Ideas for children interested in Bible Translation

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Ideas for children interested in Bible Translation

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Hi, My name is CJ and I am 10 years old. I have read the missionary books about Camerson Townsend and Nate Saint. I am interested in being a missionary. I don't want to be a pilot. I think I would like to be a translator. Can you tell me things I should do to prepare for this job? Do you have anyone in the North Carolina area that I could meet with and discuss my future with? I am homeschooled by my mom and she will train me the things I need to know.

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Translator is a Great Job

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Dear CJ,

Becoming a Bible Translator is a great goal. There are many things that you can do to get ready. But it takes work and determination.

Learning your own language (English) well is a good start. When you begin learning parts of speech, sentence and paragraph structure pay close attention.

Starting another language as soon as you can is also very good. Any language is good. We most highly recommend using Rosetta Stone because they use the immersion method of language learning. You can learn quickly this way. Our children are all working on Russian. Most already know the language but are trying to know it better. Some of our children have begun even a 3rd Language. I know people who know more than 5 languages. I know children your age in other parts of the world who speak 3-4 languages. This is great for linguistics.

Do logic puzzles often as you grow up. Learning language is like a very big logic puzzle so developing your mind in that way helps. Wycliffe Bible Translators has a partnering organization called Summer Institute for Linguistics (SIL). Mrs. Hazell and I both attended their courses when we were adults. They have intense summer courses for you when you graduate. I would plan on attending those. They are really fun. It is like a summer of doing puzzles and learning language.

Wycliffe has a kids page on their internet site:

There are many cool activities there.

Pray for the World and its people. This really helps you develop God's heart for the World. Try to learn bits of their culture and eat their foods. We have eaten some strange things as missionaries and some were very good. You can't be picky if you want to be well accepted in other countries.

Keep reading Missionary Stories. There are lots of them. That is a good way to sense how missionaries live.

Start a missionary bank. Work for Mom, Relatives and Neighbors and ask them to sponsor a Bible project as your pay. Our children collect hundreds of dollars for missions every year. It makes them think about it every day. One of our children makes and sells greeting cards. She has a sign over her desk reminding her that it is more important to give children God's Word than to have candy in her pocket. She is very generous. She has bought hundreds of Bibles for the children in Russia. We help too as do other customers and children. We can help you see that your money goes to Bible Translation if you want us to help.

Pray for missionaries in your local church. Find out who they are and pray for them. Everyone needs God's Word.

Study your Bible daily. Try to write some of it in your own words making it say the same thing. That is tough but what translators do every day.
I can tell lots of stories of Bible Translation difficulties.

Take Music classes. That really helps in some languages where they use tones to make different words. Chinese is like that. Mrs. Hazell did well in our tonal assignments and I did awful because I never had any music.

Wycliffe has their technical division in NC. It is called JAARS. There web address is They are mostly aviation and radio but I'll bet they have good information about translation also.

SIL has a museum for Bible Translation. It used to be in TX but I think it may have moved to FL when their offices did. Ask your parents if you ever are near those places.

Well I hope I have given you enough ideas for now. Let us know if we can help you further.

Mr. Hazell
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