Kids Resource for Bible Translation -- VBS, Sunday School

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Kids Resource for Bible Translation -- VBS, Sunday School

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Will you be a part of VBS or a Kids group at church this summer or fall? MFW supports Bible translation, and as part of that, we would like to tell you about an amazing new resource (FREE!) developed by Pioneer Bible Translators. They are one of the groups that God’s Word for the Nations helps support.

You can use this resource to share Bible translation with your church or group. Please help us get the word out.

Verse By Verse Kids! is designed to accompany your Vacation Bible School curriculum. (Easily modified to use for a Sunday School project, etc.) It's a tangible, easy-to-understand way for children to get personally involved with the Great Commission. Jesus told all of us to go and make disciples and there is no better discipleship tool than the Bible. But almost 2,000 people groups - 180 million people - don’t have even one verse of the Bible in their language yet.

The children in your church can help provide verses, chapters, or even books of the Bible for a people group that does not have God’s Word in their language. How amazing is that?

To help motivate the children in your group, this five-part series of presentations has visual aids and stories, already scripted.

Verse by Verse Kids! includes (all for free):
• Program Leader's Guide
• Materials List
• PowerPoint Presentations
• Leader Script for Each Day
• Wordless Bibles (a visual aid for every child; provided free by Pioneer Bible Translators and shipped to you)
• Parent Packets (to send home with the children)

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