Raising Funds as Service

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Raising Funds as Service

Unread post by cbollin » Mon Nov 09, 2009 6:26 am

Read a Thon for Bible Translation

Some of us on this forum were trying to find a group service project to do together since we live in many parts of the world and we wanted a group feel to doing some kind of service project and being families of eternal purpose. Since we're connected by using MFW curriculum, we said out loud "let's support their mission funds, but how?" I suggested a read a thon, because it had been successful when my oldest daughter had done one 2 years ago.



Service as Raising Funds

Unread post by cbollin » Mon Nov 23, 2009 8:04 am

Teresa in TX wrote:9th grade dd has been faithfully doing 4 or more service hours per month and it has been going well. She really likes it, and a good group of homeschool girls her age and older have accumulated who do it together.

We have the Gospel for Asia catalog, and so far I am liking it better than, say, World Vision. We plan on having family members buy our (dh & my own) gifts that way this year, rather than having them purchase for us...we're planning on some of the farm animals and Bibles. I'd really like to sponsor a child or a missionary!!

We are trying to think of ways we could make this a service opportunity for dd and maybe a few friends, where they could work for people and earn $$ to send to GFA. I suggested baking Christmas cookies and selling them as well as raking leaves or doing some type of yard work. We're in TX, so yard work is still doable. ;) Does anyone have any other ideas?
earning money.....

make sure when they ask people for work they explain (maybe with catalog in hand?) WHY they want money. :)

yard work is a good one. If you lived near me, I'd hire you for the raking.
baby sitting so the young mom can do some cooking and cleaning for holidays?
selling cookies or crafts might work.

It may not be too late for this idea: Go for it! What about a table at church (with permission from church staff of course) to host this to the church family and encourage them to buy their Christmas gifts this year via purchases through this group instead of buying Uncle Billy Joe Jim Bob another stupid tie this year, or getting in the in laws more batteries for the remote?

When I lived in Indiana, our church did this Christmas boutique thing that is exactly along the lines of what your daughter is thinking with Christmas gifts. People would get together and make nominal decorations and a gift card to acknowledge the gift was given.
People would give a donation to a specific missionary already sponsored by our church as a way of giving a gift to someone else. To recognize the giving of the gift, the person making the donation received a cute little "decoration" and gift card. The card said something like "For your gift this year, you and I helped ____________". On the back of the gift card, was brief info about that organization or missionary. The decorations: cheap to do and was from donated stuff. Examples: gifts to the organization that gave out free clothing meant you got a sandwich bag filled with scraps of cloth, and tied with a pretty ribbon and could be used to decorate your tree or wreath. Basically, for buying an animal for a village -- why not grab cheap toy animals (you know, the little plastic ones) and tie a ribbon on it as a way to acknowledge the gift. Then they hang it on the tree as a decoration instead of buying a cheap thing of a decoration from wallyworld or hallmark

My extended family LOVED their gifts last year. My MIL (not a Christ follower) received a gift that the receiver was a grandmother in our community who adopted her own grandchildren when the kids' parents were in jail and had their rights taken away. My SIL who herself was a birth mother as a teen-- received a gift card where the money went to a local maternity home. The other SIL received a gift acknowledgment that went to a group in Asia helping to have clean water -- that specific SIL is not a Christ follower either, but she is big into water issues, so she loved it.

So, maybe, instead of the standard church craft sale -- your daughter and friends could say "hey! let's give real gifts to this group, and give the gift as a way to acknowledge the gift". Dream Bigger with this. I will pray.


Postby cbollin » Wed Nov 25, 2009 4:38 pm
I'll send you a link via PM to a local news story about a 16 year old boy in a near suburb to where I live. He raised $1400 in just ONE week to help feed homeless. Like I said.... dream bigger and start with something. Praying that God will do big things with the project your daughter has in mind.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Amy C.
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Re: How could we turn this into a service project?

Unread post by Amy C. » Mon Nov 23, 2009 5:15 pm

I don't know if you bake bread, but my mother has been baking sourdough bread. She has shown me how to do it, and I have just started baking bread. I have given mine as gifts to neighbors and others. One set of neighbors just had a housewarming party in their new home. I sent bread in a basket as a gift.

Anyway, my mother gives her loaves of bread away. Everyone has just raved over it and some people wanted to start buying it from her, but she would not take any money for it. Some of the people she gave to were people that she attended church with. These people continued to insist on buying it from her so she "charged" them for it but told them instead of giving her the money to put it in the building fund at church. Their church has plans to build a new building so this will help that. It seems like everyone loves fresh-baked bread. :)

I agree with Crystal that whatever your children do to earn money, it would be good to tell people what the money is for.

Amy C.

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Re: How could we turn this into a service project?

Unread post by my3boys » Mon Nov 23, 2009 5:42 pm

We've had the most profitable results from garage sales and bake sales. This year we are going to try Christmas Caroling.
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Re: Invitation for Read a Thon for Bible Translation

Unread post by doubleportion » Tue Dec 01, 2009 9:29 am

This was a great idea and dd was very successful with it!!!!!! We will do this again in the next school year or this summer. Hope to see the Nenets translation fully funded in the future!!! She read 46 books in a week. We are very proud of her efforts and excited about being a part of this.

To the Kingdom and the King!!!!


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I have to share this and ask for prayer! :)

Unread post by Teresa in TX » Sat Aug 28, 2010 5:01 pm

So I've been praying for a while about this idea of our family having an eternity mindset. So much of that desire has come from the cd I listened to from mfw about our families having that vision.

For us, Gospel for Asia has been a mission that we've had a heart for. A little over a month ago, I read in one of their seasonal magazines about someone putting their spare change in a jar each month, at the end of the month looking at their catalog, and then prayerfully making purchases. I also read in there that gospel tracts can be purchased 2 for 1 penny. Something about that knowledge stuck with me, and every time I saw a penny on the ground or in my dryer or in the couch cushions or on the ground (you get the picture) I thought of two people reading the gospel rather than only one penny. I don't think I'll ever be able to walk by without picking up a penny again!!

I talked to dh and the kids and we started throwing our loose change into a coffee can in the kitchen. I was thinking of Bibles, tracts, maybe some farm animals or a bike. Dd had the desire that we save for a long time and get something large. I then made an agreement with the Lord that I wouldn't use my change anymore. If something costs $4.01, then .99 goes into the can. My kids have thrown some dollars in there. My 6yo threw a $5 bill in, as did I. My 12yo is continually bringing change. Dh throws his change in every day. We have nearly $70 and there are still 4 days left in the month!! I am blown away at how quickly that added up. My 6yo is continually thinking of how many tracts that will buy. I love that!! :-)

This leads to my prayer. There is a very large, expensive need they have that is completely out of reach for our family...completely!!! I have felt led to pray for this so my kids can see this as a God thing rather than something we can actually accomplish without His help. I'd like prayer for this: 1) that I will not let the ball drop on this but will keep the vision for it and not wimp out or let the enemy tell me it is a pipe dream (me wimping out is so so so within the rhealm of possibility); 2) that dh and my children will fully jump on board with this and desire it along with me; 3) that God will just be BIG in this and show my children how He works when we are doing HIS thing!!!

Also, I wanted to throw it out there because of the ease with which we stashed that much change. It has been a fun way to do something for God's Kingdom and it has involved the whole family. I know it is simple, but I've been so surprised at how it has changed our perspective and excited us. With many of you doing ECC also, this could be a neat thing for others to do for a mission they choose.
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Re: I have to share this and ask for prayer! :)

Unread post by NJCheryl » Sat Aug 28, 2010 8:35 pm

I just wanted to send you some prayers and words of encouragement. I had to smile at your penny story. We always have a mission project for our VBS. My mom and I are the mission team for this. VBS runs for 1 week. We choose a mission project from one of the missionaries that our church supports, and ask the children to bring in PENNIES. To put an element of fun into it, we make it a contest between the boys and the girls. We set a goal for them to each raise $600 in just 5 days for a total of $1200 in pennies. By about Wed. this year I was really concerned that we weren't going to make our goal.

You said you were looking for a God thing. Well on Thursday night, I had a parent call me and say that her family wanted to contribute $1300 to the project! And to make it even better, the children did make their goal, they raised $1203.40 in PENNIES, plus the $1300 donation gave us a total of $2503.40 raised in just 5 days. God is good!

Every year this touches my heart, how pennies that we often find so insignificant, can make an eternal impact. My family saves our pennies all year long for VBS. BTW this years project was for cataract surgery for people in South Sudan who will also receive the gospel message through WGM. Having just completed ECC last year my daughter was very excited that she really knew of the place we were helping. It cost $150 per person so in the 5 days we were able to provide the gift of sight to over 16 people! PTL! Your family will be in my prayers as you venture to do big things for God.


Teresa in TX
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Re: I have to share this and ask for prayer! :)

Unread post by Teresa in TX » Sun Aug 29, 2010 9:36 pm

cbollin wrote: The hard thing is getting started and keeping going. So, keep on keeping on!

and to let you see another connection you have in it Cheryl.... we're making sure adults consider the idea of doing "matching" funds for the kids pennies at our church, and/or to go ahead and ask employers to do matching funds. It hadn't occurred to anyone to think on that 2 for 1 way until I read your post about the vbs pennies.....

That's it!! I have a hard time keeping the thing going, and I know that about me!! I realize now how small testimonies about things God leads us to do are like little seeds that He can grow. That's how I feel about the story I read about the change jar. It spurred us towards something else.

The matching funds is a great idea as well. I like how God uses different people to bounce ideas off of one another!!
Cheryl, that was a great story!! I know that if this is a God thing, He can take care of the bigness of it. The cool thing is dh is not letting this go either. He prayed about it over supper tonight. :)
Julie in MN wrote:Wow, Teresa, what a story of bringing the children into God's view of things! I will pray that He shows Himself,
Julie, thank you so much for your prayers.
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MFW RtR w/ 7th grade ds
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21st Century Christians

Unread post by jasntas » Sat Nov 24, 2012 2:39 pm

Throughout the year our family saves money in a 2 liter bottle as a Christmas project to give to Compassion International. We counted last night and we have saved over $285.00! We all contribute but our ds had given probably half of that out of portions of his own money from mowing his grandmother's lawn (a skill he was taught by his dad), from his allowances and from money gifted to him at different times of the year. He was so excited and I was shocked at how much we had all saved. I mention this to say that it's not always about the academic side of life but about the heart.
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