Report from Russian Trip and Beslan Project 2004

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Report from Russian Trip and Beslan Project 2004

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Dear Friends,

I have had exciting news burning in my heart since returning from Russia six weeks ago. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.

My trip was awesome. Thanks for your prayers. I don't know where to start sharing the exciting news. First, thanks to many of you, we raised 100% of the funds needed to provide all 163 Russian Children's Bibles for the Beslan children in the hospital in Moscow. I was amazed that all the needed funds, $3400, were received in only seven days. The Bibles were given to a doctor who was works closely with the children. He said, "We have done all we can to help these children physically but these books give us the opportunity to heal these children spiritually and emotionally from the internal pains of the trauma they faced in that school."

When I arrived in Moscow I was given fascinating news about the area surrounding Beslan. The city of Beslan, where the hostage crisis occurred on September 1st, is in the heart of a region of Russia called Ossetia. Many of the people there speak another language called Ossetic. The same day as the hostage crisis began, the Ossetic New Testament was delivered to the printers. This is the first time these people will have the New Testament in their own language. As the enemy attempted to crush the spirits of the people of the region, God had already set up a plan to bring healing through His Word. The New Testament is now being delivered throughout the region of Ossetia. Our God is an Awesome God. Pray for the Ossetic people as they receive God's Word in their own language for the first time.

I was also informed that there are new plans to reach the children of the city of Beslan with God's Word. There are 3 churches reaching out to the survivors of the bombing. One of these churches is the church that lost half of its Sunday School attendees as a result of the bombing. The town is filled with many children who lost multiple friends and family. The emotional and spiritual trauma is significant. The Ossetic Bible Translation team together with these churches are asking us to give them the same Russian Children's Bibles we provided to the Moscow hospital. They will distribute these Bibles to the suffering Russian and Ossetic people who were affected by this tragic event. They intend to visit all 320 families involved in those horrific days in the school. We have set a goal to provide the additional Children's Bibles needed for this project. Therefore we need to raise another $6400. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

I also want to share with you other exciting news from my six day trip to Moscow. As many of you know, my family served in Bible Translation in Russia for 8 years with the Institute for Bible Translation (IBT). When we left five years ago, we wondered about the future of many of the projects we were involved in. There was great financial need and we came back to the US to start our business (My Father's World) in order to help meet these needs. We have a growing ability to do so and wanted to investigate how we could best be involved. This was one of the reasons for my trip to Russia. During my trip I was thrilled to see that IBT in Russia is moving into a new season and that many of its projects were actively moving toward a New Testament. But I was also saddened to hear that many projects have been "iced" or greatly reduced. Some of those projects have great problems that will not be easily solved like a translator who passed away. But other translation projects are greatly slowed for a mere lack of money. One project in particular, the Evenki Children's Bible translation, had been halted for lack of $1500 that was needed for transportation so that the editor could get together with the translator. They live 8 time zones apart. We worked on this project when we lived in Russia and we know its difficulties. We are excited that one MFW family has recently provided all the money needed to resume the Evenki project. But this is only one of more than 35 projects that suffer from a lack of income. All this sounds depressing but a great team has built up since we left Russia five years ago and they are ready to revitalize as many of these projects as possible. I know this committed group of people and they are more than able. In the past two years through the help of friends, family, customers, suppliers and business associates we were able to raise $100,000. We are determined to raise five times that amount over the next two years for Bible Translation. It is a big goal but with your help we can do it. Please consider getting involved where you can. We want to assure you that 100% of your gift goes overseas to the needs of Bible translation.

Thank you for your prayers for my trip to Russia. It was good to be back in Russia, the place we called home for eight years. I trust that future trips to Russia will be as fruitful. We will keep you informed.

Have a Great Day in OUR Father's World!

David Hazell
My Father's World
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Thank you so much for letting us know how things went and the need that is still there. It is a joy to join with you and your family in seeing God's word being made available to the world and all it's language.

May He do exceedingly more than all you(and those of us with you) ask or imagine in raising funds for translation work.

In Christ,

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