Missions books for adults

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Missions books for adults

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KellyinPA wrote:I'm looking for suggestions for missionary/missions books for ME :) I know that I will enjoy reading all the bios right along with my boys while doing ECC next year but I thought I would also like to read some books on an adult level, to add to their knowledge when appropriate and also for my own edification. I've read some of the more "common" ones, Amy Carmichael, Jim Elliot etc. I'm sure there are many out there that I'm not aware of and I also love reccomendations from others who have enjoyed a particular book. Anyone? :)
Have you read any of the 7th-8th grade bios in ECC? I was blessed by reading I Dared To Call Him Father, and have given that book out as a gift since then. It's about an adult woman, so I can especially connect. I imagine the rest are equally as good, but I'm trying to save them to read together next year.

Another thing I've enjoyed is reading Amy Carmichael's own writings. She has written a lot, and I can't recommend any one in particular, but her writing is inspiring. Also, a woman I know with physical disabilities finds some of Amy's writings during her later, disabled years to be especially meaningful to her.

After we read William Carey in EX1850, I read The Legacy of William Carey myself. It might have been on the book basket list, or else I just came across it. Anyways, here's what I posted on the Ideas board when I had just read it (and it was fresher in my mind): It's based on talks given by a couple from India, the Mangalwadis. The first chapter basically goes over every facet of life in India that was influenced by Mr. Carey, and is a very easy chapter to read & to summarize for a 7th grader (it has large topic headings). Later chapters get into more depth on broad topics such as women, missions, and conversion, which would be way over my 7th grader's head. However, I found their insight to be a helpful apologetic for discussing missions with folks who like to criticize Christian missions these days.

All of the movies about Nate Saint have been special to me. Because the actual murderer is in them, it changes the focus for me from the tragedy of the 5 missionaries' death to the glory of their legacy. I've seen the theater film, a more documentary film, as well as a music trailer.

We also read extra YWAM bios and enjoyed learning about completely different missions of Florence Young (Australia/New Zealand) and Wilfred Grenfell (Canada).

I'll be watching to see what others have read. Someone I would love to read more stories about is George Mueller.
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Re: Missions books for adults

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I read the Bruce Olson biography (Bruchko) that was listed in the South America book basket list of ECC. Definitely more adult level.

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Re: Missions books for adults

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Another vote for the ECC jr. high package for you...
Same as Julie, I enjoyed I Dared to Call Him Father.
And I liked Bruchko. (Trish mentioned it, it is also in jr. high package)
My husband is enjoying Peace Child.
My oldest liked Narrow Road.

for something completely different, but an interesting idea to consider.....
(well, hmm... looking around real sneaky like....) I enjoyed a set of 11 audio CD's that is sold at MFW 's booth or from their office. It is the testimony of a missionary family in Russia for 8 years. The set of CD's was recorded at a family camp or something in 2004. The husband of that family was the keynote speaker telling his stories as a missionary as well as how they went on to write a homeschool curriculum and how that still fit in their role as missionaries. I really liked the parts of the various talks where his wife took to the mic and read from Hero Tales and Window on the World. It may not be a book, but it was a neat series of talks about his life as a missionary and was themed around the song Take My Life and Let it Be.

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Re: Missions books for adults

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Have you ever read "In the Presence of My Enemies" by Gracia Burnham? I thought this was an excellent missionary book.
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Re: Missions books for adults

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Wow what a great post--I have been looking for these type books as well. My library seems to have nothing missionary related.

Another suggestion for you: YWAM Publishing has lots of missionary books. I know they will be at the GHEA convention in Georgia but they also have a website.

Another good book that tells about the beginning of YWAM (and therefore has lots of mini mission type stories in it) is called "Is That Really You Lord" by Loren Cunningham. VERY good.
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Re: Missions books for adults

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ooooooo this is one of my favorite topics. :) I will list some of my favorites.

***these are my top 3 picks but I know I can list lots more. :)

Evidence Not Seen: A Woman's Miraculous Faith in the Jungles of World War II
If I Perish, by Esther Kim
My Heart in His Hands: Ann Judson of Burma

***these next 3 are about the persecuted church, fiction but written from actual true accounts. I could not put them down!

Daughter of China, by C. Hope Flinchbaugh
Across the China Sky, by C. Hope Flinchbaugh
I'll Cross the River, by C. Hope Flinchbaugh

***these 3 are not missionary stories but stories of faithful Christians who obediently do as God leads them through VERY challenging circumstances. Amazing!

Bring My Sons From Afar, by Bertha Holt
The Seed From The East, by Bertha Holt
Who Will Answer... by Dr. David Hyungbok Kim
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Re: Missions books for adults

Unread post by KellyinPA »

I'm not sure why I didn't think of the jr high books myself, but I'm glad that you all did :)

And Crystal, those cd's sound interesting too. I just received some cd's from some of the Hazell's talks (since they won't be at CHAP) and am really enjoying those.

This is wonderful !! I'm so glad I asked for some suggestions, thank you all :)
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Re: Missions books for adults

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Here's another great book I read years ago.
On the Far Side of Lig Lig Mountain, by Thomas Hale
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