God Loves a Cheerful Giver

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Amy S.
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God Loves a Cheerful Giver

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Hello MFW Family,

Yesterday was my middle daughter's seventh birthday. In the morning, she opened two cards, one from her grandma and another from her grandpa, containing $7 and $10 respectively. With pure joy radiating from her face at these monetary gifts, Elena jumped up and ran to our Uzbekistan Bible Translation jar and placed $16 in it. She decided to keep $1 for herself. And, as a mom, I'm just so in awe of how God is forming my little girl's heart to be like his.

We have been very blessed to be a part of raising money as a family to support Bible translation through God's Word for the Nations, a ministry of My Father's World. What our kids and we have learned through serving means more to us than any academic accomplishment ever will.

Just wanted to share.

Amy Smith
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Thanks for sharing that!

The neat thing is that those $16 will be so HUGE in Bible translation work. They might have an impact on the salvation of not just one, but many people. If your dd had used the $16 for something for herself (as most kids, mine included, are apt to do), then she'd get momentary, fleeting happiness and in a few years (if not sooner) the purchase would be used up, in the trash, or in the Goodwill donation pile.

Remind her how special she is and how she is doing God's work.

God DOES love a cheerful giver. I hope that he shapes my heart to be a more cheerful giver and have me "running to jar" with such enthusiasm.

Give her a hug.
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A generous man will himself be blessed. (Insert girl in the Bible verse.) What a sweet thing to do!
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