely led by God to this curriculum: an answer to my prayers and a blessing to my kids. I feel rejuvenated after 5+ years of more traditional based schooling, and the greatest part is letting God have control and seeing the great things He has done/has planned in leading us right to this program. ( Even gave me a 2nd chance when I said no the first time.)

How relieved my 5th grader is when she says, "we're really done for the day!!!??? Wow, this is great, Mom, and a lot of fun!" My 3rd grade son can't seem to get enough of the complete book of animals. My 1st grade daughter has amazed us with her drawings for her "mini - science notebook." My almost 4 year old daughter sings the continent/ocean song everywhere she goes and our little 6 month old daughter is enjoying the extra time mama has to attend to her needs as school isn't so all - consuming these days.

Can't say it enough - we're hooked, we love it, we are grateful for the hands that have made it and for the great God who has allowed us to use it. :-)
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The Chinese Invented Ice Cream! (ECC)

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So I made Chinese Fried Rice today for our end of China meal (lunch). I know, it's Wednesday. :) Some liked it, others asked, "is there anything else?" :) I nicely told them to try it, that it was what the Chinese ate almost everyday. Then one of my girls chimed, "Can we have ice cream? The Chinese invented it!" I did not know this and I asked her how she knew. "I read it in a Book Basket book yesterday!" I told her that if she could find me where in the book, then yes, we could have ice cream, too. So she got the book (What Came from China, I think), showed me "where" and everybody was happy because we got to have ice cream on a Wednesday at lunch time, no less. :)

I've been trying to encourage my older girls to read the non-fiction Book Basket books about the country we're studying, not just the fiction. They have been doing a better job at it, I guess! :)

Just had to share.
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Finished Week 1 and......!

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We finished week one of ECC yesterday and loved it all. It went great all round.

And this is what I heard this aturday morning..... "Hey mom, can we please start week 2 TODAY?" :-) :-) :-)

This mom is going to agree. I'll do what we can while we are on this good momentum. With a baby on the way and and the fact that I deal with preterm labor, I know that there will be plenty of behind times. So, six days this week it is.

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Day 1 of week 2. We did Bible, and then started in on all the longitude/latitude stuff! Whew!!!! I'm really glad I started today, and then Monday I can finish the rest of day 1 and go back over the stuff we learned today. Good stuff, but it definitely needs to be over 2 days for my kiddos.

It went good though. :-) Geography is one area that I really didn't learn, so a lot of this stuff is new to me. My brain is exploding, lol. And I'm loving it. Learning is great!
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Just had to share - ECC blessings years later

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I just had to share the impact that ECC is having on my family even two years down the road. My daughter has been saving her birthday money that her great aunt gave her. She was saving it because she wanted to purchase Christmas presents herself this year to give to her family members. She just brought me the World Vision Gift Catalog and a handful of cash. She wanted to purchase two small animals for a hungry child in another country for Christmas instead. So she poured over the catalog and finally decided which animals would have the most impact over time for a family and we made her purchase.

Such a humbling moment here for me. She constantly reminds me to push deeper and to be even more compassionate. She has had a heart for God's people since day one of MFW, but ECC has multiplied it! She donated her own money to God's Word for the Nations while completing ECC in 3rd grade, and now as a 5th grader is wanting to provide for the physical needs of a child. God has so used this curriculum to impact our lives and I will be forever grateful.

Thank you MFW Family for all that you do, for all of the hours of hard work, for all the miles logged headed to and from conventions, for all of the copies made, books shrink wrapped, and of the boxes packed...etc. You really are making a huge difference.

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