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Re: Just had to share - ECC blessings years later

Unread post by kanderson »

WOW- What an amazing testimony!! Can't wait until we get to do ECC next year. This exactly the kind of education and character we are trying to raise our children with. My Father's World has been a huge blessing for us in that respect already and I'm sure it will only get better and better.- Thank You for sharing :)
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Re: Just had to share - ECC blessings years later

Unread post by MelissaM »

My dd did the same thing a few days ago - brought me the World Vision catalog and asked if we could buy an animal for a family. I assured her we would. Love those moments.

Love to see God working in their little hearts!
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Re: Just had to share - ECC blessings years later

Unread post by my3sons »

That is very sweet.

Our boys also purchased a couple of things from the Compassion catalog-- one of them was a sanitary bathroom. My dh joked that the irony was great of our boys buying someone else a SANITARY bathroom! (Hey, I clean, but with 4 boys the toilet area is a constant battle!) I thought that was so funny!
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Re: Just had to share - ECC blessings years later

Unread post by schelean »

That is so precious! Makes all the hard times with it. Hope your holiday is great. So thankful to meet you this past summer!
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Re: Just had to share - ECC blessings years later

Unread post by G'smom »

What an awesome DD, you have!! My own dd has been asking to do that as well as the Christmas shoebox ministry and we haven't even used ECC yet, just Adventures.
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Re: Just had to share - ECC blessings years later

Unread post by Yodergoat »

Thanks for the testimony! I am soooo looking forward to ECC! Our daughter has always had a heart for missions... she will just randomly bring change from her piggy bank to put in our "penny cup" for Gospel for Asia gospel tracts without any prompting from us. They cost one penny for two, and we put "found" pennies for change in there... if we find a penny in a parking lot, Gail will dance about saying, "Two gospel tracts, two gospel tracts! Why do people throw these away when they can help others?" So sometimes she will bring 50 cents or a quarter and ask how many it will make. But at 5, she has little grasp of the geography and the differences between cultures.

It will be great to have a whole year of school to reinforce the things we have always taught her!
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I would Love to Hear about ECC?

Unread post by asheslawson »

gratitude wrote:I would love to hear all the things that you love about ECC. How it impacted your family. What you liked about doing it. What it is really like to do day by day. How much you used the library, and how it blessed the program.

I am thinking about this as a possible program for my 2nd grader next year, when he will be in 3rd grade and 9 years of age.

God really put it on my heart in the past few weeks to start my now 6 3/4 year old 1st grader in the exact program that my oldest used at 6 1/2: MFW1 of course. Yeah! :-) I Love, love, love MFW1. David and Marie are so right on to do Bible History first for 1st graders. It is truly the best program I have ever done as a home schooler.

My oldest and I are very much enjoying his curriculum this year. He wasn't ready for ECC in September, so doing something else was in his best interest. Mine too. He had just turned 8, just finished ADV, and was just not ready.

So fast forward to next January 2013... He will be 9/3rd grade and ready for a new program. I have been trying to plan ahead. Not always my strong point, but God is working heavily on my character through home schooling. So God keeps laying on my heart ECC. It keeps showing up again and again. Maybe that is all I need to know. After all, it made MFW1 a great year not so long ago. But then my mind kicks in and wants to know what I am getting into...

I also thought if all of you list all of the things that you love about ECC that it might be an encouragement to MFW and the Hazels who bless our life daily with MFW1. Do the Hazels still read these boards? If they do a huge hello and thank you for the blessing your program has been in our lives. Your CDs too; my children & DH love them as much as I do. :-) :-)

Thank you! :-)
We had such a great year with ECC last year and we still refer to it all the time. The stories of the missionaries, really touched our hearts. I enjoyed Hero Tales, but more than that my kids and I enjoyed the more in depth stories we read in Christian Heroes Then and Now books. They are referred to by at least one of us on a weekly basis. I have an incredible desire to reach outside ourselves more and get involved in some type of missions, whether it is as sponsorship or rolling my sleeves up and seeing what my family can get involved in. My children still share the stories with passion. My son still has his 'yellow bee' plane hung over his bed (Nate Saint's little plane). My son decided to do an in depth study of South America and share it all year with his co-op. We really enjoyed some of the beautiful global art they made. I'm really looking forward to doing this again when my dd is in 5th grade. I'm even doing a condensed version of ECC with our co-op this semester because I really want to share the missionary stories with the kids in our co-op as we canvas the globe! Just a few little highlights of our year - it was a very enjoyable year.
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Re: I would Love to Hear about ECC?

Unread post by far above rubies »

We came close to not doing ECC and I'm so thrilled that we move forward.

We're learning about other cultures and groups I've never even heard of. It's a different way of going about things, as the start-up seemed slow, but of course, we've accumulated tons of knowledge. :)

I'm about to fall asleep, but the best part of ECC has been opening our hearts and minds to the rest of the world. Our favorite book is Window On the World, hands down.
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Re: I would Love to Hear about ECC?

Unread post by Poohbee »

Things we loved about ECC:

"Flying" to new countries about every two weeks and getting passports stamped by an official from that country (that would be me in a costume trying to say some of the words in that language with a bad accent). :-)

Learning the locations of so many countries in the world by playing the Geography Game once or twice a week. My dd absolutely LOVED playing the geography game! We learned so much!

Kingdom Tales! My dd and I both LOVED Kingdom Tales!

All of the missionary stories we read, both in Hero Tales and the Christian Heroes Then and Now books. We were hugely impacted by those books and stories, and we loved every one!

During ECC, we branched out in our prayer lives by looking outside ourselves and our own little world to realize that there are a whole lot of people out there who need Jesus. We have been inspired by the stories about Bible translation, and we've had the seed of the idea of a future family mission trip planted in our hearts.

I have to say, each and every year of MFW is just so enjoyable! We truly loved our trip around the world in ECC, and we are currently loving our journey back in time as we read through the Bible in CtG. Each year has been such a blessing to our family as we learn more about God and his creation and grow closer to him!
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Re: I would Love to Hear about ECC?

Unread post by Yodergoat »

I haven't done ECC... just now midway through K. But it was the description of ECC on the MFW website that really pushed me over into deciding "for sure" about going with MFW!

I can't wait for ECC and love hearing peoples' experiences with it. Keep 'em coming!

(Okay, I really can wait. Don't want her to grow up any faster than she has been growing already.)
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Re: I would Love to Hear about ECC?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

cbollin wrote:I'm guessing Julie might not have a lot of time right now to type...

here is one of her stories
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... ero#p65520
Hi Crystal, Thanks for thinking of me. You *know* I'm an ECC fan :) But I was going to try the easy way and copy-paste my post from the Share Your Experiences board... but I guess that wasn't there when we did ECC? Do you remember?

Well, anyways, Gratitude, I did plenty of posting about ECC on the ideas board, both the first time (1st edition with a 3rd grader) and the second time (2nd edition with an 8th grader). For instance,
China in 3rd http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... =154#p2911
China in 8th http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 154#p62590
That should give you a feel for ECC, eh?! Keep in mind that I started homeschooling Reid in 3rd grade, and for 2 years before that I had been putting together my own thing, homeschooling my high school dd who was struggling, and just had been raising kids for about 18 years at that point, so I had a lot of books on hand and I was used to doing quick Google searches for various things. No need to go crazy like I did at first :~

But how to summarize the big picture?

I was drawn to ECC by the Bible, because it started at the beginning of the New Testament (Matthew) and went line-by-line. My desire was for my children to understand the Bible as a whole, and not to jump around and get confused, or be led astray by someone else who jumped around in different ways. I loved the Bible time as a whole, because it was rich (real prayer needs, real Bible, family discussion, character traits, missions stories) and because it was core. In the 2nd link Crystal gave, I think I gushed enough about the missionary biographies, but we added MORE of those, not LESS like some folks think their kids will want ;)

The science in ECC was rich, too. We did the nature walks that year, and really never took the time to do them regularly in later years. We did the weekly experiments, grew many plants plus a terrarium and rainforest, we even turned some of the new foods into "taste test" experiments, and of course we learned all about where the different biomes were (some of them surprised us, such as the deserts not being along the equator, or the jungle floor being kinda sparse) and the unique animals they contained.

We loved the music and the art because we listened to real native children singing and we could sing along in our loud and croaky voices, and because we tried some classic children's activities like a string of paper dolls, a poster of John 3:16, and a mural of Africa, plus we tried some worldwide things like the fabric bowl. Now, I really don't like crafts, but I love that I did some in my 3rd grader's elementary days.

The richness of ECC literature cannot be underestimated, because we had such freedom to follow my son's interests, and because it was the year that introduced him to the wonders of the library in a real way (not just, go find a book you want, so he would gravitate towards SpongeBob), and even our home library became more interesting. It was his first year home and as a good reader in ps, he had been given long books to read to himself like Narnia. He came home hating to read, so we did picture books galore. I found he was ready for all the fairy tales I had shielded from him as a preschooler, and he really "got" the teaching messages behind things like Hansel and Gretel, and laughed at the methods, so we looked for those kinds of stories in all the countries. He got to love so many of the suggestions, and there were plenty to make my happy kid laugh, from Nate the Great to Anatole (read with a bad French accent, of course!), without resorting to TV show books %|

And the geography, well what can I say, after having him in ps for 3 years, he got to play the geography game and cook hummus :) We did a lot of the "activity ideas" page in Trip Around the World, like trying to wrap a Saari or a big Dhoti around his middle in India, or counting in different languages. We really liked those Count Your Way Through books on each country, and finding out the little unique things that we never knew about. I think I had a special appreciation because the year before, his teacher had had "geography time" in public school and given the kids a half sheet of things to find on the globe, etc. The whole year, those pages came home with ridiculous !! things he had written on there, nothing even close to the truth, and were just put in his backpack and sent home -- and he actually really wanted to know geography. Sigh, I guess the teacher tried, she really had her hands full in that classroom. Anyways, I thought it was a good thing that we went back to the same world map throughout the year, just labeling different things on it or marking it in different ways. So he'd do a map of Africa, but then go back to his world map and make sure he knew where he was, etc. As I look back, I think the vocab and the various worksheets (including those I added) really were just a "taste" of higher learning and full understanding wasn't really needed, so I was glad those kinds of things were just touched on for 3rd and there for us to study in more depth in 8th.

Okay, I've gushed enough :-)
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Re: I would Love to Hear about ECC?

Unread post by TriciaMR »

I have a few moments here...

ECC was my first year with MFW. Things that I loved:

1. Less "workbook" pages - those were killers of my relationship with my dyslexic dd. Switching to narration, doing double dictation, etc. The freedom to accommodate to her abilities.

2. Book basket was awesome. (We have a good library system, so were able to get most of the books.) Paddle to the Sea was a fave. And how many times did my dd come in and say, "Hey mom! Did you know that such-and-such was invented in _____?"

3. Learning how much the world needs Jesus. Yep. We all do.

I could go on. We loved the read alouds. We enjoyed many of the science experiments (we had 1st edition). I loved the gentle nature of the program. Not that it is easy, but it's gentle. It's like when you wash something on the gentle cycle in the washing machine - you might have to soak longer, or spin longer, just at a lower speed. Nature walks! Oh yeah. We live close to 2 state parks, so we bought a year pass and went almost every week.

But the best thing... A couple of years ago a family friend came back from the Netherlands on furlough from her missions work over Christmas. Now the kids had been saving up their money to buy stuff for themselves. But, after they listened to her presentation, they decided to give over half of what they had saved to her for her missions work. She ended up using it to buy Children's Bibles. Anyway, to see my kids give up what they wanted to be used to reach children around the world, well... sniff...

ECC was a great year.

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Re: I would Love to Hear about ECC?

Unread post by MelissaB »

ECC changed our family and our view of the world so much, I would love to post a few of our favorite parts of this wonderful curriculum:

1.) Geography Game - our daughter still has a strong grasp of the names/capitals of even small countries across Europe, Asia, Africa & SA, just because of this game.

2.) Science (Prop.of Ecos.)- We think more now about how people group's environment affect their behaviors (and our own).

3.) Hero Biographies ... Cameron Townsend, Nate Saint, David Livingston, etc. We enjoyed these tremendously! Our daughter's ordered more from YWAM. She's now read so many, we've lost count (20+?). Her knowledge of various cultures, history, and Christianity from all over the world is fantastic.

4.) Windows on the World - Praying for Others... what a great blessing!

5.) Food - we loved trying new foods from all over the world. Some we loved and still eat; some were disgusting (I seem to remember an advocado desert from South Amer.? oh, it tasted bad! :-) ) SO much fun on the weekends to try these new foods.

ECC was the most AMAZING year.. Hope you enjoy the journey ahead! :-)
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Re: I would Love to Hear about ECC?

Unread post by gratitude »

I love reading all of your stories! :-)

God is really working on my heart my need for patience in home schooling. I am very patient in actual teaching, but want to rush through curriculum. ;) God is doing some good work on my character and heart and leading DH and I to some wonderful discussions. The other thread on ages for ADV and ECC was so helpful to read to. I still think about ADV a lot; it is so special with the names of Jesus and I didn't do justice to 90% of the program with our move last year. I absolutely LOVE reading all of these stories about a program that long ago captured my heart. Inspiring... and thinking about when the time really would be best (I know you are thinking too)... and what to do next...

Thank you Julie for inspiring me about the book the Word Became Power. I can not remember why I have it, but I have had it for awhile and have not read it yet. After your description on your 8th grade China link it is the next book that I am going to read to myself.

Thank you ladies! I LOVE your stories, and if anyone has anymore to add I would enjoy reading them. It is really helping me to read more about the ECC program. It is helping a lot as I try to plan our next steps for our home school. Thank You! :-)
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Sort of OT...

Unread post by momxnine »

It is with sweet memories and eager anticipation that we took our final "post-test" on the countries of the world in ECC today. :-)

This has been a wonderful school year and I hate to see our "travels around the world" end, yet at the same time I can hardly wait to do our shortened Adventures study this summer and then go on to CTG in the fall. We have all learned so much and this has been our best school year in 25 years! We finished the whole year in the proper amount of time and we learned a ton of new things.

I loved comparing the pretest and post-test today! At the beginning of the year, my 10 year old knew where he lived in the world andTHAT was it! Today he showed me (he can't spell them yet), where 65 countries were in the world while I wrote them down. My 13 year old knew where 21 were at the beginning of the year, but today he filled in 89 counties, many of which weren't in the "official" ECC studies, but some that he just learned on his own. :-)

I'm very proud of them both and feel so blessed to have used this program this year. Thank you so much, David & Marie!

I wonder if the library will miss us.... A couple of the ladies knew what we were doing and sometimes would even ask which country we were going to next. :-)
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Praise report for ECC and Singapore

Unread post by albanyaloe »

Hi everyone

I know we have not used it for long, but thought I must pop in here and say what a wonderful first week we had with ECC :-) The children are once again excited about school. We're finally covering more than just the basic LA and Math, and it's fun! They have wanted to do every activity and participated better than ever. They're catching the swing of MFw quickly.

The 5yo is still a bit bored at times, as I have not been able to find library titles for these 2 weeks, but she has been happy for me to read anything and joins in for lots of the mapwork, which she loves. I'm trying to find a moment to listen to the "Occupying Preschoolers" cd as I think therein may lie some wisdom. I have learned such a lot from the other cd's so far, they are great.

I also wanted to mention our success with Singapore. My 8yo dd has struggled with her fact families, not knowing 8, 9 and 10's, even after us trying to cover them in various ways previously. We started her in 1A. Well, one week into Singapore, and she has them all covered, and is answering flash cards that she could not do last week. I am so impressed, is that not something to be so happy about, after all my worrying? 8| My son too says that the Maths book "thinks like he does" and he loves working things out in his head, so it seems to be a good match for him too. This is a boost to their confidence too, of course, which they both needed.

I too am feeling a lot more relaxed. Prep time is minimal in the pm, what a pleasure. I'm getting to bed at a reasonable hour and starting to feel like I can cope with life again. I feel like I can trust MFW and God to work it out.

Thank you, thank you to MFW.

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Re: Praise report for ECC and Singapore

Unread post by cherona »

Yah! That's so good to hear. :)

We are still working on our first week of ECC and have been really enjoying it so far. The girls had so much fun with the geography pretest they want to do it again. My husband said we should let them if they want for extra practice. My husband also asked for a copy so he could do the pretest too. :)

We have been doing PLL and Singapore for a few weeks now and are still really enjoying them as well. My daughters are actually saying, "Yah! Math!", when I tell them it's time to do math. :)

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I had no idea!

Unread post by extrafor6 »

So, I must confess...apparently I didn't research what I was ordering when I chose ECC...it's so much more comprehensive and thorough than I realized. I just am astonished (in a very good way) and even more excited...with maps and notebook pages, so many teaching tips and activity suggestions... I guess I was just thinking it was going to be like other programs I've used where it just told us what to read and discuss. I'm pretty thorough when it comes to checking out curriculum, so I hope no one else misses how much is in this program. It looks to be what I've been searching for for our family.

And as for the 1st grade math...it looks excellent!
Thanks again for all the support,
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Re: I had no idea!

Unread post by MelissaB »

ECC was absolutely our favorite year (CTG is wonderful, too!). We enjoyed the ECC year tremendously, every minute.

One tiny piece of advice, if I may - don't skip the geography game. You'll be so amazingly and pleasantly surprised at all of the capitals and countries your children will be able to name at the end of the year, just by playing the game. (If you must skip something, skip the worksheets. Skip math. Skip breakfast, just don't skip Geogr. Game. ;) :-) )

Excited for you & with you! You're going to have an amazing year! Enjoy!

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Re: I had no idea!

Unread post by MelissaM »

Isn't it awesome?! :)

Have a great year - ECC is fabulous!
MelissaB wrote:One tiny piece of advice, if I may - don't skip the geography game.
*nodding head* agree, agree, agree. Wish I had listened to myself more about this when we did it. We did play the game, but not as much as we could have if I'd been willing to let some worksheets go. Play that geography game! And be prepared to be walloped by your kids in it, too - just fair warning. :)
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Re: I had no idea!

Unread post by inHisgrip »

We just finished ECC today and it was an awesome year for our whole family. I was teaching 1st also and had a 2 year old "helping" out, so we did skip some things. I'm already looking forward to the next time around when I have an 8th, 6th and 1st grader ;) .

I do wish we had played the geography game more often too. I did hear about a great free online game that my son really enjoyed (and by looking at his country post test, it really helped). It's called Seterra. It was easy for him to do independently and he loved trying to beat his high score.

I agree with you about how complete everything is. We've been doing MFW for 5 years and I think every year is my "favorite". After looking through my box I'm always amazed at everything Marie has incorporated. I feel very blessed to be a MFW family.
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A Week Off from ECC and Excited to Start Again!

Unread post by momonthemove »

We started school at the end of June and took this past week off with ECC because we had all day soccer camps. I missed it! I am ready to get back into ECC! The kids are too! :)

What a great feeling to love your curriculum so much you can't wait to start it back up after a break!
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Re: A Week Off from ECC and Excited to Start Again!

Unread post by MelissaB »

ECC was our first year with MFW, and I remember how great it was to look forward to school.

The good news is that Creation to Greeks is just as great.

Enjoy! :-)
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Returning to MFW

Unread post by MelissaB »

OtterMommy wrote:I am considering returning to MFW after a few years away. I am longing to return to chronological history with a more broad emphasis. My son and daughter are both quite advanced for their ages, but I am wondering if I should still start with ECC?
Hi! I don't know what you should do for sure, but we loved ECC. Like Creation to Greeks, it's a very rich curriculum - but ECC is special. I wish there were a way to communicate exactly why. ?? Maybe it's the amazing social studies / history / geography - (amazing how much geography they learn just by playing a game.). Maybe it's the biographies. George Muller's full biography led us to a completely new height in challenging our faith in His provision. Nate Saint's biography challenged everything within us about sacrifice.

We learned so much that year about the world around us - more than any history course has ever been able to achieve.

So, I'm cheering for you to choose ECC. :-) Really, though, it's a decision for your husband and you to make for your family. . . my opinion isn't really important. ;)

We loved CTG, too. Either way, you're going to have a great year!

So.. enjoy!
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"That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,.." Titus 2:4
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We are loving ECC!

Unread post by unitlovinmama »

We are loving ECC! Any fears I had before beginning have been absolved. It is an incredible curriculum and there hasn't been anything the kids haven't liked so far (except, you know, work :-) ). I think the biggest blessing for me so far is reading about God's work in other countries that are in far more difficult circumstances than we are here in America. And to hear how He works outside the box. We are getting a true Biblical worldview with ECC and a very rich experience! I hope you are as blessed as we are.
-Stephanie, HSing for 5 yrs, first year with MFW 2012-1013 (ECC).
Wife of 12 yrs, mama to three crazy but amazing kids (9, 7, and 3)
"May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us..." Psalm 90:17
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