Supplies - Ordering for more than 1 student

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Supplies - Ordering for more than 1 student

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ECC science books for 3 students?
tiffany wrote:I have 3 students using ECC. During the science portion, I read the text aloud to them and then have them do their drawing and science facts for their notebook. The problem is in sharing the book for the completion of their notebook page. It takes so long to get through 3 people (none of which seem to be in a hurry, I might add.)

We are accustomed to shuffling things around. Like, the older two on math, while the younger one does his handwriting. I don't mind doing that so much with our math and language arts, but I'm not excited to have another subject that requires that kind of rotation.

Any suggestions? Also, how many of you have your children make a page for their notebook for every science lesson? I'm thinking about cutting back to 2 a week. What do you think?
I only had two doing ECC two years ago. I put the book between them. Even then, sometimes one girl would inadvertently (I'm kindly assuming) shift the book closer to herself. Somethings that helped were:

1. Let one girl do book basket while the other did her science sheet and then swap. That way, each girl had a chance alone with the science book. You'd have to add a third "subject" such as spelling or math windows. This might be your best option. The only drawback is that two of your children wouldn't do the sheet immediately and it's probably easier to do immediately.

2. Have available other resources on the exact same subject. If you are studying desert vegetation, use the science "spine" as well as other resources (encyclopedia, internet articles, other books from library or home) on the same stuff. Put them out for science sheets. This requires more work from you. Put out the main science book and then set a timer. Each child gets one minute with the main science book and it rotates when the timer dings.

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ECC Science

Unread post by tiffany »

I went ahead and ordered extra books. I can't wait until they get here! I really want them to be together as a group when we do Bible, Science, Geography and Book Basket. I think this will work out great for us.

Thanks for the advice. I love this board!

[Read how this turned out: ]
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Is a sticker book for each child necessary?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

racegirl wrote:Ultimate Flag Sticker Book - Looks fun, but I would need to buy one for each child, which will add up (5 children)
You know, when I did ECC with the "old stickers," there weren't stickers for every country in the package. So we used to have board ideas for what to do with your passport on the countries with no sticker. People got creative. Maybe you can do without stickers altogether & get creative. I wouldn't skip the passport, but if you just staple some sheets of paper together & put something in there for each country you "visit," then it should still be a good experience.

Things I remember people using:
- stamper of an animal or other item representing the country
- glue a stamp-sized magazine clipping into the passport
- general stickers received in junk mail or other places
- color in a little flag
- go online and find a mini pic to print out for each country

About all the other items, I agree that only one of each will work. I think you will find them all valuable because
- they make your day go more smoothly, since they are scheduled specifically
- including music and art creates a well-rounded experience in ECC
- the books you will like having in your home library
- they are reasonably priced for teaching all of your elementary children for a whole school year
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Ordering extras for more than one student - question

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gentlestrengths wrote:I have 4 school-aged children.
I will be doing 1st, and ECC this year.

When looking at ECC - some items say "purchase one per additional student" and it also says "purchase one for extra students in 3rd-8th".

Do I want the passport, the Flag Sticker book, passport and the Student Sheets for my 1st grader - or am I just purchasing the extras for all the students actually DOING the ECC level? I am assuming, it is just for the ECC students, but I was just wondering if it was a follow-along thing...? Just trying to make sure! =)
I think it means just for those actually "doing" ECC.

However, you might want a passport and sticker book for everyone (even your first grader). It's really up to you what you think your littler kids might want to participate in. I think I only got 2 sets of extras (I had 3 old enough for ECC), but I wished I had a passport for my pre-k'er (at the time). I made up one from construction paper and put her picture and name in it. Then I just stamped it with a pretty flower and the country name when the others put the flag sticker in their passports. She wasn't too picky that it wasn't the same, thankfully. :) It all worked out fine. Next time, I'll make sure to get the extra passport/sticker book for the young one. (In 3 more years!) :)


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Re: Ordering extras for more than one student - question

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We are getting ready for ECC and K this year. I bought student packs for my 4th & 2nd graders, but not for my younger girls. However, I did buy a flag sticker book and passport for each child. It looks like something the 4 and 5 yo will enjoy. I also know we are going to be doing ECC at least twice more, so if I end up not using the passports my plan is to tuck them away with the other ECC items at the end of the year. But at least I have them on hand. :)
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Re: Ordering extras for more than one student - question

Unread post by TriciaMR »

When we did ECC 5 years ago, I bought the flag sticker book and passports for my then 4 year old boys. They LOVED it.
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Re: Ordering extras for more than one student - question

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I am also doing ECC and 1st this year, and I have three girls. I purchased the student pack, passport and sticker book for my 1st grader. She probably won't do all the student sheets, but since I wasn't sure, I thought it better to get them. I also fit a passport and flag stickers for my 3-year-old.
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Re: Ordering extras for more than one student - question

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Awesome, thanks for your replies!
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ECC ordering qestion

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hearts4him wrote:Thanks to everyone who helped me in the other thread, I think we're going to go with ECC. I had a couple questions, if both my kids want to do the Complete Book of Animals, do I order 2? It sounds like it has little booklets, and activities that each child would want. Also, would we want 2 of the origami books? Thanks!
The only part of the origami book that is consumable is the 24 sheets of paper that it includes with the book. You could have them each use 12 papers, use regular paper cut into squares, or buy specialty origami paper separately. You only use that book the two weeks you study Japan.

The Complete Book of Animals depends on how you want them to do the book. Most of the pages are information about an animal with a few questions at the end. They could all be done orally. The booklets (they are full page short stories, I had previously imagined they would be like quarter sheet of paper sized) could also be shared. There might be some arguing over the coloring pages (one for each animal featured in the booklets) and the random "fun" pages like word searches. On amazon, you can "look inside" the old version of CBoA, which as far as I can tell from the preview is the same as the new one. We will only use one for 1st grader and 3rd grader, but I know 1st grader won't care to have his own.
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Re: ECC ordering qestion

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I used this with twins and we only used one book. It wasn't a problem for us.
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