Contributing as Service

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Contributing as Service

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nagada wrote:This is a little OT but the idea comes from the K unit on Goat. We just read Beatrice's Goat and Give a Goat. Now I think we want to do something like that.
Is Heifer International a good organization to help?
Are there others both "local" and abroad that do something similar?
I know there are more out there but it's hard to know which are good (really helping people) and which aren't (keeping more for themselves than giving away) KWIM?
Any ideas would be great!
You can go to sim dot org. That is the homepage for Serving In Missions. They have just come out with their new 2009-10 Christmas gift catalog. I know there are a couple of projects where you can give sheep for a handicapped person in Burkina Faso, give a cow to a widow in India, etc. You can't view the new catalog yet online, but you can sign up for a print copy of it to be sent to you. You could also call them and tell them what you are interested in donating for and they can tell you specifically where those projects are. Their US office is 800-521-6449

This would be a nice alternative to the secular heifer int'l. They are all about sharing Jesus while working to meet peoples needs and raising up believers. There is a wide range of projects that they are involved in all over the world, animals are just one small part of it.

As far as we have seen with SIM everything that you send to a particular project goes directly to that project.

They are a sending agency for individual missionaries. The missionaries themselves send in funds to support the greater corporate entity. They even have a medical plan, retirement etc. Very cool thing if you want to be a missionary through them. Lots of options. They are ECFA members if that helps any.

Re: Contributing to something like Heifer International

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Samaritan's Purse (which is Franklin Graham's organization) is another good one to consider with goals that Edie mentioned. You might be familiar with Operation Christmas Child - that's part of what Samaritan's Purse does. Another thing they have is similar to what Edie mentioned in that there are options to buy a cow or a goat for a family.

add in the 3 w's of course.... but they have christmas catalog online now too. must be that time of year....

They also have information about percentages on expenses on their website right now . good stuff to ask those groups.
nagada wrote:This is a little OT
p.s. I'm not sure it is "off topic" as you are trying to be a family of eternal purpose, and wanting your children to participate in missions projects even from things they do in Kindergarten.

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Re: Contributing to something like Heifer International

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We've used the Samaritan's Purse catalog a few times with our family at Christmas time. The kids usually pick one small item that they can purchase with their own money, and we also do a family gift. The kids really enjoy it.
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Re: Contributing to something like Heifer International

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World Vision also has a Christmas Catalogue.
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Re: Contributing to something like Heifer International

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Gospel for Asia is another one that is good. We are doing that as a family this year.
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Read a Thon for Bible Translation

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doubleportion wrote:When you go to the website for GWN, do they update their website or are these actually the current info?
Hi Edie!
Yeah, the "official" GWN website is under construction as their time allows. It's MFW staff right now who run GWN. I'll have mercy on those handful of people who can't do everything. praying. ((hugs)) to them and praying for that need. I can't begin to imagine the demands on the time of those handful of people.

Some things come to mind to learn about more current projects:

visit Institute for Bible Translation Moscow's website directly.
MFW's missions page has more current info. Here's that link:
scroll down a bit on that link and you'll see a section that says:

To learn more about current translation projects go to the following links:
May 2009
April 2009
March 2009
Feb. 2009
and this one from Jan. 2009 (oh, Edie, scroll down on this one and look at the gray book. recognize it? squeal.)

or even a phone call to GWN, they might be able to help with more information about what they did in 2008 and 2009.

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