Sharing the idea of "giving" with our children

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Sharing the idea of "giving" with our children

Unread post by Jenileigh » Fri Nov 14, 2008 11:47 pm

Wednesday and Thursday we talked about My Father's World and their ministry God's Word for the Nations and how I feel led to give to the ministry. We discussed how people didn't have God's word, the bible printed in their own language ect...We ran into a wall with my youngest Meadow. She just thought that giving was absurd! She said, "Well momma if we go around giving all our stuff away what are we gonna do?" I had to laugh and yet at the same time I was concerned. I tried to explain it to her but she didn't understand. So I left it alone, asked some questions on my boards and prayed.

We do give but not like we should and usually when dh and I give we don't always share with the kids. Not that we wouldn't share with them, we just don't think about it sometimes. So this really opened my eyes to things that *I* need to change around here.

Today we done our prayer, bible and hymns. While reading the story behind our new hymn, The Lord is my Shepherd the Lord spoke clearly as I read, "Did you know that God has put you in just the right place to give a gift to someone today?" Thank-you Lord for opening up the door for me again! So then we discussed different ways of giving, that it doesn't have to be money, it can be time, or services, or even just kind words. How giving comes from the heart and we prayed for the desire to give.

A friend on another board had a great idea for us on giving so I shared it with the girls and now they are simply ecstatic that we are going to be helping a local family out. Then we went to the mail box and there were two letters, one from my sister who lives a long way from us and another from a lady in jail. We all agreed to start sending them letters, postcards or something to encourage them.

All of this to say that while we didn't do school this week the Lord taught us a lot!
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Unread post by Julie in MN » Sat Nov 15, 2008 12:13 am

Your "giving story" reminds me of the first time I had my oldest son help me do my taxes. He was so astonished to add up our charitable donations, and told me he had no idea we were giving! Like you, I was even more astonished that he was astonished :o)

What a difference it makes to spend more time with my homeschooled kids. I have time to learn their hearts earlier on, and to share my own.

Saying a prayer that you have the grace to just rise up and do school again!
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Unread post by cbollin » Sat Nov 15, 2008 6:11 am

A friend on another board had a great idea for us on giving so I shared it with the girls and now they are simply ecstatic that we are going to be helping a local family out
That’s great! Enjoying the story too!!!

Trying to give a bunch of ideas here to help other as we try to be Families of Eternal Purpose.

These are some things my family has done recently. A couple of weekends ago, we joined up with a group at our church and moved a bunch of stuff at the Salvation Army. Other people in our church (including the high school boys from the bad side of town) sifted mulch at a garden center that needed it. Anyone sift mulch as a way to be the hands of Jesus? (Brave teenage boys to do that.) I sorted clothes and boxes at Salvation Army.

Yesterday, on light and independent Friday, we had time to bake a couple of pies that we are not going to eat. Instead, we are working with others from our church to prepare the food today at a local free cafeteria at a Christian rescue mission. Today is the rescue missions’ busiest day with distributing over 600 Thanksgiving food baskets to families in our area. Because they are so busy with that, they weren’t operating the soup kitchen. Our church decided to give up doing our pot luck Turkey Day meal and instead cook the same food and give it to those who don’t have anything. That way the food baskets are given out to families and the homeless are still fed. Even Youngest (the one with autism) was helping to cook and bake and roll out the pie crust. In other years, we've helped to donate the food, sort it and pack the food baskets. Different years we can try other things as the kids get older.

Now, granted, we are still making ourselves a nice holiday meal too.

We’re also preparing to do our Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes. National collection time is right now. Still time and a great way to involve children in giving.
Maybe that can help too? Got to get that done today to take to church tomorrow.
Go to samaritanspurse dot org for more information. Great way to help young kids get involved.

Agreeing with Julie that for older kids, get them involved when you itemized charitable deductions. My oldest still can’t believe how much we give either. I love telling the stories to her about giving.

My oldest daughter has some friends who held a garage sale and donated the money to help MFW’s mission, God’s Word for the Nations. My oldest has done a read a thon (not as recent, that was in 2007) and donated the funds to God’s Word for the Nations. We don’t do garage sales easily in our family, instead we give it to the local Christian thrift stores and take the kids in the van with us when we go.

Oldest, Middle and I participate in the local Walk for Life for our local pregnancy center. Oldest stuffs envelopes for that same pregnancy center. She did 2 days worth of school on Wednesday in order to serve most of the day on Thursday. Well, ok, Math got behind and she will finish her problem set today. That’s ok. She aced her Apologia Science Quarterly test. Yes!!!

I know of some kids who sold flower bulbs (from Dutch Mill) and gave the proceeds to Bible translation.

Sometimes it is a group effort to raise funds for something.

Then there are the individual giving away times that involve money because those Bibles aren't going to print themselves. Last December Oldest was cleaning her room. She found some money behind her dresser that she forgot she was even saving. We had just received a newsletter from God’s Word for the Nations about end of year printing projects still in need. My daughter came to me and said that she wanted to give it all to help print some Children’s Bibles in a language that could have it in the classrooms in that area. She was reading and learning about 20th century history and learning about all of that with USSR. It touched her that in the former USSR, the kids in public classroom could have a Bible if she’d give the money and help a little. She still got lots of Christmas presents and a ton of stuff.

Now, granted, she’s older than Meadow is. She is Sky’s age. When my oldest was Meadow’s age, we only did things like Walk a Thon, take her along when dropping off donations of clothes and toys, and of course, doing those Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. But maybe Meadow would understand it a little more with money if Heaven explained to her about fund raising for missions trips. I’m guessing that Meadow knows that people helped Heaven and still have money to buy groceries and gas and other things. Maybe that is a way to help her for a few months or years down the road when she is a little older to understand it a bit more. sounds like right now she is young enough that it is too abstract for her.

Way too long of a post. give your kids a hug from me. :D


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Unread post by Jenileigh » Sun Nov 16, 2008 1:59 pm

Our church is actually a drop for Operation Christmas Child so that will definitely be a great three days spent! In Children's Church the kids get tickets that they spend or save, we have a store that they can buy from. Today was the day that they were only allowed to buy something for the Operation Christmas Child box. She really didn't want to do that! BUT she did, she purchased a pretty necklace and bracelet and went and put it in the box. I'm going to make sure that we go and help to pack those boxes. Our church has the dvd too, so I'll get Stella to let me borrow that for her watch and see the children who are going to receive these boxes.

I haven't thought to talk with Meadow about Heaven's support! DUH! Two trips two years in a row, paid for by donations from others around the world who love Jesus like we do, and most don't even know us! Monday will be good. Thanks Crystal!!!!

Great ideas for fundraisers too. We will definitely keep those in mind.
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Unread post by Sheena IA » Tue Nov 18, 2008 4:22 pm

Thanks for sharing your experience. My girls love to give to others around Christmas, but I'm the one who has been worrying about if we will have "enough". Thanks for the reminder about giving and sharing, I know God will take care of us.
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