Bible Translation Needs - January 2008

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Bible Translation Needs - January 2008

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Dear Friends,

As we approached 2008, we discovered that there were Bible projects ready for press that could not be printed simply because of lack of funds. The attached pages outline the Bible publishing needs that are still unmet from 2007 at the Institute for Bible Translation Russia. These are all books that are ready to go to the printer as soon as financing becomes available.

The total printing cost for all these publications (39,500 books representing 6 languages and 10 publications, including Old Testament books, complete New Testaments, and lovely Children’s Bibles) is $91,485. A New Testament costs about $4.00. A Children’s Bible with over 500 pages and 250 colored illustrations costs about $10.00.

Please help us bless the Institute for Bible Translation by raising these funds by January 31, 2008. Anything you can do to help get this need met would be great.

I am attaching information sheets for some of the people groups and printing projects. I am also including a donor form for God’s Word for the Nations. This is our non-profit organization that receives and distributes funds for these projects. God’s Word for the Nations sends 100% of the money donated to the projects.

Thank you for considering these projects on such short notice.

For more information download the PDF packet at:

Happy New Year,

David Hazell
Have a Great Day in OUR Father's World,

David Hazell

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Wow! Timing is everything.
Yesterday, My oldest daughter handed me some money and said "Mom, I found this money while cleaning my room. It was behind the dresser from a long time ago. If I haven't missed it in all of this time, maybe I didn't really need it for whatever it was I wanted. Can I send it to the Bible fund that Mr. Hazell talks about?"

She'll be happy to know about this post and information.

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My children having been saving money to purchase Bibles. We'll happily send it!
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What a wonderful example of your daughter's charity!
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